The end of the Matt Nathanson summer tour. Wait, nope. Not yet.

Part 4! Also could have named this: That time I went to Oregon and had to buy a new tire. The time I ate a doughnut at 1am instead of going to sleep. The why is this concert in a convention room and weird as fuck? The time it was supposed to be the end of tour but I am crazy and went home and added 6 more shows? Yeah. Those work as well.

Okay. So the craziness that was traveling to the Portland show. Thursday. I worked a half day. Jane drove to my place while I worked. Hopped into my car and drove 3 hours to Sacramento (where we got stuck in stupid traffic and ran an hour late.) Met up with Yvonne. She jumped in my car and we finished the 8 hour drive to Portland. Bought super caffeinated drinks along the way, which had 11 shots of espresso between just Yvonne and I. CAFFINAAAAATE. Got hangry on the drive because NOTHING is opened past midnight. Screamed “Get your shit together, Oregon!” a bunch of times. Rolled into Portland around 3am. Leah was waiting for us. Died. WE ARE INSANE.

The next morning we woke up and were on the hunt for food. Ended up at a cute little place called The Penny Diner. I had this amazing egg sandwich called “the hipster” Only in Portland…


The Portland show was at a ZOO, so after brunch we headed over to wander the zoo before the show. It was raining off and on all day, so it was a little dreary, but luckily it cleared up by the time we got in line for the show. Animals are cool. Selfies with them are cooler. Ponchos are pretty hot, too.



Sadly Mary Lambert wasn’t opening this show and Christian Burghardt was once again. (I think I’m the only person who saw all 3 shows he opened at, and all 3 openers on the tour…)


For some reason we all thought that this was a Gavin closing show, but he went on next! So we waited patiently for Matt to come out.


Once Matt came onstage, it made sense why I got into a car and drove for 12 hours. Favorite. Forever.




Scars on 45 ended up going to this show, and Yvonne said she was on “Brit watch” haha. She spotted them around the encore when Matt runs through the crowd, and we kept an eye on them so we could say hello once the show was over.

I ran over and yelled up at Scars in the balcony. (Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!) Danny got really excited when he saw me and yelled back, “Don’t go anywhere!” and I stood there like, well duh. I’m trying to say hi here. So he runs down the stairs and the rest of the band trickles down to say hello as well. They had been drinking. Some more than the others *cough Nova cough* who apparently RAN AFTER MATT in the crowd. Hahaha. Danny was way too excited when he realized I had been wearing my Scars sweatshirt all day, and grabbed it out of my hands and ran around to show the others. Those Brits…love them.

We stood in another super long M&G line and Matt was happy to see us as always. Yvonne was wearing a Shark hunter shirt, and I had made a Team Matt shirt (I’m mean) which he was like, “SHARK HUNTER AND TEAM MATT.” He asked how our drive was and I told him I hated it until he walked out onstage and then I automatically thought, “Yeah. Worth it.” The smile on his face when I said that…he’s the best. Nova told me to tell Matt he was going to text him, so I passed along the word and then we gave each other the “those kids are crazy” look. Ha.


Enjoy this not so great photo. Fun.

After the show we had to say goodbye to Leah (boo) and drive to Eugene.

So on our way to Portland my car had told given me a low tire pressure. No big deal. We filled it with air and went along our way. When we walked out from the show, my tire was SERIOUSLY low. We rolled to the closest gas station and filled it up, then headed down to Eugene where we were staying for the night. Of course it was late when we got in, but of course I decided that VooDoo doughnuts is better than sleep. THEN we went to our hotel to check in and finally sleep.

The following morning we had decided to find the closest tire place and get it checked out before we had a several hour drive to Reno. Long story short, there was something stuck in there and it couldn’t be removed without ruining the tire. SO, I bought a $150 tire. YAY.</sarcasm> I had just bought new front tires at the beginning of the month, so that hurt just a little. Sigh. I drive too much.

After an expensive morning, we were finally off to Reno. And then my CD player in my car broke. SERIOUSLY CAR?
When we got to Reno it was pretty late, so we had about an hour to find parking, food, and the venue. Um. And then shit got weird.

The venue was in a weird room in a convention center like room. Low ceilings. Small small stage built. There were only about 8 people standing. I feel like these were the real fans. Everyone else…old people. I think they were members of the casino that got free tickets.

Mary Lambert was back. Yay! And even though the crowds had been more Gavin-fan populated over the past few weeks, this one still lacked all enthusiasm while he played.

At one point of Matt’s set, he mentioned how this was the weirdest show he had ever played. And I nodded my head in agreement. You just had to be there, man. WEIRD.



Afterwards we did the m&g as always. We also ran into Lovejoy, Matt’s drummer. We had basically run into him after every show at this point, and when I said it was my last show he was all, “Tour just started 3 weeks ago, you can’t be done! If you change your mind, there’s two months left!” Adorbs. And thanks for encouraging my crazy, curly.

As we walked up to Matt he just said, “Well THIS was a strange one!” Definitely.

I told him I was sad it was over. He told me “I’ll see you” (he knew I’d come back for more…) and he’d play “a San Francisco show or something when tour is over” (there was a radio gig in September he played, so looking back, I think this was hinting.)

We took a group photo, and Matt was obsessing over my shirt. “I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. Oh. I love it so much I’m not paying attention to the camera. I keep reading it. I LOVE THAT SHIRT.” Dork.


We said our goodbyes, and then headed to Sacramento to sleep a few hours before reality of waitressing and libraries awaited me to come back to work at.

But that wasn’t the end…


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