The One Where I Saw All The Maroon 5 Shows.

I went an entire year and a half without seeing Maroon 5. Tickets went on-sale for the tour way back in SEPTEMBER, and my first show wasn’t until March 31, which made the wait seem epically longer.

But finally, after months and months and months of waiting, the day finally arrived for the first show!


First show on the list was San Jose. Since San Jose is close to me (about an hour drive) I was able to work a half day, before heading to the airport to pick up Heather, my Maroon 5 partner in crime since 2002.

From the airport, we headed straight to the venue because to hop into line. But first, a photo with Adam. šŸ˜‰

We had general admission pit for all the shows, and we are spoiled, so we had to have our spot on the rail every night.

We also take way too many pictures together, so bare with me. You’ll be seeing my face a lot. :p




We hopped into line with a few girls that Heather knew, and waited until doors opened. And then it was fun to run through a huge ass venue and down multiple flights of stairs to claim the rail. Luckily I used to run all the time so my body puts up with it…ha.


We waited for the show to begin. I wasn’t super stoked on the openers this tour. First up was Rozzi Crane, and hi, I’ve seen you open for Maroon 5 on 2 other tours, plus when she toured with Parachute and Gavin Degraw so…over her. She’s a great singer, but she just doesn’t have that WOW factor to keep my attention.


I would have sat through her set twice to not have to ever see the next act though. Magic! was the next opener and OH MY GOD I’VE NEVER BEEN SO BORED IN MY LIFE. I have nothing nice to say about this band at all, so goodbye.

As soon as the lights dimmed, and the smoke machine kicked in, I was READY for Maroon 5.
They put on such a fantastic show. I will love this band always. The smile that is on my face during their shows…love. So much love.

OK. And I’ve never been an Adam girl at all (Jesse Carmichael for life) but I have to admit when he took his shirt off towards the end of the set the words, “Oh fuck.” came out of my mouth and I took far too many photos. I won’t even bother sharing the other photos from the night, because I know all you want are these. Damn you, Levine…



We looked at the merch after the set, and then headed on the road for home. We drove back to my place to sleep for maybe 5 hours, before waking up and heading out the door to drive the 7 hours to San Diego.


This is what we refer to as “The Adam Levine Loves Us” night. šŸ˜‰
We picked up Laila on the way down to San Diego, and then headed to UCSD for the show.

This venue was about half the size of the other shows, so I was stoked about a shorter catwalk.

A shorter catwalk also meant that Adam gave us a TON of attention. down on a knee and serenaded us, winked at us as he was strolling by, and gave us this cute little wave during This Love. Lovefest.

Betcha can’t spot us. šŸ˜‰


I was pretty much on cloud 9. Look at our faces as he’s singing to us (and the crazy girls to the side of us trying to grab him.) I hate him. Haha.

The following day was a day off, and I’m glad we had a break to just relax and hang out.

Heather and I met up with my friends Jeanette and Briana and her freaking adorable daughter for lunch. We had a million free samples of beer, which probably equaled an entire beer by the end of our meal. So good.

Us. Drawn by Madison.
No tour would be complete without being fat kids, so after lunch Heather and I headed to Sprinkles since we were only a few miles away. And cupcakes need friends, so I got two…


We ran a few errands, and then pretty much were lazy and laid around for the rest of the day, cause hi, food coma.
The following morning we got up early and headed to get breakfast before hitting the road. We got to LA early, so we stopped at Jane’s apartment to drop off our stuff and change clothes. Jane was in Anaheim for the weekend, so big kudos to her for letting us stay even when she wasn’t there!
We headed over to Inglewood to check out the scene.


We attempted to line up early, but they wouldn’t even let us park, so we headed down the road to a grocery store to meet up with one of Heather’s friends who the venue didn’t allow to park either.

We headed back an hour or so later and were finally able to park. And then we parked our asses in line for the third day after getting our tickets from will call.

There was drama with this bitch trying to cut and we all basically wanted to cut her, but we are nice ladies who just used rude words instead. I’m polite as fuck. šŸ˜‰

Adam took his shirt off again. You’re welcome.

