The last of the Last of the Great Pretenders Tour.

11 days after I got home from Baltimore and Philadelphia, I got BACK on a plane and headed out to the Midwest for a last few Nathanson shows of the tour.

I KNOW. You don’t have to say it, I hear it enough. I am crazy.

Just getting there was a (nerve racking) adventure in itself.COLUMBUS

At 4am on a Wednesday, I put myself in a taxi and headed to the airport to get on a plane headed to Ohio. Last time I flew from Monterey, the plane broke, so the night before I kept having fears of it happening again.

And what do you know? We got on the plane, and it had mechanical issues. I laughed. We had to deboard, and as we sat in the terminal waiting for maintenance to come and look at the plane, I accepted the fact that due to layovers and time differences, I’d most likely would miss the show that evening.

We got on the plane an hour and a half after we were first supposed to take off. Considering my layover in Denver was only an hour and 45 minutes, I knew I wouldn’t make it. But by chance, we made up 35 minutes in the air. It left me with 20 minutes when our plane touched down until my second plane would leave. I was told I wouldn’t make it.

But I ran. Fast. The Denver airport is effing HUGE, and I ran about 30 terminals and threw my boarding pass at someone because I couldn’t breathe when they asked where I was headed, then somehow sat on the plane just as they were closing the gates as I was coughing…how the hell did that just happen?!

By the time I got to Ohio I was exhausted and hungry. I had planned on getting lunch in Denver (oops) but luckily I pack food just in case of Plan B’s, so I was shoving bagels and caffeine in my face while waiting for Amber to pick me up who was stuck in traffic.

Finally, we were together after what felt like the already longest day, and off we were to the venue to wait in line. It was COLD. Okay, I can use the word FREEZING, because it practically was. 35 degree cold. Being from California, I am not built for this weather. My toes went numb waiting in line. I thought my body parts were dying and about to fall off.

We were finally let in, and the only way Amber and I made it through Joshua Radin’s set was by goofing around and mock singing along. Only at this point, I had seen the show 8 times, I actually KNEW the words to his songs…oh dear.

Matt Columbus

After Josh, we smooshed our way into the front row where people smooshed their way out and geared up for Matt. He did the whole, “You’re here!” look when he spotted us, and it was the beginning of the end.

Setlist Columbus

After the show, we drove a few hours to Michigan to meet up with Beth and Amanda at a hotel. Amber and I were DELIRIOUS by this point, and we kept screaming, “I wrote a song about you!” (if you saw Matt this tour you know.) and laughing hysterically. We were done for.


Everyone woke up and got breakfast the next morning and I just laid in the bed because I was jetlagged and eff it was early

After getting pretty and checking out of the hotel, we had plenty of time on our hands before the show that evening, so we headed to a Cider Mill for the best cider I’ve ever tasted. And apple cider donuts. Oh, Detroit I love you already.


We went to lunch after that, and then meandered around for a bit, before deciding to wait in line.


It was cold. We looked homeless.

We were okay with it. Matt walked into the venue an hour or so after we had parked ourselves on the stairs. “Hey! Oh it’s cold, huh? I just changed from my PJ’s on the bus a few minutes ago.” Shut it, Nathanson. Don’t tell me you’re warm while I can’t feel my toes again. “Do you guys have any song requests?” We all look at each other and go, “um….” before he says, “I have to come back out after sound check anyway. Think about it.”

So we came up with a list. Which to what we told him a bit later. “We made a list for you!” “Where is it?” he said  “It’s a verbal list…” Hahaha…so we told him our requests, and of course we got, “Oh the band doesn’t know that.” “Only Aaron knows that one.” “Mmm…no.” Why does he ask if he never plays what we request?!


Awkward group photo. I was falling over in the middle of it and Matt said, “I hold you…with my knee.” so I am halfway sitting on him. Ha.

We were let in after what felt like forever, and annoyingly weren’t even in the front row because Josh fans were let in early for a m&g and stayed there.

When Matt came out, he looked at us like, “Why are you standing there?!” and I gave him an annoyed look back because the girls in front of us were like trees from the Amazon and were the tallest people on the planet.


Regardless of where we stood, we still had fun. Part of it might had been purposely singing along loud and obnoxiously since we couldn’t really see all too well, which the girls in front of us disproved of  (bitch, please.) “Detroit Waves” was played of course, and I appreciated getting to hear that song while finally being in actual Detroit.

