The One Where I Saw Scars on 45 Six Times In Four Days.

In September, a 4 day trip to see four Scars on 45 shows turned into a six show trip.

Let’s me tell the story of this good luck.


The first stop on the trip was San Francisco. I had nicely persuaded Leah to fly from Seattle to attend all the shows with me, so early the first morning I drove up to the city to pick her up. And it’s a good thing I picked her up early!We had stopped at a Target close by to pick up some travel sized items she couldn’t carry on the plane when an email from KFOG, a local radio station was sent out saying we won tickets into a private Scars show that was in TWO HOURS.

Yvonne happened to be close by and we had planned on getting lunch with her, so we invited her since she wasn’t able to go to the show that night. At the same time, Tara had called to ask what time I was heading into the city, and I was all, “We’re here now…can you be in less than two hours?!” So BAM, plus ones acquired under 5 minutes.

Yvonne, Leah and I enjoyed lunch and then headed over to the KFOG studios to enjoy the first bit of Scars. There was SO MUCH traffic for it being in the middle of the day, and I freaked out that we were going to miss it (and Leah stuck her head out of the car to wave at cars that we were cutting them off, ha!) But we made it (barely) and it was fun.

When we went to say hi after, they asked me if I was going to the show that night. “Am I coming tonight? DUH. You get to see this face for the next 4 days! Don’t get sick of me.”

We also got on the subject of tattoos. Danny noticed one of mine and had asked if it was new (um. that’s been there for YEARS, Bemrose…)
“No. But I’m getting another Matt tattoo on Tuesday!”
“Oh what are you getting, his face?” *Glare*

After we left the studio we wasted time by wandering around SF for a bit (I made everyone go into a library) then just decided to head to the venue. We hung out until doors opened where Dawn L and Tracy met up with us, where we claimed our front row spots. Yes.

After Scar’s set, we headed to the back because none of us know any Better Than Ezra songs. Sorry, boys. We basically hung around merch all night. There was so much pot smoking going on, that I think I got a second hand high. My dancing around with the t-shirts, and sudden craving for waffles kinda helped confirm that suspicion.

The band left the merch for us to be in charge of, because they were having van issues and had to drive to LA that night to fix it. After we packed it all up, we then headed back to Dawn L and Tracy’s to sleep.

Dawn L had prior commitments, so San Francisco was the only show that she able to attend. Sad. So the next morning we loaded up the merch into my car and Leah, Tracy and I headed to LA.


There was a huge festival happening 2 blocks down from where that show was going on, so we had given ourselves a few extra hours just in case. Of course, not a big deal at all.

That lead us with extra hours to kill, so we headed to get something to eat. Which lead to happy hour. By the time the band arrived and we handed off the merch to them our first buzz wore off…so we hit up the happy hour at House of Blue for round two. Ha.


By times door opened, I think Tracy and I were at a combined total of 11 drinks. This was 3 too many for me, so I was tipsy and happy. (Happiest drunk alive, that’s me!)

20140920_213805 Another show, then another night of selling merchandise. Afterwards we headed down to Anaheim to check into our hotel. Then glorious sleep.


The following morning we were lazy until check out. We had nothing planned for the day other than the show, so we checked out our options of what was around us (nothing) then sat around. We’re so fun…we ended up wasting enough time that we could check into our next hotel for the night (we were using points for free nights, so we had a different hotel every night) and then I really really needed caffeine more than I needed food so I left Leah and Tracy at a restaurant while I caffeinated myself. It was a Starbucks BOGO hour, and sometimes you gotta share…with yourself.

We got bored so we headed to downtown Disney to wander around. I wanted to buy all the things, but sufficed with just a Finding Nemo shot glass. MINE.

We took it easy on the drinking this night. Ha. After Scar’s set, we headed up to hang out at the merch table. It stayed quiet pretty much the entire BTE set, so we just watched Disneyland’s fireworks display, and chatted.

Matt Nathanson sent out this tweet. So I asked him a question back. (Chris might have gotten us drinks and I might have been a little tipsy, so I thought my question was funny.)

2015-03-04 15.33.01
We started laughing hysterically. I would have probably laughed for several more minutes but then a second later my phone buzzed and I got this:

2015-03-04 15.31.49 Oh. My God. Stop. I can’t handle the cute. So then switched from laughing to just standing there going, “Awwww….” Chris came over and I showed him Matt’s reply. He just rolled his eyes. I’m pretty sure he’s just jealous because Matt didn’t call HIM pretty. 😉

Later Danny and Aimee came over and I said, “Hey Danny. Matt has a question for you!” I showed him and he laughed.
“Matt Nathanson just tweets you?” he asked me in awe. Uh…maybe if you were on the Twitter, Bemrose, he’d tweet you too…

So we’re chatting with Danny and Aimee, and then all of a sudden Aimee asks, “So, you guys think that Danny looks better now that we’ve been doing T25?” (T25 is a workout program. Those kids are RIPPED beyond belief.) I stare at her because she knows I have a crush. I stare and say nothing. Then I start laughing because she points to me and nods her head yes. Brat. I’m just gonna sit here and crush silently, thank you very much.  (I’m sure he knows anyway.)

After the show, we headed to In N Out, because yes. We need In N Out at midnight.


The last day of the trip included another double. Leah and I had won ANOTHER radio gig, so we had an early morning drive down from Anaheim to San Diego for the noon radio gig.

So this radio thing was ODD. Basically it was Leah, Tracy, myself and two other people. Plus the staff of the radio station. In a small room. Where they stuck us about 4 feet in front of the band. Basically it was a staff meeting and us. Hahaha.

After our staff meeting, we had a ton of time to kill, so we headed off to find food. Oh, and cupcakes. Fat kid always. Sprinkles for the win! 20140922_130609
We had more time to kill, so we wandered around Solana Beach for a few hours. And still had time to kill. So we just hung out around the venue. (I swear we are exciting people. This trip we did a lot of lazy. It happens.) But we were joined by Jane and Jeanette so we had extra company to make the time go faster.

We all enjoyed Scars’ set, then headed to the back of the venue during BTE. For some reason, their set seemed epically long that night. The venue isn’t that big to begin with either, so we didn’t really have room to wander around anywhere.

12 hours later they wrapped up their set (that’s exaggeration guys) and we said our goodbyes to the band. Which is never fun. 😦

I had been contemplating seeing them in Vancouver and Portland a few weeks later, and when Danny asked when he’d see us all next, I mentioned I had been thinking about those shows.
“Thinking about it Joslyn? No. You’re going. We’ll see you there.”
And I basically was like, “OKAY” #damnyoucrush

Aimee asked how far the drive home was the next day.

“Is it five hours?” she asked.
“Oh I wish. It’s almost 8 home.”
“You are mental!”
“You don’t call me a West Coast Mental for nothing…”

We checked into our hotel and maybe slept for 4 hours. I like to call these nights a long nap. Ha.

Leah had an early flight out of San Diego, so we dropped her off at 5am, then we headed back north for the long trek to Monterey. Tracy and I hit the fantastic LA morning traffic (UGH) and were sleep deprived and crazy, so we pretty much laughed about everything. Sometimes, delirious is fun though. Especially when you spend it with the right people.


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