The One Where I Saw Rachel Platten, Kelly Clarkson, and Andrew McMahon all within 24 hours.


If you know me at all, you know that I have LOVED Kelly Clarkson for quite some time. One morning I got a text from a friend that told me she was playing a free show in San Francisco. SHUT UP. FREE KELLY?!

As I looked into it, it got even better. My other favorite little lady, Rachel Platten was also playing! YES.

Immediately my mind started planning the ridiculous hour that I would get in line, to insure that I’d be first. Then I texted Yvonne and Jane if they were in on the insanity. They were.

The night before the show I drove up to Yvonne’s place. The three of us went out to dinner, and then we tried to go to sleep at a reasonable hour because get this: we were planning on getting into line at 4:30am. Ridiculous, and crazy, I know.

When the alarm went off at 3:30am, I hated myself. We dragged ourselves out the door, and then we made our way to Golden Gate Park. It was still dark as shit.


You mean we can’t take a nap in line?

We weren’t alone for long though, because the next people in line arrived at 5am. So who was crazy now?

Doors weren’t until 11am, so we took turns going off to finding food, using the restrooms, and caffeinating. Yvonne’s and I’s friend AnnMarie showed up with her friend, and we were nice and let them cut in line with us. This proved to work in my favor a week and a half later, because I was planning on driving to Oregon to see Andy Grammer alone, and somehow by the end of the day I talked AnnMarie into it. Bad influence, or BEST influence? 😉

Once we were in our front row spots, all the hours of waiting from our 3:30 am wake up call was worth it, though.

I yawned a ton waiting for the show to begin. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to keep my eyes open. Then the radio station started playing “Gold in the Summertime” by Matt Nathanson, and I had myself a little dance party and was good for the rest of the show. Thanks, Nathanson.

Speaking of Matt…opening the show was Elle King. I guess her and Matt have some sort of beef or something, so I kept joking that I was going to give her a stink eye during her set. People were yelling things like, “I like your shirt!” “I like your boots!” at her and she was all, “Me too. We like all of the same things!” and our group all looked at each other and started busting out laughing. I was all, uhhh…I can think of one thing I REALLY like that you apparently don’t…also, you are wearing a white shirt without a bra and I can see your nips; not cute.


Rachel was on next, and she is just a little rock star now. For real. For being in front of a crowd of 20,000 people she was parading around that stage like she OWNED it. Plus, her new songs are AMAZING. I cannot wait for that album to drop in the fall!



She’s so cute, I can’t even stand it.

Mat Kearney was next, and I enjoyed his set a lot. He totally white boy dances like I white girl dance and I love it.


Closing out the show was Kelly, and I seriously was screaming every song SO LOUD. She only played for 30 minutes (WHAT?! NO. SOB.) but I still nearly lost my voice. Kelly: 25 Joslyn: 0. Sometimes she opens her mouth and I swear what comes out isn’t human. She is so f’n good. Heart eyes forever.

After the show we headed back to Yvonne’s place because we were DEAD. Jane was extra crazy and drove the 5 hours back home to LA because she had to work the following morning.

Yvonne and I were contemplating dinner, but we were so tired we barely moved. There was some fro yo action, but actual dinner didn’t happen.

We were chatting and all, and next thing I knew Yvonne was passed out. It wasn’t even 9pm. And then by 9:30 I couldn’t keep my own eyes open so I turned off all the lights and I think I was out within 2.5 seconds, myself.


The following day, we had more fun times planned!

We were heading out to Modesto, for yet another radio show. It was 98 degrees, so we decided not to get in line too ridiculously early, because we didn’t want to melt.

We headed over to Modesto around noon-ish, and stopped at Dunkin Donuts and had lunch before hopping into line around 3ish.

I think I was sweating within the first 10 seconds of getting out of my car. It sucked.

As we were sitting and sweating and complaining, Andrew McMahon appeared out of nowhere and was all, “HI GUYS. Are you coming to the show tonight?” and I was all, “Uh, no Andrew. We just like sweating.”

He talked to us for a short minute before high fiving us and off he went. Cutest little man, ever. Adore him.

The lineup for this evenings show was as follow: Christian Burghardt, Nick Fradiani, Becky G (the fuck), Andrew McMahon, Rachel Platten, and Mat Kearney. Weird.


I saw Christian open for Matt a few times last summer on the co-headlining tour with Gavin. He’s cute, and has a decent voice, but nothing to really keep drawing me in.


