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10 Years Of Matt Nathanson.

It’s fitting that I am making my way home from Montana from a Matt Nathanson show today.

On this day, ten years ago, I saw Matt for the first time.

My first show I actually went for the opener. I only stuck around to see what the fuss was about, because I had been told by multiple people for a few years that I needed to see Matt live.

I was completely captivated. I kept looking around me like, we are lucky individuals to be experiencing this guy right now.

My first conversation with Matt made me feel like we were old friends. Then he told me a story about his cat and I was all, this dude is so rad!

A few days later I saw him again opening for Pink, solo with just an acoustic guitar in hand. I was blown away by how he could capture an entire audience’s attention by just himself.

I was hooked. I went home and downloaded Beneath These Fireworks and Live At The Point. The following year, Some Mad Hope came out, and that was the album that made me go, WOW. I’m all in. Throwing myself in completely. And I threw myself in, alright.

To make a long story short, here we are a decade and 175 shows later.

I sometimes wonder how this guy I go and see a crazy amount of times per year (and usually in places nowhere near where I live…I mean come on, who drives to MONTANA?!) will still look shocked or get excited when he spots me in a crowd. How is he not sick of me when I walk up to him at a meet and greet for the 10 dozenth time?

I guess I can say that I’m lucky; my appreciation for him is reflected back.

So. Matt. This is what I have to say to you.

There’s a million words to express how I feel and how thankful I am about everything over the years. I could sit here and write a novel, because I never shut up and talk way too much, but I’ll just get to the most important part of this post. I just want to say:



Your music has gotten me through the good days, and more importantly the bad ones.

Being at your shows feels like home; they are my happy place.

Because of you, I have been introduced to some of my other favorite artists (but no worries, you will always be my #1!!!)

I have also met some of the absolute best friends I could have ever wished for. It’s because of your music we were brought together, and without you, they wouldn’t be in my life.

I know I say this all the time, and I’ll most likely keep saying it to you for the next 10 years, but you are the best. The best.

Thank you. For everything. For the music. The friendships. For the endless hugs, and guest list spots. For the flowers and pastries. For hitting me in the face with a guitar pick and nearly taking out my eye (haha, never letting you live that one down!)

You mean a lot to me. More than the words in this post can express. So since a picture says a thousand words, here are a few of my favorite moments together over the past 10 years.



















Thank you for the last ten years. The best 10 years. You truly are the best.


The One Where I Still Loved Lifehouse As Much As I Did When I Was 15.

Three days after getting home from all my Maroon 5 shows, I was on the road again. Sleep when I die…

This time, it was for a band that I’ve loved since I was 15: Lifehouse.

I found out about this show after a heads up from my friend David. At this point the show had already been on-sale for awhile, so by the time I got my hands on tickets, the closest available was third row. As long as I got to see them, I was good sitting anywhere. (And after a week of general admission m5 shows, I was happy for a reserved seat. #TeamElderly)

The morning of the show, I worked a half day at the library, then hit the road to head to Modesto. I wandered around downtown for a bit but let’s face it…there’s not much to do in Modesto. I sat around the venue reading. There was a VIP option that included a meet and greet before the show, and 10 minutes before it was supposed to begin I decided…I deserve to go. So I walked right into the venue and went. #IDoWhatIWant



Although I dislike Modesto, I did like this venue a lot…

There were appetizers and such during a reception before the meet and greet. I didn’t want to focus on food. I just wanted Lifehouse! (After the m&g I did eat this vegan little sandwich guy they had and I should have shoved some into my face before hand because OMG delicious.)

They soon started letting us into the room where the band was, a few groups at a time. When I walked into the room, they looked up and past the people who were currently talking to them and saw me walk into the room. They all got huge smiles and starting waving happily at me. Pretty sure my face had a ridiculously large smile as I waved back. (And sorry to the people that were trying to talk to the band at that time, cause they were all looking at me…)

When it was my turn I walked into open arms for hugs. I yelled “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” at Bryce right before I hugged him, because it happened to be his birthday. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that even though you haven’t talked to your band face to face in a few years, that they still remember and appreciate you.

“On the drive here I realized that I’ve been a fan of this band for half my life. I was 15 when I first started listening, and I’m going to be 30 in a few weeks!”
“You’re THIRTY?!” Bryce said. Evil look from me. You’re not a spring chicken yourself, dude. Haha.

Jason had a better reaction and smiled really big, “Half your life! We’re growing up together!” (I was 16 and he was 19 the first time I saw Lifehouse live, so we are literally growing up together.)

They thanked me for coming and I just said, “Of course!” and we started talking about something else when the photographer came up behind me and was all, “Uh you need to turn around and take your photo now…” Bryce just gave me a look and apologized. Being rushed is no fun. 😦

I walked out of that room so happy though. That band has my heart.

Doors opened shortly after, and I went to find my seat. There were two openers who totally underwhelmed me, and I sat twirling my thumbs. The first two rows of people didn’t even stand for half of the show, and that wass just as super annoying as the openers. But hey, better view for me in the third row, so thanks losers!


Every time I see this band, I swear they are better than before. I could watch them every night for the rest of my life and still not get enough shows.

After the show I was standing around outside with David and his two friends he brought chatting. One of the guys that put on the show came out and handed me an autographed poster from the evening. Aaand thank you very much!

We ran into Jason as he was leaving, who smelled like he had been enjoying a beer or two (celebrating Bryce’s birthday the right way!) and he smooshed his face against mine while hugging me goodbye. I turned 15 again. Ha. He’s still so pretty and perfect and the man of my dreams…
Needless to say, I pretty much drove home on a Lifehouse high. 10 days until I see them again, and I can hardly wait!

The One Where I Went On The Rock Boat XV.

2015 has already been a busy year of concerts so far. It’s towards the end of April, and my count is already up to 16! Expect all the blogs soon.

I started off the year in the best way possible: THE ROCK BOAT!

This was the first year that I actually flew into Florida, got on the boat, then flew home right afterwards.

As short as the trip was, TRB never disappoints. All the fun was had. I always said that TRB 13 couldn’t ever be topped (that boat = EPIC) but 15 gave it a damn good run for it’s money!

Boarding day was on a Saturday this year, which made getting through the work week torturous. I was legit unproductive the last 4 hours on Thursday. (I don’t know how I lasted that long.)

After my last shift, I packed up some last minute things (my packing motto this trip was “if it fits, I’m gonna stick it in” #thatswhatshesaid) and headed up to Walnut Creek to stay the night at Dawn L and Tracy’s place. We were awake until probably after midnight, and the alarm was set for 4am. Ha. Torture part two.

We zombied out the door Friday morning, even after a few cups of coffee, and headed to SFO. Once we were there checking in, it really hit us that it was ROCK BOAT TIME. I think I yelled ROCK BOAT multiple times throughout the airport.

This was my first time on a non-stop flight and man…I’ve been spoiled. I never want a layover again. I had booked my flight way after DawnL and Tracy, so we didn’t get to sit together, but Virgin has seat to seat texting! So we spent a lot of time messaging one another. It was a thumb workout.

We finally arrived in Fort Lauderdale around 5pm, and man, loosing 3 hours really throws you off. When we went to find our bags, we found the lovely Rachel who was staying with us that night. I might have screamed her name all the way across the baggage claim, and she may have heard me. I am loud.

We took a car to Miami. It was long and hot, and our driver was weird and rude. As soon as we walked into our hotel Michael Franti and Jay (his hot guitarist) were standing there and I knew it was going to get even better.

We settled into our room and refreshed ourselves, before going back down stairs to have dinner at the connecting restaurant. Our friends April and Joe were also staying at the Marriott, so they joined us half way through.

After dinner, we were headed out of the restaurant and ran right into Scars and crew! We had a happy little reunion and chatted for a bit before they headed in for dinner.

A month before, we had gotten WCM/Scars tattoos and they were seeing them for the first time (in Danny’s handwriting; the hashtag is Aimee’s.) Danny grabbed each of our arms and rubbed them with his thumb, as if they were sharpied on and would come off. Yes dude, that’s your handwriting, and yes, they are permanent. 🙂

WCM tats
We were jet-lagged and sleep deprived so we went back to our room to just relax since we were all hitting a wall around that point.


Sleep didn’t last for very long though, because around 6am Brianna and Jeanette arrived from their red eye flight from San Diego.

Thus, began a morning of 6 girls in one hotel room. SHENANIGANS. I apologize to our hotel neighbors, because we were talking and laughing and dancing and singing songs about cats pretty much all morning.

Around check out we headed to the lobby of the hotel to attack the Starbucks and wait until it was our assigned time to arrive at the port.

Rachel and I were the last two down to the lobby, and after we got our coffee, we rounded a corner to Dawn L saying, “Look who we found!”

AUSTIN! My homie! We hugged it out, and then I finally met his super adorable wife, Amie. They are seriously the cutest couple.


We all hung out in the lobby for a bit, and then we hopped into a cab to head to the port.


The process of getting onto the boat this year was HORRIBLE. I don’t even understand what was going on. This was my 10th cruise, and it had never taken over 45 minutes to board. This year? 3 AND A HALF HOURS. ^&%&^#$%^#&@%$


I had never been so excited to take a boarding photo, and see the high five sign in my life.


By the time we got onto the boat, it was 3:30. The mandatory emergency drill was at 4pm and I was STARVING. The hotel didn’t have free breakfast, so I had only ate a banana and some PB I had in my backpack from the plane ride to tide me over until we got on the boat. Since it took so long, I was beyond tipping the line of hangry so I literally walked onto the boat, threw my backpack in our cabin and ran up the 7 flights of stairs to catch the end of lunch.

As I was running across the pool deck, I ran into Beth, Amanda, and JC. Beth bear hugged me and then I yelled “I FUCKING LOVE YOU BUT I NEED FOOD.” and continued on my venture. Ha. Sorry girls. We had the next 4 days. Feed me or Joslyn is gonna murder people.

As I was plating a salad, the staff was shutting down the buffet on me. NOOO. I had a half assed plate of spinach. Better than nothing.

I walked back to our muster station shoving greens in my face. And then they told me I couldn’t bring in the plate for the drill, so I shoved one last bite in my face and put the plate on the floor. These people. I NEEDED FOOD. Don’t they understand. Hangry is not to be messed with.
The muster drill is a joke. This year everyone was talking so loud I couldn’t even hear what the people were saying. If the ship was going down, we were all fucked.

Afterwards we went to meet up with the girls and head up to our “spot” to watch the sail away show. They always hand out complimentary shots for sail away, and I grabbed 2 because HI IT’S FREE ALCOHOL.





Sister Hazel came out and said that for the first song, there were free drinks, so we ran down a flight of steps and double fisted drinks as the bar tenders walked by with trays of drinks. Um, fuck yeah I was gonna be greedy.


So after the shots, plus 2 drinks (or was it 3?!) I was feeling NICE. Nice and tipsy. We ran into these fantastic people and chatted for a bit.


We watched some of Sister Hazel. The merch store opened in the middle of the set and they always run out of things super quick, so my drunk ass made it’s way into the library room (I love that they have a cruise library!) to buy some items.

Bare Naked Ladies and Franti apparently played some songs while we were buying merch. I realized when we walked back out…oh it’s the “chickety china song!”

I think we went to eat food after this. The alcohol proves to make me not remember. Ha. And then we went to watch Bare Naked Ladies who are SO MUCH FUN and I didn’t expect them to be that much fun.

After BNL, we headed out to the Pool Deck to watch Michael Franti. Apparently he had a prior injury that he tweeked in the middle of the set, but we couldn’t even tell he put on such a fun show! (Or we were taking pictures with this shark and was drooling over Jay with Beth…)


During the set, the most hilarious thing happened to me and it set up the beginning of an inside joke for the rest of the entire boat.

