Throwback Thursday: That time I “opened” for Maroon5.

Here’s another addition of Throwback Thursday! This night was way fun. One of the best experience of my life. (And yes, I know today is Friday, but let’s just pretend I published this last night, okay?)

January 2, 2005.

i SO opened for maroon5 last night.

i usually hate shows in vegas.
but there was NO way that i could have hated last night.

heather, elyse, sean and i got to the aladdin way too early. later on we met up with mariel, kelly, nicole and her friend sharon, emily & karen.

before the show we saw mickey, jesse, james, and ryan. mickey ran away, and jesse & james were the only 2 who really talked to us. i actually didn’t talk to jesse because i just stared at his hotness. so he said hi, and i was just melting inside and said hiiiiiii. next thing i knew, james was hugging me and i asked him about new years. he told me the power went out @ their hotel at 1230, so they partied in the dark. haha.we go inside, and sit our asses in the lovely front row seats SIN gave us. waited.

big city rock was first, and i was excited. i was dancing and enjoying the set until nate’s voice started to give out. and i felt really bad for him, because there were CHUNKS of the songs that he just did not sing. they ended up skipping human and follow me, and i thought that they were going to just end the set when all of a sudden nate asks, “does anyone know the words to ‘do you know what you want?'” and i raised my hand and was like “i do! i’ll sing!” TOTALLY joking around.

next thing i knew, i was ONSTAGE FUCKING PERFORMING DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. when i first got onstage i was like, “omg,” and andy asked if he could serenade me. i told andy that he had to sing with me, but his mic was off, so he ended up singing the first line with me & then i was by myself singing to SIX THOUSAND PEOPLE.

*^%&^$^%$^&%$#&%$#. so nate starts hitting his hips against mine during the rocking out guitar part and i just stared at him and i think i started laughing. it was beyond awesome. nate hugged me twice before he got offstage & during the second hug he was like, “thank you so much. you saved the day.” ❤ andy hugged me also before he left, and i got a gross sweaty hug from kaumyar. haha.

after being onstage, maroon5’s set seemed really boring at the beginning. i found myself talking to heather during the songs and we weren’t dancing as much as we usually do. i think once they played wasted years the fun picked up, though. i still can’t wait to tour. even if i’m gonna be bored. haha. i missed headlining shows. and i miss ryan. and covers of 7 nation army are HOT.after the show us girls all met up with each other in the lobby, and nate saw me and just hugged me without even saying anything. but i know what it was for. ❤

so we got kicked out, so we stood outside of the front entrance and kaumyar & andy come walking out. kaumyar points at me and gives me this huge hug and lifted me up and it scared me, and then andy hugged me & i asked if i could join the band. hahaha. stuck around for awhile, and then we all hung out with kaumyar for a while. we took about 6 hundred taxi rides in the process of all this fun. “do you know who she she is?! she’s joslyn baca! she just performed at the aladdin!” i love running around las vegas  and it’s awesome @ 3am.

AH, memories. And here’s a link to the Las Vegas Mercury bashing my off-key singing. I DON’T EVEN CARE. There’s also a video of this whole thing, but yeah, I’m deciding to keep the embarrassment to a minimum and choosing not to share that. Ha.

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