The One Where You Weren’t Surprised I Went To More Matt Nathanson Shows.

Matt Nathanson shows are always an adventure.

I had gone to the first four shows of the summer tour with Train, and even after claiming when tickets went on-sale that I wasn’t going to do more than the California shows and the last two of the tour (tickets were $$$) I ended up adding Lake Tahoe and Boise. (Kudos to the M.A.N. for making this tour happen, because he took good care of me and listed me for a few. The best.)


The morning of the Tahoe show I woke up in LA extra early and was out the door by 6am. I drove up to Los Banos to pick up Yvonne where she was leaving her car for the weekend at her parents’ place, then we continued the journey to Tahoe.

There had been a flash flood warning for Tahoe for the previous 24 hours, but the drive seemed totally fine. And then, about an hour outside of Tahoe…we found it. This huge ass storm that had me gripping the steering wheel deathly tight; I was on the verge of crying because I am a huge wimp when it comes to driving in the rain, and I hated every second of it. But seriously, driving through the windy mountains when you can barely see because it’s coming down so hard SUCKS ASS.

Eventually we made it out alive and arrived at the venue. It was a little drizzly, but luckily it cleared up by the time the show began.

Here’s our cold and drizzly sad asses.

We got our tickets from will call, and went to find our seats. It’s probably the furthest back I’ve ever sat for Matt, but our tickets were free, so I was happy just to be there.


I posted a video of Tahoe failing at the Faster clapping later and a certain someone DM’d me asking, “Why are your seats so far away?!” which we laughed about. Apparently Tahoe is just lame and has sucky guest list seating. Can’t complain if they were free though!

We stuck around until Matt came out to sing the cover song with Train, and then we peaced out to go pick up Jane from the airport in Reno. We arrived right as her plane was landing, so we timed it perfectly.

We stayed the night at a hotel right outside in Reno. The following morning we checked out and hit up the Starbucks in the lobby, because caffeine forever, then were Boise bound.



We began the drive to Boise, and it wasn’t until we passed a sign that said, “You are now entering Mountain Time” that I realized OH SHIT we just jumped ahead an hour. The speedlimit was 80, so I may have pushed that limit a little further…

Our plan was to go watch Scars do sound check before heading to see Matt play his show. But there was a ton of traffic from construction that put us back a bit, and then unexpectedly loosing an hour made it a really long and frustrating 7 hour drive. And we missed Scars, and only said hi to Aimee and Chris for all of 2 minutes. Sob.


It began raining as we headed to the venue Matt was playing, so we hung out in the car as we waited for doors to open. But not before I took a photo near these huge ass flowers. (The only good thing about the tour being seated was not having to wait in line all day!)

Nina and Caroline had flown in for the show, so we all hung out. I had bought my Boise ticket right after getting back from the California shows, and scored a second row center ticket. The other girls all got front row center a week before the show. So when Matt walked out and saw them all in the front row, and then me a row back, he had the best confused face ever. Luckily Jane is short so I just stood behind her and had a perfect view. Ha.




One of the best moments of the show was when Pat Monahan tried to approach Nina with the microphone and have her sing and she backed the fuck up away from him. He went closer, and she backed up more and I was standing in the second row DYING from laughing. She turned around and I just pointed and laughed and oh man. You probably had to be there, but she was so not having it. #TeamMatt

After the cover song, we left (sorry the front row just ditched you) and checked into our hotel. Since we were in the potato state, there was a chocolate spud in our room! I ate 75% of it. It was delicious.


The next day was a day off, so we slept in a bit, had breakfast (and nerded out watching Andy Grammer on the Today show in the lobby) then headed out to make our way to Portland. JC was flying in that evening, so we made sure to leave enough time to get to Portland and check in before heading to the airport.

DUDES. We got to Portland right around rush hour, and we seriously went the length of 4 cars in 30 minutes. So then I drove in a lane I wasn’t supposed to be in and made a very illegal turn because I was tired and wanted to be out of the car and I gave zero shits.

We checked into our hotel and had a few hours until JC got in, so Jane and I hit up the hotel gym because after driving for 7 hours we needed to run it out. There were bunnies outside of the gym window that totally sidetracked me for several minutes, but after I was all JANE JANE JANE BUNNIES! I did a Jillian Michaels workout I had on my iPod, then ran a few miles. (Oye that hurt the next day.)

We cleaned ourselves up after that, and then headed to the airport to get JC. I am just a little bit exciteable, so when I saw JC I jumped out of the car and ran to hug her and nearly knocked her over and killed her. WHOOPS. (I joke that if I fell over and killed her, isn’t in my arms a fantastic way to go at least?! ;))

After dodging being a murderer, we took JC to VooDoo Doughnuts. Because when in Portland, YOU NEED VOODOO. Fat kid forever!