Long story short…to keep the identity of the person safe I won’t name names…HA. But SOMEONE from my favorite band had a little too much to drink. And then that someone might have came and ran into our group and it turned into a giant group hug. That someone might have spilled their drink all down me while saying, “This feels like a NAKED HUG!” then proceeded to scream, “Rape, rape!” And then to end it all…that person grabbed and squeezed my ass. And I mean it was a good one. Full hand cupped and all.

I totally thought one of the girls grabbed it until I said, “That hurt!” and they were all, “What hurt?” and my mind did the process of elimination before going OH SHIT HAHA. That ass grab was the most action I’ve gotten in the past year, so thanks. 😉 Hahaha.

After that incident, we headed into the atrium to watch Green River Ordinance. Their set started at 12:30am and I was at the end of energy for the night, so I said that I would stay until they played my favorite song. They played it second. Ha. So away I went to bed.


The next morning Beth, Amanda and I met nice and early to workout. I never sleep, even when I have the choice. Sigh.

After our workout I headed to grab an americano because caffeine always, then back to the room to get ready. Dawn L and Tracy were awake, and we were chatting about our nights. They had gone to watch another band when the whole “naked hug” incident happened, so I was telling them about it.

“I feel like I need to poke fun of the situation.” I said.

“Oh, you SO DO.” they agreed.

So. Lucky me that favorite band of mine was having a meet and greet that morning. I walk up to their table and I say, “So…what do you remember about last night?”
“Not much, why?”

“Oh. So you don’t remember spilling your drink all over me while hugging me and saying ‘This feels like a naked hug!’ then screamed ‘rape, rape!’ while grabbing my ass?”

Let’s just say the band all had different reactions to this. One of them nearly fell out of their chairs laughing, one looked like they wanted to crawl under the table and die, one had their mouth open and asked me to repeat what happened, and the one who couldn’t remember what they did just stared at me.

Let me make this clear: I found this whole situation HILARIOUS. I am a touchy person and I slap my friends asses all the time, so I was not offended by this at all. Look at all the fucks I give: none. So I was laughing this entire conversation.

“That should be your next tattoo. ‘Hashtag: This Feels Like A Naked Hug.'” OH MAN. Good times.

Kris Allen was in the same meet and greet, so we headed over to his table next after traumatizing my favorites. Heh.

I had seen Kris a bunch of time, but hadn’t met him yet, so I was pretty stoked about this. He’s so little though he makes me look massive in that photo.

Austin aka Broken Anchor was also having his meet and greet that morning, so we hung out for a bit before the bands switched out and we got to say hi.



The WCM adores that dude.

We then headed on up to the sports deck because Scars on 45 was playing another soccer match. This year I did not even sign up to play after my SUPER FAIL the previous year. Ha. I learned my lesson. I SUCK. The end. Spectator for life.

After an AMAZING match that had us screaming at the end (amazing minus the fact that this dude played rough and broke Aimee’s toe, the EFF?!) we headed to get lunch, and to relax a little bit.

Austin had his first set of the boat, so we headed on down to Bar City to watch. But first…more coffee.





We pretty much ran away after Austin’s set, because the Shadowboxers were playing up in the Spinnaker. THEY ARE SO TALENTED AND HOLY MOLEY SEXY.


That night Scars played their first set. ON THE POOL DECK. We had been waiting for a pool deck show for 3 years! In the middle of the set, the “incident” got brought up. Well, sorta. They were talking about onstage how one of them had a little too much to drink the night before and a few people had come up to them and asked if they remembered it. They were talking to those people from onstage. Then I was pointed at and was told, “We’re not talking about yours!” and I just died laughing. Oh the joy it gave me. Hahaha.



After Scars, we went to watch the Mowgli’s in the Atrium. They are so much fun!


We were sad about the lack of a DJ this year (wah, no dance party USA!) but Headphone Disco was going on. We decided to go and see if it was worth the hype. UM YES.

We danced for a little over an hour before deciding to call it a night.


The next morning was the day we got to get off the boat. We decided to workout before getting off the boat, and ran into Steve, Chris, and Em in the gym while we were in the middle of our workout. Watching them do their workout put my workout to shame. Hahaha.

So during my workout, I was complaining that my butt hurt. I shook it off as being sore from the previous day’s leg/butt workout. I even foam rolled to try to ease the pain.

After I had showered it STILL hurt and I had been thinking…that’s exactly where my ass got grabbed. So I hiked my shorts up, looked in the mirror and OH HEY THERE’S A BRUISE. Oh yes. The story just got more hilarious.

I head to the other girls’ room and I am all LOOK AT MY ASS. Yes, I shared my bruise. We are close and I don’t care. I’m a classy lady like that. I’d probably flash it to you too, if you asked nicely.

So Beth, Amanda, JC and I head off the boat to wander Cozumel. Basically if you didn’t book an excursion, or took a taxi somewhere there wasn’t much to see.


11020965_10155302720055571_7798913873863299787_o10931283_10155180130125571_1440155995068520131_nWe wandered around the shops for a bit (holy harassment of people trying to sell their stuff) and then ended up at Senor Frogs for some drinks.


After, we realized there was nothing else close by. And we were bored. So we wandered back through the shops, and still bought nothing. We wanted this minion shirt but it only came in infant size. Wahhh.

So we got back on the boat to just lounge in chairs and hang out in the sun for a few hours. Which was actually really nice. Then we headed back to Beth, Amanda and JC’s room to try to nap. Which turned into a spoon fest and we just laughed.

The theme of this night was “Epic Movie Night” and I was all about the Harry Potter. I dressed as Hermione/a nerdy Griffindor student. (And failed at getting a photo of my entire costume. I had awesome socks and shoes that you can’t see.)


We decided to play cards against humanity for a bit before it was time to watch Scars, and EVERY SINGLE Harry Potter card kept popping up. Magic!


Scars’ second set was in the Stardust. This was a really fun show. At one point of the show, all the girls who were in the hotel room all said, “YASSS” (another inside cat joke thing) at the same time, right as it got awkwardly silent. Cue the band cracking up at us onstage. We are your mentals, alright.

We then wandered to watch Kris Allen play in the Atrium. He is so stinking good!


At midnight, all the bands were performing out on the pool deck for Epic Movie Night. Scars went on first so we braved the wind until they went on. Then we stuck around for a few more songs from other bands, then headed to put some stuff back in our cabins cause the best was yet to come!

Scars on 45 was having a DJ set starting at 1am, and I knew we’d be dancing up a storm. I left my wand and de-socked and headed to Bar City to get our dance ON.

The set lasted for an hour and a half. This was also when we were going back from Mexico/US time, so we ended up loosing an hour when it hit 2am.

So when it ended, it was 3:30am. And we were still awake. And no one wanted to go to sleep yet. And then Steve yelled, “DRINKS ON ME!” so we all piled into the casino.

This is where shenanigans began. The one who had too many drinks pulled me aside to apologize for their actions that first night. It was totally heartfelt and they kept saying sorry over and over and I was all, “DUDE. It’s me. It’s fine. You don’t have to say your sorry.”

“No. Joslyn. That is not me. I don’t want my actions to change how you feel about the band. You are like family to us. I’m deeply sorry.”

“…So I shouldn’t mention that you left a bruise on my ass then?”

“Oh, fuck.” HAHAHA.

The night turned into day and we were all still wide awake. More shenanigans happened that I will just say what happens in the casino, stays in the casino.

Finally around 6:30am (!!!!) we all make our way make to our cabins because…well the casino shuts down at 6:30am. HA.


There was another incident that happened once I got into my cabin that I’ll just let that rest at sea as well. HA. So many shenanigans! So by the time I finally went to sleep it was after 7:30am. I woke up at 10am because my body hates me. I laid in bed chatting with Dawn L for a bit, then took a quick shower and around 10:30 am decided to head on up to grab food because I was starving and breakfast was over at 11.

I felt like a zombie, and I was heading towards a 2 seater table to sit by myself when I heard my name. I look up, and there are Danny and Aimee. Danny laughs and says, “The look on your face tells me you just woke up.” and I gave him a YOU HAVE NO IDEA look back. He gestured to sit down at their table and then they proceeded to ask me about the evening.

“What time did you go to bed?”
“Um. 7:30.”
“What time is it now?”
“Um, 11?”

“Wait…7:30…AM? You only slept 3 hours? Why?”

We then played 20 questions (for real, that kid kept the questions flowing) and then I caught them up on everything.

Aimee showed me her foot. It was SO bruised and I was like, “OMG, does it hurt?!”

“What the fuck do you think?” Hahaha. And she calls ME cheeky…

We chatted for a little bit more before they headed out, and told me to get more sleep. Sleep, what’s that? I did get the largest americano I could get my hands on afterwards though, then headed back to the room to put some makeup on my face so I wouldn’t look like I apparently felt.

I finished getting ready and then found Beth. We headed out to the pool deck to watch the Mowgli’s at noon, and I don’t know how I was standing at this point. I think the sunlight helped though.

We then headed to watch Austin play his second set.


Then, it was time for the street team to have the second annual bowling party with the band. Fun times, even though I didn’t even play. So I just made everyone take selfies with me.


Family photo, with matching family bracelets. ❤

After bowling, we headed to eat dinner. We then decided we were all old and tired and didn’t really want to do anything that involved a ton of energy, so we went and found a place to just hang out and play cards against humanity again.

We then headed to watch Scars’ final set in the atrium. Wah, it was all ending.

Aimee was supposed to sing a song with Sister Hazel, so we headed towards the Stardust but the room was BEYOND packed and full to capacity, so we just sat out in the hall and listened.

We went back to the Atrium to watch the “secret show” from a few of the bands. We ran into Em and Steve and they told us that the Headphone Disco guys had asked the band to come and guest DJ for the night. YES DANCING.

It was just down to just Beth, Rachel and I at this point, but we danced away with Steve for a good hour or so before I made the executive decision to go back to my cabin because it was 3am and I still needed to pack.


After packing and crawling into bed around 3:30am, we woke up at 8am for breakfast. I literally rinsed off in the shower, threw a hoodie on and over my second day hair, and headed into the dining room to meet with everyone for food.

After we ate, we ran into the band so we said our goodbyes. I adore those kids. Just stick me on a boat with them forever.

We stood around the boat for as long as possible until staff was shooing us into debarking.

Luckily, the debarking situation went about 2000% quicker. I think we got off the boat within 15 minutes of being shooed away.

Our flights weren’t until 5pm, so we were not in any rush at all getting a taxi and heading to the airport. When we arrived at the airport and checked in, it was still only a little after noon. Ugh, the forever wait began.

We went to lunch (well, I drank mango iced tea) and we basically laughed at everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. At one point I was crying and laughing over spilled BBQ sauce. That shouldn’t even BE funny. Don’t sleep for 4 days and man…mind is fucking lost.

After what felt like FOREVER we boarded our plane and of course I wasn’t tired. The eff. I was sitting next to Tracy, who was in the aisle seat, and Dawn L was in the seat on the aisle across the way. Dawn L basically fell asleep the second we got on the plane. Haha. Tracy and I talked and watched random TV channels. At some point I had dosed off and woke up and was leaning all up in Tracy’s space. I was like OH WHOA SORRY and she just laughed at me.

Apparently whenever I fell asleep, Dawn L was awake and vice versa. So. I never even talked to her the entire 5 hour flight. Tag team sleeping. Gotta keep Tracy occupied. 😉

Luckily, we walked right to baggage claim and our bags came out within 2 minutes. And then when we called for the shuttle it was there within 5. Yes please always. We picked up Dawn L’s car then headed back to Walnut Creek.