Nick was actually really good. He’s playing a show with Andrew & Matt that I’m going to in a few days, so looking forward to seeing him again. And he’s easy on the eyes sooo…hello.

20150629_195801Becky G made made me want to shoot myself. Annoying. So annoying.


But then Andrew came out and all was flipping fantastic. Matt had tweeted the day before that he had been listening to an Andrew song on repeat, so I sent him a twitter video when Andrew was playing it. Matt’s response: “I miss you.” My thought: you know how to make sure you’re still my favorite by saying cute things when I’m seeing bands that aren’t you. Ha. Can’t wait to see them play together next weekend. ❤



Up next was Rachel, and she ruled again. She OWNED that crowd. Rockstar.


I stuck around for Kearney, since it was still early, and I had enjoyed his set the following day.

Afterwards we stood around and chatted, hoping to run into Andrew (turns out he left right after his set though, wah!) and then I made the 2 and a half hour trek home. Totally worth all the sweat and lack of sleep.


I was going to publish this blog last week, but I had a Rachel show coming up, so I decided to hold out to add that in here since we’re on the subject of lil Platten.

Rachel was opening for Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat. it was not a cheap tour. I love the little lady, but $150 is kinda steep for an opening slot.

I decided not to buy any tickets, and I was sad about it, but this 100% worked in my favor because Rachel’s team tweeted out that they needed a merch helper at each show. I emailed them about the show closest to me, and a few days later I got a reply saying I was the chosen one. YAY. (And then a few week’s later they emailed me asking if I had a friend who would like to help out, and I was all YVONNE!)

The day of the show, I met up with Yvonne a little before we were to arrive. We wandered to the box office where we were told the tickets would be under my name. Why would we get tickets if we were selling merch? Interesting.We met up with Brittany, Rachel’s assistant/merch maker/bff and she gave us the low down. We didn’t even have to sell merch that night. WHAT. Basically, we just had to walk around before and between sets asking people to join Rachel’s mailing list. We gave out these super cute temporary tattoos in return.


That sucker stayed on my arm for 3 days before I scrubbed it off. I miss it. Everyone thought it was real.

We also had these signs that said: I’m fighting for: ___ that we had people fill out. The point was to hold them up during Fight Song. People wrote all sorts of different things, and it was cool to see. And to talk to people. I’m not shy, so I didn’t care about walking up to people and being all, “HEY. You know about Rachel Platten?”

So we were doing our thing, and a few minutes before Rachel came on, we went to find our seats (we got to watch the entire show, which made me super duper happy!) and you know, they were the side section, but…front row. HA. Spoiled forever.20150825_191311


After their set was over, Craig ran over to us to say hi. One of the first things he asked us was, “Have you guys been going to a lot of Matt shows lately?” and I just laughed because I guess we are totally predictable. He was all, “We’re playing a show with him in a few weeks but I can’t remember where…”
“Tucson! We’ll be there.”
We talked a little bit longer, and then he had to jump back onstage to pack up the equipment and we needed to get back out and work some more, so we said our goodbyes.

We went and harassed people a bit, and then came back to watch Christina once she started. I’ve been wanting to see her for years. Her voice is amazing, and she’s super cute. I enjoyed her set, and one of her songs that I had never heard before has been stuck in my head for DAYS, now.


Brittany came out to get us during her set, so we could go and see Rachel for a minute. She wasn’t feeling good, but she was still the cutest thing.
I walked up to her and she held her arms open. “HIIII, Joslyn!” (I didn’t even know she knew my name. But…should I be surprised? Nope.) “I walked out and was all, ‘fuck this crowd, no one is here!’ and then I turned and I was like, ‘OH! There’s Joslyn!'” CAN WE JUST BE BEST FRIENDS? Too cute.IMG_20150825_205541

She makes me look frumpy, even when she’s not feeling good. Share your secrets, Platten.

We said bye to Craig again, and then headed back to our seats. Worked between sets, and then watched Colbie.


Brittany came to get the list and left over stuff in the middle of the set, because they were heading out a little early. “You guys are free for the rest of the night. You were awesome. Thanks so much for helping!”

Getting in and out of the venue, there is legit only one lane, and it’s on top of a giant mountain. It apparently takes hours to get out of the venue after shows, so I looked at Yvonne and said, “We should leave. Early.” We watched a few more of Colbie’s songs, and then we ran away to our cars.

I drove home, and got home at a decent 11:45pm. Perfect night.


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