The One Where I Went Everywhere To See Scars on 45 (Plus A Little Matty Nay Too)

When I say everywhere, I pretty much mean it. Vancouver, Portland, Napa, a house show, Los Angeles. I pretty much had the entire West Coast covered in a span of 10 days.
November marked when I got my life back again. I had quit my second job (still think that was the best decision I’ve made for myself in the past year) and I ran with the freedom.
The first stop of having freedom was…Canada!

I had just seen Scars on 45 a few weeks earlier, and I was pretty damn excited to be seeing them again so soon.

I flew up to Portland the day before the first show, and rented a car to drive to Leah’s place in Seattle. (That’s the Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco from the sky.) But first, when in Portland…VOODOO DONUTS.

Look at that beautiful piece of delish.
I also hit up a record store in Portland that I knew of from attending an in-store at a few years prior, to see if they had anything I might like to own. (They didn’t) But I found fall outside the store.

Look at all those beautiful colors! You don’t see that in California.

It was time to head up to Seattle. It’s about a 3 hour drive, and I needed a coffee pit stop about halfway through. I had taken an exit to go to a Starbucks, but as I exited, I accidentally found DUTCH BROS COFFEE. I LOVE YOU PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

It missed me as much as I missed it.

Finally after trekking many miles in the rain, I arrived in Seattle. Leah and I headed out soon after to dinner. All I wanted was vegetables after a doughnut for lunch, so she took me to Veggie Grill. Long live the B Wings salad. So delicious.

Afterwards we ran a few errands, then headed back to the apartment to hang out for a bit before going to sleep.


The morning of the Vancouver show Leah had to work for a few hours, so I decided to play tourist and drive around Seattle for a bit while I waited. The plan: The Seattle Library. For some reason I had stayed in a hotel right down the street before and had NEVER been there. Oh em gee. I never wanted to leave!

They had a coffee shop and everything. Just put up a tent and let me live there. Please.

After geeking out, I headed to Leah’s work to pick her up on the way up North. We stopped at some random taco place for lunch, then we crossed the border a bit later. Putting that passport to use!

It was POURING RAIN in Vancouver that day, so sadly I did not get to see all that I had planned to see when I was there. We did go to the Vancouver Library though. (I know. I know. Two libraries in one day? Way to be a total nerd, Joslyn.)

That library was ginormous. And it had a little strip-type mall attached to it. So we wandered around a bit, then sat in a coffee shop since we couldn’t walk around outside. Boo.

An hour before doors, we stopped by the venue to see if we could pick up our Will Call tickets. We ran into Steve who basically was like, get in here, so we hung out with him while the band did sound check.

“I need to ask you a favor.” he said to me. “Is there anyway you could drive Austin to Portland with you tomorrow?” Um, what?

Long story short: their rental didn’t fit the entire band + Steve + Austin + the equipment. I explained that I wasn’t staying in Vancouver that night, because I had to get Leah back to Seattle so she could work the following morning. Poor Austin. Just trying to get passed off to me. Ha.

The band was still doing sound check so we couldn’t get their input on the situation. Steve and I decided that they’d just load up the (tiny ass) rental I had with as much guitars and amps as I could fit. (It’s nice to know they trust me with their equipment.)

After sound check Austin yells across the room, “JOSLYN. ARE WE ROADTRIPPING?” and I had to inform him we were not. Long story short again, he basically decided to just come along for an adventure with Leah and I that night and also crash at her place. “Alright. Let’s do this. We’re gonna road trip. Tell each other all of our secrets and become BFF.”

I hadn’t ever really talked to Austin before at the past shows besides a few words here and there, so I was hoping he wouldn’t think I was a complete weirdo since he was subjecting himself to a sleep over and being in a car with me for 6 hours. Ha.

So, the show. It was a little disappointing because maybe 30 people max showed up. I felt bad.

During Austin’s set, Leah and I were the only two standing.

I don’t know what was more awkward. There only being 2 people standing…or everyone else sitting off to the sides in the dark.

Scars played next and still, we were the only 2 standing. I can’t even imagine not being there and them having no one stand at all. It made me sad. I don’t understand people.

After the show we loaded as much as possible into the car (I think we fit 2 guitars, a drum symbol, and an amp in the backseat. TINY rental, man. The trunk of my car could fit this entire car in it.) and headed to pick up Austin’s things at the hotel.

As soon as he got back into the car, the fun begin. THAT DUDE. He is hilarious. The first thing out of his mouth as we began driving was, “OK. First kiss stories. Joslyn. GO.” I knew this was going to be fun trip.