We headed back to the hotel afterwards to eat doughnuts and to settle in for the evening. We were all tired from our travels from the day and just wanted to relax.

We had an early morning, because Matt was playing a noon radio gig that was open to the public. Thanks, Kink radio! They also had free Dutch Brother energy drinks, so I was highly caffeinated throughout the morning…

My friends Sara and Joann from California were also in Portland, and we arrived at the same time, so it was a fun morning sitting in line in a state that none of us lived in. Ha.




We also were treated to a meet and greet after the set, which we all were happy about.


Too much caffeine equals too much excitement equals too much hugging. Sorry, Matt.

As I walked up to Matt, he was all, “LOOK AT YOU.” I looked at myself. I’m wearing a dress? Is that it? Okay, dude. “We played the same place as your other favorites the other day.” he continued. (I knew he meant Scars in Boise instantly.)
I gave a sad face. “I know. I went to say hi before your show. I felt bad telling them I chose you.”

The meet and greets were super rushed because they had another band coming in and playing a show an hour or so later, so this lady in charge was all, “OK sweetie, we need you to take your photo now.” and Matt looks at me and chuckles and says, “SWEETIE!” like it was the best joke he heard all day.

Then I asked Matt a quick question about something regarding the guest list and he was all, “Talk to Paul.”
Paul overheard and was all, “What do you need?” which I told him. “Okay, you’re good.” he said typing something in his phone.
“Thanks…do you know my name?”

He looks up and gives me the biggest DUH look of life. “Yeeeeessss.”

You know you go to too many shows when….hahaha.

So then we headed out to find lunch. Portland has this whole block of food trucks, so we wandered in that area to go and find something good.



After shoving our faces we headed back to the car and then headed up to Ridgefield. A local had told us traffic sucks (it was a Friday) so we decided to just drive the hour up after eating, so we didn’t get stuck anywhere.

Ridgefield is in Washington, so we ended up seeing two Matt shows in two states in one day. I’ve done the double shows before, but the two state thing is a new one for my list.

Um. So. It was hot as balls in Ridgefield. And I had a row B ticket, which to my surprise ended up being a front row ticket. I’ll take it!



During Train’s set, Pat always takes selfies on people’s cell phones. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but when he grabbed my phone, instead of taking a photo he turned my phone off. This just makes me believe that he hates me, just a little bit (Matt disagrees.)

We did our thing of running away after the cover song to not get stuck in concert traffic, and then headed back down to Portland to our hotel.


We woke up, did the breakfast thing, and then headed out to the last show. They all go by too quickly. We stopped off halfway on the drive to our hotel in Yakima (which we fought over how to pronounce, haha) to drop off our stuff, and to have lunch, then continued the drive to the Gorge in George.


The Gorge. HOLY CRAP GUYS, this is seriously the most beautiful venue I have ever been to, and we all know how many shows I’ve been to in my lifetime. Just set me up a tent and let me watch sunsets and bands play here for the rest of my life.

Our plan for the Gorge was to sit on the lawn for the view. I wasn’t 100% on board with this idea, or super thrilled with sitting far back, so I had been sporadically checking Ticketmaster. The day of the Tahoe show I had asked Yvonne to check while we were driving and WHY WERE THERE FRONT ROW CENTER TICKETS AVAILABLE.

So…you know we bought them. I grabbed my credit card and threw it at Yvonne while driving screaming BUY THEM! and then we told Jane and JC to go and buy the other ones left. I totally YOLO’d the shit out of summer 2015. The best $98 splurge ever.

I don’t even know what my face is doing. We are nerds.

Since it was the last night of tour, you know there would be end of tour pranks. Since Matt was the opener, he had this joke that no one knew who he was, and referred to himself as “Mike Nickerson”. So during Matt’s set…out came Train’s crew people with this sign. Not a huge prank, but enjoyable.



Front row photo spam, for you. After Matt’s set, my friend Cheri who I hadn’t seen in YEARS found me to say hi. HI CHERI!!!



Nothing exciting happened during The Fray.

And then there was Train’s set…

Things were going totally normal…

And then it was time for the cover song, and that was doing fine…

20150725_222332But then.


I didn’t know I had bought tickets to go see Magic Mike 3. (Magic Mike Nickerson?! Hahahaha.)


Also, some things can never been unseen…and this is one of them.


After 8 shows, we finally stayed for all of Train. You are welcome, Pat Monahan.

After the show, we headed back down to Yakima and Jane and I slept for 3 hours before waking up at 6am and driving 14 HOURS. Holy moly, that’s a world record for driving in one day for me. And in one week I am some sort of beast.


I can’t imagine not having gone to the last four shows, so I’m glad I gave in to the crazy and added more shows. Matt is always worth it.

I might be getting on a plane tomorrow and going to 1 or 2 or 10 or 15 Matt shows next month, so expect lots and lots and lots of blog posts to follow soon…

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