More Matt Nathanson and Scars on 45 summer adventures.

Part threeee of the summer shenanigans. The NorCal edition!
(My new year’s resolution for 2015 is to write blogs as they happen, jeez. What are these 6 month late posts?!)

Friday morning. Wake up in Los Angeles at 5am. Shower. Jump on road by 6am. Drive the 5 hours to Monterey. Drop my car off. Jump back into Jane’s car. Drive the 2 hours to Berkeley.

Long morning, wouldn’t you say? Something about super early morning drives make them seem quicker though.

I love Berkeley. And Matt and Scars on 45 were both playing there 2 days within one another, so I got a good TWO visits in. Matt was playing the Greek Theater. I had seen a few shows there before, and it is AMAZING for live music. Super stoked.

Also on the agenda for the day: Philz Coffee (best coffee ever!) and Saturn Cafe (another vegetarian restaurant.) I like hanging out with other vegetarians just because I’m not the odd ball out when it comes to eating out. Veggie friends for the win!

After Jane and I stuffed ourselves with the caffeine and food, we headed up to the Greek to meet up with Yvonne for the show.

When Yvonne and I had bought our tickets, our seats didn’t really exist on the seating chart. We had contacted someone via email, and they had told us they were “companion” seats that they add in the middle of the aisle of the first three rows. Ok. Cool. So I walk in and…there’s no seats in the middle aisle. The usher told me they must just be seats 1 and 2, and I sat there, but still wasn’t convinced.

Not long after, someone else that worked at the venue came up to me and asked if she could borrow my ticket. And then off she went. And then not long after, she came back with 6 chairs. That looked like they’ve been in storage forever, because they were dusty and full of dirt. JEEZ, THANKS. Hint: Get your shit together before the patrons arrive. Thanks.

I’m telling this you this boring story, because later it has a purpose, which makes it funny. Anyway. Now that my seat existed, we settled in to watch Mary Lambert win over everyone. Girl crush.

mary berkeley

Gavin went on next (hooray! Matt closing show finally!) and we were blinded by his stage lights half the set, but I enjoyed the old guy in front of me dancing and singing his entire set.

GD berkeley

Next came Matt. This tour, he started off his setlist with Kill The Lights and for some reason thought it’d be fun to start off in the crowd. (Tucson I was confused. Vegas didn’t happen because we were in a pool. LA I was like, “Oh this again.” And then this night…)

As I turned around to watch, I hear Matt say, “Let’s go this way!” to Paul (his tour manager/”body guard” for all these crowd experiences, haha) and “this way” was RIGHT UP THE CENTER AISLE. I’m thinking…Oh fuck. NO. There are chairs here and he’s going to literally run RIGHT into me.

Yup. Matt gets right to my seat and then giggles and says, “Hi!” He then proceeds to CLIMB OVER my chair, and the two rows in front of us, then a security guy who was also following Matt decided to just push me and my chair out of the way (RUDE, and that hurt!) and then he hopped up on stage and I am laughing but I’m also like WHAT THE EFF WAS THAT.

(My friend Carrie took this from the 8th row. Pretty sure it is the moment Paul realized they were headed to a dead end. Matt? Having the time of his life.)

Matt killed it. His voice finally sounded like the sickness plague was gone and I loved every second of seeing him headline a legendary venue.


When the show was over, we hopped into the EPICALLY LONG M&G LINE. I swear, half of the venue was in that line. We were sleep deprived and giggling at nothing, and I know the people in front of us HATED OUR GUTS. I know, I am obnoxious when I’ve had no sleep. Deal with it.

The place where we took the photos was full of lights and it was gorgeous. When I walked up to Matt he gave me a huge hug and I asked him, “Where are we? Prom?” then I said, “Why’d you try to kill me tonight with a chair? If you’re sick of me you should have just said so.”

He laughed and sarcastically said, “FUCK. There she is again.” Then excitedly, “No! I got there and then I was all, ‘Fuck there’s Joslyn!’ I loved that I ran right into you. You were just there!”I turned to Paul and said, “I saw you guys coming & I was just thinking, NOOO. Turn around!”Matt interrupts, “I was just following that guy. *points to Paul* (Um. You said, “Let’s go this way!” Nathanson, you lead him there…) Those chairs weren’t there during sound check!” (Heh. SEE. Funny now, right?)

At this point of the tour I had contemplated going to Portland a billion different times. So I asked Matt, “Should I go to Portland next week?”

“If you want…” he said. “I mean, if you come I’ll change the setlist for you!”
“Can I just connect my car to the back to your bus?”
“You should just ride on the bus with us.”
Psssh, I wish.


We took this horrible photo (SO MUCH HAIR) I shouldn’t even be putting on the internet, but I’m posting it just for the lights.

Then Jane and I drove back to my place. And I think it was around 3am. And we crashed the second our heads hit the pillows.

The next day I worked a 4 – 11pm shift, then Yvonne came to my place and we prepared ourselves for yet another Matt show. I’ll sleep when I die.

The next show was in San Luis Obispo. I realized when getting to the venue that it had been exactly 8 years since the first time I had seen and met Matt, and I got all sentimental about it. Feelings. I have them.

