Throwback Thursday: Meeting blink-182

Throwback Thursday!

I recently have been reliving my youth through reading my old LiveJournal entries. OH MAN. Let’s just say I was crying from laughing so hard reading some of the things I talked about. (I was an idiot when I was young.) I thought it would be fun to share some concert reviews that I wrote about. Laugh it up. I’m not changing any of the content. These will be fun. 

September 14, 2009.

oh hey. i met blink-182 yesterday.

i’m still not over the initial high from it, and i don’t suppose i’ll be coming down from it for awhile. i still can’t believe it happened!

when you walk into the venue, there’s a t-mobile booth. i wanted to look at the new sidekick so i went over to it, while lisa went to the bathroom. there were little forms you could fill out to get either a seat upgrade, or a m&g. i filled it out, thinking nothing of it, seeing as only 10 people won.

when lisa came back, i was like, hey, go fill out a form so we’ll win. when she was putting her entry into the box, i was saying, “we’re going to win. do you feel it? here. put your hand to mine. WE’RE GOING TO WIN.” then i went off to buy merch.

after buying 3 items for $30 (thanks for the cheap merch, blink!) we went to our seats. lisa & i had separate seats, so she was on the other side of the venue. all of a sudden i see her walking really fast towards me and she mouths, “I WON.” i’m sitting in my seat and i think, i won? and then she points to her phone and mouths it again. THEN it hit me and i said out loud. “you fucking won?” and then i stand up and run towards her screaming, “YOU FUCKING WON?! SHUT UP. YOU WON?!” while jumping up and down and literally screaming at the top of my lungs. i’m sure everyone watching me thought i was insane.

so i grab lisa’s hand, and i practically pull her up the stairs, i’m half hyperventilating, and we go back over to the t-mobile booth. they smack m&g wristbands on us, and we’re taken backstage. that fast. that soon. i didn’t even have time to think about what was happening.


so, the 20 of us are back there, and we all get to have one thing autographed. they were sitting at a table, and while i was waiting my turn i was just staring at tom. every time he looked up i was just looking. hes so pretty. one of the times i was still just gawking, and he looked up and gave me a peace sign, haha. when it was my turn, i was talking to tom & mark about when i saw them for the first time, “so, the first time i ever saw you guys was at this venue 8 years and 4 days ago. its kinda rad being here again today, and now getting to say hi.” mark thought it was rad. tom i wanted to have babies with. travis doesn’t really talk but has the most gorgeous blue eyes ever.

blink m&g



so after the signing we got to take pictures with the band. we had to do it in groups of 10, which sucks, but hey i can’t complain, because i cut the rest of the people out of the photo. i ended up getting into a conversation with tom about his height, and with mark about his sunglasses, and totally held up our group because i was too busy talking and not paying attention, haha. whatever! i was going to savor every second i got to talk to them boys! i even said bye and thank you when we were leaving. i think tom knows i’m in love with him.


my seat kicked ass, and i was in the 4th row side, but there were no seats in front of me, so the stage was literally right there. plus it was tom’s side, and he looked over my way a lot. he even pointed at me at one point and i turned 12 and wanted to die.



god i love them. it was worth the entire $219 i spent for the VIP ticket. love them, love them, love them!!!

And now I miss the shit out of blink, so I will go Spotify their entire discography. Peace!


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