East Coastin’ The Last of the Great Pretenders Tour.

On Halloween, I got on a plane and flew to Baltimore. A flight attendant even gave me candy. Sweet.

Betcha can’t guess why I missed a super fun day by being in the air all day and flew across the country?! Yeah, you already know it’s for Matt Nathanson…

The first thing I demanded Becky and Amber to do after they picked me up from the airport (and I somehow elbowed punched Amber in the face after we ran to each other in a reunion hug) was take me to Dunkin Donuts. It is my mission to drink DD as much as possible when I am on the East Coast. Mmm, late night Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate.

The 3 of us stayed up WAY too late talking, and soon Becky kicked us out of her room to get a few hours of sleep before having to go to work the following morning.


We woke up to rain. Which was awesome since I packed white pants to wear. Just awesome…change of wardrobe!

Becky came home around lunchtime, and the 3 of us hopped into a van and headed to downtown Baltimore. We ate lunch and then Becky dropped us off at the venue, before heading back to the airport to pick up the rest of the crew. REUNION!!


Even more loudness occurred once we were all together. Pretty sure I screamed and ran through the line of people to hug the girls.

Now that all 6 of us were together, we were complete.

We did an “early entry” type thing for $10, and after we purchased those, we wandered around for a snack before heading inside for the show.

I might have eaten the best fro yo ever.



Once we were let inside, we settled into our front row spots. Happy place.

Josh was still boring. And I think he knew I thought so. I got a super creepy stare at the end of his set that still makes me go, “Ehhhh” to this day. People started looking at ME, because Josh had a lock down with his eyes on me. No, thank you.

Matt came out next, and it didn’t take long for him to spot us. I was seen first, and he got a super happy look and gasp on his face, continued singing, then did a double take and smiled again. Nerd.

Then it was like he looked down the line, as the rest of the crew each got a “You’re here!” look. Love him.



After the show, we headed back to Becky’s house, and all passed out. Tired were we.

The next morning we woke up early because we had a BIG PLAN. We were getting tattooed!!

We headed to Becky’s tattoo guy (after eating at Dunkin’s for breakfast; day two, CHECK.) who was awesome enough to open his shop 2 hours early for us.

We decided a long time ago we wanted connecting puzzle pieces. Yes, we only all met 2 years ago, but we became instantly connected. We’re more like family. Hence, the tattoos. Love those girls. Thanks Matt for introducing me to some of the best ladies and best friends ever.




After tatt’n it up, we headed to Philadelphia for night two of the Nathanson.

PHILADELPHIA … (You’re in my heart.)

It was horribly windy. My sweater was not made for Philly. I warmed up by getting more Dunkins. Word.


While waiting in line, I also had the pleasure of meeting some ladies I’ve only know through the internet. One lovely I’ve know for 11 years (!) and another I had met just a few months earlier. Hi Britt and Andrea! I should probably think it’s weird that people find me via the internet, but it’s how I’ve met 80% of my real life friends so I can’t hate.


After feeling like I might be wind chapped, we were let inside.


Blah, blah, Josh, blah, blah.

Earlier in the morning I had tweeted Matt asking him to play Earthquake Weather (which hadn’t shown it’s face the entire tour) and heard it played through a few times during sound check. I kinda knew it was coming, but when Matt announced that he was about to play a song they normally don’t play, I grinned. I win the tweet requests.

“If we fuck this up, just know its because we love you.”


The entire set we all sang so loud. I love watching that dude onstage, with all my ladies with me. It is my favorite feeling.

After the show I met up with another friend I hadn’t seen in 11 years, Ali! Love you lady!  We met online way back in highschool and were pen pals for years.



So good to see her for a short but sweet moment. After we hung out for a short bit, we were all pretty tired, so we headed straight back to our hotel. I had a super early flight in the morning, so I planned on going right to sleep…until our super loud neighbors decided to start having even louder sex. Yup. Awkward. The worst? The words, “No, don’t put that there.” I can’t. No. Do not want to know.

After laughing it up forever, we eventually went to sleep (took a nap.)

The next morning came too early. I was sad to get on a plane. I saw this during my layover and it made everything okay.



Coming up next…Matt Nathanson in Columbus, Detroit, Chicago x 2, and Minneapolis.


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  1. Catching up on your blog and just saw your shout out! It was so good to see you in Philly, too! Short but sweet is right… miss ya 😉

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