It was around 11pm at this point and I decided to just tough it out and drive the 2 hours home. It was fine until the last 45 minutes and then BAM super exhaustion. By the time I got home at 1am, I beyond face planted right into my bed…where I stayed for the entire remaining day.

I woke up the next morning with no voice, so I knew it was a good one.

TRB. You never disappoint.

The One Where I Saw Matt Nathanson Play A Bunch Of Radio Christmas Shows.

The year wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t end it seeing Matt Nathanson play a few Christmas radio gigs.

And by a few, I mean five. Ha.


The first stop was in Modesto. California decided it had enough of the drought that week, and it poured for DAYS before the show. On my way to Modesto, I have to drive through farms. Like, middle of nowhere, my GPS is lost signal, farms. Which also had puddles probably as high as my waist. There was no way I was driving through those, so I did a ton of off roading. Modesto. Ugh.

I made it to Modesto in one piece though, and my first stop was DUNKIN DONUTS. Still obsessed. Reunited feels so good.


I then headed back to the venue and of course was the first one there. Because I get everywhere way too early. It was still raining, and I found a parking spot right in front of the venue, so I just sat in the car and waited in case a line formed.

Caroline showed up not long after I, and we sat in my car and just talked about all the things. We placed an umbrella as a line holder. Haha.

2 hours later people finally arrived (yeah, I could have totally worked a half day at work instead of taking the whole day off…) and we basically were like, oh hey, this is our umbrella, and stood in front of them and set up chairs. Teenagers let you do whatever when you’re an adult. Cool.


It was cold, and I had hand warmers to keep me from freezing to death. I can’t handle cold. I am also just a wimp. Let us in, already.

A zillion hours later, we are let in and were disappointed to see that the front row was all reserved. NOT COOL.

It comes with the radio show territory though, so we sucked it up and sat in the second row (I’m spoiled, shut up) and waited for the show to begin.


Andy Grammer opened and OH MY GOD I fell in love. He won me over probably not even two full songs in. I’ve known about him for years, but never paid much attention. But all of a sudden my attention was on full alert.


Next was the cool kids, Echosmith. I wasn’t feeling them much. Either it’s because Matt was next or what, but eh. Pass.

Matt was next and do I even have to say anything other than favorite forever?

American Authors was playing last, and I sat there for awhile contemplating whether I wanted to stay or not. I chose to leave, since I had a 2.5 hour drive and it was already getting late, and I had a full day at work the next morning.

IMG_20141202_224728I sent Matt a tweet just because, and got an instant reply back which pretty much made my whole entire night and drive home. I adore that dude.


 I worked a full day at work the following day. So tired. The following day, I only worked a half day, and then headed to San Jose for round two!
I had walked around downtown San Jose for a bit, because of course I had arrived too early again. Chirstmas in the park was happening around the corner, complete with a carnival, and it was adorable.

This show was a win you way in kinda show. I had won tickets by listening to the radio non stop for a week. Yvonne had won as well, and for some reason it was hard finding people to come be our plus ones. WHAT. People are crazy they didn’t want to go. Last minute my friend Kelly decided to come to see Matt, because she fell in love with him at last year’s Merry Mixxer, and ended up having the day off from work.

Here’s kind of a crazy story? Randomly in October a girl named Mallory started following me on instagram, after she had seen one of photos I had hash tagged of a show we had both attended. She then browsed through my account and realized we go to a lot of the same shows. We were commenting back and forth, joking around that she was stalking my account, and we quickly realized that we live in the same city! Which is just crazy! She wasn’t really trying to stalk me, but we even worked 2 blocks away from one another, and oh man crazy small world!

After Modesto, she had commented that she was jealous on one of the photos I had posted. We still didn’t have a second plus one at that point so I asked her if she wanted to go. I emailed her the details and ensured her that 80% of my friends I met on the internet or at a concert, and that I wasn’t a crazy internet person. Haha.

So. She came! (I can 110% confirm you that neither she or I are crazy, because we just carpooled and went to another show together two weeks ago and had a ton of fun.)

Before she had arrived, I had met up with Kelly and Yvonne. My other friends Joann and Sara were there as well. (They were the ones that Yvonne and I gave our extra 3rd row Matt tickets to back in July.)

Sara had won a Matt meet and greet, so they got to go in early. I joked around that they owed us and should save us seats. And they are awesome and did. They also told Matt I said hello, and his response was, “Well where is she?!” (Mentally hugging that guy…)

Once inside, we settled into our third row seats (give third row, get third row!) and waited for the show to begin. The lineup was once again another show with Andy Grammer, Matt, and American Authors.



You guys. Andy came out and if I thought I loved him after Modesto, holy moly, I loved him 20 times more after San Jose. THE KEYTAR.

WATCH THIS VIDEO AND NOT LOVE HIM. SIGH. (thanks Carrie for recording this.)

Matt played next and of course that makes me happy.



Before Matt was about to begin playing “Suspended” he introed it with, “This is a song about sunshine.”

My friend Carrie, who was sitting two rows in front of us, and myself both went, “WOO!”

“Only two people like sunshine.” was Matt’s response.

Carrie turned around and we both laughed. We are the sunshine lovers. Yes.
I guess that is only funny if you were there. And are Carrie and I….

He ended up playing it unplugged and in the crowd. He is so good I can’t even handle it sometimes.


During “Headphones”, Matt jumped into the crowd again and sang on chairs right in front of us. If you can’t be front row, he will come to you. 😉

After his set, I then fought with myself on if I should skip American Authors and drive home. I decided to go home, because I had to wake up at 5am the following morning and I hadn’t even packed yet, for yet another show. And then it turned into 5 of us leaving all together, leaving the third row practically empty. Whoops. Sorry AA for bailing twice in a row.


5am is a ridiculous hour to wake up. Jumping on the road at 6am, and driving 500 miles is even more ridiculous. The things I do for Matt Nathanson…

The 8 hour drive to Vegas was not a fun one. I woke up feeling kinda cruddy. Plus there isn’t much to look at. Or to stop at. So you have to strategically plan your pit stops.

Once I finally got to Hard Rock where the show was at, I was a classy lady like always and changed my clothes in the parking lot. I also did my makeup in the car, so I didn’t look as crap-o as I felt. Pro-roadtripper. I can get ready anywhere.
I was meeting up with a couple of my girls in Vegas. Nina had arrived earlier, and Caroline was on a flight on the way there. They were staying the night at Hard Rock, so I texted Nina when I arrived.

Nina met me in the lobby, and as we were standing around chatting, I felt someone walk up and stand to my left. I looked up and, oh hey, it’s just Matt. Ha. I had been in the middle of a story, and I kinda just stopped and said, “Oh woah, HI.” and went in for a hug.

He asked me how my drive was and I just went, “Ugh. Long. Boring.” and then we were just chatted about flying vs. driving, and Nina shared her horrible flight story getting there (it was really horrible.) Then Erin, Dahl, and Beth arrived and I think Matt got a little overwhelmed because he basically left. Ha. Actually he went to go nerd over the Led Zeppelin display they had, but all of us being loud and saying hi was probably overwhelming.

We hung out in Nina and Caroline’s hotel room for a little bit, and then Erin, Dahl, Beth & I went out in search of dinner.

We ate at this FABULOUS place named Culinary Dropout. SO SO SO GOOD. We took advantage of the happy hour specials, and ordered way too much food (grilled cheese sliders and pretzel balls with fondue and french fries, omg) and were fat kids and ate it all.

We then still had a few hours to kill, so we waddled around Hard Rock looking at all of the displays they had.


Finally, we went to pick up our tickets (I probably paid way too much for a front row ticket) and they handed me a set list time.


UM. EXCUSE ME. Why does Andy get a 15 MINUTE SET? And Matt 25?! I knew it was going to be short, but damn, the set changes were longer!

I pouted a bit, but was still excited for the show. I had bought Andy’s album on itunes and listened to nothing but him the entire 8 hour drive. Mark this as when the obsession began…

Jane was also at the show, and she was sitting next to us, so we talked until the show began.


So, Andy comes out. Plays 4 songs and I pout all over again.

Matt comes out and plays his 5 songs. I pout.


Better Than Ezra was next. I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy their set since I didn’t really enjoy them when Scars on 45 had opened for them. I was bored.

Train played last. We only stuck around because we were staying at Erin and Dahl’s house that night and only had a 20 minute drive home.


Once again, we were the girls in the front row not singing the words to their songs because we don’t know them. But we still got a selfie! Haha.


After the show, we said goodbye to the girls. Then we couldn’t find the parking lot for 20 minutes. This is the second time I got lost in a casino hotel in Vegas. And I didn’t even drink!

Finally my car was found (hooray!) and we headed to Casa de Hansens.

We sat around eating pumpkin ice cream that Dahl and Erin had been saving for us for months (so nice!) and chatted for awhile. I started feeling really stuffed up at this point, so I headed off to bed.

When we woke up the following morning, I felt a little stuffy still, but was doing okay. The Hansens made us breakfast, and we had donuts from Pink Box (OMGG) and we sat around talking for awhile more before Beth and I had to start getting ready and making our way to California.

2015-03-11 19.13.16

D & E packed us a lunch (they are seriously the best) and then we started making out trek back to my home state.


This drive sucked more than the drive to Vegas, even though it was significantly shorter. I was starting to feel all sorts of horrible. Halfway through the drive I had to stop at a Wal-Mart and buy tissues and cold medicine, because my nose was producing as much snot as Niagara Falls. I seriously just shoved tissue up there to stop the flow. TMI, whatevs.

We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts halfway on the drive because YES COFFEE. Jane was also driving from Vegas, and had ended up being right behind us on the drive, so we planned the stop accordingly. She gave me a gift of a 1 POUND REESE’S that she had bought for me when in Vegas. I was scared and excited about that sucker. After being all OMG PB and caffeine in hand, we jumped back into our cars and headed to check into our hotel for the night.

We made a quick change and I tried to cover my rudolphed red snot nose before we headed out the door to the show. The cold medicine wasn’t doing much, so I just threw all the tissues in my bag and hoped for the best.

We met back up with Jane at the venue. Doors were opened at this point so we headed right in. Beth and I needed to use the restroom, and I had remembered there were ones from the previous year (Matt had played the same show the year before) that were down and underneath a half flight of steps that there were never a line for. Secret bathrooms, what up.

So. I walk out of the bathroom and Jane says, “You just missed Matt.” and I’m like, DAMN YOU BLADDER COULDN’T YOU HAVE BEEN EMPTY. Haha. But then a second later Ayappa walks by and says, “Miss Joslyn! Are you ready to rock tonight?” He is always so nice even though he sees me everywhere.

The venue wasn’t actually letting us sit in our seats yet anyway, so we were standing by the stairs just talking and waiting. There were elevators down the hall a bit, which I had my back to. I heard the elevators ding and then a very distinct voice exclaim, “I JUST LOVE THAT YOU ARE EVERYWHERE.” I turn around and there is Matt, once again!

He was with the OAR guys and totally stopped and to talk to us for several minutes. He asked how we liked Vegas.

There had been these girls next to us who WOULD NOT STOP TALKING during his set, so I started saying, “It was good. Even though it was short, and those fucking bitches…”

“WOAH WOAH WOAH.” Matt said stopping me. Come on Nathanson. You curse more than I.

“These girls next to us wouldn’t shut up! I was going to punch them!” Seriously. Learn concert etiquette, please.

Then I poked him in the shoulder angrily. “YOU. What are these rumours about this summer tour with BTE and Sugar Ray?” (BTE had done an interview online saying they were going on tour together that summer. Total lies.)

