Part two of the MN summer tour. Also, my elbow touched Tom Hanks.

Part two of the summer shenanigans. The Los Angeles edition.

Originally, I had decided to not attend the LA show because while trying to buy tickets, no decent ones ever came up. Or, I am just spoiled when it comes to seating, and refused to sit anywhere further than the first 5 rows. Your pick. Scars on 45 added a San Diego show on that day, so, naturally I bought a Scars ticket and all was well. But then one night I was checking Ticketmaster “just to see” and a second row aisle seat popped up for Matt. And I freaked and bought it without even thinking. Then had the decision of having to choose.

Ultimately, Matt wins every time, so sadly I gave away my Scars ticket and went to see Matt. And it was SO worth it…My elbow touched Tom Hanks, guys. I’ll get there in a minute.

I drove down to LA the morning of the show, and met up with Jane and Trevor outside the venue. We chatted unil doors opened, and before the show started, then headed in to watch Mary Lambert. OMG, you guys. I adore her. I want to be BFFs. She is exactly like me, as she talks too much and snort laughs and has tattoos and wears the cutest dresses! LOVE HER.


Matt was next. (He closed in SD, but it was annoying me that all my shows so far were Gavin closing ones so far…) We were waiting for him to begin, and I was talking with Jane and over her shoulder I see TOM FREAKING HANKS. “Oh my God, turn around.” is all I could say when I spotted him. And Jane goes, “Why?” and I just reply with. “TURN. AROUND. NOW.” Haha.

Tom Hanks sat two rows behind me. Tom Hanks laughed at every joke Matt said. Tom Hanks DANCED TO FASTER. (That vision will never leave my brain.)

Gavin DeGraw And Matt Nathanson In Concert With Mary Lambert - Los Angeles, CA

I did not take that photo. But hi, I could have seeing as he sat right behind us.

To make the set even better, Richard Marx came out to sing a song with Matt. Um. Yes.


After Matt’s set, Tom and his wife were heading out, and Jane told me he was walking up our aisle. I was standing there, and then I felt my elbow touching something and I turned around and OH HI TOM HANKS. I was too starstruck to say anything (and what do you say to Tom Hanks? “Hi, you are amazing but you obviously know that, and I love your son and his acting as well, am I talking too much? Probably. Your wife is pretty.”)

Everyone else decided to go wait in the Matt m&g line, but I decided to watch Gavin for some reason. It ended up being me watching Richard Marx stand in the front row and take a million selfies with his lady friend. For real. He took SO. MANY. SELFIES. It was a little distracting.

The girl next to me was drunk and decided she was going to be my friend. She kept holding my hand and trying to get me to dance and deep inside I was screaming HELP. When she wasn’t looking I ran away. Haha.

I waited in the m&g line the last few Gavin songs, and then quickly said hello to Matt. (The line was TREMENDOUSLY long.) He asked me how I liked the show and all that came out of my mouth was, “DUDE, TOM HANKS IS HERE.” and he was all, ‘Oh yeah. He came to see me. I’m friends with his wife.” like it was nothing. I fessed up that I watched Tom more than I watched him (haha, I ain’t gonna lie…) and then headed out.


I stayed with Jane that night and the next morning we decided to make a giant pancake in a crock pot (sorta succeeded) and be lazy all day, before heading out for dinner and then seeing Scars play at Hotel Cafe.

I had never been to Veggie Grill before so Jane took me there to introduce me to the magic. Jane and I got a few things to share, and then we ate it all. SO GOOD.


After, we headed over to Hotel Cafe cause we had nothing better to do. The band arrived not long after we did and they all seemed surprised that I was there. Summer of surprises? After the initial shock of me being there, I was greeted with huge hugs and love.

Quote of the night, thanks to my girl Aimee. She was walking in with a bottle of Jagermeister, and she asked, “Do you want some?” and I was all, “NOOO. You do not want to see me on Jager. I would we dancing all over you guys. Jager makes me crazy.” I got a look from her and then she goes, “Yeah. 4 or 5 shots and I’m throwing up.” “FIVE?! Two shots and I’m done. I’m a lightweight. Lightweight, but that makes me a cheap date…” to which she just says, “I’ll let Danny know.” HAHAHA. Yeah, yeah…tease me about my little crush.

We were standing outside and Danny told us to come inside and watch sound check. The staff was being douchey and kicked us out, and Danny ran after us to ask where we were going. Steve told us to come listen to some new songs in the van instead, (“This could be creepy you know. Hey guys, come into the van and hear new songs!”) and then walked us back inside the venue. I’m sure the staff hated us, but I don’t really give a shit.


After the show, we hung out and chatted with the band for a bit.

“Why the fuck is Matt Nathanson your phone background and not us?!” – Danny to me
“Because Matt is her jam.” – Aimee to Danny

We attempted to take photos. But we were in a dark alley. So that kinda failed.

20140619_221738 (2)

And then headed back to Jane’s since we were getting up at 5am the next morning for part three of the summer tour…


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