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10 Years Of Matt Nathanson.

It’s fitting that I am making my way home from Montana from a Matt Nathanson show today.

On this day, ten years ago, I saw Matt for the first time.

My first show I actually went for the opener. I only stuck around to see what the fuss was about, because I had been told by multiple people for a few years that I needed to see Matt live.

I was completely captivated. I kept looking around me like, we are lucky individuals to be experiencing this guy right now.

My first conversation with Matt made me feel like we were old friends. Then he told me a story about his cat and I was all, this dude is so rad!

A few days later I saw him again opening for Pink, solo with just an acoustic guitar in hand. I was blown away by how he could capture an entire audience’s attention by just himself.

I was hooked. I went home and downloaded Beneath These Fireworks and Live At The Point. The following year, Some Mad Hope came out, and that was the album that made me go, WOW. I’m all in. Throwing myself in completely. And I threw myself in, alright.

To make a long story short, here we are a decade and 175 shows later.

I sometimes wonder how this guy I go and see a crazy amount of times per year (and usually in places nowhere near where I live…I mean come on, who drives to MONTANA?!) will still look shocked or get excited when he spots me in a crowd. How is he not sick of me when I walk up to him at a meet and greet for the 10 dozenth time?

I guess I can say that I’m lucky; my appreciation for him is reflected back.

So. Matt. This is what I have to say to you.

There’s a million words to express how I feel and how thankful I am about everything over the years. I could sit here and write a novel, because I never shut up and talk way too much, but I’ll just get to the most important part of this post. I just want to say:



Your music has gotten me through the good days, and more importantly the bad ones.

Being at your shows feels like home; they are my happy place.

Because of you, I have been introduced to some of my other favorite artists (but no worries, you will always be my #1!!!)

I have also met some of the absolute best friends I could have ever wished for. It’s because of your music we were brought together, and without you, they wouldn’t be in my life.

I know I say this all the time, and I’ll most likely keep saying it to you for the next 10 years, but you are the best. The best.

Thank you. For everything. For the music. The friendships. For the endless hugs, and guest list spots. For the flowers and pastries. For hitting me in the face with a guitar pick and nearly taking out my eye (haha, never letting you live that one down!)

You mean a lot to me. More than the words in this post can express. So since a picture says a thousand words, here are a few of my favorite moments together over the past 10 years.



















Thank you for the last ten years. The best 10 years. You truly are the best.


The One Where It Was “Mattober” (part 4)

The last edition of my very belated blog from October.

We drove for a day from Eugene to San Francisco, and then the sadness that was the end of tour funk started to set in.


San Francisco ended up being a double show day for us.

We decided to head to the venue early, and claim our spots first for the evening show before heading over to the other side of town for the radio gig.

Paul got off the bus and was talking to us for awhile, then got all concerned. “Who is going to hold your spots in line when you go over for the radio gig?” Oh, you know. Just hired someone to wait in line for us because we’re professional front row people. “How do I get that job?!” Paul asked. HAHA.

We decided to just take one car over so we could save on parking, so we somehow fit 6 people into my car. Don’t try this at home, kids. We’re professionals. (Plus that’s not legal.)


The radio gig was at a Capital One Bank Lounge/Peet’s Coffee. It was a pretty cool spot. If I lived in San Francisco I would hang out there.

Matt played 5 songs and did a short little interview. Afterwards we got to go to the meet and greet. Amber and I went together, and as we walked up, he said, “I’m going to give you a low hug because I am sweaty and smelly right now.”

“I totally wear man deodorant. I have some in my bag if you need it.” I joked. (I really do wear man deodorant, and had some in my bag though…)

Matt then lifts up my arm, smells my armpit and says, “Oh yeah. That’s good.”

“I’m also wearing Justin Beiber perfume.” I admit. (it was a gift, I didn’t buy it, don’t judge.)

“Is it called ‘GIRL!’? GIRL.” Omg, I can’t even explain the way he said girl. It was hilarious.

We then take our photo, and we’re all pretty much cracking up. You know someone is your homie if he smells your armpit. HAHAHA.


We then headed back to the venue to get back in line, and SOME people were not impressed with our craigslist friend who held our spots. Haters gonna hate!

At one point of the day, Matt’s car almost got towed. It was parked behind the bus, and this tow truck got just came and tried to start towing it. Yvonne, the quiet one, gets up and bangs on the bus door screaming THEY’RE TRYING TO TOW YOUR CAR. Luckily they ended up talking the guy out of not towing it, and Yvonne saved the day. (I went to try to find a bathroom at this point, and missed 85% of the entire saving of the car mission, but saw the tail end of it while I was walking back down the hill and was like, “WTF is happening right now…?!” Later Matt walked past us in line and squeezed all our knees as a thank you. I’m like didn’t do anything…just tried to pee.

We bought dinner tickets for this show, which means you go in early, and some people again were not impressed that this was happening. Um, we were still first in line so even if it was all general admission we were first, period. Haters gonna hate, part two.

This show was really good, but also horrible at the same time, because once again there were douche bags in the audience. Matt got to the point where he said, “Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up. Shut the fuck up” and the people STILL KEPT TALKING. When someone tells you to shut the fuck up, you shut the fuck up!


I thought he was going to storm off the stage. He was angry. And I wanted to punch people in the face for him.

“I almost got into a fight tonight” Matt says as I walked up to him after the show.
“Do you need me to beat someone up for you? Who do I need to punch?”

“No.” He says and just hugs me. I felt bad for him.

Matt grabbed my hand for this pose and I was all like, what is going on? But this might be my favorite photo from the entire tour, so…weird pose, cute ass photo.


As we’re getting into my car to leave, Yvonne says, “Nina and Caroline’s car got broken into!” and we’re all like “WTF!” and go over to their car and everything is just GONE. I felt terrible.

They made us eventually leave them while they went to the police station and then to the rental car place to get another car. But I felt so bad and had trouble sleeping.



We woke up extra early the next morning (it was still dark) and all piled into the car and headed down to Los Angeles.

We were super classy and lazy and ordered Veggie Grill and had it delivered to us in line. Which was also all kinds of awesome. Fat kids on tour. Lazy-ing it up with delivery.

