The One Where Andrew McMahon Played A Few Shows In San Francisco.


Andrew blessed us northern California kids with not one, but TWO San Francisco shows.

At this point of my life, I still had two jobs. The shows were on a Friday and Saturday, so I had initially planned on only going to the Friday evening show. But this was also around the time I decided to quit said second job, so I said eff it, Stubhubbed a ticket to the sold out Saturday show, and asked for the entire weekend off to go to both. Priorities = life.

I worked a half day at the library on Friday, then headed into the city early to beat traffic. I sat myself in line on the sidewalk and waited until Yvonne got off of work a few hours later. While waiting for her, Andrew had walked by while on the phone, and when he spotted me his eyes got all big and he waved furiously. So cute. I love him. You’re welcome for the rental car, still. 😉

There were two openers on this leg of the tour. The first was Junior Prom. We did not like them. At all. No.


The second was Hunter Hunted. Yvonne said this band was “her other Parachute” (meaning she’s seen them a dozen times without even trying to; both bands always open for other bands she’s gone to see.) They were actually enjoyable, and I didn’t feel like shooting myself in the face anymore. I wouldn’t mind if I kept seeing them accidentally.


Andrew was finally next. He is so freaking good I can’t even describe it. And this new album is FANTASTIC. I love him. He’s magical. 12 years of love. The end.

Andrew always comes out after shows, so we decided to wait around to say hi. As we were waiting, a familiar face started walking down the street, and right as I figured out who it was, “MS. JOSLYN!” was yelled.

Ayappa! He works for Vanguard Records which Andrew is now signed to. I’ve known Ayappa since 2009; Matt Nathanson is on the same label and since I show up well, everywhere, Matt’s old tour manager introduced us as a show. That guy is the coolest. We chatted for a bit before he had to leave, and then we said our hellos to Andrew.

We told Andrew we had a dream tour that consisted of him, Matt, and Scars on 45. He then went on and on about how Scars is amazing and how he had this INSANE night out with Stu. Then we all “Aww. Stu…” and had a moment since he is no longer in the band. 😦

Here is a crappy cell phone photo. There is a better one that Yvonne took  for me on her camera, but even though I’ve been harassing her for it for FIVE MONTHS, she is a mean friend and still hasn’t sent it to me. :p

Yvonne and I were both starving at this point of time, so we said bye and then went to In N Out for some grub. And next door was Krispie Kreme and I had an intense craving for a donut. I don’t even LIKE donuts. (Minus VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland. That breaks all exceptions.)


Yvonne realized they had the Ghostbusters ones, so we went through the 24 hour drive through since it was 1am and then like fat kids we bought some to share and were happy. (Just so you know…they were not good. SO SWEET that we took a bite and threw them away.)

The next morning we laid around like lazy people in sugar comas, then we decided to go do things before the show. Yvonne fed me breakfast, then we headed out to go vinyl shopping at Amoeba records. All I bought was a Justin Timberlake vinyl. No judging.

We went to some random pizza place we walked by afterwards because it smelled delicious (it was) and we were beginning to get hungry. We then didn’t care what else we did for the remainder of the day (we are so exciting) so we went and parked in front of the venue and people watched until there was a line. Once people started lining up, we made a quick ice cream run (hi, pumpkin!) then headed back to jump in the line.

Andrew had walked out and started to talk to everyone in the line. He asked how we liked the show the night before and as I was praising it, Yvonne flat out says “THE SMOKE MACHINE KILLED US.” Ha. It did, and it sucked, but I wasn’t going to mention it. But maybe that was a good thing, because that night the smoke machine was out…but never turned on. Thanks, Andrew! I like breathing!

While Andrew was there, I asked him if he could write out a lyric for me. I really need to get this tattooed. I loved this lyric for years; it describes my life.


Show #2 was just as awesome as the night before. So glad I choose concerts over being responsible and working. Ha. 😉

We decided not to stay after to say hi to Andrew since we had talked to him before the show. We’re so old and just wanted food and sleep.
We headed back to Yvonne’s place after failing at finding something open for dinner so I ate pumpkin ice cream (yes, again) and pumpkin Oreos she had. Uh, yeah. October is my favorite month of the year, just because ALL THINGS PUMPKIN. Sounds like a perfect dinner if I don’t say so myself, though.
Andrew McMahon is good times. Let’s do it again.

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