Throwback Thursday: Lifehouse & Matt Nathanson. Florida.

Throwback Thursdaaaaaaay! Here’s a little highlight list of what was the first time I traveled out of state to see Matt Nathanson and Lifehouse. And we all know what happened after that trip…(I’ve been to all the places.)

April, 2008.

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okay, here comes the “withdrawal” part of touring.

i am SO SAD today. i think i finally caught up on sleep, and now realize that i’m back home, and at work, and depressed, haha.


i miss lifehouse.
i miss the “what the fuck are you doing here?!” from bryce.
i miss the shout out from onstage from jason. “you came all the way from CA! *points* enjoy it tonight!”
i miss running into rick outside of target, and him very excitedly holding up his shopping bag and exclaiming, “TARGET!”
i miss being put on the guest list.
i miss the confused looks when we walked into the m&g in orlando. “we know you!”
i miss their merch guy, joe, who became our good friend over the 3 days.


i miss matt.
i miss him spitting on me, “with love.”
i miss the “you smell good.” “thanks. i smell better than yesterday.” “why did you smell like SHIT yesterday?” (haha)
i miss “wild cats!”
i miss “i know, i should have something cool as the background of my phone, like drugs or sex…” (it’s  rufus and mr. beasley.)
i miss his hugs.
i miss his face when he caught lisa and i doing our “dance moves” while he played gone.
i miss his hilarious jokes.
i miss him looking for me in the crowd and giving me a sly look “i’m gonna look for you, and when i find
you, i’m spitting on you. AGAIN.” (inside joke. you had to be there.)




The spitting with love thing…at the Jacksonville Beach show we were REALLY close and I was singing along and Matt spit-sang and…it went in my mouth. IN MY MOUTH. It’s been 6 years and I still can remember being thoroughly disgusted by the situation. I haven’t died of cooties yet, so I guess it’s okay…

Oh, and that flat tire at midnight deal when your flight is at 6am the following morning? WORST.


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