The One Where Andy Grammer Totally Won My Heart.




You guys. Andy Grammer. Let’s talk about him for a little bit.

I am done for. Totally in it for life. Won over. Head over heels. If you took what I thought was love for him when I first saw him in December, and then multiplied it by a million, you still wouldn’t have the amount of love I have for him now.

Yes, I am kicking myself for not paying attention to him the last 4 years. But it’s OK. I make up for lost time quickly. I’ll catch up. Starting with these shows.


Not long after I got back from seeing Andy at the radio gigs in December, a headlining tour beginning in February was announced. I instantly went YES and bought a ticket for the San Francisco show. I chose the VIP option, because it came with a meet and greet, and my entire goal was to hug that man and tell him he was amazing.

I had informed Mallory about the show and she decided to go. Eventually she caved and upgraded to VIP as well. Andy, hope you’re ready for us!

Since Mallory and I had met and it seemed we were both normal, it’d be silly for us not to carpool since we live 20 minutes from one another.

I worked a half day at work, and then I swung by Mallory’s place to pick her up. We hopped on the freeway and headed to San Francisco. It’s amazing how fast a 2 hour drive goes when you have someone else in the car with you to tell stories to. (Sorry I talk a lot, Mallory.)

We arrived in SF and found parking close to The Fillmore. We headed off to Safeway to grab something quick to eat, before hopping into line.

We met up with Lois, who was already in line, and we froze for a little bit before we were let in at 6pm. I had met Lois through YouTube about 6 years ago and Mallory through Instagram, so what up people on the internet! Let’s be real life friends. (Social media is so crazy…)

So. The Andy VIP was only an extra $20, and it was worth every cent. We received early admission, a pre-show acoustic song, a signed poster, and then a m&g. And the m&g was the RADDEST m&g I’ve ever done: PHOTO BOOTH STYLE WHAAAT.

First, we were treated to our little acoustic show. He’s so damn good. Shit.

Then, they explained how the photos were going to work. There’s an ipad with a photobooth app on it. And you have 4 second between each frame to take your photo. So you legit kinda feel like you’re in a photobooth, even though you’re just standing in front of a white sheet. Ha.

Andy loves when people call out the poses, but told us that he’d call them out if we were scared. Hahaha.

We were given our posters as we were waiting in line, but they weren’t signed yet. So while you were saying hi to Andy, he’d sign them for you.

I walk up to him, and he opens his arms for a hug. GOAL COMPLETE. As he’s signing my poster I say to him, “So I’m totally late to your party.”

He gives me a confused look. I continue, “I didn’t see you for the first time until December. But you blew me away. As soon as this was announced I was all over it.”

“Thank you so much! I am so glad you’re here!” he says.

We get ready to take our photos and I look at him seriously and ask, “Can I jump on your back? For a piggy back ride? Can you handle that?”

“YEAH. Let’s do this.”

So we did it.

It was amazing. I don’t know what’s going on in that second frame though…

And, don’t you love that I had met him for 5 seconds and asked if I could jump on him? I have no shame. Haha.

We then headed towards the stage to claim a good spot for the show.

3 weeks before the show, Rachel Platten got announced as an additional opener. I hadn’t seen her since she tour with Matt Nathanson three years earlier, so I was super stoked.

At this point, Rachel and Craig were onstage sound-checking. When we walked up Rachel gave me a look and I waved at her. I could tell she recognized me but was trying to process from where. She pointed to my headband and said, “That’s cute!”

I said Craig’s name and he looked up. “DUDE. WHAT’S UP.” It had been awhile since I had seen him too. Last time was drunken dance party shenanigans on The Rock Boat in 2013. Haha.

Rachel is looking at me again. Then she looks at Craig. Looks at me. Looks at Craig. I hear her ask, “How do we know her?” and Craig says, “Nathanson.” Her eyes go HUGE and she looks back at me and says, ‘OMG HI HOW ARE YOU?!” as if it all came back to her.

I start laughing. “You talking about me up there? Who HASN’T met me at a Matt Nathanson show?!”

They continue sound-checking and I am ready. Let’s start. Now. This has already been so much fun and the show hadn’t even started yet.

Eventually the doors open and people start piling in. It got pretty packed.

Rachel performed first, and she is still the cutest thing I have ever seen.

