An inspirational and music mashup weekend in Los Angeles.

I spent a weekend back in May in LA attending two completely different events: a Jillian Michaels talk, and a Parachute concert.


Alright. So as stated in this post, I have all kinds of crushes on Jillian Michaels.

Last year, she came to San Jose on her Maximize Your Life Tour, and I jumped at the chance to attend. When she announced she was doing the tour again this year, I wasn’t planning on going (it was the same talk, just in different cities) but this time around there were MEET AND GREET PACKAGES. Well. That changed my mind in about 2 seconds flat, even if I had met her 3 times before! Love that bitch.

I had had a conversation about Jillian with my friend Jane and our love for her while we waited for a Matt show to start a few months prior, so I immediately texted her “OMG JILLIAN MICHAELS IN LA” when I read the news. We planned to spend the big bucks and buy the VIP package. Woman crush wins all my money.

I drove down to LA the morning of the talk and dropped my things off at Jane’s. We hung out for a bit, and then headed over to the venue. The talk was late, 9pm, so it was weird having a ton of down time before it started.

jillian LA

Jillian could read the phone book out loud and I’d be mesmerized. Even though I had heard the same talk last year, I was still super sucked in. She also interacts with the audience quite a bit, and she is funny. And drops F bombs as much as I. Oh girl crush girl crush girl crush.

After the talk was over, we waited in a line of VIPers and by the time we got our turn, it was after midnight. Well worth the late night.

I walked up to her and automatically got a hug. “What is your name? Hi, Joslyn. It’s nice to meet you!” I told her this was our fourth time meeting and her eyes went wide. ‘Where else have I seen you?” and I spurted out the past 3 events. They were being really pushy and trying to get me to go away (give me a full minute, I paid a shit ton for this, jeez!) and I had never said THANK YOU to her ever, so I ignored the “keep moving” and told her, “I just have to say you are amazing. You are such an inspiration. Thank you.”  She grabbed my hands and thanked me, hugged again and then we were off.

Jillian LA m&g

I love her. #1 girl crush always.


The following morning, my friend Lois got dropped off at Jane’s apartment and we headed on down to Bellflower.

The event was at a highschool, and never again will I attend something like this. Ever. I definitely out aged everyone (yeah, hi, I graduated high school 11 years ago…) and it was just annoying screaming and crying girls all day long.

There were these teenagers who are “famous” for posting videos on Vine and YouTube or something. And girls were going batshit crazy! Like…these aren’t celebrities, these are kids who are popular for posting 15 second clips and are pretty, calm yourself!

We sat through hours upon hours of excruciating “appearances” by these people. Parachute of course went on last and I wish that we had showed up 10 minutes before their set, because by the time they went on, all the little teenagers had pretty much dispersed.

It was worth it though. We walked into the meet and greet and straight up to the boys because the fan girls were throwing themselves on the other guests. Weird. This entire day was WEIRD. So we had a selfie party.

parachute 1
selfie 1
selfie 2

I asked Will, “What the HELL is going on outside, because I have no idea?!” and we all laughed because none of us had the slightest idea.

I was surprised to see that Nate wasn’t there. I found out later it’s because he left the band to go back to school. OK. Let me just say…I AM STILL DEPRESSED. No offense, but Nate was my homeboy in the group and he made the band for me. It’s been months and I still get frown-y faced whenever I see a photo of him. I never got a goodbye and just…boo. (I’m seeing Parachute again this Sunday, so I will always support the remainder of the guys. Always. I’ve put 5 years of dedication into this band and I don’t plan on quitting.)

After their set, I dropped Lois off on my way north and drove the 5 hours back home. I was sunburned and dehydrated and sometimes I wonder how I still keep up with the crazy after all these years. Ha.


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