The One Where It Was “Mattober” (part 3)

I decided for the last leg of the tour to just take my own car so I’d save money on flights and renting a car. But this meant I had to first drive to Denver. Which is 20 hours away. Did I loose my mind? Am I insane?

I split it up over the course of two days though. I worked a half day and drove the first 9 hours and stopped in Vegas for the night (thank you Erin & Dahl for your hospitality! You guys are the best!) and then the following morning made the second part of the trek to Denver.



The morning of the Denver show, Nina and Caroline had to work, so Amber and I went and hung out near the venue. And near the venue I mean we parked right out front and sat in the car because it was raining. Ha.

When Nina was done working, she picked up Yvonne from the airport and we continued the car sitting for awhile. They brought us VooDoo Doughnuts and I fat kid ate one up.

We eventually formed a line because other people started showing up. While waiting, Matt walked by and talked to us for a long bit. As we were talking he freaked me out, cause he got this excited look on his face and started reaching for what I thought was my sweater.

“You just re-did this, didn’t you?” he asked, basically petting my hair. I get the most compliments/touching of my hair from guys, so if you want a lot of comments about hair from random dudes, dye it purple!

We talked about more random things like attaching my car to his tour bus after he told me again, “you should just ride in our bus” (“I can get a trailer for my car, then attach it to the bus.” “My bus already has a trailer…”), the drive through Utah.

He mentioned something about it being cold, and I pointed to Yvonne’s feet. “She’s wearing flip flops!”

“Do you need socks? I can get you socks off the bus.” I don’t know if I could ever trust bus socks…haha.

He eventually began to wander off to look at street art, and he asked if we needed anything, and I was like, “Coffee!” We never got socks or coffee so if you ever need anything, don’t depend on the Nathanson…;)

We were finally let in out of the rain and into the venue which was tiny and a total dive.

The show was really great though. I was so happy to be back at shows, and not working. Live music is my life line.


So when we went to say hi during the meet and greet I walked up to Matt, who was in a great mood. He was singing the word “girl” to me as I walked up for a hug, and as I was just about to hug him, he burped. Pretty much in my face. Paul was paparazzi while we were talking, and just look at these photos. His burp. My face. His face. PRICELESS.



“A girl told me I smelled like cereal earlier. And I haven’t eaten cereal so that’s weird.”
“Cereal?” I said. Then I started sniffing him. And he was blowing in my face. “Am I really smelling your breath right now?”

He proceeded to tell me this really great story about his kid, but it’s not my story to tell. But lets just look at this photo as well. His face. My face. I was laughing SO HARD.



Since this was the last leg of the tour, I said to him. “Alright. I have a list of songs that I want to hear that you haven’t played on this tour yet.”

“Okay. What’s the list.”

I named 5 songs. Don’t ask me what 5 songs they are now, because I do not remember. Ha. I do remember asking for “Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts” because it was on the setlist in Atlanta but skipped over, “Kept” because it was on the wheel, then disappeared, and my favorite Matt song, “All Been Said Before.” He played it in Texas when I wasn’t there, and I told Nina to tell him I was going to kill him.

“Oh…yeah the girls were like, ‘she’s gonna murder you.’ But you got the best version of that song.” (Matt played it for me in a stairwell a few years ago.)
“Yeah, I know. But I’ve only heard it twice out of the 155 shows I’ve been to…” Paul starts laughing at that one. It’s the truth though.20151022_232307
After we all say our hi and byes to Matt, we part our ways. Amber, Yvonne and I start the drive halfway to Utah. Nina and Caroline were flying in the following morning.
Well. We were supposed to drive about 4 hours. But we ended up in the car until almost 6am. Because…BLIZZARD.

OH MY GOD. I legit thought we were going to die. It was snowing hard, and we were going about 15 mph, and there was black ice everyone and my car was skidding and I kept visualizing us flying off the side of the mountain. I cried. Multiple times. I am a wuss.

Eventually the snow let up, and Amber took over driving because I was probably having an anxiety attack. We learned when we got to our hotel that they had closed the freeway when we were on it. Yeah…not so sure how I drove through that and am alive to tell the tale. Winter, I’m glad I live 4 blocks from the ocean and don’t have to put up with your shit.

