Matt Nathanson Summer Tour, Part 1.

Oh, you know. Matt Nathanson had a summer tour. So I went to a couple of shows. And by a couple, I mean 13 shows + 2 radio gigs thrown in. Surprised? I know you’re not. Bare with me, this will take several posts.

The tour began in Tucson, Arizona of all places. One of my best friends, Kristie, recently moved to Arizona, and I had promised her I would visit this year. When the dates were announced I automatically saw Arizona AND it was a few days after my birthday, so I went DING DING DING, birthday road trip!

I headed out a few days before the show to spend a few days with her. We had a day and a half of just hanging out around random Arizona places and catching up, and I found DUNKIN DONUTS, which I’m just plain obsessed with. I’m glad I visited with her, because I needed some girl time. And I got to see my favorite baby. It’s rare I take trips that aren’t “touring”…but, you know, I threw some of that in the following day.

Kristie lives about 3.5 hours north of Tucson, so I headed down in the early afternoon the day of the show. The roads seemed pretty clear, so I stopped on the way in Phoenix to check into the hotel I was staying at for the night, and to get coffee. Caffeine always.

After I dropped off my things and changed clothes and such, I finished the drive to Tucson. It was hot as BALLS there. I had a cooler with me with drinks, and I sat in my car with the AC on and an ice pack shoved in my bra and still sweat all over. Classy. 102 should not be a degree of weather.

Nina & Caroline went to the show as well, so I met up with them once they arrived. We scored on buying seats right next to each other when they went on sale, so we got to hang out the entire show. Those ladies are a ton of fun, and made dripping in sweat a little more tolerable. (Ew.)

Christian Burghardt opened the show, and he did a good job entertaining everyone with just an acoustic guitar and a backup guitar player.


This was a co-headlining tour with Gavin DeGraw, and the two switched off who closed every night, and at this show Matt played first.

When Matt spotted me, he looked pretty surprised that I was there. Yeah. Um. I’ve seen you in 20 states, Nathanson. When are you going to NOT be surprised? Haha.


The only thing about co-headlining is that the set was a bit shorter than a normal headlining show. He still got an hour and 15 minutes, but I had to get used to what seemed too quick of a set. #Spoiled


After each show on this tour, Matt was doing a M&G. So of course we sat through Gavin and waited in a TREMENDOUS line to say hi.


When it was my turn, I walked into open arms.


“I’m really gross right now and I apologize. I am sweating in places you don’t even want to know about.” I warned him.

“Oh, I know about them.” he replied.

My second job didn’t schedule me this entire weekend, and I had asked the twitter world if that was a sign to see Matt in Vegas. He had seen it, so in the middle of our conversation he whispered, “Are you going to Vegas tomorrow?” and I whispered back, “Yes…” (Is that supposed to be a secret?) and he high fived me. Then I blurted out, “I’m going to 6 shows this month, so you’re gonna be seeing my face a lot.” He got a huge grin on his face and said, “If you need anything, just let me know.”

Which was a totally wrong thing to say because I automatically said, ‘So. Vegas tomorrow…that radio thing…” There was a private radio gig before the show that night and that was all I needed to say. Matt yelled at Paul, “She’s gonna give you some information you need.” and that was that. Thanks, homeboy.


This meant that I also cut what little sleep I was going to get that night by half. I love setting an alarm and telling me it is for 4 HOURS later. Yuck.

I left my hotel 10 minutes after the complimentary breakfast began where I shoved some fake eggs into my face and began the 4 hour drive to Vegas. When I got there, Nina and Caroline had checked into their hotel, so I layed on their floor and drank an energy drink and tried not to die.

At noon we headed down stairs to the House of Blues to attend the radio gig. Gavin was also supposed to be there, but he was “sick” and was a no show. (AKA he was drunk off his ass at the show that night. Sick? Yeah. No. Quit being a douche like always.)


Matt played a few songs acoustically, one of which was Headphones, which he had just released a few days prior. Oh, that man and his words. I love it.

I went to say hi afterwards, and we took photos with Matt after he played, but the radio station “lost” mine (aka I hear the DJ girl is a bitch so who knows if that’s the truth)  so I don’t have a photo from that day. Which is a shame because my outfit that day was super cute. 😉

After the gig, we headed off to find food and alcohol. When in Vegas, baby! I ended up with froyo, and Caroline & Nina with giant margarita drinks. We sat by the pool at Mandalay Bay and people watched for a good few hours. Some drunk guy told us we were “hilarious” and some other drunk guy thought our spots in the shade was some private cabana. It was only about 3pm at this point of the day…

Before doors opened for the actual show, we went to find a light dinner. OMG this plantain thing I had. Too good.


We wandered around a bit before heading back to the venue to hop in line. We met up with Erin, who I was staying with that night, and her love Dahl.

The show was at Mandalay Bay, so the stage was in a MAN MADE OCEAN. Pretty amazing. Thank you, second job for not scheduling me. Here’s a photo for reference (not the Matt show)


We stood pretty far back because the stage was high. I made the joke, “Oh Matt won’t find us in the crowd tonight” but he is like a hawk, and 3 songs in he was telling people to sing something back to him and then pointed right at us and said, “I know you guys got it.” Haha. WORD.


Gavin closed again this night, and we wandered around the pool area during his set. Then we decided to start the Matt m&g line, so we wouldn’t have to wait a long time like the night before.

When Matt came out to start the m&g, he saw us and said, “One, two, three, MY LADIES!” and then gave us a huge hug. His voice was SO gone and I felt so bad for the dude. We chatted about germs and sickness, and then he asked when he was going to see us next.

“Wednesday. (4 days later) Don’t miss me.”
“Oh, I’ll miss you.”

Matt talked our ears off, and I felt bad for everyone else in line. (Not really.) As we walked away we looked back, and he had already said hi and took a photo with the next people and they were done. Ha. Ooops. (Our photo is not cute. For everyone’s sake, it’s staying off the internet. Nina and Caroline approve of this.)

I parted ways with the girls and headed to Erin’s house for the night. In the morning her and Dahl made me breakfast and we also had a side of Pink Box Donuts aka just as good as Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland. They are like crack. I’ll be in Vegas again next week to see Matt, and I have to fight the urge to find this place…

I hung out for a few hours then decided to get on the road. And of course, being Vegas, I sat in stopped traffic for a good 2.5 hours trying to cross the border back into California. Sigh. I should have just went to the San Diego show. Ha.

I went to work for 2 days, and then it was time for part two…



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