The One Where I Went To More Andy Grammer Shows.

A short week and a half after seeing my string of Matt Nathanson shows, I was back on the road. Concert, recover, repeat.

It was time for another  Andy Grammer show. If anyone is keeping track, this was the 8th time I had seen him since December. Whoops.

The night prior I had picked up my friend Rachel who was visiting from Minnesota in San Jose. It happened to be her birthday, so we went out to dinner with Dawn L and Tracy who had driven her there, and then the two of us stayed with my friends in SJ for the night. We woke up and showered and hit the road (after getting coffee of course!) because it was a 5 hour drive down to Los Angeles.

We got to LA in decent amount of time, and decided to begin the line for the show since we wanted to be up close.

About a half hour after we arrived, I saw a car pull up to the venue and a guy came out to take a guitar and some other stuff from the person driving. I only saw the side of his face, but I told Rachel, “I’m pretty sure that’s Andy is there…” and then he drove off.

We were on “Andy watch” for the next 15 minutes or so. And then Rachel says, “Is that him walking down the street?” YUP.

I waited until he got closer, and then I started to approach him.
Rachel gave me a look, “You’re just going to go up to him?!”
“UH, YEAH.” I have no shame.

Andy was totally chowing down on some Chipotle chips out of a bag, but he saw us walking up and was all, “HI!” and gave me a huge hug. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“Oh, we’ve met before.” I said laughing. Oh, you’ll catch on and will know me soon, Grammer. You will know… (Flash forward a month and a half later: he knows me now.)

I began immediately talking because I never not talk. He super awesome to his fans and just chatted right on back. He asked if I wanted to take a photo and I was all YES PLEASE and this is just my most favorite photo of us yet.

We only got a short minute with him though, because the dude that had come out earlier was all, “We must go inside now.” all grumpy and DUDE. There were only two of us. Chill.


I ended up being in Rachel’s photo cause the guy was all, “i’ll take a photo. Quick.” and I felt bad and told her to crop me out. Haha.

Jane got to the venue maybe 15 minutes later, and I felt bad that she had JUST missed Andy. Soon after, my friend Lois showed up.

We waited for the next few hours until doors opened, and then claimed our front row spots.

AJR opened. I decided to call them “crazy legs” because the lead singer had some serious dance moves and I thought he was going to hurt himself. Ha.

Andy came out not long after they did. Since it was a “home town” show, there was a surprise guest…who tweeted a few days before about the show and ruined the surprise…but it was RACHEL PLATTEN. She came out and sang “Fight Song” with Andy and a million trillion heart eyes. Love.

Andy played Kamikaze for the first time since releasing the recording of the song, and Jane and I nerded out hard core. SO GOOD. Happy seal clapping all around.

Andy was fantastic as usual, and then HE got a surprise himself. “Honey, I’m Good” went platinum, and his record label came out and presented him with a plaque. I may be a “new” fan, but I’m still so proud of the guy.

After the show was over, we headed over to LACMA, because I have always wanted to see the Urban Lights. SO COOL.

We then headed to Swingers for dinner, and I’m pretty positive I learned this night I’ve become super sensitive to quinoa. I felt ill for the next 14 hours and didn’t sleep at all. And I didn’t even want coffee the next morning. Sad face.

The next day was the beginning of Rachel and I heading up to Portland and Seattle to see Scars for my 30th birthday, but all about that in the next blog. Let’s keep this Grammer related.

Three weeks later, I drove back down south to see him again in San Diego.

Getting there proved to be difficult. During my drive, a fire broke out on the freeway, and I was in stopped traffic for HOURS. I wasn’t supposed to get to Jane’s place around 1:45, and I pulled up around 3:30. UGH.

I literally threw my bag in her apartment, changed my clothes and screamed LET’S GO. San Diego is another few hours away, and I didn’t want another repeat of being stuck in traffic like trying to see Matt the month prior.

We got to San Diego a few hours after we initially planned, but still had enough time to be fat kids and eat fat kid food. Deep friend potatoes and deep fried peanut butter pickles for the win. So disgusting, yet so delicious.