A band named Paradise Fears played next. They opened for Parachute a few years back (the show I danced onstage at.) I had no thoughts on them then (seriously, read the blog) but they weren’t half bad this time. Cool. But I guess I didn’t care enough about them this night because I forgot to take a photo. Whoops.

Alex & Sierra were next. DUDES. Teenagers were going bananas over this couple. They were on some season of the X factor in the past few years, so they had a bit of a following.

They weren’t bad, but I didn’t love them. It could have been the pushy and really rude teenagers that ruined the experience for me though. Teens. Learn concert etiquette. Thanks.



He came onstage and opened with my one of my favorites, “Kiss You Slow” and the night progressively got more and more exciting.

I mean THIS…come ON. How can you not be entertained by this?! (I wish I recorded the entire song. The dancing just got better.)

I danced and I sang along to every song and I never once stopped smiling. I mean, I knew it was probably going to be fantastic, but full band just added a whole other level. They are SO FUN.

By the end of the set, I knew I had made the best semi-last minute decision about driving to Anaheim the following morning and going to a second show.

I originally kept going back and forth on if I wanted to go to Anaheim. I had switched my days off at work to cover a co-worker’s shift at work, and I had ended up with a 3 day weekend. Well. All signs pointed to go, so a week before the SF show I bought another ticket and VIP upgrade to the Anaheim one.

By the time we got out of San Francisco, and onto the road it was nearing midnight. Mallory and I were talking non-stop about the show. “OMG the dancing!”

Smitten. Completely smitten.

I was so excited and pumped from the show, that even though I got home around 2:30am, I just laid in my bed and watched that video over and over and pretty much fan girled for an hour before I fell asleep, because I knew that I got to see it ALL OVER AGAIN the next night.


I woke up a fantastic 3.5 hours later and I showered, caffeinated, threw some clothes in a bag and hit the road. (I’m a procrasti-packer, but I’ve taken so many trips I can compile an entire bag in 15 minutes.)

I hopped on the road and made my way to Anaheim. Since it was a Friday, I knew that I had to leave early or I’d be stuck in LA traffic for hours. Yeah. Still encountered about an hour of it. Sigh.

I arrived to Downtown Disney around 4pm. I went straight to the Starbucks and ordered the largest soy latte with an extra shot of espresso (what up free drink from bonus stars) and then headed to start the line.

The VIP had been moved to AFTER the show this night, because Andy was performing at a benefit show in the early evening.

Regardless, they still gave us the option of early entry if we wanted it (duh.) It was still about an hour and a half or so before early entry was to go in, and I asked security where I should line up. The guy gave me a look and said, “You know that’s not for a few hours, right?” and I gave him a look back like, “This ain’t my first rodeo, cowboy.”

So. I was a party of 1 for awhile. Jane arrived awhile later and I was happy to not be the only one in line.

We were let in a bit later and made ourselves comfortable in the front row.

Rachel came out and killed it again.


After her set, I had warned Jane to be careful of the Paradise Fears, because the night before the singer had jumped into the crowd and stuck the microphone in a girl’s face.


Yeah. I totally jinxed myself.

Sam, the lead singer asked for us to repeat something back to them. And as we were singing he jumped onto the barricade right in front of us. He had been looking at the girl to my left, so I totally thought I was in the clear. But then he asked us to sing back some more and BAM the mic is in my face. It happened so fast that I had no time to react, so hey, I’m singing OH’s into a microphone.


So Sam then asks me what my name was. “Joslyn” I say into the microphone. “Give it up for Joslyn!” Oh jeez.

Then Sam said, “You’re pretty brave. I’m a stranger and I just stuck my microphone in your face. What would you say if I told you I just recorded back everything you just sang into the mic?”

So…they played my oh’s through out the next song. There’s the video to prove it. They also played me saying “Joslyn” in a warped auto tuned way through out the rest of the set. It was embarrassing, yet a little bit awesome all at the same time.

Alex and Sierra were next, and they held my attention a little bit more this round, since they had a full band at this show.



Then. Andyyyy. Being front row center made the show 1000% more enjoyable for me. Zach (aka Drake with Dreads) sang my favorite line of “Miss Me” to me and threw me a pic. His keyboardist pointed to me later. Eye contact with Andy. AND he played a Maroon 5 cover. All the love.


After the set was over, we headed upstairs to do the meet and greet. Andy played a song acoustic again, and then we waited forever for our photos. But come on. How effing cute are the right two ones?!


