The One Where Matt Nathanson Continued To Be My Favorite.

Matt Nathanson will be one of my favorite people on the planet forever.

Let’s talk about about another round of shows.

Matt is currently on tour with Train. Opening. No one likes when their favorite musicians open, because the set is just never long enough. But I’ll take what I can get.

The first show of the tour started in Wheatland. (Yes, at the same venue that Adam Levine gave me a guitar.) But because the universe always spoils me, Yvonne won passes to a pre-show in studio Matt performance.

The radio gig began at noon, and since it was a 3.5 hour drive and I didn’t know how traffic was going to be, I got up before the sun was even out to get ready and pack a bag and go.

Yvonne met me at a Starbucks (caffeeeeeine) and we headed over to the studio. It was a billion degrees outside, and felt just as warm inside. But they gave us free “people” waters (What is that? Why are you taking my photo with it, radio man?) and we settled in to watch the show.


Before the performance, Matt came out to do a little interview. Um. You should watch this because he references me. Stairwell performance for the win!


Matt and Aaron then played a short little set. INCLUDING A BRAND NEW SONG. %^^#$^%#%^

I just happened to start recording it, not knowing that it was a new song. Matt asked Yvonne and I from onstage if we liked it. I think I barely nodded and Yvonne was still processing and gave him a “huh?” face so he yelled, “I’m never asking you again!” HAHAHA.

As he walked past our seats after they finished playing he says to me, “You didn’t like it, did you?!” and I was all, “I’M PEEING MYSELF!” (Which meant I LOVE IT SO MUCH, but I don’t know if he got that.)

So we let all the people go before us because Matt gets chatty when we’re around, and once it was our turn, we walked up. Yvonne was in front of me and Matt just says, “I SAW YOU AT U2 ON MONDAY.” (They both went to the same show and saw each other in the crowd and stared at one another apparently, but only when the other wasn’t looking. HA.)

They went on and on about u2 and Matt had turned his back pretty much right when he saw Yvonne. Paul, Matt’s tour manager, gave me a look at this point and I kinda just shrugged and went, “The only cool thing I did Monday night was work…”

I think Matt hadn’t realized I walked up right behind her because he whips around and goes, “OH, HI.” and gave me a giant hug. I am invisible at times, I guess.

“Hi. I love the new song.” I say.
“YOU DO? OKAY GOOD.” he says a little too excited.
“Yeah. I can totally hear it on the radio. It’s a good summer song. Unlike the new Maroon 5 song…”
“Oh man, don’t even get me started on that song…”

He began to tell us more about the new album, and how he was glad he has a happy upbeat song like this one, because the rest of the album is “dark” (I love dark and depressing! Call me emo.)

We started talking about the tour and I told him I wasn’t happy with it. “I know. But Aaron and I are going to have FUN TIMES this fall. It’s gonna be small.”
“Like on the stairs?”
“Did you like how I snuck that in there?” he says, grinning.

I pressed him for more info on the fall fun, but he wouldn’t cave. Damnit.

Somehow the conversation lead to me mentioning Andy Grammer. “Can you tour with Andy? He is my new obsession right now.”
“I LOVE that kid. Did you know that when he was younger he wrote me a fan letter?”
“Seriously? What’d it say?”

“Something like ‘play my town!'”

We were talking FOREVER (this is why we went last.) The conversation somehow lead me talking about the next few nights and I had mentioned that we hadn’t bought tickets to the two SoCal shows, and we were just going to buy crap seats and enjoy it from the back.

“No. Send me a tweet. A DM on Twitter to remind me.”
“Okay, but I can’t send you a DM. You don’t follow me. That’s why you haven’t gotten any HEEEEY messages from me.” I joked around.
“OH. I’ll follow you! I’ll follow you.”

I decided to give him shit, because the dude knows you can’t send DMs without being followed. (A few years back he followed me for a very short period of time to ask me something via DM. Don’t play dumb, Nathanson.)
“Oh, like that last time you followed me for 12 hours?” I said laughing.
Matt just gave me a look. “Maybe I got jealous that you talk about other bands.” HAHAHAHA. I love him. Favorite forever.