We had 2nd row seats for the show, so we went to settle in about a half hour before the show was to begin. I was wondering if anyone was going to stand during the show. For the first 3 songs we were sitting, and it was KILLING me. So the 4th song, Jane and I were like EFF THIS and stood for the rest of the show. Which was maybe a little awkward because the people in the row in front of us, and the row behind us were sitting. Let’s just say we got a lot of looks from Andy that night.

Speaking of looks, Zach saw me about 30 seconds into the first song and gave me a wave. And then I thought Eman, his drummer waved at me a song or two later, but I had never talked to him so I just smiled back because I was all, “No way he knows me.”

The show was SO GOOD. Andy ended up playing 20 songs, and even that long, I didn’t want it to end.

Towards the end of the set, Andy announces, “I’m gonna pick a few of you to come backstage. Tweet me.” and Jane and I were all SAY WHAT. And began to tweet. I may have sent him 4. Ha.

BUT! Andy only picked 5 people, and would you be surprised when I say that I was one? Of course not. Thank you, universe, for always looking out for me.

We were standing around waiting for the magical tweet. And then my phone buzzed with an “Andy Grammer is now following you” notification. “OH SHIT. Andy just followed me. I think this is about to happen.” I said to Jane. And then I might have jumped up and down for a minute…

A moment later, I get a DM saying to show my phone to his tour manager at merch, and she’d bring me backstage. Thank you, Grammer.

So we waited for a bit until she finished selling merch, and then we were ushered to the back. Right before we were heading back, Zach spotted me as he was breaking down the stage.

“Hi!” I waved back.
“How are you? It’s good to see you again.”
“You too! I’m doing good.”
“Remind me what your name is again.”

We started headed back and Zach just kinda points at the line with a confused look like, “What is this?” and then says bye.

So we head to Andy’s little dressing room, and we ended up being last of the group. Zach and Eman had walked down not long after we had and Zach was like, “YOU.” and we began chatting.

“I can’t remember how I know you. When did I last see you?”
“I was in LA 3 weeks ago.”
“At the El Rey?”
“Yeah. But the last time I talked to you was at that college show. The Cowchella thing.”
“Oh yeah. And you’re from down here?”
“No. Monterey. You said your grandparents are from close to there, right?”
“Yeah, from Castroville…what are you doing all the way down here?”
“Uh…I came for the show.”
His eyes went wide and he says, “I’m really sweaty, but you deserve this.” and gave me a giant hug. He’s so fun.

We continued talking and I told him, “I’m pretty sure I’m going to the Oregon shows in two weeks.”
“Oh man. I’m going to guest list you. You deserve it for all the driving you’re putting in. Contact me a few days before through some social media to remind me. Tell me I promised in San Diego. It’s Oregon, we don’t know anyone up there, so the list shouldn’t be full.”

One of the Oregon shows was free, and the other was only $30, but I wasn’t about to turn down free tickets. “I will totally remind you.” He hugged me again, and then we said goodbye.

As Zach was leaving, Eman spotted me and came up and said, “I see you everywhere!” and gave me a huge hug. I laughed. I’ve heard that one a few times before. “It’s good seeing you again. Thanks for coming!” and then he was off. So I guess that wave was to me. It’s the hair. I swear I’m recognized by the hair…

So then it was our turn to talk to Andy, and I totally forgot everything I had planned on asking him, but I did ask him to write out some lyrics that I wanted to get tattooed.


Um…he has total man handwriting, and there’s no way I can put this on my body. I’m sorry Andy but I can’t. And WHAT is that heart?!?! I love you, but woah.


We took photos with him, which I totally attacked hugged him in and apologized for, because I don’t know why I was so damn excited. Haha. Whoops. Sorry for the black and white. Major red eyed.

We then headed out because the fair was long closed by then, and we had to drive back to LA. Which took an extra 2 hours because they had 3 out of 4 lanes closed for construction. WTF.

Eventually we made it back, and Jane’s alarm to go to work went off a short 2.5 hours later. Ouch. Sleep is for the weak anyway.

I slept a few hours more, and then fully caffeinated myself before heading home. Totally worth it, as always.

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