The One Where I Saw Scars on 45 On My 30th Birthday.

I turned 30.

It’s been two months, and sometimes I still get really weirded out by saying “I am 30” out loud. I don’t feel 30.

I had no clue of what I was going to do for the big 3-0, and then Scars on 45 announced they were playing a show in Portland.


The day before the show, Rachel, Kim, Tracy and myself all piled ourselves into Dawn L’s car and headed on up to Portland. It was gonna be a loooong drive, all packed in tight. It happened to be National Donut Day (yes, that’s a thing) so once we checked into our hotel and relaxed for a bit, we headed over to buy some VooDoo Doughnuts.


Have you ever seen a room with 3 beds?! Crazy! Portland Party Room.



The line was ridiculous, but it is always worth the wait. Old Dirty Bastard and Dirty Snowball for the dirty thirty!

We headed back to the hotel to relax and eat donuts. Jane was flying in from LA, so she arrived at the hotel not long after we got back.

We all settled in for bed right as it turned midnight. Happy Birthday to me!




The following morning, we stopped at Dutch Bros Coffee for caffeine, then headed out to go to Powell’s books because everyone wants to spend their birthday there. Or maybe that’s just my book nerd showing. Seriously though, please set up a tent and leave me. Portland was having their annual Rose Festival, so we kinda had to run through the parade to get to where we needed to be, but we survived.

2015-08-09 13.09.42

After Powell’s, we wandered to find a place to have a birthday meal. All was fantastic, and I even got a free birthday beer. We were heading over to where Scars was playing afterwards to check out the scene, when I felt really ill. I had quinoa for lunch, and just three days prior I had felt the same after eating quinoa so I put two and two together and guess what. NO MORE QUINOA EVER. We sat in a hotel lobby close by for a long ass time because I thought I was either going to throw up, puke, or pass out. Horrible.


The hotel had this kick ass sign though.

I thought my birthday was going to be ruined at this point. Dawn L gave me a bunch of hippy pills, and then the hotel gave me handfuls of TUMS. I don’t know what helped, but after maybe 2 hours I felt less sick, so we headed over to hop in line for the show.

It was hot as balls. The show was outside and we melted as we waited for the sun to go down, and for Scars to come on.

There were two bands that performed before Scars and the sun felt like tortureeee. I actually left to get water during one of the bands because I felt like I might pass out.

The sun finally passed behind a building right as Scars was about to begin, so all ended up well.


While we were driving to Voodoo the night before, Austin had commented on one of my instagram photos indicating that he was going to be in Portland. Seeing that kid onstage again made us all happy. Love that dude.

After their set, we didn’t care to be up front anymore, so we headed to the back to say hi to everyone.

I was greeted with open arms and “Happy Birthday!” and I just love that band to pieces. Austin had a flight in two hours, so sadly he could only chat for a short while before having to catch a train to the airport, and he missed our group photoshoot.


Man, do my legs need a tan.

I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so after we were finished chatting we headed back to the hotel to play Cards Against Humanity and drink alcohol. (Well, I skipped on the alcohol because I wasn’t sure what the eff was up with my body.)

We were in two separate cars, and Jane, Rachel and I made another stop at VooDoo because WHEN IN PORTLAND…

I kept joking that I needed the giant penis donut because it was my dirty thirty, and Jane insisted that I indeed needed it, so she may have bought it for me. It was so big it needed it’s own box. That’s what she said.


As we walked back into the hotel room, we played Dick in a Box for the rest of the girls. We’re wacky. I’m totally cool with it.

After our hours of gaming, I was literally falling asleep with cards in my hand, so we finally crawled into bed after 1am. Birthday complete.

We woke up and got ready to continue the fun and drive up to Seattle for a headlining Scars show. But that was after I ate my dick in a box. OH MAN THE HILARITY. Oh, and I shared, cause no one needs that much dick. Hahahaha. Sorry, not sorry.


It took FOREVER to check into our hotel one arriving in Seattle. All we wanted to do was drop off our stuff so it wasn’t sitting in the car all day. Long story, but we sat in the lobby for hours, and we were pissed. Most unprofessional hotel ever, and it left us kinda cranky.

First up in Seattle, we headed down to do a little bit of touristing at Pike’s Place, before heading to the venue. And if you go to Pike’s Place, you gotta go to Beecher’s Handmade Cheese for homemade mac & cheese. Seriously. Do it.



Also, gum wall it up. Always.

We headed over to the other side of town and parked what seemed like a shady neighborhood. Luckily the venue was nice on the inside. We had a bunch of time to kill, so we headed down the street to a restaurant and bar for dinner. I was not impressed by their menu because they had a game on and the menu was limited for the evening, so I ate a banana I had in my bag. Yeah, I was a waitress for a year and a half, and yeah I was that annoying person who only drank water and ate my own food. Whoops.

We headed back to the venue and watched the awkward opener. Then Scars came on. Man, this band blows me away every time I see them. They are so good. (Thank you, Matt Nathanson.)


We said our hellos and goodbyes after their set, then headed back to our hotel. Rachel and I were flying home early the next day, so we booked our time on the shuttle and then headed to sleep.

Morning came too quickly, and Rachel and I headed down to the lobby to catch our ride to the airport. Once there, I sadly parted ways with her after being together a week. Something about saying goodbyes in airports is more sad.  I miss youuuuu, harmonica twin! Hope you don’t mind I stole half of your photos for this blog! 😉


Plane. Drive. Work. Home. Sleep.


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