“I love those guys, but that’s not happening. I am going on tour this summer though. I’d sneak you guys what it is, but it’s not mine.”

“So you’re OPENING?!” I say giving him a ‘I do not approve’ look. Man I can be sassy with him sometimes. Ha. (Turns out he’s being opening for The Fray and Train, so this summer is still going to be as horrible, just different bands than what we were expecting.)

“I know. I know.” he then told us the new album should be out by April (I thought to myself, “‘l’ll believe it when I see it.” It’s now March and yeah, no way is that sucker anywhere near complete. Nathanson time is always longer than real time. If an album does come out next month, you can tell me to eat my words. Ha.) and we talked about it being stripped down and more intimate and then he looked at his watch and said, “Oh, we go on in less than 30 minutes! We should go!”

We figured they must have opened the doors to the floor for us to find our seats by then, so we all headed along our ways as well. Love little run ins though. Makes my day.

Um. This was the most expensive Matt show I’ve ever been to. I’m not even going to name the price because it is RIDICULOUS. 2014 was the year of spending all the money.

We didn’t realize it was going to be full band acoustic until Shiben and Lovejoy walked out onstage with Aaron and Matt. Full band acoustic is the BEST.

Chris sits down on his cajon and spots Beth and I immediately. His jaw drops open and he just looks back and forth between the two of us for a few seconds. I love that guy. And no one should be surprised to see us anywhere at this point.

After we had ran into Matt, my nose magically stopped running. The healing powers of the Nathanson hug, I joked around. So during his set I could breathe and it was fantastic.

They played an hour long set and I was super happy about it. The half sets the last few days had been killing me.

OAR played after Matt, and unfortunately I began to slowly deteriorate again. I almost went and laid down on the couches in the lobby of the venue, because I was beginning to suffer.

I don’t know how I was standing after the show. At least this photo you can’t tell show horrendous I felt.


We went to go find dinner afterwards since it was still relatively early. And then I decided I was dying too much to even want food, so I was the lame girl with water and tissues trying not to fall asleep on the restaurant table.
Luckily we had two beds at the hotel so I didn’t contaminate Beth with my plague.

The next morning, it was time for phase two of the trip: THE ZOO, then Scars on 45!
I had totally thought that that was the last of the Matt shows for 2014, and was good with it being the end. But surprise, surprise (or not so surprise?) the universe had other plans.


Two weeks later…

Palm Springs was not planned. At all. At the time of the San Diego show, I didn’t even know it existed. I think it was only announced 2 weeks before the actual show date, which was a day or so after I got home from the Scars shows. It was another one of those call and win your way in radio shows, and since I live a good 7 hours away I knew there was no way that I had a chance at it.

But, somehow the concert gods out there were looking out for me. I had tweeted the radio station, a “Can I come please?!” reply and that’s it.

Two days before the show I was at my friend’s house for a Christmas party. We had been drinking and I’m pretty sure I was a little tipsy. I had grabbed my phone to Google a movie title I was trying to remember, and got totally side tracked because I had a DM on Twitter from the radio station.

“Are you over 21? If so, can we have your full name, we would like to put you on the list.”

Enter me freaking out. “OMG WHAAAAT!” I scream out loud. My friends all look up and ask whats going on. “How far is Palm Springs?!” I ask them.

So, I replied back that I was over 21 and told them my full name. Asked what time it started, and if I could bring a guest, etc. I replied with many thanks, and that I was super stoked for the show because Matt is my favorite.

“I know you love him, enjoy the show!” WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT?

As weird as it was, I didn’t care. I texted Jane and asked, “What are you doing Saturday?!”

So, 36 hours later I hopped in my car and drove down to her apartment. Ate a salad on the floor of her bedroom, then we were off to Palm Springs.

There was a fro-yo place next door to the bar in the casino the show was at. And I never say no to fro-yo. Sup, dinner.


This show goes into the books of one of those weird ones.

First, the opening girl was SO HORRIBLE. It sounded like bad karaoke. So bad that I was laughing. I don’t understand how she was on the line-up.

Then, Ryan Cabrera played next. He was really funny and I actually really enjoyed his set. I forgot how much I liked his music in the early 00’s.


Next was Matt. At this point everyone was drunk and being rude and loud. There was this table sitting to the left of us totally ignoring Matt’s set and just staring at their cell phones. Matt actually called them out on it, and most of them put them away.


Another song in, this one kid was STILL on his phone. Matt actually walked over to him and said, “What is happening on your phone that’s more important than being present in the moment right now? Give me your phone. Let me see.” OHHH DISS. He took the phone from the kid’s hand, which was locked so he couldn’t see what he was up to, but he then walked back onstage and put the phone in his back pocket. “I’m just going to hold onto this for the rest of the show. Your battery is down to 10% anyway. But my left ass cheek is so powerful that when I return your phone to you it’s going to be at least half charged.” Way to take a negative and make it a comedic moment. But also can I punch that kid?

You could tell that the mood was not a good one after that. When Aaron and Matt went into “Faster” they didn’t even have the crowd do a synchronized clap, which ALWAYS happens. Jane and I attempted it on our own, and were failing. Aaron saw us and attempted to help but we were a lost cause by that point.

I wish I could have talked to Matt after the show. And hugged him. I hate rude people.

We did talk to Aaron after the show though. At this point we had heard rumors about the summer tour with Train, and I was all, “So these rumors about THE FRAY AND TRAIN?!”

Aaron just gave me a look and said, “I can neither deny or confirm this.” Which meant…yes.

We chatted for several more minutes until Aaron said, “I’m going to talk to these other people so I can pack up and go home.” I’m a talker. And a time monopolizer. Whoops.

We said our goodbyes, and then Jane and I headed back to LA ourselves.

The next morning we went to my favorite restaurant in the world, Swinger’s Diner, and then we walked a mile and a half to burn it off and to feed my need of Dunkin Donuts. I stocked up on the K-Cups. Yes, I am one of those people helping pollute the world with plastic cups.


Then we made a trip to California Donuts to indulge in my fat kid needs. OMG SO GOOD AND I DON’T DO DONUTS BESIDES WHEN IN PORTLAND.



Look how festive my fat kid feast was, though!

We headed back to Jane’s place and I loaded up my things and my donuts into my car and headed home from the last show in 2014. You were a good one, 2014. Thanks for all of them.

The One Where I Saw Scars on 45 A Few Times…And An Orangutan.


They are not related to one another, by the way. Ha.

The zoo was a day off we had between the end of a bunch of Matt Nathanson radio holiday shows, and this round of Scars shows. Conveniently, Matt’s last show was in the San Diego area, and Scars was playing San Diego just two days later. Destiny.





Such a fantastic day. Besides my snotty cold face nose. Thank you Lisa, for hooking us up with free tickets!




This orangutan was the best thing in life. Beth and I were laughing to the point of tears. I had the excuse of too much cold medicine. Her name is Karen and she is amazing.

After the zoo, we headed to check into our hotel for the evening. We decided to stay closer to the downtown area, because our other hotel was about an hour north. We needed dinner by this point, so I took Beth to the fantastic Lucha Libre. Thanks again to Lisa, because she introduced me to this place a few years prior. I still want to bathe in the cilantro sauce.

We headed back to our hotel afterwards to relax. Only Beth and I don’t know how to sit still, even after walking around the zoo for 8 hours. After only an hour in our hotel room we got up and walked across the street to the strip mall, just to give ourselves something to do. After Beth bought a pair of shoes and I window shopped, it was 9 or 10pm at this point, so we decided to try and settle down. We are not sedative creatures, like those adorable koalas.


The following morning I woke up and still couldn’t breathe out of my nose. So after breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and off to find me some more medication. I ended up buying this nasal spray from Target. It burned like all hell, but hallelujah, I could breathe again!

I wasn’t full of much energy after that though, so I subjected Beth to just sitting around because I didn’t know what else to do in San Diego anyway.

Eventually we headed over to House of Blues where the first Scars on 45 show was that night. They were opening for Augustana and I was pretty damn excited about that, because I had been a fan of Augustana for years.

We bought our tickets from the box office, and then Dawn L and Tracy showed up. It happened to be Tracy’s birthday that night, so we decided to start the night off right and go to the bar for a drink.

I’m not sure if drinking while sick was a smart idea. But I did it regardless. Ha.


We also had dinner while we were there, and then headed out to hop into line. There weren’t many people there, and doors were soon. Hmmm. Jeanette met up with us and joked around and enjoyed the company until it was time to head in.

Once inside, we claimed our favorite spots: front row. Half of the band walked by at that point and came up to say hello. I had started using a new hair product, and both Chris and Nova told me I smelled good while giving me a hug. Note to self: shea butter forever.


We watched Scars from up front, then headed to the back during Augustana. And then I ran away from the girls when they played my favorite song “Fire”. (I had warned them that if Augustana played it, I’d probably disappear.)

We were talking to Scars at one point, and they had asked me how many Matt shows I had went to in the last week. “Is this the only show you’re seeing us at, or are you jumping back on the Nathanson tour, Joslyn?” Danny accused me of. THAT WAS ONE SUMMER TOUR. GET OVER IT!

Aimee was talking to us about the zoo, and we were telling her about the orangutan.
“Oh yeah, I saw that photo. I thought to myself, which one is the monkey, and which are the girls?” CHEEKY LITTLE BEEOTCH. HA.


We stayed until about the encore, then decided to head out a little early. We drove to our hotel in Pasadena, and after it was midnight and no longer Tracy’s birthday, we went to sleep.


The next morning we checked out the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. There wasn’t much of an option so we just got a little something small to snack on to hold us over, (I just wanted coffee, and it came out of a machine and was horrible) and decided to just go to a restaurant for brunch.

We had a FANTASTIC brunch, and we decided to head on over to LA, because traffic would start soon and we’d rather already be in the area than stuck in a car.

BUT FIRST…cupcakes. It was a buy one, get one day at Sprinkles, and just like last time I saw Scars in SoCal, I wanted my fat kid fix. Nom nom nom.

We ended up at the Galleria in Glendale aka fancy ass mall. And as we were walking to Sprinkles, I saw Bethany Joy Lenz having lunch! I was a huge One Tree Hill fan so I was all oh em gee on the inside, but I wasn’t going to bug her because she was with her family. She’s so cute though.


I ended up getting a cupcake sundae and OMG. Every fat kid’s dream right there. I hated myself a little bit for it. We texted Amber that we were at Sprinkles because Amber is obsessed like us, and she basically replied back that she hated us. I think Beth got a photo of Amber with a knife saying she’d stab her. Hahaha. True friendship.<3

We wandered around downtown LA for a bit. We were sitting in a cafe and I can’t even remember how we had ended up there, but there were a lot of fancy cars and people on walkie talkies and signs saying something about filming next door.

As we were leaving, we asked the security guard what it was for, but he wouldn’t say. But then this other girl we passed whispered to us, “We’re filming the Mindy Project” and we were all like OH MY GOD AWESOME.

(No sightings of Mindy though. But it’s cool to know someone from the show was right in there, though.)

We headed back towards the area of the venue to find dinner. We ate at this place next door. Happy hour, what up. (Again, not sure if I should have had a drink while sick. I’m not such a smart cookie sometimes. But I just wanted a be a cool kid…)

After spilling BBQ tofu down myself (fail) we hopped into the forming line.

The band had guest listed us for the night, and we were informed that will call would open AFTER doors. Um…what?

Steve was awesome though and made sure that 1) we had our tickets BEFORE doors and 2) that the venue let us in before the doors even opened. Only us…only Steve. #spoiled

So once again we watched Scars from the front, then headed to the back during Augustana.

