The one where Lifehouse returned (and with them the pieces of my broken heart.)

I got used to Lifehouse being gone. Which is just plain depressing. BUT after a year and a half hiatus, I got an email saying tickets were going on-sale for a show 2 and a half hours north of me. WHAT? Be still my heart.

I greedily snatched up my front row ticket the moment they went on-sale. And then the next day? ANOTHER email informing me about a different show an hour and a half south of me. Oh thank you summer fair shows!

After accruing two front row tickets, I then spent months waiting for summer to begin so I could see them again.

When the day finally arrived for the first show, I fidgeted at work all day until it was time to drive to Paso Robles. I met up with Aimee and Sara once I got there and we wandered around for dinner. Which turned into THE MOST DELICIOUS PIE EVER.


I mean LOOK AT IT. We had to take a pie selfie.

The guy that owned the place was hilarious. And when he saw me said, “I don’t know why I feel like I need to tell you this. But. We have a secret pie not on the menu you might like.”
“I have big hair. It’s full of secrets. That why you feel like you need to tell me.”
“OK. We have a peanut butter cream pie. One piece left.”

(If you know me in real life you know all about my PB obsession. I have 6 different jars of PB in my cupboard right now. I don’t mess around when it comes to PB. Obsessed.)

So. We ate pie. It was HEAVEN. Then we headed in to watch Lifehouse.

Hot Chelle Rae opened, and they did not excite me much. The only time I enjoyed their set was when they busted out the “Fresh Prince” theme song.

Aimee and I weren’t sitting next to each other, so as we waited between set changes, we texted so many OMGs to one another. Haha. I felt all giddy and excited and nervous. I COULD NOT WAIT.

The smile on my face when they walked out was ridiculous. I sang every song so loud and my heart got all full and happy and…oh, how I love them. And missed them so. My heart felt whole again.

Two weeks later was the second show in Santa Rosa, at yet another fair. Before I got to the fair grounds, I went to my all favorite coffee place, DUTCH BROS. So wish there were locations closer than 2 hours from me! (Seriously find this place if you love good coffee. This is amazeballs.)

Once I got to the fairgrounds, I hung out with some friends I had met at Lifehouse shows in the past before the doors opened for the evening. We sat around and listened to soundcheck, and after wards we ran into Bryce and Ben.

“I saw you towards the end of the show the other night!” Bryce exclaimed. Yeah, I saw buddy.

20140806_165004Yet another fantastic show. Even though it was the same setlist, I still sang along with the same goofy grin on my face.

Afterwards, it was still a little early, so Lisa and I walked round this SPECTACULAR flower show. I wanted to live in the Beatles display. ❤
Then it was sadly over. I wanted more. Thankfully Lifehouse is BACK! New album and tour this year. I am going to binge-tour. Sigh. 14 years of love and counting.

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