The One Where I Saw Scars And Matt Again.

SURPRISE! Another blog about Scars on 45 and Matt Nathanson. I am a creature of habit.

This could also be titled, “The One Where I Was Going to Be Responsible, But Then Wasn’t”…because being responsible is BORING.

A few months ago a new music festival called Yountville Live was announced. (Yountville, California is a few miles north of Napa, for reference.)

I was super stoked because Scars on 45 was playing the first day, and Matt Nathanson was playing the closing night.

And then the website for the festival went live. Um, $1,200 for a 3 day package?! Um, I may be crazy but NO WAY JOSE.

Single day tickets were released for the Matt portion, but they were still $100, and the best available was 17th row. Homie don’t play that…I’m spoiled.

I pouted about it for months. I kept occasionally checking back just in case better seats were released, and 10 days before the show, my hard work paid off. There were a few front row tickets with my name all over it.

They were a little pricer, but I didn’t even think twice. I bought one then mass messaged all the girls. Yvonne and Jane caved, and bought the seats next to me.

Then the week of the festival, there was an email about individual day tickets for events, including the ones Scars were playing at and they were 40% off. Well NOW you’re talking!

Three days before the Matt show, I got a phone call from the venue. They apparently overbooked seats (seriously, wtf?!) so they were moving us to the second row. But for the “inconvenience”, they were refunding us 50%. Oh, okay. I’m cool with it.

Scars was playing on a Friday night, and I had a coworker cover my last three hours so I could leave and not deal with traffic driving up to the Bay. I drove up to Walnut Creek and waited for Dawn L and Tracy to get off work, and then we headed up to Yountville.


This place was SWANKY. Luckily we know how to clean up. And it was a bunch of old people dancing like a bunch of…well drunk old people Hahaha. I wish I recorded this, because it was priceless. I’ve never laughed so much during a Scars set.


We hung out with Steve for a long while before the show started, and tried some of the cocktails that were free. Meh. I’m a vodka girl. Tequila does nothing for me (but effs me up…)

The drinks did help me not strangle the old people during the set though. Afterwards we said a quick hi to the band who had to leave because Aimee had flown in the day before from the UK and jetlag was killing her. I get you girl. I’ve been there.

So then we ate all the desserts. And it was delicious. We soon headed back home because it was already midnight.

Dawn L and I both woke up extremely early the following morning because our bodies hate us, so we sat around and drank an entire pot of coffee. I had started feeling stuffed up the night before, and as the morning progressed, it just got worse. I couldn’t tell if it was allergies or not. (As far as I know I don’t have those?)

Dawn L had to leave to work for a few hours, and I spent the rest of the day with Tracy. We ran a few errands and I bought cold medicine to try to kick whatever to the curb. Nothing. Blah. Snot-faced weekend it was.

Jane was driving up and staying nearby, so I went off to have dinner with her, and we hung out wandering random stores for a bit after, making plans for Sunday.

Sunday was the Matt show, and I drove back up to Yountville to meet up with Yvonne and Jane.
We met up at the venue, and then decided on where to go for lunch. Which ended up being Whole Foods. We’re so fancy. Ha.There was this bakery that Yvonne also wanted to go to before the show, so we hopped into her car and tagged along. OMG best decision ever, because I had the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted. Birthday Cake and Sea Salt Caramel.20150322_152334

We headed back towards the theater and were sitting across the street in the sun on these benches. There’s really only one way to go in and out to the theater, so every car headed in passed by us.


I was in the middle of taking a photo of a macaroon when all of a sudden this car slows down and stops in the fire lane near where we were sitting. I looked up and I saw that the window was rolling down. My first thought was “Please don’t ask me for directions, because I am not from here.”

UM…it was just Matt. As soon as the window rolled all the way down I saw the jewfro and then I just started laughing because he’s just grinning like a crazy dude from behind the wheel.

“What are you doing?”
“Um. Taking a picture of this macaroon I’m about to shove in my face.”
“Why does it look like a hamburger?”
“Because it’s birthday cake flavor and delicious?”

We have weird conversations.

“How are things? Is everything good?”
“Yeah. We’re good. Are you good?”
“I am NOW. Will I see you guys inside?” Does he think we’re just sitting here for nothing?
“OKAY. I’ll see you!”

And then he was gone. We couldn’t stop laughing for a good few minutes because Nathanson…you so random.


I enjoyed the shit out of my macaroon (seriously, look at how GINORMOUS that thing was) and then we headed into the venue for the show a bit later.

I went to pick up my ticket, and they “couldn’t find it.” They mentioned that the night before they had accidentally handed out some of this night’s tickets by mistake. WHAT THE EFF YOUNTVILLE. You are the most disorganized event of life.

We ended up being in seats that weren’t the one the guy on the phone told me they’d be (um, the opposite side and 5 chairs in when we had aisle? Fuck you.)


I tried not to complain too much because we paid half the price. And then halfway through Matt’s set we ended up just walking to the front of the stage and standing there. BAM. I gave myself back front row. Deal with it.


Matt was freaking HILARIOUS this night, (“Do you like cinnamon? My momma made a bundt cake. Can someone move this fucking pillow?”) and it was definitely worth dealing with the unprofessional unorganization.

We decided not to stay for Colbie because yawn fest, and then headed to the parking lot huddled under my small umbrella because it had started to rain. Then we decided to be freaks and stood there taking photos in the parking lot because it reminded me of being in a tent and telling spooky stories. I blame the cold medicine…



I see Matt again in a week, and Scars on my birthday a short two weekends after that, so expect more stories soon. 🙂


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