After the set we headed halfway to Chicago to sleep. Beth had won two passes to see Matt perform at a radio station in the early AM. Two passes…and we had four girls. We may or may not have talked a certain person into putting us on the guestlist while requesting songs. (Actually, there wasn’t much talking into. It was more like, “We only have two passes.” “Oh that’s unfortunate.” “Um, hook it up?” “Wait for what? Oh, no problem.”)


I was beyond tired this whole entire trip. I think we averaged 3 -4 hours a sleep per night, and being jetlagged and still not adjusted to the time difference didn’t help either.

But, this was a special show. It was my big 100. When we arrived we were kinda wandering around the studio not sure where we were supposed to check in at. We were going up an escalator as Ayappa and crew were going down, and I said hi in passing. He asked if we knew where we were going and we all said nope. So he came back upstairs and showed us where to go. “I hear today is your 100th show! Congratulations!” Who has been talking about me?!

We were first in line (surprise, surprise!) so we sat right up front and I took in all the glory that was 100. Holy crap, 100 is a lot and I need to stay home.


Afterwards, there was a meet & greet and we stuck around to get a group photo with Matt. I walked up to him and simply said, “Happy 100.” He didn’t say anything back in reply, but just gave me this look, and pulled me in for this hug that said it all. I love him. Worth every 100 shows.

Beth had balls that morning and straight up asked, “What is up with the Josh fans getting to go in early for sound check and staying there?” to which Matt replied, “Is that what’s happening? Well they aren’t going to stay inside tonight!” Love it.


We headed back to the car, and then to the train station to pick up Sam. I feel more complete when they are with me. My puzzle pieces. ❤

We headed over to the venue that Matt was playing at that night, and Nina and Caroline were there. Love those Colorado ladies!

They are a ton of fun, and they shared their tequila shots with us to stay warm in line. Like, licking salt off our arms and eating limes in line kinda drinking.

I won’t lie, I got totally drunk before walking through the doors off of 3 or 4 shots. Light. Weight. Cheap. Date. Jane and Carrie also flew in from California for the show (Sup, West Coast rocking the windy city!) so it was fun to see more faces from home with us.

When we got inside we happily were in our deserve front row spots. Matt peeked out from the backstage area and nodded and gave us two thumbs up, and we all nodded back with appreciation. We always get our way. 😉

Josh played. Boring. La de da.

Matt. Amanda had requested “Last Days of Summer” awhile back and he had promised to play it for her. He might have made this comment about us before it, “We have folks that come and travel when we’re on tour and come to multiple shows, and it’s great…I’m doing this for you guys.” Adorable. Here’s the video.

After the set we said hi to a few more people that I knew that live in Chicago that were at the show (Hi Rikki, Cheryl and Will!) and then headed to eat dinner. Where we got a $75 parking ticket. Fail.

Our hotel wasn’t far away, but Minneapolis is, so once again we got minimal amounts of sleep before we had to wake up and hit the road.


IT WAS WET. That morning we had to drop Sam off at the train station, and the weather seemed to match our mood of sadness. The entire 7 hour drive, it rained. It was POURING when we first arrived in the city, so we headed to Target to buy ponchos so we wouldn’t get drenched waiting in line.


Luckily, it had calmed to a drizzle by the time we got into line, and we got to wait in a covered parking lot structure, so ponchos were never actually needed. This also meant that Amber and I could walk to Starbucks and buy BOGO holiday drinks. Venti sized for both of us, and we both drank TWO. Puke. Caffeine high.

Caroline & Nina were also at the show, so the group of us sat around and chatted for a few hours before being let in.



Knowing it was my last show was bittersweet. Matt actually played two nights at this venue, and end of tour funk was settling in, so while we waited for the show to beigin, I was looking up how much it would cost to change my flight home to a day later to attend. Sadly, that did not work in my favor, and I had to go home and face reality. Wah wah.


These are our sad faces.

My flight was at 6am the next morning, so I hardly slept. Pretty sure my first flight I was knocked out the entire few hours. The second one I just sat there, sadly. The girls saw Matt again a few days later. He told them, “I looked out the second night and you guys weren’t there. I thought, “Where’s my family? I miss them.” Ditto, buddy. I miss the family as well.

11 shows and 8 states later…thank you Matty for always making the travels worth it. Your tours are the best.


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