The one where I went out East to see Matt Nathanson. AGAIN.

So. I’m not sure why, but it seems every time I try to get on a plane out of Monterey to see Matt Nathanson, something always goes wrong. Note to self: don’t fly out of Monterey anymore, even if it’s more convenient and cheaper at the time.

I had bad feelings all morning about my 3:30pm flight. Then, as my sister is driving me to the airport, I get a text message saying my flight was delayed. Well, that’s fabulous considering that my layover was only 45 minutes long.

Luckily I was the first on my flight to arrive at the airport, so I walked right up to the counter to figure out what was going on. The guy working looked up my itinerary and said, “Oh you. You were the difficult layover one.” OH. YAY ME.

So what was supposed to have me leaving at 3:30pm and arriving in Detroit at 1:00am, I left at 5:45pm and arrived in Detroit at 6am. UNEXPECTED RED EYES SUCK ASS. So do 4 hour layovers in Los Angeles. I wanted to cry. And sleep. Sleep cry.


So, Amber and Beth picked me up at airport 6am, and took me back to the hotel where Ams was waiting, and where I was supposed to have slept. Sob. I took a quick shower, and then we ate the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. My body was confused. So confused that somehow in the shower I had a fight with my razor and took a huge chunk out of my finger. Five months later and the scar is still there is prove it. Whoops.

We headed to Pittsburgh and swung by the airport to get Yvonne. Then we were off to find me band aids because I had been bleeding through the ones the hotel gave me. Starting off the trip as a hot mess, check!

After I bought myself some Mickey Mouse band aids (because if I was gonna have to rock first aid, I was gonna do it in STYLE) we headed over to the venue because we get everywhere way too early.

The venue was connected to an old library, so I was in HEAVEN. I walked through the library and ohh and awwed over everything I saw. I am a nerd forever.


We then had a picnic lunch on the stairs. Stood kids afraid to leave the stoop!


Long story short, half of us were guest listed for this show. And we had seats that we were not so thrilled about. (Can you say we are spoiled? Yes.) Nina and Caroline showed up after doors were opened, and they and Yvonne had general admission pit tickets up front. So, you know, we took turns borrowing everyone’s tickets and all ended up in pit…(Can you say spoiled again? Yes. HA.)


Half of the shows on this leg of the tour were headlining. This was one of them. This second half of the tour Andrew McMahon was opening instead of Mary Lambert, and I have been listening to him since high school. 12 years, my friends. That’s even longer than I’ve been listening to Matt. So this show was made for me. In a library. Andrew and Matt.


Matt spotted us individually. He gave Beth and Ams the “oh hi!” look, Amber got the excited look as well, and I got the double take “holy shit!” look. Which made the entire red eye craziness worth it.


We did the m&g after the show because that is our thing. (FYI I used the same wristband for all 13 shows. I win. And am a cheater. Ha.)


“I knew you would be here. And you. and you. But I didn’t know YOU would be here!” he said pointing my way when we walked up to him. I love his excitement. I was so out of it that day, I can’t even really remember anything else I said to him. Sleep deprivation at it’s finest. I do know I said, “You have us until the end of the tour.” and he just BEEMED. Seriously, how he’s not sick of me…

We ran into Andrew outside, and said hi to him. I love him, I love him, I love him.

IMG_2115 (2)
As we were walking back to the car, we passed Aaron and yelled bye. “Woah, you guys look like a gang!” Hahaha. I guess we’re a bunch of badasses?

I think we drove to Cleveland that night. I can’t be sure though because I probably fell asleep on the drive? Man, I can’t remember shit anymore. AND this blog might be 7 months overdue. Whoops. I need to start keeping a concert journal since I can never keep up with my own life.


I remember it rained a ton in Cleveland. Like, sunny bright skies and then BAM RAIN FOR DAYS. Luckily we had wandered around a bit and caffeinated and cupcaked ourselves before the rain happened.


(OMG those cupcakes…)



We waited in line in this weird alley way hallway deal. It was hot as shit. I may have done pilates and yoga and planks while waiting. You know, to balance out the cupcakes?





That night’s show was being broadcasted on Yahoo, and I got SO MANY TEXTS that my face was ALLLLL over the entire night. And apparently I am “cute and flirty” when I sing. Oh no. I am one of those girls?! *face palm* Sorry internet you had to see me like that. I never watched it online because I’m afraid of hating myself for it. Haha.


After the show we waited for the m&g, and when I walked up to Matt he was like, “OMG, look at your outfit! You look awesome!” We chatted about really random stuff, “If you were a stripper, you could wear tassels!” (Don’t ask) Before I was saying goodbye, he said to me really concerned, “Oh man. You guys have a long drive tonight!” and I assured him it was okay, we were only driving halfway (which was still about 4 hours and sucks all the sucks) Beth talked to him after I, and as I was walking away, I heard him say to her, “I have that same dress!” Nerd.


So, off we were to drive halfway to Clifton Park, New York. Which is basically nothing land. The venue was in a STRIP MALL, conveniently placed between a church and a tattoo parlor. Huh. Interesting.

