The One Where I Went To A Few Last Minute Andy Grammer Shows.

…and it was the best. decision. ever.


Andy had announced in mid July that he was opening up for Shawn Mendes at the Greek in LA. Tickets had been on-sale since May though, so when Jane and I looked at tickets the only available tickets left were in the far back section.

I am spoiled and decided that if I was going to drive 5 hours to see a show, especially just an opening gig, I wanted to be in the general admission pit up front. So, as much as I wanted to go, it wasn’t worth it.

Fast forward a month and a half later, and three days before the show. I was making the schedule at work and randomly thought, “When is that Andy show?” and decided to look on AXS. OH. HI GENERAL ADMISSION PIT TICKETS. I texted Jane pretty much going OMGZ and we both bought tickets to go. (And then I changed the schedule so I could get back to work on Monday on time. THE biggest perk of being in charge of that thing.)

So. Sunday morning I drove down to LA. Jane and I figured that this Shawn kid was gonna draw all the crazy teenagers in super early even though the pit only holds 300, and it was 98 degrees, so we decided to not get in line super early.

We headed over around 4pm, and doors opened at 6pm. The venue gave us water while waiting in line, and once we got inside, so kudos to them for keeping us hydrated so we didn’t pass out in the heat.


When doors opened, it was a frenzy of teenagers all trying to get close to the stage. You entered the pit from the left side, and girls had smooshed all against the stage on that side. I am a right side stage kinda gal for Andy shows, so Jane and I headed to that side…and right into the second row. And there were short teenagers in front of us so ALL THE WIN. Thanks for not knowing how to concert, teenagers. Tons of space on this side…


Jacqui Lee opened the show and I had been a fan of hers when she was on The Voice, so I enjoyed seeing her live. Little body, BIG voice, that girl.


Andy was next. Jane and I got excited when the band came out to set up. Eman spotted me and gave me a wide eyed look and mouthed “what the fuck” to me. Once he was done setting up, he came to the end of the stage. He went to high five me and these teens in front of me were like OMG and tried to high five back and got denied because that high five was mine. HA. “It’s good seeing you!” he yelled to me.

When then set began, Zach spotted me within a minute or so and gave me a huge grin and HI! The girls behind me were like “OMG, they know you!” and I just said, “Yeah…I’ve seen them a few times.” There was a part in the set where I think Andy saw saw me and he had a huge smile on his face, so love to all those guys.

Since it was an opening set, they only ended up playing 7 songs. Which is not enough Grammer time. As they were walking off stage, Eman came over and handed me a drumstick. Again the teenagers in front of me reached out for it, and he told them “NO. NO. NO.” until they let go and it was in my hand. That’s my homie.

Jane and I then left the pit because we knew things were going to get crazy. I wanted to stay just to see girls go crazy when Shawn walked out though. The crowd was deafening. Jane and I looked at each like WHAT, and then we ran away because I didn’t understand the crazy.

When we were walking out, there were teenagers laying on the ground sobbing because they couldn’t get in. One guy asked if he could use my ticket stub. Um, teenagers, you can’t scan a ticket twice. He asked again. I said no and kept walking. #bitchmode

Jane and I went to Swingers for dinner afterwards. I had a soy shake which is the most delicious thing on the planet, and I nom’d on some of her vegan nachos.


We then headed back to her apartment because we both needed to wake up at be out the door by 5am. I drove 5 hours, and then went straight to work because I am a crazy person.


Rachel and I had been talking about me flying out to Minneapolis for months. Flights were reasonably priced, and Andy was playing two free shows, so it’d be worth it.

I then went a little crazy and bought 15 tickets to see Matt Nathanson in October so…I was a little broke.

After the LA show though, I was all crazy and thinking “35 minutes in NOT enough Andy. I wonder how much flights are to Minneapolis…” and checked Kayak. UM. Flights were $118. Holy crap, I was all over that.

As I drove home from LA, I texted Rachel asking if she’d still have me, and she basically told me I had to buy the flight or else.

So. Once I got home, and double checked the work calendar to make sure everything was okay, and I bought the flights. And 12 days later I got on a plane. YOLO.



I got into Minneapolis late the Saturday evening before the first show. Rachel and I sat up and talked for a few hours before heading to sleep.

The next morning, I was super excited. Not only for the shows, but for state fair food. I am a fat kid.

We went to get coffee at Caribou first. Chris from Scars on 45’s girlfriend lives in Minneapolis (well, did live, she just moved to the UK!) so they stopped by to say hi to us. Love those two.

We then headed to the fair. We walked around for a few hours and ate a variety of things. And then we headed over to the Bandshell Stage where Andy was playing. There was some old people band playing a few hours before Andy, and it was a MESS trying to get seats. I almost got in a fight with an old lady, no joke.


We eventually settled into a second row seat, and were okay with it. There was an amateur talent show happening right before Andy, and we were getting ready to watch, when I spotted Eman talking to a security guard. I turned to say to Rachel, “They are going to FLIP OUT when they see me.” and she replied with, “Uh, yeah, Eman is staring at you right now.” I look up and he is in fact staring at me. “What the fuck!” he mouths to me and then heads over.

I stand up to hug him and he’s like, “You don’t have to get up.” I’m like no dude, real hug here.

He asks why I am in Minnesota and I tell him Rachel is my excuse and he basically is surprised, but stoked to see me. We stood around talking for a good 10 minutes before the talent show was about to begin. Eman said goodbye for the moment, and we watched the talent show.

There were some…interesting performances. Ha.