While sitting in line, Shiben walked by and I was like HI DUDE. I’VE MISSED YOU. We talked for a few minutes and then he was off to do his thing.


Los Angeles was probably my favorite show of the tour. I LOVE the Troubadour. I used to follow a local LA band around a decade ago, and there are so many memories in that venue for me.


Matt was in a fantastic mood. The crowd was not acting like douches. Shiben and Lovejoy came out and played a few songs with Matt and Aaron. It was perfect.

When Matt started playing “Gold in the Summertime” he forgot the lyrics to the song and looked at me. I started singing the lyrics and he was like, “Oh yeah!” and then he sang the second verse…which is the verse I just sang at him. We kinda looked at each other like oh shit. Oops.

After the show we waited for the meet & greet. And when it was my turn, Paul says to me, “Only one left!” excitedly.
“No, don’t remind me!” I yelled at him sadly.
“What’d he say?” Matt asked.

“He said there’s only one left. I’m not ready.” I said pouting.

My friend Amy had asked if I could get lyrics written out for her for a tattoo. So I asked for him to write them out, and afterwords he was all,
“Does that look okay?”
“It’s not for me, so sure.”

“Oh, then who gives a fuck what it looks like.” he said jokingly. Hahaha.

While he was writing them out, I fessed up.
“So. I totally fed you the wrong lyrics. I didn’t realize until you started singing the second verse.”

“I didn’t notice until I started playing the second verse either.”

We both fail.


When Amber was talking to him, he kept asking her what time we were getting to San Diego the next day. And she was like, I don’t know. And then he was all give me a time. So she gave him a time and he said, “Okay, that works.”

Um. What? So the whole night we were like, why does he need to know when we’re getting there?!




San Diego would be the day known as the day that Matt made me cry. And then the flood gates were opened and I just continued to cry like 5 thousand times over the next 48 hours. Read on.

The venue they played at was a fucking DIVE. When we arrived there were just homeless dudes hanging out out front. We set up our chairs and they left luckily, but we were like. Oh fun. Bum central.

About 15 minutes after we told Matt we’d be there, the bus rolled up in front of the venue. Matt came out to talk to us. I happened to be sitting in my chair and had just dosed off, but woke up because I heard voice. Matt was standing directly above my chair and it scared the shit out of me.

“Oh woah, I was just asleep and woke up and you were standing there and it scared me.”
“Oh man, you just woke up to a nightmare!” HAHAHA. Matt talked to us for a long time, and then eventually went into the venue.

It felt like a billion degrees that day. I mean, we sat there and sweat all the sweat. At one point of the day, Yvonne, Amber and I went to go get fro yo. And Nina texts us, “You need to get back here asap.” I was like, why? And she sent us a photo.


We were gone less than 20 minutes, and in that short time period, Matt came and brought us FLOWERS AND PASTRIES.



Nina and Caroline said that Matt was sad when he saw we weren’t there, and he was like, “WHERE ARE THEY?!” and put the flowers on our individual chairs. He said he just felt like he wanted to do something nice for us since we went to so many shows and felt like he needed to give us a gift in return. Nina told him he didn’t need to do that, that he gave us the gift of music and friendship, and that was enough. #truth

I’m sad I missed him dropping them off, but I’m also glad I wasn’t there because when I walked back and saw the flowers I got all emotional and teared up. That jerk made me cry!

I had already felt emotional all day considering it was the last show, I didn’t want to say goodbye to the girls, and I didn’t want to drive home the following morning. This was just the straw that broke the camels back and the flood gates opened. I think I ended up crying like 4 times in line that day. It was ridiculous. My emotions were broken. Those damn flowers. Haha.


The last show was so bittersweet. I wanted it to last forever. At one point of the set, Matt started talking and he was all, “The front row has pretty much been the same every night, and that’s awesome.” and I had to make myself not cry. #emotionsstillbroken

Waiting in line for the m&g was also sad. Matt had told us before the show that he was not good with goodbyes, which I think was a hint that he wasn’t going to say goodbye to us that night.

“You made me cry today.” I said to him as I walked into his opened arms for a hug one last time.
“Stop.” was his only reply.
“Do you know how many boys have given me flowers? Only 3. So now you’re the 4th.” I joked. He proceeded to start singing some song to me but I didn’t know what it was, so I couldn’t tell you what he was singing. Ha.
“Do you eat those pastries? I wanted to eat them all myself.”
“Um, yeah. I’m a fat kid.”
“You should have seen me. I was in Whole Food picking them out. And I NEVER pick out pastries for anyone! But I thought you would like them, because I know you like treats.”

He knows I like treats? Okay. I post too many #fatkidsontour posts. HAHAHA.

I don’t remember much of what we talked about after that, because it was probably just me trying to not be a dweeb and cry the entire time.


We took a quick “end of tour” photo, and then Matt literally walked away without saying goodbye. Well, he warned us…ha.

We drove super sleep deprived back to LA (a 2 hour drive took us over 3 hours because we kept switching drivers back and forth.)

The next morning I dropped Yvonne and Amber off at the airport. Cried the whole ride there. Cried after I dropped them off. Cried a majority of the drive home.

When I got home I took the flowers (we divided them up evenly) and pressed them in Harry Potter books for a few weeks. They sit next to my record player to this day. The cutest.

The One Where It Was “Mattober” (part 3)

I decided for the last leg of the tour to just take my own car so I’d save money on flights and renting a car. But this meant I had to first drive to Denver. Which is 20 hours away. Did I loose my mind? Am I insane?

I split it up over the course of two days though. I worked a half day and drove the first 9 hours and stopped in Vegas for the night (thank you Erin & Dahl for your hospitality! You guys are the best!) and then the following morning made the second part of the trek to Denver.



The morning of the Denver show, Nina and Caroline had to work, so Amber and I went and hung out near the venue. And near the venue I mean we parked right out front and sat in the car because it was raining. Ha.

When Nina was done working, she picked up Yvonne from the airport and we continued the car sitting for awhile. They brought us VooDoo Doughnuts and I fat kid ate one up.

We eventually formed a line because other people started showing up. While waiting, Matt walked by and talked to us for a long bit. As we were talking he freaked me out, cause he got this excited look on his face and started reaching for what I thought was my sweater.

