The One Where I Went To Oregon To See Andy Grammer.

“I’m going to Oregon.” I blurted out loud to in the middle of Andy Grammer’s set in San Diego.

I had been contemplating back and forth for several weeks of whether or not to go to Oregon, but when you see Andy and his band, you already can’t wait for the next show. In the middle of that San Diego set, I knew it couldn’t be my last for awhile.

So to Oregon I drove.

I had planned on riding solo, until AnnMarie heard of my plan while we were at Summerthing a week and a half earlier. And I am an enabler of the “YOLO” lifestyle so…she decided to talk to her boss the following day, and when I was waiting in line for the show in Modesto I got a message that said, “You have a roadtrip buddy for next week!”

YES. I am the queen of bad influence! (Seriously, you should hear of some of the things I somehow talk my friend’s into…)

The evening before the first show, we met up in Sacramento, then drove a majority of the drive to Oregon as the sun was setting.


I’m a sucker for a good sunset.

AnnMarie’s cousin lives a little over the border/about 2 and a half hours south of Salem, so we stopped there to sleep to save ourselves some money.

And can I just say that I loved this house? One, there were cats. AND KITTENS. Two, her cousin used to own a used book store, and still ran an online one, so her entire basement looked like a library. I walked down there and major heart eyed the shit out of it. #nerd

We had gotten in pretty late, so we headed to sleep not long after we arrived. You know, after we pet all of the cats first.

When we woke up the following morning we were just laying in bed, tired and not moving. Not long after, her cousin comes into the room and says, “I have to go to work, but I thought you’d like a visit from the kittens.”




We both instantly sat up and were all KITTENS! They are so stinking cute. We were sidetracked for probably a good two hours before we decided we needed to start ignoring the cats and start getting ready to head up to Salem.

We got on the road but first off I had to get coffee because 1) I die without caffeine and 2) we were in Oregon, aka DUTCH BROS COFFEE LAND.

I had booked a hotel via Hotwire for this night, and lucked out because it was right next door to a Trader Joe’s, and it was only a mile or so away from the park that the show was at.

We stopped at Trader Joe’s first to buy lunch/snacks, and then headed over to the park. Luckily we got to wait in line in a shady area. It was in the high 80’s, and I don’t do heat very well, so I was thankful for shade.

Zach had told me he would guest list me for the show, and I had contacted him the day before and he said all was good. But this venue. Ugh. They were all, “There’s no band guest list. Can you contact your person?” and I was all “UM. He’s onstage right now doing soundcheck. NO.” and I tried to wait it out but eventually just threw money at the people and was like, gimmie a ticket! because doors were about to open and it was only $35. (I fully appreciate the gesture of being added to the guest list though, because I hadn’t even asked, Zach just offered. He’s the best.)


When we were let in for the show, the band was still finishing up sound check. Andy had his back turned when we first walked up. Zach said, “HI JOSLYN” really loud, and Eman waved to me. Andy turned around and goes, “OH, HI.” and then basically runs off stage. Haha.

We were now in direct sunlight and I kinda hated myself. BUT. They were selling Dutch Bros Coffee at the show, so I went and bought one. Never enough caffeine. Especially when it is iced on a hot summer day.


Sam Johnson opened the show, and long story short I can’t like him because my friend used to work for him and he’s a huge dick. So, there’s that. Sorry not sorry.


But when Andy came out I was all YAY ALL THE HAPPINESS.


Let’s play Where’s Joslyn? 😉

It was another fabulous show. This band is so full of energy and I can’t get over how much fun I have. Worth every second of driving.

When the set was over, Andy went out to talk to everyone. The line was ridiculous, so we took this time to talk to the rest of the band.

We talked to Zach first. He gave me a huge hug and was all, “You confuse me. I see you everywhere and I forget where I know you from.” Ha. Oh, you’ll learn my friend. They all eventually learn. We were talking about where we were staying, and about the drive and these other girls kept bugging him to talk to them and take pictures. He hugged me again and some girl gave him a look to which he just yelled, “She drove 11 hours, she deserves two hugs!” and I laughed.

Eman came over not that long after and said, “It’s you!”
“It’s me!”
“How did you get here? What do you do for a living? Let’s have a conversation.” He legit sat down as he was asking these questions and I was like, OH, we’re actually going to have a conversation.