When we got inside our hotel room we found that they had only given us one bed. For 3 people. Luckily it was a california king, and it was so late (early!) so we just piled in together and passed out.


Nina and Caroline got on their flight when we went to sleep. They told us to not worry about getting there early. I’m not sure what time we did end up leaving the hotel. But when we got to the venue, they were the only ones there anyway. Ha.

Salt Lake City was a blur of a day. I just remember laying on the ground and being delirious.

Little did I know that I was going to know multiple groups of friends at this show.

When we were inside and waiting for the show to begin, I got a text from my friend Steve. I don’t remember the initial text, but I replied, “Hey! I’m at a Matt show.” to which he replied, “Yes. yes you are.” I happened to look over my shoulder right as I got this and just had a feeling he was there even though he lives in LA. Then, I see people waving at me. Ha. HI FRIENDS!

My other friends who actually live in the state of Utah, Lindsey and Emily, were there also. Emily texted me when she got there and we had a hug-fest on the middle of the floor because it had been YEARS since I had seen her.

Omg, Utah. You are really special sometimes. There was a girl who kept trying to steal guitar picks from off the stage before the show even began and gave us stank eye when we yelled at her. This girl asked Matt during the show why Lovejoy unmatched her on tinder (or un-swiped? I don’t do tinder. Basically whatever the equivalent of unfriending is.) and the whole band dying and trying to text him to find out the answer.


The best for me was when Emily got to go onstage to spin the wheel. So Emily is talking to Matt and then comes over to hand me her phone to take photos since I was upfront. Matt is like, “Oh you’re just handing your phone to people in the front row?” and I yell, “I know her!” and Matt was all, “You know Joslyn?” and looked excited and confused.


After the spin, Matt went to begin singing the next song, but looked at me and asked, “How do you know her?!” like it was the biggest mystery of the world. I have friends, Nathanson. Some you don’t know (even though I’ve seen Matt with Emily and Lindsey before!)

The meet & greet was fun because I joked it was a Joslyn m&g because everyone wanted me to be in their photos. BUT, my phone killed itself a few weeks ago and I lost pretty much all of my photos so I don’t have the ones I was in with other people any longer. Sad faces. People send me these things again. Thanks.


After talking up all my peeps, we drove part way to Boise because we had a very early day the next morning.



Boise day was supposed to be our day off, but a week or so before, it was announced that Matt was doing an in-store. And since we literally were driving through Boise to get to Seattle, we couldn’t pass it up, even though it began at noon which meant we had to wake up and start driving at 6am. #sleepwhenidie

We also talked Nina and Caroline into going, because they were supposed to fly to Seattle that morning, and we convinced them to drive to Boise instead, then drive to Seattle after. Bad influence, or good influence?


We were delirious at this show. I remember we were saying random shit to each other, and one of Matt’s people looked at us and I just said, “Sorry. We’re a little delirious” and he kinda just nodded like yup. That you are.

BUT! This record store that Matt played at was amazing. And it had a coffee bar thankfully. I legit had the best americano of my life there. I want to go back just for that damn coffee.

Matt randomly started talking about this band named Mr. Mister and asked people standing in the M section to find the vinyl for him. Ha. And then when he did a signing, he wrote lyrics to that band on everyone’s stuff.


Matt asked me if I knew the song that he had written on my CD. Paul was standing there singing them as Matt asked me. I said, “No. I’m too young for that.” and Matt looks up and gives me the biggest DEATH look. I’m sure he took it as me calling him old. I just started laughing cause I found his look hilarious. I was just saying I’m 12 years younger, not saying anyone is old. I wish I had a photo of that look, cause it was priceless.

It was still really early, so we wandered around the area afterwards to find lunch. We ate this little diner that was music themed, and it was so cute and perfect for us. We all thoroughly enjoyed our food as well, which is always a plus.

After lunch, we all piled back into cars and started heading to Seattle, which was another 8 hours away. These days were long.

BUT! We stopped for gas right before we hit the road and I found out that Boise has DUTCH BROS! I had talked this coffee up so much, that Amber was excited.




When we got to Leah’s place we were all dead tired, so we barely talked before going to sleep. Team Elderly.