“You just re-did this, didn’t you?” he asked, basically petting my hair. I get the most compliments/touching of my hair from guys, so if you want a lot of comments about hair from random dudes, dye it purple!

We talked about more random things like attaching my car to his tour bus after he told me again, “you should just ride in our bus” (“I can get a trailer for my car, then attach it to the bus.” “My bus already has a trailer…”), the drive through Utah.

He mentioned something about it being cold, and I pointed to Yvonne’s feet. “She’s wearing flip flops!”

“Do you need socks? I can get you socks off the bus.” I don’t know if I could ever trust bus socks…haha.

He eventually began to wander off to look at street art, and he asked if we needed anything, and I was like, “Coffee!” We never got socks or coffee so if you ever need anything, don’t depend on the Nathanson…;)

We were finally let in out of the rain and into the venue which was tiny and a total dive.

The show was really great though. I was so happy to be back at shows, and not working. Live music is my life line.


So when we went to say hi during the meet and greet I walked up to Matt, who was in a great mood. He was singing the word “girl” to me as I walked up for a hug, and as I was just about to hug him, he burped. Pretty much in my face. Paul was paparazzi while we were talking, and just look at these photos. His burp. My face. His face. PRICELESS.



“A girl told me I smelled like cereal earlier. And I haven’t eaten cereal so that’s weird.”
“Cereal?” I said. Then I started sniffing him. And he was blowing in my face. “Am I really smelling your breath right now?”

He proceeded to tell me this really great story about his kid, but it’s not my story to tell. But lets just look at this photo as well. His face. My face. I was laughing SO HARD.



Since this was the last leg of the tour, I said to him. “Alright. I have a list of songs that I want to hear that you haven’t played on this tour yet.”

“Okay. What’s the list.”

I named 5 songs. Don’t ask me what 5 songs they are now, because I do not remember. Ha. I do remember asking for “Beat Of Our Noisy Hearts” because it was on the setlist in Atlanta but skipped over, “Kept” because it was on the wheel, then disappeared, and my favorite Matt song, “All Been Said Before.” He played it in Texas when I wasn’t there, and I told Nina to tell him I was going to kill him.

“Oh…yeah the girls were like, ‘she’s gonna murder you.’ But you got the best version of that song.” (Matt played it for me in a stairwell a few years ago.)
“Yeah, I know. But I’ve only heard it twice out of the 155 shows I’ve been to…” Paul starts laughing at that one. It’s the truth though.20151022_232307
After we all say our hi and byes to Matt, we part our ways. Amber, Yvonne and I start the drive halfway to Utah. Nina and Caroline were flying in the following morning.
Well. We were supposed to drive about 4 hours. But we ended up in the car until almost 6am. Because…BLIZZARD.

OH MY GOD. I legit thought we were going to die. It was snowing hard, and we were going about 15 mph, and there was black ice everyone and my car was skidding and I kept visualizing us flying off the side of the mountain. I cried. Multiple times. I am a wuss.

Eventually the snow let up, and Amber took over driving because I was probably having an anxiety attack. We learned when we got to our hotel that they had closed the freeway when we were on it. Yeah…not so sure how I drove through that and am alive to tell the tale. Winter, I’m glad I live 4 blocks from the ocean and don’t have to put up with your shit.

When we got inside our hotel room we found that they had only given us one bed. For 3 people. Luckily it was a california king, and it was so late (early!) so we just piled in together and passed out.


Nina and Caroline got on their flight when we went to sleep. They told us to not worry about getting there early. I’m not sure what time we did end up leaving the hotel. But when we got to the venue, they were the only ones there anyway. Ha.

Salt Lake City was a blur of a day. I just remember laying on the ground and being delirious.

Little did I know that I was going to know multiple groups of friends at this show.

When we were inside and waiting for the show to begin, I got a text from my friend Steve. I don’t remember the initial text, but I replied, “Hey! I’m at a Matt show.” to which he replied, “Yes. yes you are.” I happened to look over my shoulder right as I got this and just had a feeling he was there even though he lives in LA. Then, I see people waving at me. Ha. HI FRIENDS!

My other friends who actually live in the state of Utah, Lindsey and Emily, were there also. Emily texted me when she got there and we had a hug-fest on the middle of the floor because it had been YEARS since I had seen her.

Omg, Utah. You are really special sometimes. There was a girl who kept trying to steal guitar picks from off the stage before the show even began and gave us stank eye when we yelled at her. This girl asked Matt during the show why Lovejoy unmatched her on tinder (or un-swiped? I don’t do tinder. Basically whatever the equivalent of unfriending is.) and the whole band dying and trying to text him to find out the answer.


The best for me was when Emily got to go onstage to spin the wheel. So Emily is talking to Matt and then comes over to hand me her phone to take photos since I was upfront. Matt is like, “Oh you’re just handing your phone to people in the front row?” and I yell, “I know her!” and Matt was all, “You know Joslyn?” and looked excited and confused.


After the spin, Matt went to begin singing the next song, but looked at me and asked, “How do you know her?!” like it was the biggest mystery of the world. I have friends, Nathanson. Some you don’t know (even though I’ve seen Matt with Emily and Lindsey before!)

The meet & greet was fun because I joked it was a Joslyn m&g because everyone wanted me to be in their photos. BUT, my phone killed itself a few weeks ago and I lost pretty much all of my photos so I don’t have the ones I was in with other people any longer. Sad faces. People send me these things again. Thanks.


After talking up all my peeps, we drove part way to Boise because we had a very early day the next morning.



Boise day was supposed to be our day off, but a week or so before, it was announced that Matt was doing an in-store. And since we literally were driving through Boise to get to Seattle, we couldn’t pass it up, even though it began at noon which meant we had to wake up and start driving at 6am. #sleepwhenidie

We also talked Nina and Caroline into going, because they were supposed to fly to Seattle that morning, and we convinced them to drive to Boise instead, then drive to Seattle after. Bad influence, or good influence?


We were delirious at this show. I remember we were saying random shit to each other, and one of Matt’s people looked at us and I just said, “Sorry. We’re a little delirious” and he kinda just nodded like yup. That you are.

BUT! This record store that Matt played at was amazing. And it had a coffee bar thankfully. I legit had the best americano of my life there. I want to go back just for that damn coffee.

