The One Where I Took Bay Area Transit To See Parachute.


Even with all the changes in band members leaving over the past year, I am still a huge supporter of this band. Forever and always.

I had the entire day off of work thanks to switching days off with a coworker, which meant I got to sleep in before driving into the city. Which was much needed since I was still recovering from the Andy Grammer shows a week prior. And we lost an hour to daylight savings a few nights prior. You know you’re getting old when…

The show was at the Warfield, which is in a pretty shady area, and I never like leaving my car alone anywhere. Also, all parking lots are PRICEY.

So I drove about 3/4 of the way in, parked my car at a BART station about 20 minutes south of SF (near the airport, so I knew it’d be okay) and made my way into the city. Since I parked after 3pm, it was free and all I had to pay was the $8 for the round-trip BART ticket. Much better than paying $30 for parking in a sketch area.

BART has a stop a block from the Warfield, so I hopped off and met up with Lois who had arrived just before me. Surprisingly, it was about 4pm at this point and there were 3 people in front of us in line. Well, OK.


Doors were at 6pm, so we didn’t have to wait long. We made ourselves comfortable in the front row and played a game of “hot or not” while waiting for the show to begin. Don’t ask. Seriously, don’t. Hahahaha. (Best game ever, right Lois?!)

Lois & I

The first band that went on was named Judah and the Lion. Holy hell, they were SO good! I am not usually into the bluegrass type music, but they were entertaining as hell. They danced. Is that the new thing? I love it. Please all bands do this.


Parachute was next. And it was short, but wonderful. They have arranged their songs to what I call “Parachute all grown up” and man…they just get better and better.


After Parachute, we headed back to the merch area because the guys were supposed to come out. It ended up just being Will, but we still went to say hi to him.

We talked for a minute, and then did the selfie thing. He’s crazy. “Someone told us hi from you the other night!”
I was confused for a moment, then realized Leah had gone to the Seattle show a few nights before and I was all, “Was it in Seattle? I did have a friend at that show.”
“I don’t even know where I am today. Were we just in Seattle?” Oh tour life. I get you.20150310_211633(1)


Lois left to catch an early BART back to Berkeley, and I headed back in to find Dawn L who had arrived after doors so I hadn’t talked to her yet.

We danced and sang along to Mat Kearney who was headlining. I hadn’t seen him since 2006, and I kinda kicked myself for stop going to his shows because he is still so spectacular.


The rest of the Parachute guys were going to come out at the end of the show, so I headed back into the lobby during the encore to try to find them.

I hadn’t talked to Kit in AGES, so I pretty much jumped a hug onto him as soon as I saw him. Ha. No joke. I told him I had seen him at a Scars on 45 show back in December, but it was during Augustana’s set and I didn’t want to be the douche talking during a band playing. “I wish I had known you were there!” he exclaimed. I love that kid.



And to keep it on the topic of Scars on 45, I pretty much harassed Johnny about touring with them. Apparently it was supposed to have happened last year, but fell through for some reason. It is my new mission to make this happen. I will not stop until it happens. Harassment mode: on.
By the time I was finished talking with the boys, Dawn L was on her way out. She took BART into the city as well, so I walked with her and she helped my cluelessness of what side my train was arriving on. Thanks, Dawn L!

The ride back I avoided all eye contact (weird people on BART at 11pm, dude) and ran back to my car to drive the hour and a half back home.

All in all it was a good day. If you haven’t seen Parachute yet, you need to get yourself to a show. Everyone needs Parachute in their lives.

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