FUNuary part 2: The Rock Boat & Scars on 45 after shows.

FUNuary part 2!

Between SATS and TRB there was some Universal Studios fun. My sister and her best friend, Amy flew to Florida for my sister’s birthday, so we met up with them for 2 days of theme park hopping goodness.


After the few days at Universal, we made the trek back to Miami, and prepared to get back onto a boat we had just left 5 days previously.

Round Two was The Rock Boat, and I was stoked that Scars on 45 had been asked back for a second year. We had been talking to Matt on the Train cruise about TRB, and he asked who was playing. After I said Scars, he asked, “Who else?”’ to which he just got a, “Who cares?!” (I did tell him other bands after he asked again, but I was like, um…let me think…because I legit went solely for Scars, and couldn’t even remember. Whoops.)

Beth had gone home for a few days between the boats so we met up with her at our hotel after we picked up the addition of Erin at the airport. We got settled into the hotel and went to sleep (and I yelled at Yvonne and Amber in the middle of the night because they were talking loud and I get the grumps when I’m awoken. Sorry.)



We all met in the hotel lobby in the morning to catch our shuttle to the port , and then it was hello, Sixthman round two!



We checked in and then wandered around the boat. Soon we met up with my WCM ladies, DawnL, Tracy and Tara.

Tara wanted to put something in her room, so I headed down to her floor with her. As I was in the hallway outside her door waiting, I heard “WEST COAST MENTAAAAAL!” yelled at me from a few doors down. (What the hell is a West Coast Mental, or a #WCM?)

Turns out, their room was a few doors down from Scars. The rest of the WCM had run into them that morning so they already got their hello’s, but I hadn’t seen the band since the boat the PREVIOUS year, so I screamed, “DON’T MOVE!” and literally ran down the hall to hug Danny who had been yelling at me. A year is too long. Chris and Nova came out of their rooms, so I got a nice little hug fest.

After I composed myself and stopped flinging myself onto band members, we headed up to attend the god awful boring safety drill (yawn), then regrouped with the girls to take our annual free sail away shots.





We stuck around for a few songs of Sister Hazel’s, just because we knew Aimee and Danny were coming out to sing a song with them. After that, we headed to the Stardust Theater. As part of being a member of the Scars on 45 street team, we all got to the opportunity to go in early and watch Scars do sound check. Then they let us just stay in the venue because doors were opening soon anyway. Score!


After Scars, we headed back to merch to buy their new EP (love) and then to the Spinnaker Lounge to catch The Dunwells.


All of Scars were there as well; I had run into and said hello to all the boys earlier, but I still hadn’t seen Aimee besides from onstage. She came straight towards me and grabbed me into a huge hug. She asked me, “Did you tell Nathanson we said hello?” and I laughed and told her I hadn’t, but I told him they were the only band I cared about on this boat, which she seemed pleased with.


After the Dunwells were over, we all stuck around and chatted a bit with the band, and with Aimee’s Ami. She instantly fell in love with us, and us with her, and I love new friendships. We were then pretty much demanded by Steve to go to the casino with them, so we all piled into an elevator where the most epic drunkness came from his mouth and Aimee yelled at him to shut up. I confirmed her that I had a dirty mind and nothing could offend us, to which I just got a look and, “I would have never guessed from you.” Hey now…just because I spend my time working at a library does not make me innocent…


We hung out in the casino basically talking to Ami for an hour or so and then we headed back upstairs to catch the end of DJ Soulman. Dance Party USA! The people on TRB know how to party and dance much better than those on the Train cruise, let me tell you…


Sunday’s theme was St. Patrick’s Day, so the boat was filled with waves of green everywhere.

To start off the morning, we headed to the first group of M&Gs because Scars was signing. We pretty much walked by all the other bands and pissed people off, which seemed to be a theme of these boats. I learn rules to break them properly? I do what I want. We said hi to the band really quick, and then Ami pretty much stole us and we chatted with her for awhile until we felt like we were in the way.

Honestly I don’t remember anything that happened between the M&G and going to shows later this night. FOOD, obviously, cause we eat all the damn time.

Anyway, Scars was playing the big theater that night, so we camped out in front and played Cards Against Humanity for awhile. That game is the BEST.