We chatted with the band on and off as they passed through. At one point Danny came over to hug me, and Augustana was playing a slow song I loved.
“I LOVE this song.” I said.
“Let’s slow dance,” we swayed for a moment. “Joslyn, we are horrible dancers.” HAHA. Agreed.

As we were standing around, Austin appeared! He wasn’t playing with the band during this tour, which made me sad, but since he lived in LA (he’s relocated to Nashville now) he came out to support the band.

I hugged that kid big time. We chatted for several minutes, but he had to head home early to get back to his wifey.

We stuck around until the end of the show. The band did not. So once again the merch was left in our possession. They better love us.

We loaded up the car and then stayed awake talking and laughing for probably much longer than we should have. Beth had to Uber it to the airport at something crazy like 5am. We spooned for a bit (aww, wifey love!) and then went to sleep.


I think I died this day and lived to tell the tale. I woke to Beth already having been gone. Sniff. I was feeling like I had a headache, so I just laid on the bed for a bit. Then, I started feeling nauseous.

I took a shower and tried to shake it off. Dawn L was heading down to get breakfast, and I joined her so I could have toast to try to make my stomach feel better. Yeah, no. As soon as we walked into the lobby the smells of breakfast made me almost throw up instantly.

Well this was just fabulous. It was a 6 hour drive to San Francisco, and since I had met up with Dawn L and Tracy in SoCal, we were in separate cars, so I was driving up solo. This day would be torture.

We stopped at a Target before we hit the road so I could buy some anti-nausea medicine.

OKAY. So lets count how many times I had to buy drugs on this trip. 1. Cold medicine from Vegas to San Diego. 2. Nasal spray while in San Diego. 3. Emetrol for nausea for the drive to San Francisco. I WAS LIKE A PHARMACY. What ails you, cause I got it folks.

The Emetrol said to take it every 15 minutes until the nausea subsided, and halfway through the drive I had taken half the bottle and I was still feeling disgusting. The girls had stopped at a Starbucks for drinks, and I ordered a hot tea hoping that’d help. Nope. Two sips and I was done. I also attempted to eat half a banana just because I had NOTHING in my system, and that was also a bad decision.

Death was nearing. A friend had called me while driving, and I told her that I thought I was dying. She told me to find pineapple, of all things, because that apparently helps with upset stomachs.

We had stopped at a rest area, and I almost decided to drive home instead of to San Francisco at that point. I was feeling ALL THE NAUSEA and I was sweating and getting the watery mouth. Tracy told me I looked horrible. I told her I needed to find pineapple somewhere.

“We have dried pineapple!” Dawn L said. (OMG!) They gave me a handful, I took a deep breathe in, and back on the road we went.

I was so afraid to even try it. But I slowly nibbled on those pineapple pieces and…IT WORKED?! MAGICAL FRUIT I LOVE YOU.

Once we got to San Francisco, I felt like the nausea had even happened. I was still reluctant to eat anything though. I swear I had the plague of some sort. BUT I WAS ALIVE.

I don’t know how I stood during that show, considering I had 5 pieces of dried pineapple and a half bottle of water the entire day. I am such a fucking trooper.


Afterwards, we decided to not stay through Augustana. This was the day California was supposed to have “Hella Storm” and I wanted to drive home before it hit, or my health started going more downhill.

The band had wanted to start driving to Portland that night, but we called them all crazy and told them not to do it. Danny asked me how long of a drive it was for me. “You’re a machine. If Joslyn can drive all these hours, so can we.” I think this does describe me well. Especially this trip. But still, don’t drive to Portland.

We said goodbye to the band before we left, and that we’d see them on The Rock Boat in about 6 weeks.

2015-03-09 16.21.02
This is apparently how Aimee really feels about me. :p

The band left at the same time as we. They were walking out with us, and as we were leaving, Aimee was carrying a guitar that wasn’t in a case.

“Oh, is that for me?” I joked.
“We’re not bloody Maroon 5, Joslyn.” Hahaha. (Adam gave me a guitar a year and a half ago.)

We said another round of goodbyes, and then parted our ways. Luckily, Hella Storm held out until the following morning. I attempted to go to work the following day, and got sent home after 2 hours of arriving. My superpower machine-ism ran out had an expiration date, apparently. As crazy as the end was, I’d do it all over again if I had to.

The One Where I Went Everywhere To See Scars on 45 (Plus A Little Matty Nay Too)

When I say everywhere, I pretty much mean it. Vancouver, Portland, Napa, a house show, Los Angeles. I pretty much had the entire West Coast covered in a span of 10 days.
November marked when I got my life back again. I had quit my second job (still think that was the best decision I’ve made for myself in the past year) and I ran with the freedom.
The first stop of having freedom was…Canada!

I had just seen Scars on 45 a few weeks earlier, and I was pretty damn excited to be seeing them again so soon.

I flew up to Portland the day before the first show, and rented a car to drive to Leah’s place in Seattle. (That’s the Golden Gate Bridge/San Francisco from the sky.) But first, when in Portland…VOODOO DONUTS.

Look at that beautiful piece of delish.
I also hit up a record store in Portland that I knew of from attending an in-store at a few years prior, to see if they had anything I might like to own. (They didn’t) But I found fall outside the store.

Look at all those beautiful colors! You don’t see that in California.

It was time to head up to Seattle. It’s about a 3 hour drive, and I needed a coffee pit stop about halfway through. I had taken an exit to go to a Starbucks, but as I exited, I accidentally found DUTCH BROS COFFEE. I LOVE YOU PACIFIC NORTHWEST.

It missed me as much as I missed it.

Finally after trekking many miles in the rain, I arrived in Seattle. Leah and I headed out soon after to dinner. All I wanted was vegetables after a doughnut for lunch, so she took me to Veggie Grill. Long live the B Wings salad. So delicious.

Afterwards we ran a few errands, then headed back to the apartment to hang out for a bit before going to sleep.


The morning of the Vancouver show Leah had to work for a few hours, so I decided to play tourist and drive around Seattle for a bit while I waited. The plan: The Seattle Library. For some reason I had stayed in a hotel right down the street before and had NEVER been there. Oh em gee. I never wanted to leave!

They had a coffee shop and everything. Just put up a tent and let me live there. Please.

After geeking out, I headed to Leah’s work to pick her up on the way up North. We stopped at some random taco place for lunch, then we crossed the border a bit later. Putting that passport to use!

It was POURING RAIN in Vancouver that day, so sadly I did not get to see all that I had planned to see when I was there. We did go to the Vancouver Library though. (I know. I know. Two libraries in one day? Way to be a total nerd, Joslyn.)

That library was ginormous. And it had a little strip-type mall attached to it. So we wandered around a bit, then sat in a coffee shop since we couldn’t walk around outside. Boo.

An hour before doors, we stopped by the venue to see if we could pick up our Will Call tickets. We ran into Steve who basically was like, get in here, so we hung out with him while the band did sound check.

“I need to ask you a favor.” he said to me. “Is there anyway you could drive Austin to Portland with you tomorrow?” Um, what?

Long story short: their rental didn’t fit the entire band + Steve + Austin + the equipment. I explained that I wasn’t staying in Vancouver that night, because I had to get Leah back to Seattle so she could work the following morning. Poor Austin. Just trying to get passed off to me. Ha.

The band was still doing sound check so we couldn’t get their input on the situation. Steve and I decided that they’d just load up the (tiny ass) rental I had with as much guitars and amps as I could fit. (It’s nice to know they trust me with their equipment.)

After sound check Austin yells across the room, “JOSLYN. ARE WE ROADTRIPPING?” and I had to inform him we were not. Long story short again, he basically decided to just come along for an adventure with Leah and I that night and also crash at her place. “Alright. Let’s do this. We’re gonna road trip. Tell each other all of our secrets and become BFF.”

I hadn’t ever really talked to Austin before at the past shows besides a few words here and there, so I was hoping he wouldn’t think I was a complete weirdo since he was subjecting himself to a sleep over and being in a car with me for 6 hours. Ha.

So, the show. It was a little disappointing because maybe 30 people max showed up. I felt bad.

During Austin’s set, Leah and I were the only two standing.

I don’t know what was more awkward. There only being 2 people standing…or everyone else sitting off to the sides in the dark.

Scars played next and still, we were the only 2 standing. I can’t even imagine not being there and them having no one stand at all. It made me sad. I don’t understand people.

After the show we loaded as much as possible into the car (I think we fit 2 guitars, a drum symbol, and an amp in the backseat. TINY rental, man. The trunk of my car could fit this entire car in it.) and headed to pick up Austin’s things at the hotel.

As soon as he got back into the car, the fun begin. THAT DUDE. He is hilarious. The first thing out of his mouth as we began driving was, “OK. First kiss stories. Joslyn. GO.” I knew this was going to be fun trip.

When we got to Leah’s it was late so basically we all passed out. But not before Austin decided how many squares we each got to sleep on. (Leah has this HUGE COUCH that has sectional squares. I barely take up 2 squares. Her couch is 6. You could literally sleep 4 people on that sucker.) “You can have those 2 squares. Maybe I’ll share this other one. You can have 2 and a quarter squares.” That kid. Seriously. I think I fell asleep laughing.


The next morning we sat around chatting before Leah sadly had to leave for work. Austin and I hopped back into the little car and headed off to find coffee. We ended up just getting coffee at a gas station since we were there, and we saw a sign for pumpkin coffee and were all over it. BUT THERE WAS NO PUMPKIN. 😦

It rained the entire way. I would have probably been sad and miserable and whiny the entire time if Austin wasn’t in the car with me.

We basically talked about EVERYTHING those few hours. From fun to serious. We covered it all. Thanks dude for being a legit awesome person and listening to some heavy shit. And for making me laugh.

At the end of it all, he picked up some quirks of mine when I tell stories. “I LOVE THE WAY YOU TELL STORIES.” he exclaimed. He imitated me and I practically laughed until I cried because well, it was the truth. Isn’t it funny how you don’t notice something about yourself until someone points it out, and then it’s TOTALLY OBVIOUS AFTER? Yeah.

So finally we arrived in Portland and met up with Dawn L and Tracy. They flew up the night before after work for the show. The venue was connected to the hotel we all were staying at that night, so we dropped off the guitars and such and then headed out to find food.

We ended up at this raw restaurant named the Lotus Flower. Which Tracy made fun of Austin and I for “fan girling over hippy food.” WHATEVS. That place was amazing. Then we undid the good by going and eating fro yo after. Ha.

We were all full and happy. We dropped Austin back off at the hotel, and then us girls decided to roam around Portland for a bit. We went to Stump Town for coffee, and then somehow we ended up at…VooDoo Doughnuts. HAHA. Oh doughnuts. You are the death of me.
We are evil so we bought a dozen to bring to Scars later. Muahaha.

Luckily, the Portland show was PACKED. And a ton of fun. They let us in early again to watch sound check and set up merch. And we had access to raid all the alcohol backstage…which we took full advantage of.

Dawn L and I took Tracy’s order, then we left her to keep an eye on merch while we went to grab the drinks. While making them, we watched Austin literally rip apart the doughnut shaped like a voodoo doll.

“Dude. What did you do to that?! Everyone is going to be all, ‘what happened to the doughnut?!” I said to him.

“Be Danny. Ask me what happened to the doughnut.”
“Just ask me what happened to it.”
“What happened to the doughnut, Austin?”
*Shoves a huge piece in his mouth* “Tracy did it.”
*I just give him a look*

HA. You see? Only Austin…

The show was awesome. The complete opposite of the show the night before in Vancouver.

Afterwards we all hung out in the bar area. I finally gave up around 2am because we needed to wake up at 4:30, and I needed some sort of sleep.