When we got to Leah’s it was late so basically we all passed out. But not before Austin decided how many squares we each got to sleep on. (Leah has this HUGE COUCH that has sectional squares. I barely take up 2 squares. Her couch is 6. You could literally sleep 4 people on that sucker.) “You can have those 2 squares. Maybe I’ll share this other one. You can have 2 and a quarter squares.” That kid. Seriously. I think I fell asleep laughing.


The next morning we sat around chatting before Leah sadly had to leave for work. Austin and I hopped back into the little car and headed off to find coffee. We ended up just getting coffee at a gas station since we were there, and we saw a sign for pumpkin coffee and were all over it. BUT THERE WAS NO PUMPKIN. 😦

It rained the entire way. I would have probably been sad and miserable and whiny the entire time if Austin wasn’t in the car with me.

We basically talked about EVERYTHING those few hours. From fun to serious. We covered it all. Thanks dude for being a legit awesome person and listening to some heavy shit. And for making me laugh.

At the end of it all, he picked up some quirks of mine when I tell stories. “I LOVE THE WAY YOU TELL STORIES.” he exclaimed. He imitated me and I practically laughed until I cried because well, it was the truth. Isn’t it funny how you don’t notice something about yourself until someone points it out, and then it’s TOTALLY OBVIOUS AFTER? Yeah.

So finally we arrived in Portland and met up with Dawn L and Tracy. They flew up the night before after work for the show. The venue was connected to the hotel we all were staying at that night, so we dropped off the guitars and such and then headed out to find food.

We ended up at this raw restaurant named the Lotus Flower. Which Tracy made fun of Austin and I for “fan girling over hippy food.” WHATEVS. That place was amazing. Then we undid the good by going and eating fro yo after. Ha.

We were all full and happy. We dropped Austin back off at the hotel, and then us girls decided to roam around Portland for a bit. We went to Stump Town for coffee, and then somehow we ended up at…VooDoo Doughnuts. HAHA. Oh doughnuts. You are the death of me.
We are evil so we bought a dozen to bring to Scars later. Muahaha.

Luckily, the Portland show was PACKED. And a ton of fun. They let us in early again to watch sound check and set up merch. And we had access to raid all the alcohol backstage…which we took full advantage of.

Dawn L and I took Tracy’s order, then we left her to keep an eye on merch while we went to grab the drinks. While making them, we watched Austin literally rip apart the doughnut shaped like a voodoo doll.

“Dude. What did you do to that?! Everyone is going to be all, ‘what happened to the doughnut?!” I said to him.

“Be Danny. Ask me what happened to the doughnut.”
“Just ask me what happened to it.”
“What happened to the doughnut, Austin?”
*Shoves a huge piece in his mouth* “Tracy did it.”
*I just give him a look*

HA. You see? Only Austin…

The show was awesome. The complete opposite of the show the night before in Vancouver.

Afterwards we all hung out in the bar area. I finally gave up around 2am because we needed to wake up at 4:30, and I needed some sort of sleep.

At 5am we headed out to return the car and to get back to the airport for our 6:30am flights. I slept the entire 2 hour flight because hi, I basically took a nap before headed to the airport.

I had contemplated just staying awake and pulling an all nighter, but after I got off the plane, I drove an hour home from the airport, showered, and then worked a half day at work. I dunno how I got through that shift. It must have involved multiple ounces of caffeine. Oh…and the doughnut that I had brought back with me. Don’t worry, it was in a plastic baggie, I didn’t just throw it in my backpack. Doughnut quota for the year met in just 3 days…

When my shift at work ended, I headed home, washed my face and went straight to bed. It was 8:30pm. No judging my old ass. I needed sleep.

I only worked one work day before I was off for another fun weekend. Ha. I’m telling you, I ran with that freedom!

The day finally came when I got to witness a show with Scars AND Matt. Together. Again. BE STILL MY HEART.

This show was a part of Live in the Vineyard, which you can only win your way into. This year they had opened up a small amount of tickets to be purchased to benefit the Napa Earthquake Relief Fund, which had just occurred a few weeks prior.

So, this benefited Napa and it benefited ME. Win for all.

There was a HUGE group of us that decided to go. Nina, Caroline, Yvonne, Beth, Sam, Dawn L, Tracy, Tara, myself. Half of us got there early. Like, SUPER early. Train was headlining the show, and I had warned everyone that their fans are nutty and would show up early. And what do you know? The first fans arrived not even an hour after us. (Yes, we beat the Trainiacs.)

So. We wait and wait. Eat food. Wait and wait. Play Cards Against Humanity. Wait and wait. But when I’m with these girls, the time together always goes quickly, because we have so much fun!

Soon, we found out that our tickets were subjected to JUST THE BALCONY. That thing was way the fuck back there.

