The One Where I Saw Scars on 45 A Few Times…And An Orangutan.


They are not related to one another, by the way. Ha.

The zoo was a day off we had between the end of a bunch of Matt Nathanson radio holiday shows, and this round of Scars shows. Conveniently, Matt’s last show was in the San Diego area, and Scars was playing San Diego just two days later. Destiny.





Such a fantastic day. Besides my snotty cold face nose. Thank you Lisa, for hooking us up with free tickets!




This orangutan was the best thing in life. Beth and I were laughing to the point of tears. I had the excuse of too much cold medicine. Her name is Karen and she is amazing.

After the zoo, we headed to check into our hotel for the evening. We decided to stay closer to the downtown area, because our other hotel was about an hour north. We needed dinner by this point, so I took Beth to the fantastic Lucha Libre. Thanks again to Lisa, because she introduced me to this place a few years prior. I still want to bathe in the cilantro sauce.

We headed back to our hotel afterwards to relax. Only Beth and I don’t know how to sit still, even after walking around the zoo for 8 hours. After only an hour in our hotel room we got up and walked across the street to the strip mall, just to give ourselves something to do. After Beth bought a pair of shoes and I window shopped, it was 9 or 10pm at this point, so we decided to try and settle down. We are not sedative creatures, like those adorable koalas.


The following morning I woke up and still couldn’t breathe out of my nose. So after breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and off to find me some more medication. I ended up buying this nasal spray from Target. It burned like all hell, but hallelujah, I could breathe again!

I wasn’t full of much energy after that though, so I subjected Beth to just sitting around because I didn’t know what else to do in San Diego anyway.

Eventually we headed over to House of Blues where the first Scars on 45 show was that night. They were opening for Augustana and I was pretty damn excited about that, because I had been a fan of Augustana for years.

We bought our tickets from the box office, and then Dawn L and Tracy showed up. It happened to be Tracy’s birthday that night, so we decided to start the night off right and go to the bar for a drink.

I’m not sure if drinking while sick was a smart idea. But I did it regardless. Ha.


We also had dinner while we were there, and then headed out to hop into line. There weren’t many people there, and doors were soon. Hmmm. Jeanette met up with us and joked around and enjoyed the company until it was time to head in.

Once inside, we claimed our favorite spots: front row. Half of the band walked by at that point and came up to say hello. I had started using a new hair product, and both Chris and Nova told me I smelled good while giving me a hug. Note to self: shea butter forever.


We watched Scars from up front, then headed to the back during Augustana. And then I ran away from the girls when they played my favorite song “Fire”. (I had warned them that if Augustana played it, I’d probably disappear.)

We were talking to Scars at one point, and they had asked me how many Matt shows I had went to in the last week. “Is this the only show you’re seeing us at, or are you jumping back on the Nathanson tour, Joslyn?” Danny accused me of. THAT WAS ONE SUMMER TOUR. GET OVER IT!

Aimee was talking to us about the zoo, and we were telling her about the orangutan.
“Oh yeah, I saw that photo. I thought to myself, which one is the monkey, and which are the girls?” CHEEKY LITTLE BEEOTCH. HA.


We stayed until about the encore, then decided to head out a little early. We drove to our hotel in Pasadena, and after it was midnight and no longer Tracy’s birthday, we went to sleep.


The next morning we checked out the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. There wasn’t much of an option so we just got a little something small to snack on to hold us over, (I just wanted coffee, and it came out of a machine and was horrible) and decided to just go to a restaurant for brunch.

We had a FANTASTIC brunch, and we decided to head on over to LA, because traffic would start soon and we’d rather already be in the area than stuck in a car.

BUT FIRST…cupcakes. It was a buy one, get one day at Sprinkles, and just like last time I saw Scars in SoCal, I wanted my fat kid fix. Nom nom nom.

We ended up at the Galleria in Glendale aka fancy ass mall. And as we were walking to Sprinkles, I saw Bethany Joy Lenz having lunch! I was a huge One Tree Hill fan so I was all oh em gee on the inside, but I wasn’t going to bug her because she was with her family. She’s so cute though.


I ended up getting a cupcake sundae and OMG. Every fat kid’s dream right there. I hated myself a little bit for it. We texted Amber that we were at Sprinkles because Amber is obsessed like us, and she basically replied back that she hated us. I think Beth got a photo of Amber with a knife saying she’d stab her. Hahaha. True friendship.<3

We wandered around downtown LA for a bit. We were sitting in a cafe and I can’t even remember how we had ended up there, but there were a lot of fancy cars and people on walkie talkies and signs saying something about filming next door.

As we were leaving, we asked the security guard what it was for, but he wouldn’t say. But then this other girl we passed whispered to us, “We’re filming the Mindy Project” and we were all like OH MY GOD AWESOME.

(No sightings of Mindy though. But it’s cool to know someone from the show was right in there, though.)

