The One Where It Was “Mattober” (Part 1)

So I miiiight have went a little cuckoo when Matt Nathanson announced a small acoustic tour and bought 18 tickets for the tour…and there were only 26 shows on the entire tour.  Whoops. All of the shows were in October (yeah, yeah, these blogs are super belated again, what’s new?) so we nicknamed it “Mattober”


The evening prior to my first show of the tour was a long travel day. I boarded a plane in San Francisco at 10am, and landed in NYC around 6pm (darn you, time zones.) I found Amber in the airport and we hopped into a private car and were shuttled to JC’s apartment on the other side of the city.

NYC in the evening is beautiful. We drove over some bridge, and you could see all the lights from the city in the horizon and…heart eyes for days. That city is magical.

The next morning we hopped on a subway with JC who headed off to work and Amber and I to the venue. The venue was literally at the top of the subway stop stairs, and what do I see as I am walking up them? Matt getting on the bus. For some reason I felt a little creepy appearing from the underground so I avoided eye contact. Ha.

Nina and Caroline were already in line, so we all reunited with hugs and happy. Paul was getting off the bus and was like, “Joslyn! Where have you been?!” and I gave him a look and started laughing because it was only the third show of the tour. “I have to work sometimes…”

After awhile, we took our belongings to Nina and Caroline’s car (we had lugged our luggage with us on the subway. That was fun. Not.) and then spent the day waiting in line and wandering off to get food and caffeine.


One point of the day Matt came out of the venue to leave for a radio thing, but stopped to say hi to us. He came right over and gave Amber and I huge hugs and then proceeded to talk our ears off for a few minutes.

So for this tour, Matt did this awesome thing where he had fans vote for what older songs they wanted to hear. The ones that got the most votes then ended up on this giant wheel which he spun during the show, and then played whatever song it landed on.

We were talking about the wheel and the awesomeness of it, and he said something like, “The wheel is for you guys.” and I was like aww but then I quit the cute. Ha. My favorite song from the new album ended up being on the wheel and not the setlist, so I yelled, “WHY IS DISAPPEAR ON THE WHEEL?!”

He explained he didn’t know how to fit it into the setlist, but he’d find a place for it for me. So began the “Where is Disappear” watch.

As we’re talking, he says, “You’re hair is KILLING, by the way. I saw it the other day…uh, cause you know, I see things on the social media…” HA. He sees all…

When Matt had to leave for his radio thing, we make ourselves comfortable for the next few hours in line. Where it began to rain. SIGH.

They let us into the venue lobby about an hour before doors, which was STUPID, because then they opened two doors and some people ran and some people got fucked over and ended up in the fourth row. I don’t even know how Amber and I got in the front row. Nina and Caroline were way the fuck on the other side of the stage and that made me sad.


Then the show…while Matt played well and YAY MATT, there were the MOST disrespectful assholes I have ever come across at a show. I couldn’t really fully enjoy the show, and it pretty much ruined my entire start of tour.

Then security were dicks to us after, and long story short, Matt tried to talk to us, we got shooed out, so the only words spoken during the m&g was “Did you have fun?” and I said, “No. Bitches.” Ha. I was fine with that since we had a long conversation before the show, and I had 17 more shows to go to, but security just sucked.


We got JC into a cab, and then the rest of us loaded into the car and basically got the fuck out of NYC the quickest we could.

We decided to drive to the next city that night. It was a quick 2 hour drive to Pawling. Beth had flown in that evening and met us there. We decided we were hungry and went to a horrible Denny’s with water that tasted like dirt, and then I didn’t order anything and became delirious and apparently burped so loud everyone stared but I have NO RECOLLECTION OF THIS. Loosing my mind, night one.



We went and checked into our hotel, and then went to sleep for a few hours. We woke up, complimentary breakfasted, got ready, got caffeinated, and then made ourselves comfortable at the venue.

This was CD release day. And probably my favorite of all 18 shows I went to on the tour.

When we were waiting in line, we were standing near this creepy ass mofo. That’s a giant Daryl Hall. That’s my, I am creeped out face.


Matt and Paul appeared out of nowhere and they came over so Paul could take a photo with creepy mofo Daryl.

Matt then of course stood and talked to us for awhile. All I remember is blabbing about library murders (there was a murder behind my library right before this show. I dunno why shit like that comes out of my mouth, I have no filter.)

They ended up letting us into the venue at 5pm when the show didn’t start until 8, and we were excited to be inside and not in the cold. And we ordered all the food since it was a bar and restaurant as well.


Finally it was showtime, and I was just blown away by this night. The setlist was fantastic. There weren’t assholes in the crowd. I was happy. Super duper happy.






Obviously the happy was noticeable, because when I walked up to Matt for the m&g that evening the first thing he said was, “I loved watching your face tonight, you just kept getting more excited over certain songs!”


We chatted for a long time about crossing the border and passports and being fat kids, then headed out to get back on the road to Canada.

