The One Where I Was Super Behind On Blog Posts and Shoved a Ton Of Matt Shows Into One Post.

Oh, hey.

I am extremely behind in blogging. Like…a year behind. Do you know how many concerts that is?! No? Okay. Well me, either…

Anyway. Hi. Sorry I am the worst blogger on the planet.

I’ve gone to a ton of one off Matt shows in the past year, so here is a huge hodgepodge blog of them all. YAAAAY procrastination! We can call this throw back…year.

Let’s go back all the way to…

NOVEMBER 2015 (I told you I was way behind!)

I couldn’t even be sad that fall tour was over, because I had two shows within a week of tour ending.

So, just 4 days after the last show on tour, I was back in my car driving to San Francisco.

The first show was a really cool event called Story, Song, & Conversation with author Kelly Corrigan. I met up with a few of the girls, and we hug out in front of the venue before the show a bit just chatting.

After waiting a bajillion hours in line over the previous few weeks, it was nice to have a seated event (even though I prefer general admission 1000% more!)

Matt walked past us in line when he arrived (why were we in line for a seated show anyway?!) and said hi to us for a few minutes. “Hi, my homies!” He was super stoked for this show, because he said he only lived a few miles away.

We were let in, and the venue had this cool loft feel to it. We we treated to some snacks and alcoholic beverages, which were fancy as fuck. And free!




After not even an entire drink and I realized I was tipsy so I dumped the rest, we proceeded to our seats. There, we found a makeup bag full of full sized beauty products. Okay, I love this day already.

Then it got better. Matt and Kelly began the evening by talking about a topic (which 11 months later, totally eludes me, but it was GOOD.) Matt said a bunch of things which totally stabbed me in the heart, because I could 100% relate.




Then, they switched off between Matt playing a song, and Kelly reading short stories. She made me cry. (Sorry for the crap photos. They said none were allowed so I ninja’d these.)

After the show, we were outside saying goodbye to each other, when Matt does a 3 point turn in his car right in front of the venue. “Come to my house, I have gelato!” he jokingly yelled out the window. I shake my head at his ridiculousness.

6 days later, it was back in my car, this time back down south to San Diego for another Matt show.

This show was a benefit for Rob Machado’s foundation which puts clean drinking water into Southern California schools. Brett Dennen, Grouplove’s Andrew Wessen and Timmy Curran also played.

I drove down with Yvonne, and once we arrived to San Diego, we picked up Nina from her hotel. We wandered around downtown for a bit finding food and caffeine, and sat in line in the rain and got called “dedicated” by staff. Ha.



Jane showed up after work, and we all claimed our front row spots once doors opened.

This show was kinda weird, yet fun at the same time.




I thought it was going to be my last Matt show of the year, so when I drove home the next day, I was totally bummed out.



Turns out, Matt was headlining a show in Denver. And flights were only $39. So, needless to say, a bunch of us were crazy and decided to fly in.

Yvonne and I flew in the day before the show. When we arrived to Denver, Nina was there to pick us up, and we went off to find food. Because yes. Fat kids.


Jane flew in that night. Yvonne, Nina & Caroline went to see some band play in Denver. Jane and I played lazy kids, and just stayed at the house. But Nina’s husband is amazing, and he made us tea and popcorn.

The girls came back, I think I was asleep already, and we all settled in for bed.

The next morning we woke up and listened to Matt on the morning radio.

Then we wandered out for caffeine and fun. We went to Red Rocks because it was always on my bucket list, and even if I don’t ever see a show there, at least I can say I went there and climbed all the stairs. (And holy shit, were those some steep ass stairs, plus the air?! Dead.)


We then had lunch at Whole Foods, and then headed towards the venue. Amber and Beth had flown in and we met everyone for a light dinner and drinks before the concert began. Yay to the crew!


The show was really great, and when Matt spotted me, he had the whole surprised, excited look he always gets when he’s not expecting to see me. (He should always expect to see me at this point, haha.)


Afterwards, we headed back to Nina’s, and we all stayed awake for way too long talking, considering most of us were flying out at the butt crack of dawn the next morning.

Most of us had different flights, so Beth went with Nina, Caroline took Amber, and again, Nina’s husband is awesome, because he drove Yvonne, Jane, and I to the airport at like 6 in the morning. #besthusbandaward

Yvonne, Jane & I continued the trip to Portland. It was Jane’s birthday, and Matt had a show, and flights were only $39 to Portland as well, so why the hell not?!


When we landed we had a free day to spend in the city. So we did what we always do when in Portland: wandered around Powell’s for hours, ate donuts (we tried Blue Star donuts this time instead of Voodoo) and got me Dutch Bros Coffee.



When we were driving past a venue, Yvonne realized 21 Pilots was playing that evening, so she bought a ticket to their show and Jane and I dropped her off later that evening.

Jane and I then wandered around some random strip mall. Ended up in IKEA. I bought a rug. (Yes, I realized I was going to have to fly home with said rug, but I made it work.)

Jane and I picked up Yvonne when her show was over, and then we headed back to our hotel.

The next morning we breakfasted at the hotel and then we made our way out to wander some more. Made our way downtown to where the show was at. We met up with Leah, and then we went into the venue. Only…it was the venue next door, which was a HOCKEY GAME. WTF?! Why did our tickets scan?!