Eventually the radio people wanted Matt back, so we took a photo, and then had a rushed goodbye. One of the DJ’s after came up to us and he said, “WOW. You guys were talking to Matt forever. And HE was the one that initiated the conversation. Are you like BFF or something?” and I gave him a you have no idea who I am look and laughed.

The station fed us so we ate lunch, and then we headed over to where the show was that evening, because the venue was about 45 minutes away. But that was after we sat in my car for 2 hours listening to Gold In The Summertime on repeat. I had told Matt as we were saying goodbye that I would know all the lyrics by 5pm, and hey…I kept my word. 😉

20150521_180418 (2)

When we got to the venue, we met up with Tara and her step daughter Bridget. Yvonne gave them the tickets that she had won from the station since we already had front row, and they had lawn tickets.

We headed into the venue and waited for Matt to start. He looked happy to see us up front.

20150521_192625 (2)
20150521_190330 (2)
The second song that they played was Car Crash. Matt usually samples a cover song in the middle of it, and this night…I’m still rolling my eyes and laughing because he started singing and it was ANDY GRAMMER. He gave me the goofiest grin and he just knows how to keep himself as my favorite, doesn’t he? I love you, dork.

After Matt was The Fray. I had seen them before, once when Scars on 45 opened and once again when they opened for Kelly Clarkson. I wasn’t super into them that night, but since we had really decent seats we stayed.


Train was headlining, and man, Train fans are crazy. Especially when Pat says, “It’s the selfie song!” Holy seated show turning into general admission…


I was starting to get tired and a little bored in the middle of their set, and I almost asked Yvonne if she wanted to leave when all of a sudden Matt and Isaac popped out to sing a song with Train! Um. This was all sorts of amazing. (And the look Matt gives me in the middle. Stop.)


We didn’t want to get stuck in concert parking traffic, so once the encore started we peaced the eff out.

We headed back to Yvonne’s place in SF and crashed. We had to wake up before 7am though, because SF has lame street cleaning at 7am and I wasn’t about to get a huge parking ticket for not moving my car. Ugh. Sleeeep. I miss you.

Jane was arriving at SFO around 9am anyway, so we sleepily drove to the airport to get her, and headed directly to get coffee. From there went to find food, because no one likes the hanger.

IMG_20150522_123731We then headed out to find donuts (omg…donut bread pudding?!) and wandered around SF a bit. Hey, mural that was in the Modern Love video…and a CAT.


We headed back to Yvonne’s place to get ready for the rest of the day. Andy Grammer was having a Q & A on twitter this afternoon, and I took this opportunity to ask him a question regarding what Matt told me the day before. BEST. HASHTAG. EVER. GRAMMER.

2015-07-13 19.44.38

Soon after, we headed down to Mountain View (while I kept saying DIIIICK) for show number two. But first, more coffee.

You know you are an addict when your coffee is twice the size of your friends’….

When we arrived to Shoreline, we hopped into line after picking up our tickets from will call. As we were waiting, I saw someone I knew from years past. JONAH. Long story short, but Jonah basically used to be my Matt. I went to so many shows, everywhere. We go way back. Him and Matt were actually best friends back in college, so it’s kinda funny making a full circle between those two. (Jonah sings back up vocals on one of Matt’s super early albums.)

I yelled his name and we chatted for a bit. I hadn’t seen him in years! He was even sweet enough to run all the way back to his car to grab me one of his new CDs. Jonah Matranga, you are still so lovely in my eyes. I missed you.

We settled into our seats once doors opened, and waited for Matt to begin. Jane had gotten the day off super last minute so she just bought a cheap lawn seat so she was far away from us, waaah.


I laughed during Car Crash, because where Andy Grammer was thrown in the night before, Matt sang u2 and gave Yvonne the same goofy look he had given me. Such a nerd.

20150522_193706 (2)
Speaking of nerd, here we are taking a selfie during Matt’s set.