When we were waiting in the epically long m&g line in Berkeley, my friends Sara and Joann had said goodbye in passing. I had asked if I was seeing them on Sunday and Joann said, “I wish.” We had extra third row tickets that no one wanted to buy off us, or even have anyone just take for free, so I asked, “Um. Want our extra third row tickets?” and pretty much made their night.

We met up with them to pass off the tickets, and they tried to give us money, but I wanted to feel like the magic ticket fairy, so we just had them buy us a tour shirt and called it even.

This show was WEIRD. One: It started at 4pm and was HOT AS BALLS. Two: It was on a golf course. Three: Some people I didn’t know who apparently read my Twitter knew my name and my entire life story (“You work at the library. Adam Levine gave you a guitar. Matt always replies to you.” Um. This is a little strange and creepy, yeah?) Four: It was all drunk people who talked all through Matt’s set. Five: Gavin tried to serenade me, to which I uncomfortably laughed at and then he high fived me because I was making my awkward face.


We waited in yet another m&g line. Joann and Sara went in quite a few people before us, and when they came out they told me that they told Matt that one day they wanted to go to as many shows as I have. And he laughed and told them the only way they’d ever catch up to me is if they kicked in both of my knees and went to shows while I was down. HAHAHA. I’d still find a way to go to shows even if both my knees were broken, Nathanson. Don’t underestimate me…

When it was my turn I said, “Matt. Today is a special day.” and he gave me an intrigued look. Then, not even having to explain myself, I said, “It’s our 8 year anniversary.” to which he just got a LOOK on his face, and then I got pulled into the most heartfelt hug. He has this way of pulling you in completely, then embraces your head with his arm…oh man when you get one of those hugs you’ll just know. He didn’t even have to say anything back to me. The hug said it all.

After the best-hug-ever, he then told me, “These girls came in here and were like, “We want to go to as many shows as Joslyn! and I was all, yeah that’s not going to happen.” We laughed about it, and then I looked at him and said, “Sometimes I really wonder how you’re not sick of me yet.” He just gave me a smirk and simply replied, “It’s because you’re the best. You have a big presence in my life.” UM. STOP BEING CUTE NATHANSON.  This time I didn’t say anything back. Because what do you say to THAT?
I told him I decided I was going to Portland because I am crazy and Jane and Yvonne said they weren’t. Jane wanted Matt to write out lyrics for her to get tattooed, and he asked if we could wait until after everyone was finished and he’d do it then. So we were standing around talking and then Paul came to get us so he could write the lyrics. In the time we were standing around, I had somehow convinced the girls into going to Portland. Someone said, “So yeah, we’re all going to Portland now.” and Matt whips his head and stare at me and I just shrugged and go, “I talk people into crazy shit…”

Some other girls had wandered in and asked Matt to sign stuff, and I was telling Yvonne how she should call out of work, and Matt overheard and he yells over at us, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!” and I wanted to yell back SEE WHAT WE DO FOR YOU, FOOL?

We ended up chatting with him a little longer and I brought up that Gavin tried to serenade me. I was like, “Your friend Gavin tried to woo me. I wanted to scream TEAM MATT right in his face.” Jane busted out her phone and was like, “You have to see this photo!” and Matt laughed at it. “Look at your face!” Uncomfortable laughing for the win.
Anyway. After that whole fun meet and greet (probably my favorite one of the entire tour) we headed off to find food. We ended up at Taco Bell, because we were intrigued by the Quesarito. Yeah. I’m good for life now. No more Taco Bell ever needed. #baddecisions
We headed back home, and then I conked out. Woke up, went to work for half a day (I like to remind them I still work there, sometimes) and then drove BACK to Berkeley for Scars on 45’s headlining gig.
Austin aka Broken Anchor opened the show. That dude is hilarious. #bolofosholo

10369075_10204165274390676_4780177778787430039_o (2)OK. So while I was in SLO for Matt, Scars had a show in Napa that I had to miss. And they do not like to share. So let’s say I got some major shit from Chris when I told him I’d be in Portland the same day they were going to be as well but I was picking Matt. Again. Oh, and I’m not allowed to use the “you wouldn’t even KNOW me if it weren’t for Matt!” line. Ha. It ended with him sulking, me standing there with my arms open waiting for a hug and for him to forgive me, and then finally, “FINE, we’re friends again.”

10338553_10204165276710734_5916903483786184597_o (2)
I didn’t just get shit from him either. We went to take a WCM group photo and as we were all gathering together together, Aimee jokingly said, “Like you don’t have hundreds of photos with us already…”
I joked back, “Shut your face!” To which she gasped and looked at me shocked.
“What camera are we looking at?”
“The only camera there is, Aimee.”
“Joslyn. I’m going to kick your ass. You’re being so fucking cheeky right now!”
Danny was listening to our entire exchange, and he just added, “She’s always cheeky!”
I just laughed. Those Brits kill me.
After the photo was taken, Aimee pulled me into a giant hug and said, “You know I was kidding right? We all love you so much.”
“I know you do.” The feeling is mutual. LOVE.

Oh, and here’s Danny, who literally ran into this photo screaming, “I HAVE TO BE IN THIS!”

10497342_10204164625454453_4026815340906541970_o (2)
I headed home, worked a few days (remember meeee?) then it was time for more Matt. My life on tour, man…

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