Matt randomly started talking about this band named Mr. Mister and asked people standing in the M section to find the vinyl for him. Ha. And then when he did a signing, he wrote lyrics to that band on everyone’s stuff.


Matt asked me if I knew the song that he had written on my CD. Paul was standing there singing them as Matt asked me. I said, “No. I’m too young for that.” and Matt looks up and gives me the biggest DEATH look. I’m sure he took it as me calling him old. I just started laughing cause I found his look hilarious. I was just saying I’m 12 years younger, not saying anyone is old. I wish I had a photo of that look, cause it was priceless.

It was still really early, so we wandered around the area afterwards to find lunch. We ate this little diner that was music themed, and it was so cute and perfect for us. We all thoroughly enjoyed our food as well, which is always a plus.

After lunch, we all piled back into cars and started heading to Seattle, which was another 8 hours away. These days were long.

BUT! We stopped for gas right before we hit the road and I found out that Boise has DUTCH BROS! I had talked this coffee up so much, that Amber was excited.




When we got to Leah’s place we were all dead tired, so we barely talked before going to sleep. Team Elderly.

The next morning we woke up and Leah had made us the most delicious pumpkin muffins. They were vegan and gluten free but tasted like heaven! Droooool.


We headed over the venue and were dorks and read books in line to pass the time.


Matt walked by at one point and started talking to us about random shit once again. I had asked if he was playing any holiday shows in California in December and he pulled out his phone and was reading random cities out of his calendar and was like, “This tells me nothing.” then we were talking about something else and he just walked away. (He’s bad at saying goodbye. Hahaha.)


It rained ALL DAY. And I was a grump face. So much that halfway through the day Nina was like, “I’m going to go get a shot a tequila and I am buying you one.” One turned into three, and I was drunk off my ass. But guess what! I’m a happy drunk so grump be gone!

I was sober by the time that the show began. All was moving along like normal and then Matt welcomes…Train onstage. I swear they follow me everywhere I go. So they’re covering Don’t Stop Believing and I see Pat see me halfway through the song. And then he puts his microphone in my face. I’m mentally screaming NOOOO but then I just sing really really soft cause no one needs to hear that shit. Nope.



So after the show we do the m&g thing like always. And Matt was NOT happy with us. Nina went ahead of me and I heard him say, “you’re shitfaced and she’s shitfaced.” and I was like…mouth drop. People in the crowd were being shitty that night, so I think he took his frustrations out of us. I am the least obnoxious drunk in the world. I just smile and touch people’s boobs. Hahaha.


So basically don’t drink at a Matt show cause he doesn’t like it. I mean look at this photo. He’s standing far away and clearly not impressed with me. Ha. But then I lightened up the mood by saying, “I grabbed everyone’s boobs tonight!”

“That sounds like my kind of party!”

So when the Nathanson is upset with you…talk about boobs. And then he made sure I wasn’t driving even though I WAS SOBER.

We headed back out to Leah’s to sleep, and then woke up early to drop Jane off at the airport and head towards Portland.


Portland was cold. And wet. Surprise, surprise. When we arrived at the venue Nina and Caroline were already there, and we took turns through out the day saving spots and doing whatever we wanted to do.

My only task of the day was going to Powell’s Bookstore. Amber had never been to Portland, so I made sure she came with me, because everyone needs to experience Powell’s in their lifetime.

I am a book nerd, but Powell’s gets me for their little souvenirs  every time. This round I went home with a shirt that says, “I just want all the cats to love me best.” TRUE STORY.

At one point of the day, it was just Yvonne and I in line. Aaron had rounded the corner and was telling us this story about some crazy folk that he had seen earlier walking around. And right after he finishes this story, this total wackado comes up and starts talking to us and Aaron just gives us this look, nods his head and leaves. It was a “good luck, I’m out” look. I still laugh thinking about it, cause I would peace the hell out if I was him as well.

Nina and Amber wandered to VooDoo at one point of the day, and brought me back a Memphis Mafia. HOLY CRAP SO GOOD. Also, way super large. #fatkidsontour


It was cold, so we hugged it out towards the end to stay warm. No tequila required. 😉




So, during this show, Matt decided to play All Been Said Before. And he’s a liar, so he intro’d it saying that some fan asked for it 20 years ago and he kept promising to play it. Unless there was someone he promised to play it to, then he’s telling the truth, but I think I call bullshit.

So after the show, Amber was like, “Matt I won the radio thing for tomorrow but I can only take one person, who should I take?” and Matt was like, “What do you need? Tell Paul.” #spoiled

I was walking up to him right as she was asking, and so I was like, “We all win!” then I looked at him and said in this total dork voice, “And you totally win cause you played my song!” to which Matt started CRACKING UP AT and mimicked me and then was like, “Come here, you.”



We were legit laughing in this photo. Look at us cheesing it out. I love that jerk.

So then afterwards we headed to get some of the girls food. I originally wasn’t hungry, but as soon as I walked into the restaurant I was like YAS PIZZA IN MY FACE and it was seriously the best pizza I ever ate. Pizza! You rule my life.

We decided to drive a bit out of Portland and stay in Eugene for the night, so the following morning we wouldn’t be in the car the entire day back to San Francisco. We ate at this most fantastic place we found on yelp, and I wished I remembered what it was named, because I must find it again if ever in Eugene!


The One Where It Was “Mattober” (Part 2)

Part two of a very overdue blog…

I went home for a total of three days before getting on another plane and flying back to the east coast. I still don’t know why I even went home…



First stop on leg two was North Carolina. It was extremely expensive to fly into NC, so I flew into Atlanta instead, and drove to Carrboro from there.

Amanda joined in on the fun for Carrboro. Our flights landed within ten minutes of each other, so once we found each other in the airport we headed over to pick up our rental car, and then drove to Carrboro. I had gotten a cold the night before, so the whole flight and drive I was shoving tissue up my nose, because the snot would not stop flowing out. I felt miserable. I had brought cold medicine with me, so once we got into our hotel I took some and passed out.

The next morning I felt a little better, and after we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, we headed out.

It was HOT AS BALLS in Carrboro. In October. Thankfully I had packed a dress, so I gladly put that on, and yet still sweat the whole day. Hashtag, gross.