Drinking happens as much as food happens on these boats. And Steve came to hang with his harem for awhile.


The Mowgli’s played first, and I loved them. So much energy, so fun. All SEVEN of them in the band. It’s because they’re from California. All the cool kids are from there. 😉


Scars played next, and we were all about the singing and dancing. (But when are we not?!)


After Scars we went to eat, and then we decided to go back to the Stardust to catch some of Reel Big Fish.


Afterwards we headed to DJ Soulman and I guess we missed some fun shit, because Steve ran up to us and screamed, “WHERE WERE YOU BITCHES?!” Ha. I love that man. He’s the best. This night was full of hardcore dancing. For hours.



The following morning, we got ready to get off the boat for a few hours at Great Stirrup Cay. We had stopped here for two days last year, and on the Jillian Michaels’ fitness cruise back in 2010, so I wasn’t stoked at all. Private island, cool yeah, but there’s NOTHING TO DO there. Sigh.


We watched Guilter Pleasures with The Goose and I’ll never hear, “Call Me Maybe” the same again. He brought some cool people out to sing their guilty pleasures as well, so that was fun.

After awhile we got hungry (I think I was HANGRY because I told this girl OFF when people kept cutting in line, my bad) so we ate lunch and then decided we were over the island and headed back onto the boat.

But first, let me take a free shot!


We watched Reel Big Fish again, (“CHUG IT, CHUG IT.” “MASTERS!”) and then we got ready to do more Scars Street Team Activities.


We got to have a bowling party with the band, and it was amazing. Aimee and Danny had to peace out early to get ready for another appearance with Sister Hazel, but we all took a moment to take these HILARIOUS photos on a giant bed, (“I went on TRB14 and all I got was in bed with Scars on 45!”) before they headed out. The rest of us headed out after finishing the game and it was rad.

We decided we’d watch Sister Hazel’s themed show for Scars so we headed out to the Pool Deck and waited for them to perform.

After they were finished with their two songs, we headed to go have a late night snack. We ran into Aimee and Ami, and we introduced them to S’mores. Aimee asked, “Did you watch? Did I do okay? Could you tell I was reading all the lyrics?” She’s so cute.


We stayed out pretty late (like 330am?) that night waiting for a  guest DJ set that Steve and Danny were going to host that never happened. Let’s say Scott Munns is a douche, I almost fell asleep and I wish I could have thrown him overboard.


Sixthman had sent out an email about Scars and The Dunwells playing a soccer game together, and you could enter to play with them. I instantly did because it was Scars and I didn’t care that I don’t know how to play. I got picked. And well….I should have rethought that idea, because I suck REALLY bad. Ha.


Let’s just pretend I’m awesome. The photos make it seem like I tried…just don’t kick the ball at me when I’m not looking for a second because I will throw my hands up to block me. Idiot. And such a girl. Oh and Nova decided he’d keep “bumping” into me and kept going, “Oh, sorry. Sorry.” and I was going to use my hands to do something else not allowed in soccer…(punch? strangle? hit?)

I was on Team Dunwells, and we were up until I got put in to play. Scars says the defining moment when the game turned around and they scored points to win was when I used my hands (on accident! I swear!) so I was their “good luck charm.” Yeah…no. I just stink. Ha.


Beth got to be a ref and she had to foul my ass out. Thanks, wife! Haha. It was still fun to participate even though I just laughed at myself for making myself look like a fool. Next time, I’m watching from the sidelines…

Again, I don’t remember much of what happened between all this time (this is what I get for writing blogs 6.5 months later) until that night.

We basically lived in the Spinnaker all night, because we wanted to enjoy the last Scars set up close. So I boredly sat through The Roosevelts and The Gallery. The Dunwells played next and I finally got them. (The previous boat I was like, they’re good, but I don’t love ’em.) GOT IT. Good shit.







Then, Scars played and we screamed with what voices we had left through their set and I got sad that it was over. That was it for me. Anyone else playing, who cares!

We danced it out for a short bit, but everyone was pretty much tired at this point so it was down to Beth and I and then we decided we were done as well. We all had long travel days and you get to a point where you just give up even though you try to beat the sun.