At 5am we headed out to return the car and to get back to the airport for our 6:30am flights. I slept the entire 2 hour flight because hi, I basically took a nap before headed to the airport.

I had contemplated just staying awake and pulling an all nighter, but after I got off the plane, I drove an hour home from the airport, showered, and then worked a half day at work. I dunno how I got through that shift. It must have involved multiple ounces of caffeine. Oh…and the doughnut that I had brought back with me. Don’t worry, it was in a plastic baggie, I didn’t just throw it in my backpack. Doughnut quota for the year met in just 3 days…

When my shift at work ended, I headed home, washed my face and went straight to bed. It was 8:30pm. No judging my old ass. I needed sleep.

I only worked one work day before I was off for another fun weekend. Ha. I’m telling you, I ran with that freedom!

The day finally came when I got to witness a show with Scars AND Matt. Together. Again. BE STILL MY HEART.

This show was a part of Live in the Vineyard, which you can only win your way into. This year they had opened up a small amount of tickets to be purchased to benefit the Napa Earthquake Relief Fund, which had just occurred a few weeks prior.

So, this benefited Napa and it benefited ME. Win for all.

There was a HUGE group of us that decided to go. Nina, Caroline, Yvonne, Beth, Sam, Dawn L, Tracy, Tara, myself. Half of us got there early. Like, SUPER early. Train was headlining the show, and I had warned everyone that their fans are nutty and would show up early. And what do you know? The first fans arrived not even an hour after us. (Yes, we beat the Trainiacs.)

So. We wait and wait. Eat food. Wait and wait. Play Cards Against Humanity. Wait and wait. But when I’m with these girls, the time together always goes quickly, because we have so much fun!

Soon, we found out that our tickets were subjected to JUST THE BALCONY. That thing was way the fuck back there.

Lucky for us, the guy who was the head of operations was talking to us a few hours before doors opened. It was mentioned that we had been there since 10am and had to sit all the the way in the balcony.
“Oh, that’s not going to happen.” he said. Long story short, he reserved the 4th row for us.

10am automatic. HA.

If anyone finds that guy, give him a big hug from me. He saved our day.

So, we watched Scars on 45 and their set was FANTASTIC. Austin happens to be a classically trained cellist, and brought out the big guy for the show. SO BEAUTIFUL.
After Scars, we just decided to stand up against the stage for Matt. The security didn’t care, so hey, what’s up front row?!

Train was the headliner for the evening. I feel like we’ve seen Train a million times over the past year. Pat Monahan must think, “These bitches always up front at my shows, but bitches don’t know the words to my songs” hahaha.

After the show we decided to go and have dinner together since it was such a short trip and I didn’t get to see everyone for long. Dawn L and Tracy were in a different car and I got a text that their car had died a few miles away. Luckily they were parked, so I picked them up and we left it there for the night to deal with a tow truck the following morning, since all the ones that evening wanted a zillion dollars.


The following morning we had big plans. Dawn L and Tracy had booked a house show!

First we needed to deal with Dawn L’s car issue, so we drove to her parent’s house so she could borrow one of their cars so she could drive BACK up to Napa to deal with a tow truck. She left us there, and then Tracy and I assist the situation of the backyard, where we were going to have the show.

We went grocery shopping for some dinner items for after the show, and then went back to arrange the back yard for everyone.

It was weird waiting for the band to show up. We’re used to waiting in line at venues, and here we were at a house waiting for the band to come to US.

This house show might be my favorite show I’ve ever experienced. I mean, even the DOG liked the band. 🙂 The intimate setting of it all helped to make it an unforgettable day. I don’t have many words for it except if you ever get a chance to book a house show, DO IT.

Dawn L and Tracy had made it a point to invite a bunch of friends that hadn’t seen the band before. And everyone LOVED them. I think everyone bought an album.

The band stayed afterwards and the WCM threw them a dinner party. It was awesome being able to just sit around and chat for a bit.

Sadly the night had to end eventually, but my heart was so happy. I love those people more than words can express.
The band was heading back UP to Seattle for a radio gig, and they didn’t want to fly their huge heavy box of merch with them. So. Into my trunk it went, because I was seeing them again 4 days later. See how awesome I am? I just drive band members and guitars and merch around. Hire me. I can be your professional driver. Ha. 🙂

The following morning I stayed and had breakfast with the girls, and then headed home. I only had one day to rest, a day of work, and then BACK to the crazy life on tour!


I survived the 2 days off, and I drove myself and the merch down to LA. It was Veteran’s Day, so yay to paid day off that give me an excuse to see my band one more time.

I met Jane at her place and we hung out for a bit before we had to head over to the hotel where the show was at to drop off the merch. There was a ton of traffic and I was informed to call when I arrived, but low and behold, the band was stuck in traffic too, so Jane and I illegally parked in a loading zone until the band arrived.

We dropped off the goods (Chris watched me struggle pulling this 40 pound box of merch out of my trunk and then walk up a hill to hand it off to him and just said, “Oh. That giving you a workout?” JERK) and then headed off to find a legal parking space. We still had an hour or so until doors opened, so we ended up just hanging out in my car until doors, then we headed back to the hotel down the street.

That hotel was SWANKY, and Jane and I totally felt out of place waiting for it to begin. But I am a lady and expected this so I wore a dress. But I also wore cat tights, because…yes.

When the band walked out, Danny almost immediately pointed to me and says, “I LOVE those tights.” (Pretty sure he lurks the Instagram) There was another point of the show where he was explaining a song, and joked around that it was about cats. Jane and I laughed and Aimee looked over and kinda pointed at my legs. Yes. Cat night at the Scars show!

I felt bad for the band, because they all had a case of what they called, “the man flu” even though Aimee had it to. Or maybe it’s because their voices were much deeper than normal? Manly? Either way, being sick is not fun.

Even though they had told me to avoid them, I still went in for long hugs and squeezes while saying goodbye because there is no way I drove 5 hours each way to not have a proper goodbye. (Even though I was seeing them again less than a month later, haha.)

Love those people.

Jane and I headed back to her place and immediately went to sleep, because she has to leave for work at 5am every morning, and I was driving the 5 hours back home and then working myself. (Um yeah. Crazy long day.)

BUT! Before I left the LA area, I finally went TO A DUNKIN DONUTS IN CALIFORNIA. And note to self: no one is at Dunkins at 5:30am. In and out and on the road in 5 minutes. BOOYAH.
Caffeinated, I hopped on the road for a sunrise easy drive home, and back to reality.

The One Where Andrew McMahon Played A Few Shows In San Francisco.


Andrew blessed us northern California kids with not one, but TWO San Francisco shows.

At this point of my life, I still had two jobs. The shows were on a Friday and Saturday, so I had initially planned on only going to the Friday evening show. But this was also around the time I decided to quit said second job, so I said eff it, Stubhubbed a ticket to the sold out Saturday show, and asked for the entire weekend off to go to both. Priorities = life.

I worked a half day at the library on Friday, then headed into the city early to beat traffic. I sat myself in line on the sidewalk and waited until Yvonne got off of work a few hours later. While waiting for her, Andrew had walked by while on the phone, and when he spotted me his eyes got all big and he waved furiously. So cute. I love him. You’re welcome for the rental car, still. 😉

There were two openers on this leg of the tour. The first was Junior Prom. We did not like them. At all. No.


The second was Hunter Hunted. Yvonne said this band was “her other Parachute” (meaning she’s seen them a dozen times without even trying to; both bands always open for other bands she’s gone to see.) They were actually enjoyable, and I didn’t feel like shooting myself in the face anymore. I wouldn’t mind if I kept seeing them accidentally.


Andrew was finally next. He is so freaking good I can’t even describe it. And this new album is FANTASTIC. I love him. He’s magical. 12 years of love. The end.

Andrew always comes out after shows, so we decided to wait around to say hi. As we were waiting, a familiar face started walking down the street, and right as I figured out who it was, “MS. JOSLYN!” was yelled.

Ayappa! He works for Vanguard Records which Andrew is now signed to. I’ve known Ayappa since 2009; Matt Nathanson is on the same label and since I show up well, everywhere, Matt’s old tour manager introduced us as a show. That guy is the coolest. We chatted for a bit before he had to leave, and then we said our hellos to Andrew.

We told Andrew we had a dream tour that consisted of him, Matt, and Scars on 45. He then went on and on about how Scars is amazing and how he had this INSANE night out with Stu. Then we all “Aww. Stu…” and had a moment since he is no longer in the band. 😦

Here is a crappy cell phone photo. There is a better one that Yvonne took  for me on her camera, but even though I’ve been harassing her for it for FIVE MONTHS, she is a mean friend and still hasn’t sent it to me. :p

Yvonne and I were both starving at this point of time, so we said bye and then went to In N Out for some grub. And next door was Krispie Kreme and I had an intense craving for a donut. I don’t even LIKE donuts. (Minus VooDoo Doughnuts in Portland. That breaks all exceptions.)


Yvonne realized they had the Ghostbusters ones, so we went through the 24 hour drive through since it was 1am and then like fat kids we bought some to share and were happy. (Just so you know…they were not good. SO SWEET that we took a bite and threw them away.)

The next morning we laid around like lazy people in sugar comas, then we decided to go do things before the show. Yvonne fed me breakfast, then we headed out to go vinyl shopping at Amoeba records. All I bought was a Justin Timberlake vinyl. No judging.

We went to some random pizza place we walked by afterwards because it smelled delicious (it was) and we were beginning to get hungry. We then didn’t care what else we did for the remainder of the day (we are so exciting) so we went and parked in front of the venue and people watched until there was a line. Once people started lining up, we made a quick ice cream run (hi, pumpkin!) then headed back to jump in the line.

Andrew had walked out and started to talk to everyone in the line. He asked how we liked the show the night before and as I was praising it, Yvonne flat out says “THE SMOKE MACHINE KILLED US.” Ha. It did, and it sucked, but I wasn’t going to mention it. But maybe that was a good thing, because that night the smoke machine was out…but never turned on. Thanks, Andrew! I like breathing!

While Andrew was there, I asked him if he could write out a lyric for me. I really need to get this tattooed. I loved this lyric for years; it describes my life.


Show #2 was just as awesome as the night before. So glad I choose concerts over being responsible and working. Ha. 😉

We decided not to stay after to say hi to Andrew since we had talked to him before the show. We’re so old and just wanted food and sleep.
We headed back to Yvonne’s place after failing at finding something open for dinner so I ate pumpkin ice cream (yes, again) and pumpkin Oreos she had. Uh, yeah. October is my favorite month of the year, just because ALL THINGS PUMPKIN. Sounds like a perfect dinner if I don’t say so myself, though.
Andrew McMahon is good times. Let’s do it again.

The One Where I Went to Two Concerts In One Day.

The worst thing to happen to a avid concert goer is for two of your favorite bands to book shows on the same day, in different cities a few hours away from each other.

But sometimes, the crazy in you decides you can attend both if you’re really committed. Oh, am I committed. Beware, if you choose to attempt this, these are LONG days and only the most experienced concert fans can pull it off.

The night before the longest concert day ever, I worked until 11:30pm. Boo, side waitressing job. Then, I hopped into my car and drove two hours to San Francisco to Yvonne’s place to where she and Jane were sleeping away. I was jealous of their full night sleep. I showered the scent of dirty diner off of me, and then finally went to sleep at around 2am.

At 6am, the alarm went off (I hate myself) and we got ready and then headed over to Golden Gate Park where Nina and Caroline had been holding spots for us. (Thank you, ladies!)


Show one: Matt Nathanson playing a radio gig.

