The One Where I Went to Two Concerts In One Day.

The worst thing to happen to a avid concert goer is for two of your favorite bands to book shows on the same day, in different cities a few hours away from each other.

But sometimes, the crazy in you decides you can attend both if you’re really committed. Oh, am I committed. Beware, if you choose to attempt this, these are LONG days and only the most experienced concert fans can pull it off.

The night before the longest concert day ever, I worked until 11:30pm. Boo, side waitressing job. Then, I hopped into my car and drove two hours to San Francisco to Yvonne’s place to where she and Jane were sleeping away. I was jealous of their full night sleep. I showered the scent of dirty diner off of me, and then finally went to sleep at around 2am.

At 6am, the alarm went off (I hate myself) and we got ready and then headed over to Golden Gate Park where Nina and Caroline had been holding spots for us. (Thank you, ladies!)


Show one: Matt Nathanson playing a radio gig.

Doors were at 10am, and that is just too early with no sleep. Even after finding coffee, I felt like a huge ball of tired.

Matt played third, after Lindsey Stirling and American Authors. Meh to those first two.



But Matt? I love that dude.

I wasn’t staying for Neon Trees who were headlining, because I had to get to my second show. And that made me a little sad because I super enjoyed them when I saw them open for Maroon 5 a few years back.

As we were leaving, I noticed there was a It’s It booth, and they had the PUMPKIN FLAVOR. I had been looking for this for weeeeks. Finally, it was mine.


After shoving my face with ice cream, (and half of Yvonne’s because she couldn’t eat all of hers. Yes that was my lunch and dinner) I hopped into my car and drove an hour and a half to Sacramento.


Show two: Parachute and Matt Wertz.

Luckily Carrie and Lois had bought VIP tickets and had early entry and saved me a spot up front. (I wanted VIP but didn’t know if I’d make it on time and didn’t want to risk the $50.) Thanks to my ladies for holding me a spot, part two!

Mikey Wax was the first opener. Up next was Matt Wertz. Um. Why didn’t anyone tell me I should have seen Wertz sooner? I LOVED him. Totally adorable. And funny. And wonderful.




Parachute was next, and this may have been the best show I’ve seen them play. That also makes me really sad to say, because Nate and Alex are gone, and my heart still feels a little void. Sniff.


After the show, Matt Wertz was wandering around so I had to talk to him. He is hilarious. I may have dropped the F bomb a few too many times when talking to him, though. I get excited. And it happens.

20140928_225538After chatting up the Wertz for several minutes, I hopped into my car and drove the 3.5 hours home. BRUTAL is the only word to describe that drive. The last hour I thought I was going to have to pull over and take a nap in my car. But, like the road warrior that I am, I pushed through it (seriously though kids, please don’t drive drowsy. It’s not safe.) and face planted into my bed the moment I stepped into my bedroom.

Two shows in one day. You were good.


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