The same deal as the night before. We sat through The Fray, then waited through Train until after Matt and Isaac came out to sing “A Little Help From My Friends” and then we ran to our cars to not get stuck in concert traffic.

We made the short drive to my place, and then slept for 5 hours before waking up and hitting the road.

The next show was all the way down in Chula Vista (past San Diego, and about 7 miles North from the Mexico border.) plus it was Memorial Day Weekend, so we gave ourselves plenty of time to get down there.

And it’s a good thing we did! The drive from Monterey to LA was effortless, and we made fantastic timing. We stopped to drop off our stuff at Jane’s and to switch cars before heading to Chula Vista.

THE DRIVE WAS HORRENDOUS. We were stuck in traffic for HOURS. There was a moment where I thought we’d miss Matt’s set completely, it got so bad.

But, after 11 hours (when it should have taken 8) we arrived to the venue, right before doors. I headed to will call to pick up the tickets. And I had to laugh because I think I might have been the only one on his list for the night? It took a few minutes for the lady to find them, and when she asked under what artists name it was again, she said “Nathanson?” in a confused tone.

Eventually she found my lonely tickets sandwiched between Train and The Fray’s. Kudos to the M.A.N.


12th row for free is better than a shit seat for not free.

After Matt’s set, we wandered around the venue because Jane wasn’t sitting with us again. I feel like Mean Girls. “You can’t sit with us!” Hahaha.


IMG_2273 (2)

We once again stayed until after the cover song fun, then peaced out. It had started raining too, so bye Chula Vista.

The following day was the last of round one for the tour. Luckily it was in LA, so we didn’t have to go far since Jane lives there, and we had drove back to her place after the Chula Vista show.


We all wanted Veggie Grill, so we waited until 11am when it opened to get food. And we didn’t mess around. Also not pictures, huge ass Dunkin Donuts coffees. #fatkidsontour

We headed back to Jane’s for a bit to get ready and then headed to the venue. We are cheap so we parked almost a mile away and hiked up to the venue.

I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be a fan of it. Yeah, I was correct.

When we first got there, we went to find the box office to pick up our tickets. And since we were guest listed, we were told to pick up our tickets at the “artist entrance”. Um. The artist entrance was behind the Bowl and we had to literally walk through the line of tour buses to get there. I felt like a major creep and just held my breath that no one opened the door of the bus as I was walking past.

Once inside we hung out again, because we were sitting separately from Jane. I swear we’re friends. Ha. We were chatting and all of a sudden I see Jane and Yvonne waving and I turned around and Matt was walking up a set of stairs behind us. He gave me a thumbs up and a look, and I gave him one back to let him know we were good.

IMG_20150524_174230  IMG_20150524_182013

We had ended up with these weird box seats that I’m pretty sure were charity seats around $500 on Ticketmaster. Kudos to the M.A.N. part two! We also were sharing the box with Aaron’s wife and kept getting side eyed when singing. I didn’t realize it was her until she was leaving and I was all, “Your dress is cute!” and then I was thinking “Oh, why does she looks familiar. Oh shiiiit.” I am not a quiet singer so, uh, sorry.

In the box next to us was Andrew McMahon’s keyboardist, Zach. He also looked at us during Matt, but smiled. I thought he was just smiling because we knew all of Matt’s stuff, but when Matt’s set was finished he was all, “I KNOW YOU GUYS!” and we chatted for awhile about the Andrew shows he had seen us at. Super nice and rad guy.

We sat through The Fray and Train, and once again left early after the cover song to beat the rush. Four shows, and I never made it to an encore. Sorry, T. I’m here for M.

We headed back to Jane’s and went to bed not long after. Jane had to be at work at 5am the next morning, and Yvonne and I made the trek back home. We fully caffeinated ourselves to the point where I had her Google what the recommended amount of daily mg of caffeine is. We’re both alive so I guess we were okay.

To round out by going to the first four shows of the tour, I am going to the last four of the tour in just a few days from now (yeah this blog post is two months overdue.) So, report back on those in September? HA. 😉

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