Doors were at 10am, and that is just too early with no sleep. Even after finding coffee, I felt like a huge ball of tired.

Matt played third, after Lindsey Stirling and American Authors. Meh to those first two.



But Matt? I love that dude.

I wasn’t staying for Neon Trees who were headlining, because I had to get to my second show. And that made me a little sad because I super enjoyed them when I saw them open for Maroon 5 a few years back.

As we were leaving, I noticed there was a It’s It booth, and they had the PUMPKIN FLAVOR. I had been looking for this for weeeeks. Finally, it was mine.


After shoving my face with ice cream, (and half of Yvonne’s because she couldn’t eat all of hers. Yes that was my lunch and dinner) I hopped into my car and drove an hour and a half to Sacramento.


Show two: Parachute and Matt Wertz.

Luckily Carrie and Lois had bought VIP tickets and had early entry and saved me a spot up front. (I wanted VIP but didn’t know if I’d make it on time and didn’t want to risk the $50.) Thanks to my ladies for holding me a spot, part two!

Mikey Wax was the first opener. Up next was Matt Wertz. Um. Why didn’t anyone tell me I should have seen Wertz sooner? I LOVED him. Totally adorable. And funny. And wonderful.




Parachute was next, and this may have been the best show I’ve seen them play. That also makes me really sad to say, because Nate and Alex are gone, and my heart still feels a little void. Sniff.


After the show, Matt Wertz was wandering around so I had to talk to him. He is hilarious. I may have dropped the F bomb a few too many times when talking to him, though. I get excited. And it happens.

20140928_225538After chatting up the Wertz for several minutes, I hopped into my car and drove the 3.5 hours home. BRUTAL is the only word to describe that drive. The last hour I thought I was going to have to pull over and take a nap in my car. But, like the road warrior that I am, I pushed through it (seriously though kids, please don’t drive drowsy. It’s not safe.) and face planted into my bed the moment I stepped into my bedroom.

Two shows in one day. You were good.

The One Where I Saw Scars on 45 Six Times In Four Days.

In September, a 4 day trip to see four Scars on 45 shows turned into a six show trip.

Let’s me tell the story of this good luck.


The first stop on the trip was San Francisco. I had nicely persuaded Leah to fly from Seattle to attend all the shows with me, so early the first morning I drove up to the city to pick her up. And it’s a good thing I picked her up early!We had stopped at a Target close by to pick up some travel sized items she couldn’t carry on the plane when an email from KFOG, a local radio station was sent out saying we won tickets into a private Scars show that was in TWO HOURS.

Yvonne happened to be close by and we had planned on getting lunch with her, so we invited her since she wasn’t able to go to the show that night. At the same time, Tara had called to ask what time I was heading into the city, and I was all, “We’re here now…can you be in less than two hours?!” So BAM, plus ones acquired under 5 minutes.

Yvonne, Leah and I enjoyed lunch and then headed over to the KFOG studios to enjoy the first bit of Scars. There was SO MUCH traffic for it being in the middle of the day, and I freaked out that we were going to miss it (and Leah stuck her head out of the car to wave at cars that we were cutting them off, ha!) But we made it (barely) and it was fun.

When we went to say hi after, they asked me if I was going to the show that night. “Am I coming tonight? DUH. You get to see this face for the next 4 days! Don’t get sick of me.”

We also got on the subject of tattoos. Danny noticed one of mine and had asked if it was new (um. that’s been there for YEARS, Bemrose…)
“No. But I’m getting another Matt tattoo on Tuesday!”
“Oh what are you getting, his face?” *Glare*

After we left the studio we wasted time by wandering around SF for a bit (I made everyone go into a library) then just decided to head to the venue. We hung out until doors opened where Dawn L and Tracy met up with us, where we claimed our front row spots. Yes.

After Scar’s set, we headed to the back because none of us know any Better Than Ezra songs. Sorry, boys. We basically hung around merch all night. There was so much pot smoking going on, that I think I got a second hand high. My dancing around with the t-shirts, and sudden craving for waffles kinda helped confirm that suspicion.

The band left the merch for us to be in charge of, because they were having van issues and had to drive to LA that night to fix it. After we packed it all up, we then headed back to Dawn L and Tracy’s to sleep.

Dawn L had prior commitments, so San Francisco was the only show that she able to attend. Sad. So the next morning we loaded up the merch into my car and Leah, Tracy and I headed to LA.


There was a huge festival happening 2 blocks down from where that show was going on, so we had given ourselves a few extra hours just in case. Of course, not a big deal at all.

That lead us with extra hours to kill, so we headed to get something to eat. Which lead to happy hour. By the time the band arrived and we handed off the merch to them our first buzz wore off…so we hit up the happy hour at House of Blue for round two. Ha.


By times door opened, I think Tracy and I were at a combined total of 11 drinks. This was 3 too many for me, so I was tipsy and happy. (Happiest drunk alive, that’s me!)

20140920_213805 Another show, then another night of selling merchandise. Afterwards we headed down to Anaheim to check into our hotel. Then glorious sleep.


The following morning we were lazy until check out. We had nothing planned for the day other than the show, so we checked out our options of what was around us (nothing) then sat around. We’re so fun…we ended up wasting enough time that we could check into our next hotel for the night (we were using points for free nights, so we had a different hotel every night) and then I really really needed caffeine more than I needed food so I left Leah and Tracy at a restaurant while I caffeinated myself. It was a Starbucks BOGO hour, and sometimes you gotta share…with yourself.

We got bored so we headed to downtown Disney to wander around. I wanted to buy all the things, but sufficed with just a Finding Nemo shot glass. MINE.

We took it easy on the drinking this night. Ha. After Scar’s set, we headed up to hang out at the merch table. It stayed quiet pretty much the entire BTE set, so we just watched Disneyland’s fireworks display, and chatted.

Matt Nathanson sent out this tweet. So I asked him a question back. (Chris might have gotten us drinks and I might have been a little tipsy, so I thought my question was funny.)

2015-03-04 15.33.01
We started laughing hysterically. I would have probably laughed for several more minutes but then a second later my phone buzzed and I got this:

2015-03-04 15.31.49 Oh. My God. Stop. I can’t handle the cute. So then switched from laughing to just standing there going, “Awwww….” Chris came over and I showed him Matt’s reply. He just rolled his eyes. I’m pretty sure he’s just jealous because Matt didn’t call HIM pretty. 😉

Later Danny and Aimee came over and I said, “Hey Danny. Matt has a question for you!” I showed him and he laughed.
“Matt Nathanson just tweets you?” he asked me in awe. Uh…maybe if you were on the Twitter, Bemrose, he’d tweet you too…

So we’re chatting with Danny and Aimee, and then all of a sudden Aimee asks, “So, you guys think that Danny looks better now that we’ve been doing T25?” (T25 is a workout program. Those kids are RIPPED beyond belief.) I stare at her because she knows I have a crush. I stare and say nothing. Then I start laughing because she points to me and nods her head yes. Brat. I’m just gonna sit here and crush silently, thank you very much.  (I’m sure he knows anyway.)

After the show, we headed to In N Out, because yes. We need In N Out at midnight.


The last day of the trip included another double. Leah and I had won ANOTHER radio gig, so we had an early morning drive down from Anaheim to San Diego for the noon radio gig.

So this radio thing was ODD. Basically it was Leah, Tracy, myself and two other people. Plus the staff of the radio station. In a small room. Where they stuck us about 4 feet in front of the band. Basically it was a staff meeting and us. Hahaha.

After our staff meeting, we had a ton of time to kill, so we headed off to find food. Oh, and cupcakes. Fat kid always. Sprinkles for the win! 20140922_130609
We had more time to kill, so we wandered around Solana Beach for a few hours. And still had time to kill. So we just hung out around the venue. (I swear we are exciting people. This trip we did a lot of lazy. It happens.) But we were joined by Jane and Jeanette so we had extra company to make the time go faster.

We all enjoyed Scars’ set, then headed to the back of the venue during BTE. For some reason, their set seemed epically long that night. The venue isn’t that big to begin with either, so we didn’t really have room to wander around anywhere.

12 hours later they wrapped up their set (that’s exaggeration guys) and we said our goodbyes to the band. Which is never fun. 😦

I had been contemplating seeing them in Vancouver and Portland a few weeks later, and when Danny asked when he’d see us all next, I mentioned I had been thinking about those shows.
“Thinking about it Joslyn? No. You’re going. We’ll see you there.”
And I basically was like, “OKAY” #damnyoucrush

Aimee asked how far the drive home was the next day.

“Is it five hours?” she asked.
“Oh I wish. It’s almost 8 home.”
“You are mental!”
“You don’t call me a West Coast Mental for nothing…”

We checked into our hotel and maybe slept for 4 hours. I like to call these nights a long nap. Ha.

Leah had an early flight out of San Diego, so we dropped her off at 5am, then we headed back north for the long trek to Monterey. Tracy and I hit the fantastic LA morning traffic (UGH) and were sleep deprived and crazy, so we pretty much laughed about everything. Sometimes, delirious is fun though. Especially when you spend it with the right people.

The one where I went out East to see Matt Nathanson. AGAIN.

So. I’m not sure why, but it seems every time I try to get on a plane out of Monterey to see Matt Nathanson, something always goes wrong. Note to self: don’t fly out of Monterey anymore, even if it’s more convenient and cheaper at the time.

I had bad feelings all morning about my 3:30pm flight. Then, as my sister is driving me to the airport, I get a text message saying my flight was delayed. Well, that’s fabulous considering that my layover was only 45 minutes long.

Luckily I was the first on my flight to arrive at the airport, so I walked right up to the counter to figure out what was going on. The guy working looked up my itinerary and said, “Oh you. You were the difficult layover one.” OH. YAY ME.

So what was supposed to have me leaving at 3:30pm and arriving in Detroit at 1:00am, I left at 5:45pm and arrived in Detroit at 6am. UNEXPECTED RED EYES SUCK ASS. So do 4 hour layovers in Los Angeles. I wanted to cry. And sleep. Sleep cry.


So, Amber and Beth picked me up at airport 6am, and took me back to the hotel where Ams was waiting, and where I was supposed to have slept. Sob. I took a quick shower, and then we ate the complimentary breakfast at the hotel. My body was confused. So confused that somehow in the shower I had a fight with my razor and took a huge chunk out of my finger. Five months later and the scar is still there is prove it. Whoops.

We headed to Pittsburgh and swung by the airport to get Yvonne. Then we were off to find me band aids because I had been bleeding through the ones the hotel gave me. Starting off the trip as a hot mess, check!

After I bought myself some Mickey Mouse band aids (because if I was gonna have to rock first aid, I was gonna do it in STYLE) we headed over to the venue because we get everywhere way too early.

The venue was connected to an old library, so I was in HEAVEN. I walked through the library and ohh and awwed over everything I saw. I am a nerd forever.


We then had a picnic lunch on the stairs. Stood kids afraid to leave the stoop!


Long story short, half of us were guest listed for this show. And we had seats that we were not so thrilled about. (Can you say we are spoiled? Yes.) Nina and Caroline showed up after doors were opened, and they and Yvonne had general admission pit tickets up front. So, you know, we took turns borrowing everyone’s tickets and all ended up in pit…(Can you say spoiled again? Yes. HA.)


Half of the shows on this leg of the tour were headlining. This was one of them. This second half of the tour Andrew McMahon was opening instead of Mary Lambert, and I have been listening to him since high school. 12 years, my friends. That’s even longer than I’ve been listening to Matt. So this show was made for me. In a library. Andrew and Matt.


Matt spotted us individually. He gave Beth and Ams the “oh hi!” look, Amber got the excited look as well, and I got the double take “holy shit!” look. Which made the entire red eye craziness worth it.