The next morning we woke up and Leah had made us the most delicious pumpkin muffins. They were vegan and gluten free but tasted like heaven! Droooool.


We headed over the venue and were dorks and read books in line to pass the time.


Matt walked by at one point and started talking to us about random shit once again. I had asked if he was playing any holiday shows in California in December and he pulled out his phone and was reading random cities out of his calendar and was like, “This tells me nothing.” then we were talking about something else and he just walked away. (He’s bad at saying goodbye. Hahaha.)


It rained ALL DAY. And I was a grump face. So much that halfway through the day Nina was like, “I’m going to go get a shot a tequila and I am buying you one.” One turned into three, and I was drunk off my ass. But guess what! I’m a happy drunk so grump be gone!

I was sober by the time that the show began. All was moving along like normal and then Matt welcomes…Train onstage. I swear they follow me everywhere I go. So they’re covering Don’t Stop Believing and I see Pat see me halfway through the song. And then he puts his microphone in my face. I’m mentally screaming NOOOO but then I just sing really really soft cause no one needs to hear that shit. Nope.



So after the show we do the m&g thing like always. And Matt was NOT happy with us. Nina went ahead of me and I heard him say, “you’re shitfaced and she’s shitfaced.” and I was like…mouth drop. People in the crowd were being shitty that night, so I think he took his frustrations out of us. I am the least obnoxious drunk in the world. I just smile and touch people’s boobs. Hahaha.


So basically don’t drink at a Matt show cause he doesn’t like it. I mean look at this photo. He’s standing far away and clearly not impressed with me. Ha. But then I lightened up the mood by saying, “I grabbed everyone’s boobs tonight!”

“That sounds like my kind of party!”

So when the Nathanson is upset with you…talk about boobs. And then he made sure I wasn’t driving even though I WAS SOBER.

We headed back out to Leah’s to sleep, and then woke up early to drop Jane off at the airport and head towards Portland.


Portland was cold. And wet. Surprise, surprise. When we arrived at the venue Nina and Caroline were already there, and we took turns through out the day saving spots and doing whatever we wanted to do.

My only task of the day was going to Powell’s Bookstore. Amber had never been to Portland, so I made sure she came with me, because everyone needs to experience Powell’s in their lifetime.

I am a book nerd, but Powell’s gets me for their little souvenirs  every time. This round I went home with a shirt that says, “I just want all the cats to love me best.” TRUE STORY.

At one point of the day, it was just Yvonne and I in line. Aaron had rounded the corner and was telling us this story about some crazy folk that he had seen earlier walking around. And right after he finishes this story, this total wackado comes up and starts talking to us and Aaron just gives us this look, nods his head and leaves. It was a “good luck, I’m out” look. I still laugh thinking about it, cause I would peace the hell out if I was him as well.

Nina and Amber wandered to VooDoo at one point of the day, and brought me back a Memphis Mafia. HOLY CRAP SO GOOD. Also, way super large. #fatkidsontour


It was cold, so we hugged it out towards the end to stay warm. No tequila required. 😉




So, during this show, Matt decided to play All Been Said Before. And he’s a liar, so he intro’d it saying that some fan asked for it 20 years ago and he kept promising to play it. Unless there was someone he promised to play it to, then he’s telling the truth, but I think I call bullshit.

So after the show, Amber was like, “Matt I won the radio thing for tomorrow but I can only take one person, who should I take?” and Matt was like, “What do you need? Tell Paul.” #spoiled

I was walking up to him right as she was asking, and so I was like, “We all win!” then I looked at him and said in this total dork voice, “And you totally win cause you played my song!” to which Matt started CRACKING UP AT and mimicked me and then was like, “Come here, you.”



We were legit laughing in this photo. Look at us cheesing it out. I love that jerk.

So then afterwards we headed to get some of the girls food. I originally wasn’t hungry, but as soon as I walked into the restaurant I was like YAS PIZZA IN MY FACE and it was seriously the best pizza I ever ate. Pizza! You rule my life.

We decided to drive a bit out of Portland and stay in Eugene for the night, so the following morning we wouldn’t be in the car the entire day back to San Francisco. We ate at this most fantastic place we found on yelp, and I wished I remembered what it was named, because I must find it again if ever in Eugene!



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