Speaking of fat kids, JC got us Sprinkles Cupcakes!


The drive got tense while in the car when Beth, Amber and I got in a fight over nothing. It’s funny now, and the quote of the night ended up being,
“Do you want a cupcake?”
“Do you just want to be grumpy?”

Don’t worry, we love each other.

We got to our hotel which smelled bad and was super sketch, and went to sleep for a short while.

After waking up on the right side of the bed, we finished the drive to Toronto after finding food and caffeine. We then sat in the FREEZING COLD all day. It was extremely windy and the air was piercing. We hid behind a wall and a construction scaffolding for most of the day until more people came to form an actual line.


There’s my sad, frozen ass.

There was a Starbucks across the street from us, so we used that to our advantage to recaffeinate and use the restroom and to unfreeze for a few minutes through out the day.

At one point of the day, Aaron walked by us to go to said Starbucks. And when he saw our set up of chairs and blankets he stopped in his tracks and looked at us. I started laughing and said, “We’re not homeless!” and he started laughing as well.

Aaron then had a nice chat with us about how we would be really well off homeless people with our chairs and portable phone chargers, and how we should get the square and ask for $10 donations. Ha! He’s awesome.

A little before doors, we went off to find food, and when in Canada…POUTINE! I got the vegan version, and it was SO GOOD. But let’s face it, when are potatoes of any sort not good?


So then we had an incident once we were inside the venue, but it still gives me anxiety and makes me angry to talk about, so I won’t mention it here. All was good in the end, so yay.


This venue had AMAZING acoustics, and lighting.

After the show we once again waited for the meet and greet. The wheel once again didn’t land on Disappear, and Matt still hadn’t added it into the actual set list so I decided to joke around with him. “Do you know what tomorrow is?!”

“No, what’s tomorrow?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

“It’s show number 150. I think it’s a good day to rig the wheel.” I say with a grin on my face.
Matt pulls me into this huge hug. “I love you, and I think I can make that happen.”


The night before this girl had spun the wheel and pretty much tried to cheat by making it land on what song she wanted…and then the wheel kept going and she didn’t end up getting her song. HA.

“I will spin the wheel and cheat like that girl last night!” I said.
“Oh man, that girl. That was the best. She was like AHHH…fuck.”

After the group  had all said our hellos and goodbyes, we piled into the car and started driving back to Amber’s place near Detroit.



I don’t even remember what time we made it back to Amber’s house from Toronto. I think it was something ridiculous like 4am. (We stopped and slept behind a bank for a little bit because we all were dead.) And then our alarms went off a few hours later, and I hated everything. Except for Amber’s cat which I plotted to steal.


The only reason we had to get up early was because Matt was playing two shows. He had a free radio gig at noon, and then the show that evening.

Amber and I headed over to the radio thing first, to check out the scene. (But first, a stop at Starbucks, where I received THE WORST Americano of life. It was horrible.) The radio show was inside of a restaurant inside of a casino and it was just weird, and not well organized AT ALL.

Beth, Caroline and Nina showed up a little later, and we enjoyed our little sweet free show.


We were seated at tables for this, and after Matt played he walked past our table, and totally hip checked me as he walked by. I was still sitting down at the time, so his butt basically hit my shoulder and was in my face. So I back handed his ass without even thinking about what I was doing. HA. Oops. Whatever.


Since we were seeing him later that night, we didn’t take much of his time at the meet and greet. He asked how we were, I said tired, and I left half my voice in Toronto, we took our photo, then we peaced out to get in line at the venue for that night.


We were first in line like always, but we had made Amber’s husband wait at the venue for us just in case, so Amber went to have lunch with him as a thank you (and we bought him a video game for his trouble and his time. We’re ridiculous.)

It was a pretty chill and relax time in line. Made a trip to Dunkins to recaffeinate. Went to a bar, and ate a bomb ass peanut butter and sriracha grilled sandwich.

Now, the show. I was so tired and had literally no voice left at this point and was still singing along to everything anyway, and was NOT expecting what happened next.

Watch this. How dare he be cute and give me a shout out.

I hate him. I love him. Pretty sure my face was just all 😀 the entire song. Ugh, my heart. ❤

After the show, I walked up to him and he said with open arms, “Come here, Ms. 150!” and as I was hugging him I said, “Technically 150 was this morning…” and he hushed me and was like, “I know, but don’t tell the people that.” Haha.

So Paul takes this photo as we’re hugging, but then I was like, “Um, not to be high maintenance but I was gonna ask to take a photo with us making a 1-5-0 with our hands..” so then I got that glorious photo.



Everything about it makes me happy. My geeky grin, the look on his face.

I love that dude.

We actually stayed at a hotel close by that night, because Amber lives 45 minutes away from the airport and we all had ridiculous early flights home. 6am is not my favorite time to be at the airport.

I slept through the whole first flight. During my layover in Texas I have a very “I LOVE LIFE” moment and cheesed the whole time.

Matt shows. Definitely my happy place.

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