I told him the last two days had been two of the funnest days of my life. Hash tag, true story.

We headed back to Jane’s apartment and went straight to sleep since it was after 1am and Jane was running a 10k in a few hours. Yeah, crazy. The things we do for concerts…


I woke up around 8am and Jane was already running. After she got back we got ready to go to breakfast before I was going to head home…only I didn’t head home.

Andy was playing a SECOND show in Anaheim, and I was considering going since I was already in the area. The only problem with that was it had been sold out for awhile.


I kept looking at Stubhub while drinking coffee over breakfast and weighing my options on if I should just go home or not.

While we were driving back to Jane’s, a Andy song came on shuffle. I said, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME. FUCK IT I’M GOING.” and bought the cheapest ticket on Stubhub. (The good thing about me procrastinating about it half the morning was that the price went down a ton, and I only ended up paying $13 over face value.)

I knew since there were going to be a ton of people doing the VIP meet and greet that I wasn’t going to be anywhere near the front row, so I took my time driving back down to Anaheim.

I ended up with a semi-decent view from the side of the stage. Since I wasn’t stuck right up front, I was on a mission to find Rachel and Craig after their set since I hadn’t talked to them yet. These nice teenagers even held my spot for me. (I might have lied and said I was going to the bathroom…yeah that was a really long bathroom line.)

Getting through the crowd was rough (seriously packed like sardines!) but I was on a mission to hug Rachel. I waited by the merch for a few minutes and then she came out and instantly hugged me. She gives the best hugs.

We talked for a bit and then others wanted to say hi so I stopped being greedy chatting her ear off. I turned around and there was Craig, so then we talked for a good 10 minutes.

20150228_201642Making weird faces cause being weird is more fun.


They had to leave not long after that to drive to Arizona for a radio thing they were doing the next morning before the show in the evening, so I had to say goodbye. But seeing those two…made my night. They are legit good people.


I found my way back to my spot halfway through Paradise Fears, and then waited through Alex & Sierra again.

When Andy came out, I knew I had made the right decision, because even from the side the show was fantastic. UGH BE STILL MY HEART. Andy and his band is magical.

I got back to Jane’s around 1am and passed out. She was running another race the following morning, and I was so passed out, I didn’t even hear her leave at 6am.

I woke up at 8am and pretty much had to shower and throw my stuff in the car and book it. Los Angeles metered parking. Blah.

I texted Jane goodbye, and then headed home. And I listened to Andy the entire 5 hours. Can’t get enough is an understatement.

Andy ended the tour playing an LA show a month later, but I had to skip the show because I was already going to see Maroon 5 in LA that night. Totally sucked having to choose. I kept changing my mind. Scars on 45 even had a show in LA that night. UGH. All my favorites in the same city on the same night?! SO NOT FAIR.

Jane texted me this photo while I was waiting in line for Maroon 5 which made me feel a lot better, and yet question my choice all at the same time. Those faces.


Unknown to me, I was going to see Andy again 3 weeks after missing that LA show.

I almost posted this blog last weekend. And then last minute (and I mean super last minute) I got to see Andy again.

So while we’re talking about Andy, might as well just add this show in…

The weekend before was a crazy 1,500 drive, and I had been looking forward to having a day of doing absolutely nothing. I was doing a great job at doing nothing, too. I finally got motivated to stop being a sloth around 2pm and worked out. I went out for a run, and I left my phone at home. I got back a little after 3, and I saw that Andy had Instagramed something. (KUDOS to twitter text alerts, cause I would have totally missed it otherwise!)

Turns out…Andy was playing at a college in Northern California. I didn’t even know he was IN California, because the night before my friend had seen him in Minneapolis and had texted me a photo.

So out of curiosity, I Google this college, and it’s only 125 miles away. Google also led me to this that said they opened the show to the public. And tickets were on sale. Starting at 3pm. Well, shit. And yeah. It was called COWCHELLA.

I jumped in the shower and my thought process went like this: it’s 3:30pm. The concert starts at 6pm. I am 2 and a half hours away. There’s no way I could make it. If i did, I’d be in the back. Hmmm. I should just try. You can drive fast. Don’t expect to be up front. I can be ready in 10 minutes. OH MY GOD HURRY DON’T EVEN WASH YOUR HAIR.