I was starting to get really depressed about getting off the boat, because I knew that I would be saying goodbye to some of the girls that I had been with for almost 3 straight weeks. We packed up our stuff, headed to breakfast and I tried my best not to cry. (I don’t know why I cry at every boat’s end now. I’m such a dweeb.) We got word that customs was running behind, so to delay getting off the boat for a bit. OK, cool. More time with the ladies. Then, we got word that we weren’t able to debark because they found traces of RADIATION and they had to track where it was coming from, and it could take anywhere between 2 – 5 hours. UM, NOT COOL.

Amber and Amanda had flights that were leaving in a few hours and we needed to be at the airport ASAP. My flight was at 3pm, and I still thought I’d miss it after sitting on our butts for 2 hours. First, I didn’t want to get off the boat. Then, all I wanted to do was GET OFF THE BOAT.

After a few hours, we were all released (note: don’t bring an old compass on board with you, thanks.) and luckily our shuttle had waited for us to get off the boat. We all loaded into the van and headed to the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Yvonne and I sat together for a few hours until it was time for me to board my flight. And to end the east coat part of the trip the same way it started, I had a band member on my plane. Colin, the lead singer of the Mowgli’s was standing next to me as we waited to board, so I struck up a conversation with him for a good 20 minutes. Nice guy. Yvonne hated me. Haha.

I think I slept a majority of the flight back to Monterey. As soon as I got home I dumped my bag out, pet my cat, and crashed. I slept a full 8 hours and then woke up and repacked. Yeah, I spent a total of 12 hours at home before I jumped into a car with the WCM and headed to Pasadena.


Steve had invited us to the country club he is a member of to watch Scars play a member’s only show. Thanks buddy! We were ALL way jetlagged and I was half voice less, so I was thankful when Ami went and got me a drink, because I definitely needed that in hand to get through the night.




The next day we went to another Scars show in LA. It was super rainy and I missed sunny cruise weather. We hid in a restuarant next door until right before doors. Jane met up with us; I had talked her into going to the show while waiting in the rain for Matt at Sketchfest, even though she had never seen Scars before. She did not regret her decision to check them out, fyi. I did good. Once inside, we hung out with Ami while we waited for the show to start.

“Do you know who Joshua Radin is?” Ami asked me. I laughed, “Yeah…I don’t really like him.” “Oh! He’s in the dressing room right now.” Oh God, NO. Ha.

This show was one of my favorite Scars set to date. They KILLED it. It was a seated show, and it was so hard not to jump up and start rocking out. They are so spectacular.



This is apparently the only photo I took that night.


We had one more private show to attend (I know, spoiled much?) and this was a private hosted show in San Diego that we somehow got invited to. My life. It’s musically blessed.

It was another day of downright pouring rain. We walked around downtown San Diego to have lunch and gelato in Little Italy. DELICIOUS. Then, the thunder started rolling in, and so did the rain, so we chilled in the car for an hour or so until it was time to headed to 98 Bottles, where the show was being hosted at.

We helped set up merch and put out promo cards while the band sound checked, and it thought was finally settling in that after a week and 6 shows, this was the end. I would not let that damper the mood.

We went to get drinks before the show’s start, and Danny basically fought us over paying for them. He kept insisting it was on him, so I let the man keep his shilvery and pay. And then Aimee and Ami passed off their drinks to me (after Aimee grabbed mine off the bar before I even had a sip because it looked pretty and she helped herself to a taste; we all share and love each other. It’s cool.) BOOM. Let’s enjoy this last show.


The show was spectacular, and Danny even gave the WCM a shout out a few times during the show. The love that is returned to us from the band is beyond my comprehension. I love them more than just a band, I love them as people as well. They played a 2 hour set, and it was a perfect end to the week.

Saying goodbye we tried to steal Ami because she was flying back to the UK and we love her. (And no Aimee, we do not love her more than you. Equal love! Enough for everyone. Plus you are my homegirl.)

Goodbyes are always sad, but we got to see them again a month later at the Winery where the true WCM shenanigans began. That place will always be epic. As epic as my love for this band, and my WCM girls.



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