At one point of the day, Andrew McMahon was walking by with his wife, baby and dog. He noticed my Starbucks cup and asked where the closest one was. There was literally nothing close for a mile or so and we told him that. “Man, where ARE we?” he asked.

‘We have a rental car. You could borrow it.” I semi-joked.

“Wait, are you serious?!” I looked at Amber because it was booked under her name.

“As long as you don’t crash it,” she told him.

“I have insurance!” he exclaimed.

So. Andrew McMahon took our rental car to Starbucks. Ha. (And he was totally speeding back through the parking lot) BUT, he is the NICEST GUY EVER because he brought back a $25 gift card for us! The PSL came back in season two days later, so you know what we used that for.

2015-03-03 09.06.39



The east coast Jocelyn was joining us on the part of the trip, so it was fun having a huge almost-everyone-from-on-the-cruise reunion.

This night’s show was SPECTACULAR. Andrew walked out and mouthed to us, “Thanks for the coffee!” (adorbs) and Matt was just all over the place amazing. This video from this show actually went viral about 2 weeks ago. Crazy.


Funny story. I had ran out of deodorant that morning (sucks) and halfway through the set Matt says: “So I ran out of deodorant today…” which we all start laughing hysterically about. I’m like ME TOO, WE’RE GROSS.


So for this meet and greet we decided to take a group photo. Kudos to Beth for picking my fat ass up. We also decided to turn the cards and had Matt take a photo with us and Paul. Haha. They loved it.

Amber and I asked Matt to write out lyrics for us to get tattooed, and he had us wait until the end so he could take his time. So we sat at this table and got to watch everyone else interact with him, which was a ton a fun. People watching is the best.

Matt is apparently a perfectionist, because he wrote mine, re-wrote a word, and then wrote Amber’s. Decided hers looked totally better than mine, so he wrote mine out again. At least I had options? Ha.

We were the only ones left so then we all stood around and talked for a long time. The Andrew car incident got brought up and Matt just yells, “You guys have the BEST stories!” Well yeah. A lot of shit happens when we follow you for days on end. Ha.

So that night we drove to the middle of somewhere New York and slept in a CABIN. A legit fucking cabin, well water and everything! I wanted to stay there for more than just a slumber. So peaceful and amazing. Can we go back?



So after waking up in a cabin, we ate at this fantastic breakfast place that JC used to go to as a kid. Um. Food porn. Here you go. So worth the drive.



We then headed off to Boston. Stopped at another childhood spot of JC’s for ice cream. Um. There would be a photo if I wasn’t too busy shoving it in my face. Sorry. It was Nutella-y and PB and delicious.

We went to the venue and sadly we all had seats all over the place from one another. Yvonne and I decided to treat ourselves and bought front row tickets on Stubhub. Um. This was a really fantastic idea, because when Andrew walked out, we were in a “sweet spot” (aka Yvonne’s magical-perfect Andrew viewing spot.)


After his set, we went to go find him again. Love.

20140823_194322This was the part of the tour where it went back to co-headlining with Gavin. And guess who got serenaded again? Yeah, that’d be me. You can stop now, DeGraw. I don’t like it. Thanks.


This was a bit of a “homeshow” for Matt, and I’m glad to say that I finally saw him in Boston.


We headed to the meet and greet after, and instead of us going up to him, he comes strolling over to our group and just says, “What’s up, friends?!”

The conversation we had was HILARIOUS. I can’t write about it, because it was mostly personal family stuff and those aren’t my stories to share. But just know…it’s funny shit. Oh I can probably write that he thinks his cat is gay. I’ll leave you to ponder that. Ha.

That night our hotel was close by (YAY) but we still didn’t get to sleep in because we were doing an early radio gig before the show the following morning.


On the way to Cape Cod, we stopped at Marylou’s, this coffee place in Massachusetts I’ve been reading about through a blog for YEARS. Um…PEANUT BUTTER COFFEE? Fuck me, it was perfection, and I’m still trying to recreate it at home.


For the radio gig, it was a win your way in kinda deal. And basically…we were told to just “show up” and we’d be let in. How many times can I say spoiled in one post? A ton. SPOILED. Dedication gets you into everything…


Both Matt and Gavin performed at this. Matt went first, and then there was a “meet and greet” Ha.

JC and I wanted to take a “Jo(ce)(s)lyn sandwich” so we went to talk to Matt together. When we said something about him being between two Jo(ce)(s)lyns, he looked at both of us, got this huge grin and said, “I love my Jo(ce)(s)lyns!” Cue the “awww” We also talked about spooning. (JC woke up that morning and apparently I was really close to her face. My bad.) Matt laughed and said, “I do that with Aaron sometimes!” I am the only one who likes to spoon.

IMG_3793(I know you didn’t want this on the internet, JC, but let’s face it. It’s already on the radio’s website and no one reads this blog anyway.)