We got ready for Andy, and right as he was coming out, everyone rushed the stage and Rachel and I were, like WHAT THE HELL. It became a huge sticky pit of smooshed people. In the Minnesota humidity. Ew.

We ended up near Zach, who spotted me within a few seconds. His mouth DROPPED and he stood there staring at me for a few seconds before he walked towards me, reached his hand out for mine, and kissed the top of it. Such a gentlemen. And adorable.



I thought I was going to pass out a majority of the show. SO HOT. Humidity can suck it. I was sweating like crazy.

These boys are so entertaining though, so I embraced the sweat and just sang and danced it out the entire time.
When the set was over, Zach leaned down and squeezed my shoulder. “Thanks for coming gorgeous girl! Come say hi afterwards!” and I nodded that I would.

We stuck around until Zach came out and chatted for a bit. “What are you DOING HERE? You CONFUSE ME!” (See a band 15 times in multiple states in one year, and that’ll do it. Haha.)

The conversation lead to, “So, are we like your favorites now?”
I pretty much laughed in his face and said, “No. Matt Nathanson is my favorite.”
“Oh, he’s the one to beat? We’ll get there.”
I laughed again, “No. I’m sorry but he will be my favorite forever. I love that dude and he takes care of me. I’m seeing him 15 times next month, actually.”
“FIFTEEN?! HOW. Where are you going?”
“He’s on tour…everywhere.”

We talked for a few minutes and then he told us, “I’m gonna go find Andy for these other girls. I’ll be back.”

Well Zach never came back, but Andy did. We chatted for a super brief second.
“Hi sweetie! Nice to see you again. Thanks for coming!” he said opened arms for a hug.
“Thanks for being so fun! I flew from California for this.”

“I know.”

Well. At least Andy can keep it straight where I’m from. Ha.

I don’t know what I’m saying here, but I love Andy’s face. Ha.


I took a photo with Andy, and then he was like, “Is everyone good? Okay, bye” and peaced out before Rachel got a chance to say wait, you skipped me! I felt like such a jerk for getting a photo in her state.

We headed out of the fair, and to Rachel’s car which we found extremely dead in the parking lot. FAIL. I have AAA though, so we called and they gave us a jolt to get the car started and on our way home.

Since we sweat out all the sweat, we drank all the water before heading to sleep for the night. Stoked for a second show.

The second day we were much more prepared than the first. Well. Rachel’s car wouldn’t start so we had to have her roommate drop us off at the fair, but besides that we were super prepared. Ha.

We got to the fair early, and then proceeded to sit at the Bandshell Stage all. damn. day. No old people saving seats or getting in our way. Nope. But we still managed to also eat ALL THE THINGS.





(Zach later was scrolling through Instagram and asked me, “Joslyn, did you EAT ALL THAT?” Yes. Yes, I did.)

Eman came out before the show again. “I wanted to say hi now, because I’m not sure if I’ll see you after the show.” ADORABLE. Foreshadow: we saw a lot of the band after the show.

We watched all the performances all day long, and then prepared ourselves to run to the stage once Andy came out.

We made it to the front row, but it was another hot and squished evening. Humidity is a BITCH.


After the set, we were talking to Zach for awhile. Then he was all, “I’m gonna be right back.” and disappeared. He came back a few minutes later and yelled at me from the side of the stage. “Joslyn, come here!” I thought he was just yelling at me to say goodbye, so I walked over and he was like, “Come backstage and say hi to everyone.” So I go back over to Rachel and say, “Uh…we’re going backstage?” and then the security guard drew smilies on our hands which was our “pass” and we headed to the back.


“Do you guys need anything? We have fruit and water and there’s really nice bathrooms you can use.” Zach says as he’s escorting us to their dressing room.

“Do you have bananas?” I joked. “Dude, I haven’t drank water all day, so I will take one of those.” I said.

“Oh my God! Yes, I will get you a water.”

We stopped to use the bathroom first (which was super nice) and Rachel and I had the whole whisper “WTF is happening right now?!” moment before we headed back out to the hall and lost where Zach went.

We could hear the band talking from a room a bit down the way, but I didn’t want to be a creeper, so we stood there both going, “You peek into the room. No, YOU peek in there!” until Zach pops out and goes,

“Oh there you are. I thought you two got lost.”
“No, I just didn’t want to seem like a creep just walking in there.” I said. He had bananas in his arms.
“I’m gonna let you pick which one you want.” Oh my god, I love that dude.

He led us into the back room and there were couches and such and we plopped ourselves down on and enjoyed the AC and water and the company of the band.

These dudes. Man, these are my HOMIES. They are SO fun. We were backstage for a long time. So many great one liners and inside jokes. Some strange lady cleansing Andy’s aura and him at one point giving us a “help” look. They all saw my fat kid photo and heard my snort laugh.

Accidental creeper photo that Rachel took. But look at that aura cleansing…

Then there was talk about going to Buffalo Wild Wings and Zach said, “I’m not going if you two aren’t going” so we all piled into a van with the band (and Alison Holker, who I had no clue who she was at the time…), and then we had drinks and talked and hung out until they closed. Perfect night.

Four and half hours later Rachel and I got in a Uber car and laughed the whole way back to her house. “WHAT IS MY LIFE?!” I exclaimed. I am grateful to have moments like these in my life.

I feel lucky to have gotten to know these dudes a little more than just what you see onstage, and for them to see the real me and accepting the snort laughs and all. Ha. Fantastic humans that just basically fell into my life, those ones.


The following morning it was coffee in hand, and back on a plane. There are some trips that are just so perfect, that I never want to head back to reality. Ever.


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