Parachute with Gavin Degraw.

I had contemplated seeing Parachute open for Gavin DeGraw on and off for a few months. Tickets for the shows closest to me were pricey ($75 each!) and that kept swaying my decision to not go.

Then after months of pro and conning, a free radio show got added in Sacramento, and I was stoked. Waiting paid off. My inner crazy then starting thinking, “Well. The night before is the Reno show. Which is only 2 hours further than Sacramento…and it’s only $35 for a ticket…OKAY DO IT.” and I had two shows back to back.

The morning of the Reno show was my last afternoon of a three week run of house sitting. After I took care of the dogs, I packed up and headed out to Reno. It had been raining all morning, which stinks to drive in, but I had it under control. Then, a bit past Sacramento, I was driving through mountains and the rain seemed to…stick. And then I realized it was SNOWING. IN APRIL. OK, you’ve never drove in snow before, but you’re still cool, I told myself. After an hour into sticky snow, it started STORMING. I was alone, and scared, and I wanted to cry. My car hydroplaned a few times and I thought I was going to pee myself. How the hell do you MidWestern/East Coasters live in winter?! Just…no.

fucking snow

I had planned to drive the 2 hours back to Sacramento after the show, but at this point I was white knuckling the drive and I knew there was no way I was driving it back in the DARK. I had contemplated turning around so many times, but I was so far into the drive I just said prayers in my head and urged myself on. Once I parked my car and breathed a sigh of relief, I HotWired a hotel room for the night and then headed in line for the show.

I was alone at the show, but instantly started chatting to the siblings in line in front of me. Hi, Jenni and Hunter! We talked the entire 1.5 before doors opened, and even stuck together for the show. And they walked me back to my car after the show so I wouldn’t walk down the streets of downtown Reno alone. Good people. Instant friends. 🙂

rozzi crane

Rozzi Crane opened the show. You may remember her name from a couple months ago. She opened for Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson on their last tour. Before her last song, she asked, “Are there any Maroon 5 fans in the house?” and I just laughed and wanted to yell: YOU DON”T EVEN KNOW GIRL. She played a song that Adam wrote for her and I dug it.


After Rozzi, Parachute was next. I missed them as a full band set. Will reached down and gave me a high five when he spotted me in the crowd (which he does at pretty much every show, love those kids.)


After their set, I decided to stand in the back during Gavin because let’s face it, I was only familiar with his album from 2003. Ha. Will came out to say hi to fans, and I went to say hi really quick. He had been swarmed with teenager girls for awhile, so he was taking photos quickly and moving along to the next and when I got up to him he asked, “Hey! Ready for a photo?” and I looked at him like, ‘Seriously? That’s how you’re going to greet me?’ right as he realized who was standing in front of him and he goes, “OH JOSLYN. Hi. Didn’t I just see you in the front?” and I laughed at him. We chatted for a short minute and he asked when he’d see me again. “Tomorrow.” “OH! See you tomorrow, then. Thanks for coming all the way out here tonight.” (I should have told him my near death drive.)


Gavin started soon after, and I pretty much danced around by myself for the next hour and a half. He pulled out some old Chariot-era songs, and it made me SO excited, and I actually looked forward to seeing him again the next afternoon.

I spotted Johnny towards the end of the Gavin’s set, so I went over to say hello. We chatted through a couple songs, about when they were touring next, and just regular old chit chat.

After the show I checked into my hotel and slept. While I didn’t plan on spending $80 for a hotel that day, I was happy with my decision to be safe. It was raining in Reno at this point, so I felt like the mountains would still have been dreadful at this point.

I woke up way too early the next morning and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I just decided to cease the day and head towards Sacramento. The show was starting at noon, and I was 3 hours away, so early bird catches the bird, yeah?

The mountains were clear driving through. There was a TON of snow piled on the sides of the road, so it was crazy thinking that THAT was what I had trekked through the day before. Ugh, never again please.

When I got to Sacramento, I was the first to arrive even though the festival doors were already opened to the public. Fine by me. I made friends with the security since I was the only one there and they had nothing else to…secure. Haha.

Not long after, Yvonne and Carrie showed up and we chatted as we waited for the music to begin.

gavin sac

Gavin played first this day, and he played an excellent acoustic set. It was Yvonne’s first time seeing Gavin, and she knew every word to his songs, so I made fun of her for being a “secret” Gavin fan. (We had just bought a ton of tickets for the Matt Nathanson/Gavin Degraw co-headlining summer tour (2 billion blogs about that tour soon), and she had never mentioned she liked Gavin as well as Matt.)


Parachute was next, and they too played acoustically. They also played all my favorite songs that weren’t played the previous day (I felt like I exclaimed to Yvonne, “I LOVE THIS SONG!” about every song), so I felt between the two shows, it had been worth almost dying. Haha.


After Parachute, I met up with Tara and we said hello to some other people we knew there (oh, and Will, too), then headed out to get a late lunch before I had to drive home. I face planted onto my bed instantly and sunk into the ‘first time in my own bed in three weeks’ bliss. Also stoked? My cat.


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