Gavin went next, after a food break. Where it was nothing but snacks that were non-vegetarian. And I was on the verge on being hangry. It could have gotten ugly.


After Gavin we went to take photos with him for the hell of it, and he asked, “Have we met before?” and I’m like, “Yes, we’ve met multiple times” (back in 2003 I actually did love him, then was turned off after he was douchey a few times to me and a friend in 2004) to which he said, “I KNEW I knew you from somewhere!” (I’m also thinking, “you probably remember me from June and last night when I was like, this is awkward, yeah please don’t sing in my face…”)

After Gavin, we went to find (real) food. And then we went to the beach and decided to take a nap. To which this bird just STARED US DOWN. I think we were all tired and delirious at this point, because for some reason it seemed hilarious at the time.


The Cape Cod setup was…weird. Rotating stage. At first I was like, “This is awesome!” but after it rotated and you were staring at back of heads and butts for 10 minutes, you get over it.



Between sets, we went to find Andrew. Love that kid.


After show; meet and greet. I walk into huge open arms, even though he had seen my face the last few nights AND we had just talked to him less than 10 hours earlier that day.

“What does your jacket say? Oh, it says The Rock Boat. Dude. I’m just reading your boob right now. I’m a boob reader!” (Oh. My. God. DORK.)

“Um. I have no boobs to read, so whatever.” was my comeback, laughing. “I’m going to cry when this is over.” I continued.

“Dude, we live in the same state.” he said.

“Yeah. I should shut up, I see you next month in Golden Gate Park.”

13 shows is still apparently not enough shows. I am weird.





After we left we headed back to New York.


The last show of the tour was in Pomona, New York. It was a general admission show, so we decided to get in line early. And…it was hot. 90+ degree of hot, hot, hotness.

I have to take a moment to rave about how amazing the owner of the venue and his wife are. When they first arrived, they were surprised to see us in line already, melting in the direct sunlight. They brought us ice and cups of water after they asked if we needed anything and I screamed ICE. ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE ME. (I was serious. It would have dried in probably 20 seconds.)

Also, they took fantastic care of JC. JC has cerebral palsy, so they let us all go into the venue a half hour early so she could make it down the stairs and not get trampled on. The venue is a baseball stadium, so it is HUGE, and that extra time was needed. Also, they put her in front of us in front of the barricade. Kudos, because most venues put their handicapped sections off to the side or way up in the balcony. The owner even came up to JC between sets to make sure she was doing okay. That guy is AWESOME and won kudos in my book all day long.



Since we went in early, we got to watch part of Andrew’s soundcheck. We were still making our way down the stairs when he finished a song and we all “WOO-ed” to which he heard and asked, “Where is that coming from?” and when we WOO-ed again he said, “THIS IS THE BEST SOUND CHECK EVER.”

This show was also my 125th Matt show. Um. Who am I?

2015-03-03 09.26.25

Ridiculously awesome, apparently. 😉

The actual show was a weird one. I won’t go into details, but people need to learn manners and not be dickheads and yell dickhead things at musicians when they perform. The end. Oh, also. I swallowed a bee then spit out my beer, which happened to get on JC. SORRY JC I DIDN’T WANT TO DIE. Damn bees flying around landing in drinks.




The meet and greet was also a strange one. The venue was being super assy about +1s, and we had to leave half of the girls behind before the woman who had been helping out with us all day asked if we were doing okay.

“NO. They wouldn’t let us bring the whole group.”

She looked at the security guard and said, “Well go get the rest of their friends.” Wait for it…spoiled.


We said our goodbyes to Matt, and got a “family” photo. End of tour always makes me sad.

We lingered in the parking lot and avoided saying goodbye to everyone as long as possible. Then we were off to find our hotel in Newark. We may or may not have drove the wrong way on the freeway, ON PURPOSE, because we couldn’t find the hotel entrance going the correct way. We’re risk takers, its cool. We also drove around Newark in the middle of the night to find food. Rebels. We didn’t care we were in the ghetto.

We took a nap, and then Yvonne and I woke up before 5am to go to the airport to catch ass crack early flights. Bleh.

Luckily, I was on the same first flight as Nina and Caroline, so I had company the first stretch of the trip. Even though all 3 us slept the entire flight. Tour exhaustion.

They live in Denver, so I parted ways with them at my layover.

It wasn’t until I was sitting alone in the Denver airport that it hit me: tour was over, I had said goodbye to everyone, and I was sad. A sad sap, I teared up because that is apparently what I do every time I say goodbye to these girls I share all these memories with now. They have my heart. ❤

I caffeinated myself and boarded my second flight. Home.


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  1. I was the filmer of the Clifton Park show :-). Absolutely loved this tour recap. Have done the following around with other bands and the last day of the tour and post show is so bittersweet – I totally agree with you! Like the scene in Almost Famous after the kid’s first backstage experience. You just don’t want to go home. Loved reading this!!

    • How many views does your video have now?! Last I checked it was nearing a million. A MILLION.

      I love those videos, so thanks for recording the show! And congrats on going viral. 😉

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