I began to joke around, “Well, I was born on June 6, 1985 in Monterey, California. I’m kidding.” I laughed. “We drove here. From California.”

“Well first off, happy belated birthday.” and then we just talked and talked and talked for what felt like forever. That is one cool dude.

We talked to Greg next for a second. He seemed awkward around us, so it made the conversation weird and I was like, don’t need to attempt conversations with that dude again? Sorry, Greg.

We ran into Doug next and he is super fun. We were talking about the Doug theme song, and about how he needs to play it as a solo onstage. We told him we were going to the show the next day and he needed to make it happen.

When we finished up talking to Doug, the line of girls talking to Andy has dwindled down at this point so we joined the last few people who were lingering to say hi. AnnMarie took the most epic photo giving Andy a piggyback ride and I was jealous. But I wasn’t about to be a copycat, or attempt to pick that guy up and fall on my face. Ha.

When I went to say hi, he opened his arms for a hug and was all, “HI. It’s good seeing you again!” and I was thinking, he finally remembers me?! But I just said “HI. OKAY ANDY. I am determined that you and Matt Nathanson tour together. Because of this.” and I showed him the video on my phone of Matt singing a bit of Honey I’m Good a few weeks prior.

He began watching the video and was all, “Oh man, I love this. This makes me so happy.” (Watching him watch it made me happy, because he seriously looked so happy watching it.)

We continued watching, and he was all, “This is so chill. Oh, and now he’s doing his Matt thing.” and threw his hands up in the air over his head and swayed his hips back and forth. That is SUCH a Matt thing, and I started laughing. So adorable. I need a Grammer and Nathanson tour NOW. I did tell Andy if he was to tour with Matt to be prepared, because I would never go away. All. The. Shows. Haha.

2015-07-09 10.33.03We took a photo together, and then took a group one (that one I can’t post because everyone looks super unattractive.) I was talking about how we drove 12 hours for the show. “Oh man, I love you.” was his reply, and my little heart eyes exploded. Haha. Such a fan girl. We said our “See you tomorrows” and were on our way.

We checked into our hotel, and it was SO nice for the price we paid. Kudos, Hotwire.

The next morning we took advantage of the free breakfast, ran an errand at Walgreens, I Dutch Bro’d again, and we bought food at Trader Joe’s for lunch once again.

The second show was only about a half hour away in Albany. AnnMarie has a friend who lives there, so we went to visit for a few hours to kill some time. We headed over to the park around 3ish to check out the scene.

This place was all sorts of disorganized, but we made the best of what it was.

When we had arrived, the band was doing sound check. In the middle of it, I hear Zach say into the microphone, “Hi, Joslyn!” and I just stand there. Then I wave. Hiii, yes it is me again.

The show started around 5:30, and we waited through Sam Johnson yet again.



Andy and his band hit the stage next, and I know I keep saying it but they are SO DAMN FUN. I could go to 30 shows in a row and not get sick of seeing the show.

The night before we had asked Zach if they could add Kamikaze to the setlist, so when Andy said, “This song is called Kamikaze” we were those girls who screamed on the top of our lungs. HA. And we were the only two singing, so kudos to us.

When the show was over, the band had to quickly pack up and hit the road because they had a plane to catch. Eman had asked me the night before if he had given me a drumstick yet, and I said no. So he threw one in the crowd that people tried to steal but AnnMarie is a badass and basically grabbed it out of people’s hands. Thanks, girl.

As Zach ran by, he grabbed my hand and said, “It was so nice seeing you again Joslyn!” and kissed the top of my hand. Such a gentleman. Adore that dude.

AnnMarie and I hadn’t booked a hotel for that night yet. We were planning on driving down to Eugene and getting a hotel there. Her cousin was just another hour or so further south, so I was like…why don’t we just drive back down there? It was still super early when the show ended, so by the time we got to her cousin’s house we had plenty of time to get a full night’s sleep before hitting the road.


The following morning I Google’d a Dutch Bros, and we went to McDonald’s for breakfast only because they started selling Minion toys and I am obsessed with Minions. OBSESSED I tell you.

We hit the road and made the trek back down to Sacramento. I dropped AnnMarie off at her friend’s house, and headed to another McDonald’s to find more Minions (I got all 12 by the end of the weekend because I am 10 years old, apparently.)

All in all, it was a FANTASTIC trip. I don’t regret driving 24 hours in a 4 day period at all.


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