So. I jumped out of the shower. Threw on the first clean shirt I saw. Grabbed a banana and a protein bar, and threw myself into the car. I had second day/hot mess runner’s hair, guys. And I didn’t even care. I was just determined to get to this show.

So I got to UC Merced around 5:30. Um. Yes I went 80mph the entire time. It helped that this college is the middle of NOWHERE, so no one got in my way. Nowhere. HI, cows. Lots and lots of cows…I get the Cowchella name now.

From the looks of it, I am 99% certain that I was the only non-student at the show. Being surrounded by teenagers was not on my list of things to do on a Saturday night, but I guess I now do crazy things for the Grammer.

I ended up being in the second row after maneuvering my way through the children. Not bad for arriving right before the show was about to start.


There were 3 opening bands. The first band, Almost Classy was actually pretty fun. I was sad to see them go after only about 20 minutes. Especially since the next band played SIXTEEN SONGS. Oh boy. Anyone remember the band Default? Well the lead singer, Dallas Smith is now a country singer. 16 country songs…oh save me. (He did bust out with “Wasting My Time” towards the end of the set, and that was my only 4 minutes of not wanting to die.)

Hellogoodbye was next, and well…I have no feelings towards their set. I was tired. Thirsty. I had to pee. Pretty sure I was focusing on NOT passing out because I was crammed into a 1 x 1 foot spot.

I spotted Andy & band on the side of the stage at this point and I told myself YOU’RE SO CLOSE, JUST HANG IN THERE. So finally at 9:50, they hit the stage and I automatically forgot how much my old lady body was hurting and sang the words to every song. I got a bunch of looks from the band because I was the only one singing the non-single songs. I wanted to yell I DON’T EVEN GO HERE (Semi-Mean Girls reference. Mean Girls forever.)



After the set, I headed towards the back because the show was sponsored by Rockstar and they were giving out free drinks. I may have left with 5. Thanks, for getting me through my drive home, Rockstar.

As I was about to leave, I noticed that Zach, Andy’s bassist, was talking to people. I love this guy, he is super fun to watch and may be my favorite person in the band (sorry I pick favorites) so I stood off to the side to wait to say hi.

Zach walks right up to me and says, “Hi. Why do you look so familiar?”
I start laughing. “Because this is the 7th time I’ve seen Andy in the past 5 months.”
“That must be why. What’s your name?”
“Joslyn? Zach. It’s good to see you again.”

We started talking and I told him how amazing I thought the band was. I mean, Andy solo, cool. But his band takes it to a whole new level. “You guys are SO MUCH FUN. I’m booking the Train cruise next week because of you all.”
“Thank you so much! Wait, we were asked back on the boat? I didn’t even know! Wow. So do you live here?”
“NO. I live over 2 hours away, in Monterey.”
“I know where that is! My grandparents are from Castroville!” (a city about a half hour away) “What freeways do you take to get here?”
“…I don’t even know. Back roads. There were a lot of cows. I actually didn’t even know about this show until 3 today.”

I told him my crazy get in the car and go story and he was super stoked that I came. Some other people yelled at him to take a photo with him, so he walked away to take pictures, and then came back to talk to me. So nice.

We chatted for a bit longer, and then more people were asking for photos, so we said our goodbyes. “So…I’ll see you on the Train cruise?”
“I’ll see you before then! June 23.” Actually, right after this show an LA show got added for June 3rd.
“…Where are we on June 23?”
I laugh. “You’re playing at the San Diego fair.”
“OH YEAH. I actually knew that. June. I’ll see you. Man, I’m glad someone knows our schedule better than I do.”

We took a selfie before he left and he says, “Man. That came out so good.” Hahaha. Adorable.


He was off taking pictures with other people, and then a few minutes later he’s probably 15 or so feet away and out of nowhere just yells, “BYE JOSLYN!” Yup. Totally my favorite.

Andy was then out, but people were way crowdy at this point so I basically took this photo and that was that. Too bad there’s a huge shadow across my face. Anyone with photoshop skills feel free to fix that…
I headed back to my car and sat there for a few moments. Sometimes the feet need rest before driving two hours back home. It was near midnight at this point, so by the time I got home, it was almost 2am.
Totally worth it.

I’m literally counting down the days until June 3rd. And June 23rd. And the cruise (which Rachel got added to as well, which so made the booking worth it!)

Oh man, Andy Grammer. Just keep being amazing.


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