I don’t know if it was because of the heat, or just a North Carolina thing, but there were a million freaking bugs that kept biting the shit out of me. I ended the day with 13 HUGE welts all over my body. EWWWW. I hate you bugs!!!

While sound checking, we heard them play Disappear about 6 times. So I was patiently waiting to see if it would appear in the setlist.

Amanda and I ended up being in the front row, but it took Matt probably a good 5 songs in before he saw that we were there. He gave me this shocked look and his mouth dropped open. And then he kept talking to me from onstage the rest of the set.

Randomly Matt asks me, “Are you coming tomorrow?” and I nod yes and he’s like,”OK!” Don’t mind us, other 600 people, just having a conversation over here…hahaha.


So one point of the set, the wheel is spun and it landed on “New Coats and New Hats” which is a super old song. And you could tell that Matt didn’t want to play it because he then started spinning the wheel and having people cheer for other songs on the wheel they wanted to hear instead. He looked at me and I pretty much gave him a DEATH look and gestured for him to spin it back.

Matt asks the crowd, “How many of you would be upset if we didn’t play that song?” and I shot up both of my hands. He then counts how many other hands went up (it was only maybe a dozen or so) and then he looks at me and says, “I am going to play this for you since you go to so many shows. If I fail you, I am failing myself.”

So needless to say…Matt played the song. HA.

This was one of the larger shows on the tour (most were around 200 – 300, this was 600) so we jumped into the front of the m&g line so we wouldn’t be stuck there all night long once the show was over.

In those three days that I was home I had tweeted that I had extra download codes for his new album, and joked that if anyone wanted one to send me a cat photo. Matt RT’d it and my feed BLEW UP.

I walked up to Matt and I was like,
“Have you seen any great cat photos lately?” and his eyes got all wide and he says,
“OMG that was the BEST!” he says laughing.
“I just kept refreshing my feed, and it just kept getting cuter. Oh. And sorry I am so demanding of songs this tour…”
He laughed, “You’re allowed to be.”

When Amanda went to talk to him he was telling her that it took him awhile before he spotted us and he got really excited because he didn’t know we were coming. He should always expect me. Ha.
We then hopped on the road and began driving towards Nashville. Our hotel was two hours along the way, and we pretty much face planted into bed when we got there because it was super late.



The following morning I demanded coffee before we finished the drive to Nashville. When we got to the venue the rest of the crew was already there waiting for us. It was a big hug fest, and then we enjoyed each others company for the next few hours. Which apparently the rest of the line did not, because we can be loud. #zerofucksgiven


There was a chalk board and Rachel is cute and artsy, so she drew this of us in the front row watching Matt. Ha.

We took turns wandering and fooding and recaffeinating. And taking photos outside of frothy monkey and this rad wall.


I had ended up buying 8 tickets for the group for this show. And when the guy at the door checked my ID, he said “Oh, so you’re the one + 7.” And I was taken aback by it a little bit, and I just said, “I have a lot of friends.” Don’t be rude, I’m giving your venue business.

We walked in, and were surprised when there was NO stage. Like…the stage was the floor. Um. This was about to get really up close and personal.

So about three songs in, Matt points to Amber and says, “Do you want to spin the wheel?” and Amber was super cute and was all, “ME?!” and then went “onstage” to spin it. I forgot what song she ended up landing on, though…


THEN, a few songs later, he points at me and says, “Get up here!” so I hop over the monitor and Matt sarcastically asks, “Hi, what’s your name?” and I stupidly go, “Hi, I’m Joslyn!” oh Jesus shut up. Haha. There’s a video, but that doesn’t need to end up on the internet.


That’s me being awkward. You can imagine what the video looks like.

So I spin the wheel and I end up landing on the Wild Card for the first time. These faces. I’m like OH YES, and he’s like OH SHIT.


So then he’s having the crowd vote for what song they want and I say, “Can I choose?” cause HI, I landed on it, I should be able to be demanding once more, haha….and he looks at me and says, “I got you.” (Disappear was on the setlist, so I was like, eh ok.)


Well he ended up playing Wedding Dress. That’s not getting me. #TeamDisappear

Another few songs later, Matt starts intro-ing a song. “This is a song that Joslyn asks for a lot at shows, and I always say no because we haven’t really played it. And we’re going to do it for the first time and if it doesn’t work, blame Joslyn. I’m just kidding, it’s going to work.” 1. LIES you played it in Detroit. 2. TRUTH I asked for it a few times…

So then he played it and it was perfect and gaaahhhh he spoils me.

Just when I thought that the night couldn’t get any better, Matt fucking invites JENNIFER NETTLES onstage to sing “Run” and “Giants” with him.


 That girl can SING. Holy crap. And she told me she liked my shirt and I just smiled like a goober.


Amber and I decided to take a photo together since we were the “wheel girls” for the night. I don’t know what is going on with my hair here. #frocity

Post show group photo!


Then we were dumb and decided to drive all the way to Atlanta after the show. And not to mention that Atlanta is an hour ahead of Nashville, so we lost an hour while crossing state lines.

We got to the hotel at 5 FUCKING AM. I had Jane and Rachel in my car and we were super grumpy and we were like NOT GOING TO WAIT IN LINE TODAY I’M GONNA STAND IN THE BACK SO DAMN TIRED and told the other girls to not wake us up.

And then at 8am I was awake because those bug bites for NC were driving me INSANE. They were SO itchy and I couldn’t sleep because they hurt. Note: bring bug spray if I ever return to NC….

So we just decide to get up and get ready since none of us were sleeping. I legit hated life at that moment. I felt like death.

We got to the venue around lunch time and none of us had eaten at this point, so we went off to find food. We ended up at this place with the most amazing pineapple salsa and tofu burritos. Like, OMG good. I still dream of them.


Then we put a blanket out and sat in line.

Matt was playing an early and a late show this night, and we had luckily gotten tickets to both shows, and the wait wasn’t too bad since doors were at 4pm for the first gig.

I was sitting on the ground feeling like crap, when Matt walked by the line to go into the venue. He points at me laughing, says, “You look fucking…” then kept going. I LOOK WHAT? Let me finish that for you. Homeless? Like shit? Tired? Exhausted? Crazy? Strung out on cold medicine? Haha. Basically we all started laughing after he walked away like, what does that even mean?!