After the show we had a balloon fight, and then headed back to Jane’s to sleeeeep.
LA 2:

The following morning we woke up and headed to Swinger’s Diner for breakfast. Swingers is one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. Their breakfast wins.

We hit up Dunkin Donuts after because I am obsessed.


We headed back to Jane’s and then slowly got ready to make our way back to Inglewood, for LA shows number 2.

Same shit, different day. Adam didn’t take his shirt off this night, but Randy Newman and the Laker Girls came out for the encore, so that was pretty cool to see.
Ā 11138520_10204888669470359_5229891820504325293_n
Ā 20150404_224928

After the show we found this awesome ice sculpture. I wish I could forever freeze it and take it home with me.


We headed back to Jane’s and enjoyed sleeping in because we had a day off.

That day off happened to be on Easter though, so we had trouble trying to find breakfast as a place that didn’t have an hour wait. We ended up at Mel’s which isn’t the greatest, but they did have buckwheat pancakes which was pretty damn tasty.

We got ready and then packed up our shit and headed down to Long Beach to pick Monica up from the airport. Before we got her we made a Dunkin Donuts stop (Heather was now addicted as much as I) and then we headed to a K-Mart because she doesn’t have one near her and she wanted to check out Adam’s clothing line.



We had fun there. šŸ˜‰

We headed back up to Burbank after we had Monica to check into a hotel. We were going to a taping of The Voice in the morning before the show in Anaheim, and we had to be there by 9:30am so we wanted to avoid morning traffic and be close by.

Heather and Monica love this mexican food place, so we ended up there for dinner.

We headed back to the hotel and took advantage of the business center. The internet is our friend. We eventually decided to go to bed since it was getting late, and we had an early morning and a long day.


The last day arrived sadly, but at least we had a double dose of M5 for the day.

So, yeah. Some parts of The Voice are NOT filmed live, I learned. We had to arrive at 9:30am, and we did a TON of sitting around waiting. We finally were let into the studio around noon, and Maroon 5 performed around 12:30.

This was a super long taping, that was supposed to last until 6pm, so we knew we had to leave early to make it to Anaheim on time. The thing is…they don’t just let you leave. The studio is in the middle of the Universal Lot, and they won’t just let you walk off.

So we did what we had to do. Which was Monica faked sick. It was hard not to laugh, but at the same time we had to pretend to be concerned for our friend. So it ended up working, but they had bused us in from the Equestrian center a few miles away.

We were escorted off the lot by an employee, but then basically had to find our way back to my car, since the buses weren’t coming back until after 6pm. Luckily we had snuck our phones in (they pretty much harass you to keep it in your car) so Uber it was! And then we drove to Anaheim full speed ahead to make it early enough to end the last night up front.

Oh, and when we got to Anaheim, I experience Del Taco for the first time. What kind of Californian am I?


Before the show had started, we had seen signs saying that Lonely Island were recording on scene. We didn’t see any cameras or anything anywhere, so I basically didn’t pay attention to it.


After we claimed our spots on the rail one last time Fred, Maroon 5’s tour manager, came out to say because we hadn’t talked to him the entire week. We met this guy in 2003 and he has been putting up with our crazy ass shenanigans for all these years.


Rozzi played, and then after her set, a few guys walked out onstage. If you don’t know, Lonely Island is the group that Andy Samberg is in, and all of a sudden THEY WERE THERE. UM HI ANDY I LOVE YOU.

So that was a good surprise. And then Magic! came out and bored me to death again. I am so glad I am done with seeing that band.

The last show was bittersweet, but at the same time I was happy for it to be time to go home. As much as I love being on the road, after a few days it’s always nice to go home.






After the show Heather headed back to San Diego with Laila, and I took Monica to the LAX airport after the two of us experienced the worst service ever at Denny’s. I just wanted a smoothie…

I then went back to Jane’s to pass the eff out before having to drive home the next day.

No road trip back home is complete without Dunkin Donuts though. LA, I love you. Maroon 5, I love you even more. ā¤

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