We headed back towards the area of the venue to find dinner. We ate at this place next door. Happy hour, what up. (Again, not sure if I should have had a drink while sick. I’m not such a smart cookie sometimes. But I just wanted a be a cool kid…)

After spilling BBQ tofu down myself (fail) we hopped into the forming line.

The band had guest listed us for the night, and we were informed that will call would open AFTER doors. Um…what?

Steve was awesome though and made sure that 1) we had our tickets BEFORE doors and 2) that the venue let us in before the doors even opened. Only us…only Steve. #spoiled

So once again we watched Scars from the front, then headed to the back during Augustana.

We chatted with the band on and off as they passed through. At one point Danny came over to hug me, and Augustana was playing a slow song I loved.
“I LOVE this song.” I said.
“Let’s slow dance,” we swayed for a moment. “Joslyn, we are horrible dancers.” HAHA. Agreed.

As we were standing around, Austin appeared! He wasn’t playing with the band during this tour, which made me sad, but since he lived in LA (he’s relocated to Nashville now) he came out to support the band.

I hugged that kid big time. We chatted for several minutes, but he had to head home early to get back to his wifey.

We stuck around until the end of the show. The band did not. So once again the merch was left in our possession. They better love us.

We loaded up the car and then stayed awake talking and laughing for probably much longer than we should have. Beth had to Uber it to the airport at something crazy like 5am. We spooned for a bit (aww, wifey love!) and then went to sleep.


I think I died this day and lived to tell the tale. I woke to Beth already having been gone. Sniff. I was feeling like I had a headache, so I just laid on the bed for a bit. Then, I started feeling nauseous.

I took a shower and tried to shake it off. Dawn L was heading down to get breakfast, and I joined her so I could have toast to try to make my stomach feel better. Yeah, no. As soon as we walked into the lobby the smells of breakfast made me almost throw up instantly.

Well this was just fabulous. It was a 6 hour drive to San Francisco, and since I had met up with Dawn L and Tracy in SoCal, we were in separate cars, so I was driving up solo. This day would be torture.

We stopped at a Target before we hit the road so I could buy some anti-nausea medicine.

OKAY. So lets count how many times I had to buy drugs on this trip. 1. Cold medicine from Vegas to San Diego. 2. Nasal spray while in San Diego. 3. Emetrol for nausea for the drive to San Francisco. I WAS LIKE A PHARMACY. What ails you, cause I got it folks.

The Emetrol said to take it every 15 minutes until the nausea subsided, and halfway through the drive I had taken half the bottle and I was still feeling disgusting. The girls had stopped at a Starbucks for drinks, and I ordered a hot tea hoping that’d help. Nope. Two sips and I was done. I also attempted to eat half a banana just because I had NOTHING in my system, and that was also a bad decision.

Death was nearing. A friend had called me while driving, and I told her that I thought I was dying. She told me to find pineapple, of all things, because that apparently helps with upset stomachs.

We had stopped at a rest area, and I almost decided to drive home instead of to San Francisco at that point. I was feeling ALL THE NAUSEA and I was sweating and getting the watery mouth. Tracy told me I looked horrible. I told her I needed to find pineapple somewhere.

“We have dried pineapple!” Dawn L said. (OMG!) They gave me a handful, I took a deep breathe in, and back on the road we went.

I was so afraid to even try it. But I slowly nibbled on those pineapple pieces and…IT WORKED?! MAGICAL FRUIT I LOVE YOU.

Once we got to San Francisco, I felt like the nausea had even happened. I was still reluctant to eat anything though. I swear I had the plague of some sort. BUT I WAS ALIVE.

I don’t know how I stood during that show, considering I had 5 pieces of dried pineapple and a half bottle of water the entire day. I am such a fucking trooper.


Afterwards, we decided to not stay through Augustana. This was the day California was supposed to have “Hella Storm” and I wanted to drive home before it hit, or my health started going more downhill.

The band had wanted to start driving to Portland that night, but we called them all crazy and told them not to do it. Danny asked me how long of a drive it was for me. “You’re a machine. If Joslyn can drive all these hours, so can we.” I think this does describe me well. Especially this trip. But still, don’t drive to Portland.

We said goodbye to the band before we left, and that we’d see them on The Rock Boat in about 6 weeks.

2015-03-09 16.21.02
This is apparently how Aimee really feels about me. :p

The band left at the same time as we. They were walking out with us, and as we were leaving, Aimee was carrying a guitar that wasn’t in a case.

“Oh, is that for me?” I joked.
“We’re not bloody Maroon 5, Joslyn.” Hahaha. (Adam gave me a guitar a year and a half ago.)

We said another round of goodbyes, and then parted our ways. Luckily, Hella Storm held out until the following morning. I attempted to go to work the following day, and got sent home after 2 hours of arriving. My superpower machine-ism ran out had an expiration date, apparently. As crazy as the end was, I’d do it all over again if I had to.


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