So these shows were amazing. Minus the sitting, because I don’t like seated shows.


Matt was in a good mood and told a ton of jokes and my face hurt from laughing and smiling.

We skipped the first meet and greet because I felt weird going through them twice in one day.

So after the second set, we said our hellos and goodbye.
“This is my last show for two weeks. Don’t miss me.” I joked.
“Don’t worry, I won’t.” JERK. “Wait, I will a little.” Better. 😉
We stole these promotional posters from the venue, to which Matt was like, “Where did you get those? I need some.” and then he made up for his I won’t miss you comment by writing this most adorable thing. UGH. Stop.



Then I threw my bag on top of it and he was like, “Be careful!” and when I picked it up it had smudged, then he tried to fix it with his finger and nope, it got worse. Sorry, to ruin the cute Nathanson.

This is me dead tired. I think I was holding onto Matt so I wouldn’t fall over.

We said bye to half of our group, and I was sad. Love my posse.


When we got back to the hotel, and Rachel and I legit took a nap, because our flights were at 6am out of Atlanta on a Monday morning, so we left the hotel at 3:30am to return the car and to make it through security on time. No. Sleep. Tour.

I don’t remember that flight AT ALL, so I assume that means I slept through it. Ha.

Then I was sad for the next two weeks having to be a normal person and working. But the tour wasn’t over yet….

The One Where It Was “Mattober” (Part 1)

So I miiiight have went a little cuckoo when Matt Nathanson announced a small acoustic tour and bought 18 tickets for the tour…and there were only 26 shows on the entire tour.  Whoops. All of the shows were in October (yeah, yeah, these blogs are super belated again, what’s new?) so we nicknamed it “Mattober”


The evening prior to my first show of the tour was a long travel day. I boarded a plane in San Francisco at 10am, and landed in NYC around 6pm (darn you, time zones.) I found Amber in the airport and we hopped into a private car and were shuttled to JC’s apartment on the other side of the city.

NYC in the evening is beautiful. We drove over some bridge, and you could see all the lights from the city in the horizon and…heart eyes for days. That city is magical.

The next morning we hopped on a subway with JC who headed off to work and Amber and I to the venue. The venue was literally at the top of the subway stop stairs, and what do I see as I am walking up them? Matt getting on the bus. For some reason I felt a little creepy appearing from the underground so I avoided eye contact. Ha.

Nina and Caroline were already in line, so we all reunited with hugs and happy. Paul was getting off the bus and was like, “Joslyn! Where have you been?!” and I gave him a look and started laughing because it was only the third show of the tour. “I have to work sometimes…”

After awhile, we took our belongings to Nina and Caroline’s car (we had lugged our luggage with us on the subway. That was fun. Not.) and then spent the day waiting in line and wandering off to get food and caffeine.


One point of the day Matt came out of the venue to leave for a radio thing, but stopped to say hi to us. He came right over and gave Amber and I huge hugs and then proceeded to talk our ears off for a few minutes.

So for this tour, Matt did this awesome thing where he had fans vote for what older songs they wanted to hear. The ones that got the most votes then ended up on this giant wheel which he spun during the show, and then played whatever song it landed on.

We were talking about the wheel and the awesomeness of it, and he said something like, “The wheel is for you guys.” and I was like aww but then I quit the cute. Ha. My favorite song from the new album ended up being on the wheel and not the setlist, so I yelled, “WHY IS DISAPPEAR ON THE WHEEL?!”

He explained he didn’t know how to fit it into the setlist, but he’d find a place for it for me. So began the “Where is Disappear” watch.

As we’re talking, he says, “You’re hair is KILLING, by the way. I saw it the other day…uh, cause you know, I see things on the social media…” HA. He sees all…

When Matt had to leave for his radio thing, we make ourselves comfortable for the next few hours in line. Where it began to rain. SIGH.

They let us into the venue lobby about an hour before doors, which was STUPID, because then they opened two doors and some people ran and some people got fucked over and ended up in the fourth row. I don’t even know how Amber and I got in the front row. Nina and Caroline were way the fuck on the other side of the stage and that made me sad.


Then the show…while Matt played well and YAY MATT, there were the MOST disrespectful assholes I have ever come across at a show. I couldn’t really fully enjoy the show, and it pretty much ruined my entire start of tour.

Then security were dicks to us after, and long story short, Matt tried to talk to us, we got shooed out, so the only words spoken during the m&g was “Did you have fun?” and I said, “No. Bitches.” Ha. I was fine with that since we had a long conversation before the show, and I had 17 more shows to go to, but security just sucked.


We got JC into a cab, and then the rest of us loaded into the car and basically got the fuck out of NYC the quickest we could.

We decided to drive to the next city that night. It was a quick 2 hour drive to Pawling. Beth had flown in that evening and met us there. We decided we were hungry and went to a horrible Denny’s with water that tasted like dirt, and then I didn’t order anything and became delirious and apparently burped so loud everyone stared but I have NO RECOLLECTION OF THIS. Loosing my mind, night one.



We went and checked into our hotel, and then went to sleep for a few hours. We woke up, complimentary breakfasted, got ready, got caffeinated, and then made ourselves comfortable at the venue.

This was CD release day. And probably my favorite of all 18 shows I went to on the tour.

When we were waiting in line, we were standing near this creepy ass mofo. That’s a giant Daryl Hall. That’s my, I am creeped out face.


Matt and Paul appeared out of nowhere and they came over so Paul could take a photo with creepy mofo Daryl.

Matt then of course stood and talked to us for awhile. All I remember is blabbing about library murders (there was a murder behind my library right before this show. I dunno why shit like that comes out of my mouth, I have no filter.)

They ended up letting us into the venue at 5pm when the show didn’t start until 8, and we were excited to be inside and not in the cold. And we ordered all the food since it was a bar and restaurant as well.


Finally it was showtime, and I was just blown away by this night. The setlist was fantastic. There weren’t assholes in the crowd. I was happy. Super duper happy.






Obviously the happy was noticeable, because when I walked up to Matt for the m&g that evening the first thing he said was, “I loved watching your face tonight, you just kept getting more excited over certain songs!”


We chatted for a long time about crossing the border and passports and being fat kids, then headed out to get back on the road to Canada.