We did the m&g after the show because that is our thing. (FYI I used the same wristband for all 13 shows. I win. And am a cheater. Ha.)


“I knew you would be here. And you. and you. But I didn’t know YOU would be here!” he said pointing my way when we walked up to him. I love his excitement. I was so out of it that day, I can’t even really remember anything else I said to him. Sleep deprivation at it’s finest. I do know I said, “You have us until the end of the tour.” and he just BEEMED. Seriously, how he’s not sick of me…

We ran into Andrew outside, and said hi to him. I love him, I love him, I love him.

IMG_2115 (2)
As we were walking back to the car, we passed Aaron and yelled bye. “Woah, you guys look like a gang!” Hahaha. I guess we’re a bunch of badasses?

I think we drove to Cleveland that night. I can’t be sure though because I probably fell asleep on the drive? Man, I can’t remember shit anymore. AND this blog might be 7 months overdue. Whoops. I need to start keeping a concert journal since I can never keep up with my own life.


I remember it rained a ton in Cleveland. Like, sunny bright skies and then BAM RAIN FOR DAYS. Luckily we had wandered around a bit and caffeinated and cupcaked ourselves before the rain happened.


(OMG those cupcakes…)



We waited in line in this weird alley way hallway deal. It was hot as shit. I may have done pilates and yoga and planks while waiting. You know, to balance out the cupcakes?





That night’s show was being broadcasted on Yahoo, and I got SO MANY TEXTS that my face was ALLLLL over the entire night. And apparently I am “cute and flirty” when I sing. Oh no. I am one of those girls?! *face palm* Sorry internet you had to see me like that. I never watched it online because I’m afraid of hating myself for it. Haha.


After the show we waited for the m&g, and when I walked up to Matt he was like, “OMG, look at your outfit! You look awesome!” We chatted about really random stuff, “If you were a stripper, you could wear tassels!” (Don’t ask) Before I was saying goodbye, he said to me really concerned, “Oh man. You guys have a long drive tonight!” and I assured him it was okay, we were only driving halfway (which was still about 4 hours and sucks all the sucks) Beth talked to him after I, and as I was walking away, I heard him say to her, “I have that same dress!” Nerd.


So, off we were to drive halfway to Clifton Park, New York. Which is basically nothing land. The venue was in a STRIP MALL, conveniently placed between a church and a tattoo parlor. Huh. Interesting.

At one point of the day, Andrew McMahon was walking by with his wife, baby and dog. He noticed my Starbucks cup and asked where the closest one was. There was literally nothing close for a mile or so and we told him that. “Man, where ARE we?” he asked.

‘We have a rental car. You could borrow it.” I semi-joked.

“Wait, are you serious?!” I looked at Amber because it was booked under her name.

“As long as you don’t crash it,” she told him.

“I have insurance!” he exclaimed.

So. Andrew McMahon took our rental car to Starbucks. Ha. (And he was totally speeding back through the parking lot) BUT, he is the NICEST GUY EVER because he brought back a $25 gift card for us! The PSL came back in season two days later, so you know what we used that for.

2015-03-03 09.06.39



The east coast Jocelyn was joining us on the part of the trip, so it was fun having a huge almost-everyone-from-on-the-cruise reunion.

This night’s show was SPECTACULAR. Andrew walked out and mouthed to us, “Thanks for the coffee!” (adorbs) and Matt was just all over the place amazing. This video from this show actually went viral about 2 weeks ago. Crazy.


Funny story. I had ran out of deodorant that morning (sucks) and halfway through the set Matt says: “So I ran out of deodorant today…” which we all start laughing hysterically about. I’m like ME TOO, WE’RE GROSS.


So for this meet and greet we decided to take a group photo. Kudos to Beth for picking my fat ass up. We also decided to turn the cards and had Matt take a photo with us and Paul. Haha. They loved it.

Amber and I asked Matt to write out lyrics for us to get tattooed, and he had us wait until the end so he could take his time. So we sat at this table and got to watch everyone else interact with him, which was a ton a fun. People watching is the best.

Matt is apparently a perfectionist, because he wrote mine, re-wrote a word, and then wrote Amber’s. Decided hers looked totally better than mine, so he wrote mine out again. At least I had options? Ha.

We were the only ones left so then we all stood around and talked for a long time. The Andrew car incident got brought up and Matt just yells, “You guys have the BEST stories!” Well yeah. A lot of shit happens when we follow you for days on end. Ha.

So that night we drove to the middle of somewhere New York and slept in a CABIN. A legit fucking cabin, well water and everything! I wanted to stay there for more than just a slumber. So peaceful and amazing. Can we go back?



So after waking up in a cabin, we ate at this fantastic breakfast place that JC used to go to as a kid. Um. Food porn. Here you go. So worth the drive.



We then headed off to Boston. Stopped at another childhood spot of JC’s for ice cream. Um. There would be a photo if I wasn’t too busy shoving it in my face. Sorry. It was Nutella-y and PB and delicious.

We went to the venue and sadly we all had seats all over the place from one another. Yvonne and I decided to treat ourselves and bought front row tickets on Stubhub. Um. This was a really fantastic idea, because when Andrew walked out, we were in a “sweet spot” (aka Yvonne’s magical-perfect Andrew viewing spot.)


After his set, we went to go find him again. Love.

20140823_194322This was the part of the tour where it went back to co-headlining with Gavin. And guess who got serenaded again? Yeah, that’d be me. You can stop now, DeGraw. I don’t like it. Thanks.


This was a bit of a “homeshow” for Matt, and I’m glad to say that I finally saw him in Boston.


We headed to the meet and greet after, and instead of us going up to him, he comes strolling over to our group and just says, “What’s up, friends?!”

The conversation we had was HILARIOUS. I can’t write about it, because it was mostly personal family stuff and those aren’t my stories to share. But just know…it’s funny shit. Oh I can probably write that he thinks his cat is gay. I’ll leave you to ponder that. Ha.

That night our hotel was close by (YAY) but we still didn’t get to sleep in because we were doing an early radio gig before the show the following morning.


On the way to Cape Cod, we stopped at Marylou’s, this coffee place in Massachusetts I’ve been reading about through a blog for YEARS. Um…PEANUT BUTTER COFFEE? Fuck me, it was perfection, and I’m still trying to recreate it at home.


For the radio gig, it was a win your way in kinda deal. And basically…we were told to just “show up” and we’d be let in. How many times can I say spoiled in one post? A ton. SPOILED. Dedication gets you into everything…


Both Matt and Gavin performed at this. Matt went first, and then there was a “meet and greet” Ha.

JC and I wanted to take a “Jo(ce)(s)lyn sandwich” so we went to talk to Matt together. When we said something about him being between two Jo(ce)(s)lyns, he looked at both of us, got this huge grin and said, “I love my Jo(ce)(s)lyns!” Cue the “awww” We also talked about spooning. (JC woke up that morning and apparently I was really close to her face. My bad.) Matt laughed and said, “I do that with Aaron sometimes!” I am the only one who likes to spoon.

IMG_3793(I know you didn’t want this on the internet, JC, but let’s face it. It’s already on the radio’s website and no one reads this blog anyway.)

Gavin went next, after a food break. Where it was nothing but snacks that were non-vegetarian. And I was on the verge on being hangry. It could have gotten ugly.


After Gavin we went to take photos with him for the hell of it, and he asked, “Have we met before?” and I’m like, “Yes, we’ve met multiple times” (back in 2003 I actually did love him, then was turned off after he was douchey a few times to me and a friend in 2004) to which he said, “I KNEW I knew you from somewhere!” (I’m also thinking, “you probably remember me from June and last night when I was like, this is awkward, yeah please don’t sing in my face…”)

After Gavin, we went to find (real) food. And then we went to the beach and decided to take a nap. To which this bird just STARED US DOWN. I think we were all tired and delirious at this point, because for some reason it seemed hilarious at the time.


The Cape Cod setup was…weird. Rotating stage. At first I was like, “This is awesome!” but after it rotated and you were staring at back of heads and butts for 10 minutes, you get over it.



Between sets, we went to find Andrew. Love that kid.


After show; meet and greet. I walk into huge open arms, even though he had seen my face the last few nights AND we had just talked to him less than 10 hours earlier that day.

“What does your jacket say? Oh, it says The Rock Boat. Dude. I’m just reading your boob right now. I’m a boob reader!” (Oh. My. God. DORK.)

“Um. I have no boobs to read, so whatever.” was my comeback, laughing. “I’m going to cry when this is over.” I continued.

“Dude, we live in the same state.” he said.

“Yeah. I should shut up, I see you next month in Golden Gate Park.”

13 shows is still apparently not enough shows. I am weird.





After we left we headed back to New York.


The last show of the tour was in Pomona, New York. It was a general admission show, so we decided to get in line early. And…it was hot. 90+ degree of hot, hot, hotness.

I have to take a moment to rave about how amazing the owner of the venue and his wife are. When they first arrived, they were surprised to see us in line already, melting in the direct sunlight. They brought us ice and cups of water after they asked if we needed anything and I screamed ICE. ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE ME. (I was serious. It would have dried in probably 20 seconds.)

Also, they took fantastic care of JC. JC has cerebral palsy, so they let us all go into the venue a half hour early so she could make it down the stairs and not get trampled on. The venue is a baseball stadium, so it is HUGE, and that extra time was needed. Also, they put her in front of us in front of the barricade. Kudos, because most venues put their handicapped sections off to the side or way up in the balcony. The owner even came up to JC between sets to make sure she was doing okay. That guy is AWESOME and won kudos in my book all day long.



Since we went in early, we got to watch part of Andrew’s soundcheck. We were still making our way down the stairs when he finished a song and we all “WOO-ed” to which he heard and asked, “Where is that coming from?” and when we WOO-ed again he said, “THIS IS THE BEST SOUND CHECK EVER.”

This show was also my 125th Matt show. Um. Who am I?

2015-03-03 09.26.25

Ridiculously awesome, apparently. 😉

The actual show was a weird one. I won’t go into details, but people need to learn manners and not be dickheads and yell dickhead things at musicians when they perform. The end. Oh, also. I swallowed a bee then spit out my beer, which happened to get on JC. SORRY JC I DIDN’T WANT TO DIE. Damn bees flying around landing in drinks.




The meet and greet was also a strange one. The venue was being super assy about +1s, and we had to leave half of the girls behind before the woman who had been helping out with us all day asked if we were doing okay.

“NO. They wouldn’t let us bring the whole group.”

She looked at the security guard and said, “Well go get the rest of their friends.” Wait for it…spoiled.


We said our goodbyes to Matt, and got a “family” photo. End of tour always makes me sad.

We lingered in the parking lot and avoided saying goodbye to everyone as long as possible. Then we were off to find our hotel in Newark. We may or may not have drove the wrong way on the freeway, ON PURPOSE, because we couldn’t find the hotel entrance going the correct way. We’re risk takers, its cool. We also drove around Newark in the middle of the night to find food. Rebels. We didn’t care we were in the ghetto.

We took a nap, and then Yvonne and I woke up before 5am to go to the airport to catch ass crack early flights. Bleh.

Luckily, I was on the same first flight as Nina and Caroline, so I had company the first stretch of the trip. Even though all 3 us slept the entire flight. Tour exhaustion.

They live in Denver, so I parted ways with them at my layover.

It wasn’t until I was sitting alone in the Denver airport that it hit me: tour was over, I had said goodbye to everyone, and I was sad. A sad sap, I teared up because that is apparently what I do every time I say goodbye to these girls I share all these memories with now. They have my heart. ❤

I caffeinated myself and boarded my second flight. Home.