The One Where I Went To My 50th Scars on 45 Show.

Driving to San Francisco for yet another Scars on 45 show, I had the realization that it was my 50th! When did that happen? Wasn’t it just yesterday I saw them opening for Matt Nathanson for the first time?

The show was on a Thursday evening, and I had worked a half day before heading up to the city. I met Yvonne at a cafe, because the show didn’t begin until 9pm and we didn’t want to wait in line yet. Plus the real reason we met there was this cafe had NUTELLA LATTES. Holy crap, delicious. Remind me to never keep Nutella at home, because I will add it to my coffee daily and get fat and die.

I was super caffeinated and sugared up and we sat there and made plans for the following week for a bunch of Matt shows we were going to. Eventually we decided to head over towards the venue so we could figure out the parking situation.

We were sitting in Yvonne’s car for awhile after we park, and she was all, “Oh I got you these.” OMG MINIONS.


My friend Cheryl texted me and asked where I was. She manages a musician named Jonny Z, who was opening the show that night. She had took me to one of his shows a few weeks prior, and he is a cool guy, so I looked forward to having an opener I knew.

We got out of the car and went to find Cheryl and Jonny. We were chatting until doors opened, and then headed in, with a few others that had showed up as well.


Cheryl asked if I would periscope Jonny’s set, so I was in charge of his phone. Otherwise there would be a photo of his performance here. And this is after they gave me a drink. Which was strong. And I am a lightweight. So it may not have been a smart idea. But hey, I didn’t drop the phone, so good job me. 😉

Scars came on next, and they just…are amazing. When they had first come onstage, Danny was telling a story about how Southwest had lost their bags when they had flown in the night before, but luckily they had been delivered to them that morning, otherwise they’d be playing in their underwear. Kim was standing next to me and said nothing that had to do with Danny’s comment and I had a reaction to it, to which I covered my face and laughed. Aimee saw my reaction and said right into the microphone, “I don’t even want to know what Joslyn just said over there. You dirty librarian!” HAHAHA. That band makes me so happy.  I have said so many words about them before, do I need to repeat them again? LOVE.


After the set was finished, I went to say hi to the band and Jonny. “It’s my 50th show! You’ve seen this face 50 times!”

“50th?!” Danny exclaimed. They all said that I was crazy, but I was hugged a million times while being told, so I know they appreciate it.

2015-07-17 08.01.21

Also, these tweets. They kill me.


Four days later, I made the trek down to San Diego. Just to show how much I love the band, this was going SUPER FAR out of the way because I was starting a little Matt road trip the next day…in Lake Tahoe. That’s an 8 hour drive down to San Diego, and a 8 hour drive back up to Tahoe, kids. Don’t question my love.


This was a private radio thing that I won tickets for, and Jane met up with me as my plus 1. We met up with Jeanette and Briana a bit after we arrived as well, and I just love those ladies.


Don’t mind me not even looking into my own camera…

This show was weird. One, it was at a car dealership, on top of one of their garages which had a wine bar. Huh? Two, there was this strange 18 year old opener named Jara, that flipped his hair fantastically multiple times per song.


Look at that porn cloud…

After the set, I ended up sticking around for a super long time. Steve had asked if I could take his wife and kid to their hotel because not everyone could fit in their car (the band had flown in that morning from Denver, I believe, so not everyone was going to fit in the van.)

He had gone to buy In N Out for everyone first, so I was just hanging around with the band waiting for him to come back. And then he texted me he was taking Em and Riley to the hotel. And then he wasn’t. And then he was. Aimee was with me when I had gotten most of these texts, and she was like, “Tell him to hurry the fuck back, I’m starving!” Poor Driver. She also called me “totally mental!” when she asked how long my drive was that morning. Well, yeah. I’m not a West Coast Mental for nothing…

Finally Steve gets back and the band pounces on him for food. And I was all, “Not to say goodbye while you’re all eating but…bye” (Which then turned into a conversation about how I was going to be in Boise the same time as them on Thursday but I was going to see Matt and I felt guilty. We tried to coordinate meeting up with them before hand, but we forgot about the time difference in Idaho, so we were behind an hour and there was so much traffic so I only saw them for about 2 minutes and it made my heart sad. I hate having to choose favorites.)

By the time we were talking about all the things, they were done eating (they had tried to make me eat an extra burger and I was all no dude, vegetarian) out of no where Danny was all,
“Lets take a photo!”
“You want to take a photo now? After shoving your face with In N Out?”
“Yes. Why not?”

OK, Bemrose. So we took a photo. Ha.


Weird lighting…

Jane and I finally headed out after this (the show had ended 2 hours earlier, so we seriously where there a long time, ha) and headed back to Jane’s place in LA.

The next morning began the Nathanson shenanigans. Check back for that one, soon. It was a good one.

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