Speaking of fat kids, JC got us Sprinkles Cupcakes!


The drive got tense while in the car when Beth, Amber and I got in a fight over nothing. It’s funny now, and the quote of the night ended up being,
“Do you want a cupcake?”
“Do you just want to be grumpy?”

Don’t worry, we love each other.

We got to our hotel which smelled bad and was super sketch, and went to sleep for a short while.

After waking up on the right side of the bed, we finished the drive to Toronto after finding food and caffeine. We then sat in the FREEZING COLD all day. It was extremely windy and the air was piercing. We hid behind a wall and a construction scaffolding for most of the day until more people came to form an actual line.


There’s my sad, frozen ass.

There was a Starbucks across the street from us, so we used that to our advantage to recaffeinate and use the restroom and to unfreeze for a few minutes through out the day.

At one point of the day, Aaron walked by us to go to said Starbucks. And when he saw our set up of chairs and blankets he stopped in his tracks and looked at us. I started laughing and said, “We’re not homeless!” and he started laughing as well.

Aaron then had a nice chat with us about how we would be really well off homeless people with our chairs and portable phone chargers, and how we should get the square and ask for $10 donations. Ha! He’s awesome.

A little before doors, we went off to find food, and when in Canada…POUTINE! I got the vegan version, and it was SO GOOD. But let’s face it, when are potatoes of any sort not good?


So then we had an incident once we were inside the venue, but it still gives me anxiety and makes me angry to talk about, so I won’t mention it here. All was good in the end, so yay.


This venue had AMAZING acoustics, and lighting.

After the show we once again waited for the meet and greet. The wheel once again didn’t land on Disappear, and Matt still hadn’t added it into the actual set list so I decided to joke around with him. “Do you know what tomorrow is?!”

“No, what’s tomorrow?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

“It’s show number 150. I think it’s a good day to rig the wheel.” I say with a grin on my face.
Matt pulls me into this huge hug. “I love you, and I think I can make that happen.”


The night before this girl had spun the wheel and pretty much tried to cheat by making it land on what song she wanted…and then the wheel kept going and she didn’t end up getting her song. HA.

“I will spin the wheel and cheat like that girl last night!” I said.
“Oh man, that girl. That was the best. She was like AHHH…fuck.”

After the group  had all said our hellos and goodbyes, we piled into the car and started driving back to Amber’s place near Detroit.



I don’t even remember what time we made it back to Amber’s house from Toronto. I think it was something ridiculous like 4am. (We stopped and slept behind a bank for a little bit because we all were dead.) And then our alarms went off a few hours later, and I hated everything. Except for Amber’s cat which I plotted to steal.


The only reason we had to get up early was because Matt was playing two shows. He had a free radio gig at noon, and then the show that evening.

Amber and I headed over to the radio thing first, to check out the scene. (But first, a stop at Starbucks, where I received THE WORST Americano of life. It was horrible.) The radio show was inside of a restaurant inside of a casino and it was just weird, and not well organized AT ALL.

Beth, Caroline and Nina showed up a little later, and we enjoyed our little sweet free show.


We were seated at tables for this, and after Matt played he walked past our table, and totally hip checked me as he walked by. I was still sitting down at the time, so his butt basically hit my shoulder and was in my face. So I back handed his ass without even thinking about what I was doing. HA. Oops. Whatever.


Since we were seeing him later that night, we didn’t take much of his time at the meet and greet. He asked how we were, I said tired, and I left half my voice in Toronto, we took our photo, then we peaced out to get in line at the venue for that night.


We were first in line like always, but we had made Amber’s husband wait at the venue for us just in case, so Amber went to have lunch with him as a thank you (and we bought him a video game for his trouble and his time. We’re ridiculous.)

It was a pretty chill and relax time in line. Made a trip to Dunkins to recaffeinate. Went to a bar, and ate a bomb ass peanut butter and sriracha grilled sandwich.

Now, the show. I was so tired and had literally no voice left at this point and was still singing along to everything anyway, and was NOT expecting what happened next.

Watch this. How dare he be cute and give me a shout out.

I hate him. I love him. Pretty sure my face was just all 😀 the entire song. Ugh, my heart. ❤

After the show, I walked up to him and he said with open arms, “Come here, Ms. 150!” and as I was hugging him I said, “Technically 150 was this morning…” and he hushed me and was like, “I know, but don’t tell the people that.” Haha.

So Paul takes this photo as we’re hugging, but then I was like, “Um, not to be high maintenance but I was gonna ask to take a photo with us making a 1-5-0 with our hands..” so then I got that glorious photo.



Everything about it makes me happy. My geeky grin, the look on his face.

I love that dude.

We actually stayed at a hotel close by that night, because Amber lives 45 minutes away from the airport and we all had ridiculous early flights home. 6am is not my favorite time to be at the airport.

I slept through the whole first flight. During my layover in Texas I have a very “I LOVE LIFE” moment and cheesed the whole time.

Matt shows. Definitely my happy place.

The One Where It Was “Joslynapalooza”

I don’t do sun well. But I do concert well. So somehow I made it through three days of intense heat at radio festival shows. 108 degrees. 105 degrees. 98 degrees. BAH.

BUT.  In three days, I saw almost all of my favorites. Andrew McMahon. Matt Nathanson. Andy Grammer. Lifehouse. Parachute. Rachel Platten. COME ON. This was like if I was going to book all my bands to play “Joslynapalooza”


So. Let’s begin on what almost was the end of me, but the best weekend.




I was probably dreading the Sacramento show the most, only because I had never stood in 108 degree weather before. Luckily, the line was in the shade all day, so even though it was hot as hell, it didn’t feel that bad. This was actually the only day I didn’t feel like I was nearing death.


Jane, Yvonne, Caroline, and I were all in for this show. The doors opened at 5pm, but we decided to get there around noon because…well, we always get to everything way too early. Front row or no row…


The lineup for the Sacramento show was the following:

Nick Fradiani, Andrew McMahon, Mat Kearney and Matt Nathanson.


I saw Nick Fradiani at a radio gig back last December, and had liked him then, so I didn’t mind that he was opening this show.