So we had to deal with getting our tickets unscanned, and then going into the CORRECT DOORS. Oh jeezus. Here for the picks, not for the pucks!

This show was fun. Civil Twilight, Matt, Michael Franti.




The following morning Yvonne and Jane dropped me off at the airport because I had an early flight home, and they were flying out later that afternoon/evening.

Turns out I was at the airport the same time as Matt (and a guy dressed as Santa Claus!) but sadly at different gates.


HA. He’s my favorite.


It wasn’t long before we saw Matt again, either. Luckily someone had backed out of Sketchfest, so Matt was added last minute. Yes, and yes.

Janet Varney was recording a podcast about awkward teenage years, and how things haven’t really changed since then. Other guest were Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant from the podcast Stuff You Should Know, and television/internet personality Veronica Belmont. Featuring music from Matt.

This started SOOO early though. Okay, noon. So you know we like to get to places early. So we parked out front around 10 and stared at the door, then decided to make a line around 11:20ish.

I was sleepy. But this was SO funny. The podcast lives somewhere online, and you should all find it and listen to it.

They had a strict no phone rule, so no photos from me, but here are some I stole off the SketchFest website.






And then we got another show a few weeks later. #spoiled

Matt was playing a show for the Superbowl, and this may have been the day I had MATT NATHANSON FAN written on my forehead, or something.

We got to the place where the show was that evening stupid early, because we heard it got crazy with all the superbowl fans. Yeah, it wasn’t crazy at all. Oh well. Better safe than sorry. At least I had Philz in hand.


We made ourselves comfortable in front of the stage, and this guy came up and asked if we were there for Matt. When we said yes, he asked “Can I interview you for the radio?” and Nina, Caroline, and Yvonne all say “NO” while I say, “YES!” haha. So the guy is asking questions, and is blown away when he asks how many times I’ve seen Matt. When he’s done, he said, “I’m airing this on the radio tomorrow!” (I didn’t listen so I have no clue if it actually aired or not.)

We were sitting and waiting around when this marching band came and literally stood 2 feet in front of us. It was SO LOUD. Don’t mind us sitting here. Just blow our ear drums out, that’s fine.


So then this newscast lady comes up and asks if we’re there for Matt. We say yes again. She says she has no idea what to ask him. I throw out a bunch of questions. She’s all, “These are actually amazing. I’m going to use these. I wish I could just bring you back there with me!”
So then she’s talking to me and out of nowhere goes, “Do you want to be on TV? You’re going to be on TV.” and went to grab her camera guy before I even said sure.

So then I’m interviewed for the second time of the day. What even?! And this actually made it onto TV. Hi, my name is Joslyn and I am a “Matt Nathanson fan” HAHAHA.


The newscaster asked me if Matt knew who I was, and I was like..oh yup. She came back out after the interview and she told me she asked him. Of course he said yes, and he also told her, “it’s weird when she isn’t at one of my shows.” Cute.

So then Matt came out and did a soundcheck, and they played Adrenaline full band for the first time. After he was finished he looked at me and gave me a look and a thumbs up to ask, “good?” and I probably had a dumb face cause SO good, and gave him the thumbs up back.


During his actual set, it started raining. So we had a poncho party!



Afterwards we went to find food because OMG the hunger. And Yvonne and I headed back to her place to sleep all the sleep.


And then there was Pet-a-Palooza.

Pet-a-palooza was a long day. Considering that “doors” opened at 10am and it was a general admission show, I drove part way and stayed in Walnut Creek the night before so I didn’t have to get up and drive 3 and a half hours at 5am. No one wants to deal with me when I have to get up that early. #grumpy

I had to drive through Davis, which meant one thing: DUTCH BROS COFFEE. And of course I got the one the size of my head, because caffeine was needed. I mean, look at how tired I was. Gross.


And of course, Jane, Yvonne and I were the first ones there. That’s how we roll. We hung out on the grass and chilled, and convinced Yvonne not to steal all the small dogs.

I was pretty stoked about this show because Ben Rector was also playing. I have seen him on 3 boats, and this show reminded me of how much I need to get to an actual show of his.


Matt had the flu this day, but he still trucked out to Sacramento and performed like nothing was wrong. He is just amazing, puking or not.





So. Many. Shows.

Which you’ll get blogs about, eventually. Maybe. Next year. HA.

Oh, and I’m not counting it as a Matt concert, but a few weeks ago he did this awesome thing at his library (YES. MATT IN A LIBRARY. BE STILL MY HEART.) and I don’t know where to put this other than this blog so here you go!

The event was called Photographic Memory. It’s a podcast where people come and discuss a song that has had some sort of impact on them, and what it means to them. And then they play the song on vinyl for everyone. It was cool. They posted that podcast somewhere on the internet as well, so you should find it.


I knew it’d like like 5 minutes of Matt, but I still drove up anyway because LIBRARY. Plus, I ubered on the way to and from SF, which more than paid my way there and I got Philz so…thanks for an excuse to drive to the city, drink my favorite coffee, go to a library, and get paid for it, Matt! 😉

So there you have it. A year in the life of a California and one off Matt shows!

*off to write the other 2 billion blog posts I’m behind*



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