Lucky for us, the guy who was the head of operations was talking to us a few hours before doors opened. It was mentioned that we had been there since 10am and had to sit all the the way in the balcony.
“Oh, that’s not going to happen.” he said. Long story short, he reserved the 4th row for us.

10am automatic. HA.

If anyone finds that guy, give him a big hug from me. He saved our day.

So, we watched Scars on 45 and their set was FANTASTIC. Austin happens to be a classically trained cellist, and brought out the big guy for the show. SO BEAUTIFUL.
After Scars, we just decided to stand up against the stage for Matt. The security didn’t care, so hey, what’s up front row?!

Train was the headliner for the evening. I feel like we’ve seen Train a million times over the past year. Pat Monahan must think, “These bitches always up front at my shows, but bitches don’t know the words to my songs” hahaha.

After the show we decided to go and have dinner together since it was such a short trip and I didn’t get to see everyone for long. Dawn L and Tracy were in a different car and I got a text that their car had died a few miles away. Luckily they were parked, so I picked them up and we left it there for the night to deal with a tow truck the following morning, since all the ones that evening wanted a zillion dollars.


The following morning we had big plans. Dawn L and Tracy had booked a house show!

First we needed to deal with Dawn L’s car issue, so we drove to her parent’s house so she could borrow one of their cars so she could drive BACK up to Napa to deal with a tow truck. She left us there, and then Tracy and I assist the situation of the backyard, where we were going to have the show.

We went grocery shopping for some dinner items for after the show, and then went back to arrange the back yard for everyone.

It was weird waiting for the band to show up. We’re used to waiting in line at venues, and here we were at a house waiting for the band to come to US.

This house show might be my favorite show I’ve ever experienced. I mean, even the DOG liked the band. 🙂 The intimate setting of it all helped to make it an unforgettable day. I don’t have many words for it except if you ever get a chance to book a house show, DO IT.

Dawn L and Tracy had made it a point to invite a bunch of friends that hadn’t seen the band before. And everyone LOVED them. I think everyone bought an album.

The band stayed afterwards and the WCM threw them a dinner party. It was awesome being able to just sit around and chat for a bit.

Sadly the night had to end eventually, but my heart was so happy. I love those people more than words can express.
The band was heading back UP to Seattle for a radio gig, and they didn’t want to fly their huge heavy box of merch with them. So. Into my trunk it went, because I was seeing them again 4 days later. See how awesome I am? I just drive band members and guitars and merch around. Hire me. I can be your professional driver. Ha. 🙂

The following morning I stayed and had breakfast with the girls, and then headed home. I only had one day to rest, a day of work, and then BACK to the crazy life on tour!


I survived the 2 days off, and I drove myself and the merch down to LA. It was Veteran’s Day, so yay to paid day off that give me an excuse to see my band one more time.

I met Jane at her place and we hung out for a bit before we had to head over to the hotel where the show was at to drop off the merch. There was a ton of traffic and I was informed to call when I arrived, but low and behold, the band was stuck in traffic too, so Jane and I illegally parked in a loading zone until the band arrived.

We dropped off the goods (Chris watched me struggle pulling this 40 pound box of merch out of my trunk and then walk up a hill to hand it off to him and just said, “Oh. That giving you a workout?” JERK) and then headed off to find a legal parking space. We still had an hour or so until doors opened, so we ended up just hanging out in my car until doors, then we headed back to the hotel down the street.

That hotel was SWANKY, and Jane and I totally felt out of place waiting for it to begin. But I am a lady and expected this so I wore a dress. But I also wore cat tights, because…yes.

When the band walked out, Danny almost immediately pointed to me and says, “I LOVE those tights.” (Pretty sure he lurks the Instagram) There was another point of the show where he was explaining a song, and joked around that it was about cats. Jane and I laughed and Aimee looked over and kinda pointed at my legs. Yes. Cat night at the Scars show!

I felt bad for the band, because they all had a case of what they called, “the man flu” even though Aimee had it to. Or maybe it’s because their voices were much deeper than normal? Manly? Either way, being sick is not fun.

Even though they had told me to avoid them, I still went in for long hugs and squeezes while saying goodbye because there is no way I drove 5 hours each way to not have a proper goodbye. (Even though I was seeing them again less than a month later, haha.)

Love those people.

Jane and I headed back to her place and immediately went to sleep, because she has to leave for work at 5am every morning, and I was driving the 5 hours back home and then working myself. (Um yeah. Crazy long day.)

BUT! Before I left the LA area, I finally went TO A DUNKIN DONUTS IN CALIFORNIA. And note to self: no one is at Dunkins at 5:30am. In and out and on the road in 5 minutes. BOOYAH.
Caffeinated, I hopped on the road for a sunrise easy drive home, and back to reality.

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