A Holiday Soiree, A Chris-Mix and a Merry Mixxer.

Ah, the last shebang(s) of 2013. I love holiday shows, especially when they involve Matt Nathanson and Parachute together!

First up on the holiday hootenanny was Matt in San Diego.


The trekked the long 7 hour drive down the morning of the show (I saw snow! White Christmas!) and met up with Jane at the venue. There was a toy drive happening and neither of us had brought anything, so we walked to a close by Old Navy to purchase a small gift.


I won’t lie. I loved Ninja Turtles when I was young. I wanted this for myself.

After we felt better about ourselves with toys in hand, we went to find lunch/dinner (linner?) before the show, and then headed over to the venue to wait for the show to start. We wandered around for a bit to pass the time since we weren’t sitting together (aka we tried to be sneaky and sneak into the meet and greet…and failed. Ha.)


Dawes opened the show. I saw them waaaay back in the day (2005?) when they were going by the name Simon Dawes and opened for Maroon5 on one of their tours. Holy crap. They have GROWN UP. I really enjoyed their set.

Matt played next, and even though he was sick, he still KILLED it. He spotted me a few songs in, and I got the lovingly “Oh hi, you’re here!” smiles. Love him.


I don’t know what was better. Matt, or the view of this bald head I got all night.

Set List SD

After Matt, Jane snagged the setlist, and there was another band playing we weren’t into, so we sat in the lobby and talked their entire set. And stole these posters.


My friend Heather lives about 2 miles down the street where the concert was being held at, so once she was off work I drove to her place. We started to watch a movie but both passed out before the end credits.

The following morning we hung out for a few hours before I needed to get on the road home before it got too late. Sadness is leaving friends you don’t get to see often. Other sadness is driving 7 hours solo.

4 days later was round two. This show included Parachute, so I was extra stoked. Also extra stoked because I was taking (dragging?) my boyfriend along with me. (FYI: I am no longer with that boy. We were singing love songs without the love, and somewhere along forgot the melody…)

The show was about two and half hours north of me, so I worked a half day before picking up the boy and hitting the road. We wandered around Santa Rosa for a few hours, ate dinner, and somehow ended up in a bakery, and walked out with a dozen cupcakes. HOW?!

We headed to the venue after this, and I ate a cupcake in the car before we headed into the lobby to wait for doors to open. We were sitting there, and all of a sudden this girl came up to me and asked, “Did you win a Matt m&g?” I raised my eyebrow all curious and was all…no? and then she gave me her extra. I looked at the boy and he just said, “Just go.” (What a good boyfriend. I would have went without his permission though anyway.) It took me a few minutes to realize I had met this girl before in line at the Sacramento show a few months prior. It all made sense why she gave me her extra m&g.


We got called into a line to be escorted backstage to meet Matt, to which I laughed at because I knew he’d give me some sort of look for being there. Yup, called it. When he spotted me he just shook his head and laughed and I smirked back because I knew how silly it was for me to be there as well.

Santa Rosa

When it was my turn to talk to Matt, I walked up to him and he had his arms opened for a hug. While hugging me he said, “I love that you show up everywhere. It was so good seeing you the other night.” and as he released from the hug he asked, “WHERE’S YOUR DUDE?” (He just KNOWS shit.) I laughed and told him I ditched him for the m&g, so if he saw me sitting next to a guy looking pissed off, that’s why. Matt then said, “I thought the guy sitting next to you the other night in San Diego might have been him.” “That guy was old!” “I know! I was all, Nahhh. Can’t be him. Nooo…”

Matt then asked me if I had any “weird song requests” and when I offered him a few titles he laughed and promptly denied them all. Um, just quit asking for my favorites Matthew. Play any music and I’ll be happy.

He asked where I was staying that night and I told him I was driving the almost three hours home after the show was over.
“Oh my God, HOW?!”
“I have cupcakes in the car. I’m gonna shove them in my face while I drive.”
“YES.” He exclaimed, a little too excited.

At this time I was hogging him, so I went inside to find the boyfriend. Doors had just opened so we headed to our seats and waited for Parachute to start. I don’t think my boyfriend liked them. (Maybe that’s why I broke up with him…KIDDING.)

Parachute SR

After Parachute played, Vicci Martinez was next. My friend Kahala and I might have wandered the lobby for a bit during her set to try to say hi to the Parachute kids but failed. Yes, I left the boy again. Worst girlfriend ever, I know, whatever.

Next was Matt. I was proud that I had played his album in my car for months at end, because the boy knew a majority of the lyrics and sang along. I noticed Matt glancing in our direction for a few seconds at a time, and then by the end of the set he’d stare for entire lines of songs. Yes. That’s the dude.

Matt Sr

After the show we headed straight out to drive home. I think it was around 2:30am after I dropped the dude off and when I finally fell asleep. Ugh so late.

The next morning I attempted to sleep in and got up and ready to head up to San Jose for one last show. Jane had arrived not that long before I, and we sat there from 1:30pm until it was time to be let in for the show.

This was a win-your-way-in kinda show, and there were 4 bands performing that evening. There were m&g passes given out as well, and 200 people headed in before us. UH. Sitting here all day, dude. Not cool.

As we watched the long line of people get checked in and go in early for the meet and greet, I got more and more depressed. I am a front row gal. This was guaranteeing NOT being front…sigh. Then, some girl walked up and asked the front of the line, “Does anyone want to meet Matt?” and I screamed, “I HAVE A MATT TATTOO!” (I’m so lame) so she picked me. I am a jerk since this just happened the night before and should have shared the opportunity with someone else.

We were the last in line so the girl and I were talking, and she knew NOTHING about Matt. I could have punched her. She was calling Last of the Great Pretenders the “San Francisco album” and his big single, “Higher” Just…face palm.

So, I knew a few people who actually won Matt m&gs, so I had told one of the girls to tell him I said hi. I saw her walking out of the room and I was all, “Surprise! I’m here!” and she laughed and said, “Oh. Well I just told Matt you said hello.” Uh…ooops.

Matt SJ

When I walked into the room to talk to him he didn’t even say anything. Just held his arms open and gave me a huge hug. “You’re just ALWAYS here.”

The radio station took our photo, and then Matt looked at me and asked, “Did he like it last night?” (referring to my boyfriend) and I was taken aback for a second and just said, “Yes…” “Yes? You sure? OK. Good. I had fear in my eyes all night!” I laughed at him because he’s just crazy.

I then told him the story about how the last two nights I was there because someone had just walked up to me and asked if I wanted their extra m&g, and how I practically screamed at the girl about my tattoo and acted like it was my biggest dream to meet him. He laughed really loud and said, “Right. Because I totally don’t know you.” He hugged me again and then told me, “You are THE BEST.” and I grabbed his arm and said, “No. YOU’RE THE BEST.” like a total dweeb. He gave me that total adoration look I got in Chicago when I told him, “Happy 100” and it’s stupid how nice he is to me and it makes me love him more. At this point the radio people were rushing me and I got pushed away so I don’t even know if I said bye…

Parachute SJ
Matt SJ
My friend had saved me seats when she finished her m&g, so I had a not so bad view for the evening. Jane and Kelly came inside and sat with me, and we enjoyed the show. Kelly is a huge Parachute fan but stuck around for Matt, and she totally fell in love with him that night. I’m on a mission to turning all my friends into as-crazy-as-I fans so I don’t have to ever feel bad about it. Let’s face it though. I’m always going to be number one at the crazy game.


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