I was super stoked for Andrew and Matt. During Andrew’s set, he came out to the crowd and jumped on the barricade. He spotted me and came over and was singing right in my face, while lightly hitting my arm with a fist. I’m pretty sure my face was all 😀 😀 😀 the whole time (and also I was thinking, “Don’t put the mic in my face, please don’t put the mic in my face…”) Ha. I love that man. Matt was sitting on the side watching Andrew, and it was cute.



Mat Kearney was on next. Kinda funny that he was playing this show, because the first time I ever saw Nathanson, I had gone for Kearney who was opening. My friend and I kept joking around, “Mat with one T, not with two T’s!” and then I stayed to watch Nathanson and well….we all know how that turned out.



Matt was on last, and I just love him the most out of anyone. Seriously. Plus he played one of his new songs, “Giants” for the first time, and I was heart eyeing the shit out of it. He’s so good. So good.


After the show was over, I said hi to a dozen people who I knew, and some people that knew me and I didn’t know who they were (I’m a social media celebrity…kidding!) and then I jumped in my car to drive halfway to Vegas. I had booked a hotel in Bakersfield for the evening, and for some reason I had under-calculated how far it was by 45 minutes. Oy vey. It was a long four and a half hour drive. I basically checked into my hotel, took a quick shower, and then face planted into the bed.



Vegas was a crazy day. I woke up at 6am after getting to my hotel around 3am, and hit the road. It was another 4 hour and a half hour drive, and doors were at 11am. Ugh. Why am I insane?

Originally, only Andy and Lifehouse were scheduled to play this gig, but then Hilary Duff canceled and they added Matt. (That’s a funny substitution, but okay, I accept.) Since I had shows the days before and after Vegas, I originally decided to skip this one. But then the whole hang time in Minnesota with Grammer’s band happened, and I asked Rachel, “I kinda have to go to Vegas now, don’t I?” So. Vegas was added. Flights to Arizona canceled. Driving plans set.


I arrived in Vegas about a half hour before doors opened, and I could have totally gotten there about 2 hours later, because the no one even stood in the GA standing up front. Everyone brought chairs and umbrellas so they were sitting halfway back on the field. Annoying. I should have napped longer.


Luckily the first 2 hours I was in shade though. And then around 1pm the sun poked out from behind the stage and…DEATH RAYS. It was a bit cooler than Sacramento, but I was in the direct sun. In the desert. Sweat instantly.


I pulled my hair back into a braid and gave up trying to look decent because I knew I was gross after about 30 minutes.


Nick Fradiani was opening this show as well, and he went on at 1pm. Then there was a huge break.

Andy was performing at 3pm, and when the band came out around 2 to sound check I got multiple reactions. Doug just looked at me and grinned and waved, Eman and I had a conversation about how I was crazy for driving there (and then he gave me an ice water because I’m sure I looked like I was dying) and Zach’s reaction was the best. He walked out onstage, spotted me after a few seconds, mouth dropped open. He then proceeded to jump off stage and jump onto the barricade to hug me while exclaiming “WHAT, HOW, WHERE ARE WE?!” (Yup, he’s my favorite.)






Zach and I chatted for a few minutes and then he jumped back onstage to do his thing. It was SO HOT during their set. I was basically willing myself not to pass out. As I was chanting, “don’t pass out, don’t pass out, don’t pass out” in my head, this girl in the crowd fainted and got pulled out by security. So I chugged some water and focused the shit out of the music and somehow survived the set.


There was another long break between Andy and Lifehouse.

Needtobreathe also performed.


I had posted a photo saying I gave up on Facebook around this time and for someone to come and dump ice on me. Matt had randomly friend requested me on Facebook a few weeks before, and he sees all things, and commented “I will be there soon with the ice” (*coughheneverbroughticecough*)

The sun finally tucked itself behind a cloud when Lifehouse finally came out, and I turned 16 when they walked out. I was supposed to see them back in June opening for Nickelback (gross, I know) but then the tour got canceled last minute, so I was deprived.

Jason started talking to me in the middle of their set from onstage, and I was heart eyeing all over again. Sometimes he makes me feel 16 all over again. While they were playing, Matt was standing side stage watching, and I wanted to yell at him WHERE IS MY ICE BITCH?! HA.


So then there was a break again between Lifehouse and Matt. I feel like they could have condensed this into a lot shorter of a day if there wasn’t so many breaks!


By the time Matt came out, the sun had set and it was a much enjoyable temperature. Dahl and Erin showed up and threw me a water from a few rows back, so I hydrated myself a bit more. (By the end of the day I drank 6 bottles of water and never once had to pee. So. Much. Sweat.)




Usually I am sad when a Nathanson set is close to ending, but by the time that Matt started playing “Come On Get Higher” I had the thought, “thank god it’s almost over” run through my head. Man. 10 hours is too long to be in that sun…


Third Eyed Blind was closing the night after Matt, but I was beyond done so I pushed my way out of the tightly packed crowd and found my way to my car. I just sat in my car for a bit before driving to Erin and Dahl’s place, because I hadn’t sat down in hours and my body was just done.

I looked in the mirror at myself, and I started laughing, because I looked like I came right out of the movie The Hangover. I was a hot mess. A stinky, sweaty, hot mess.

Eventually I made my way to Erin and Dahl’s, and they fed and vodka’d me. I was so dehydrated that one drink and whoops, I was drunk.


Matt then responded to all my tweets about being so glad about it being over with, “We just need to start putting you onstage. Seriously.” I’ll believe it when I see it, Nathanson. Aaaand I was slightly intoxicated so I said something stupid in reply that Sober Joslyn the next morning went NO IDIOT to. Ha. #dontdrinkandtweet




I needed to be in Tucson the next day by noon, and it was a 6 hour drive, so guess who woke up at the ass crack of dawn again?! My alarm was set for 5am, but for some reason I had trouble sleeping, so I ended up awake at 4am and just went with it.


The drive went surprisingly quick (it always seems faster earlier in the morning when the sun still isn’t up) and I was pretty much in awe of this amazing sunrise. Gah. Gorgeous.


I met up with Yvonne and Caroline who had flown in, and we went to check out the scene. It was on a golf course, and there was a shuttle bus from a shopping center a bit aways, so we had lunch before heading over.


This whole place was disorganized. It was the first time they had done something like this, and you could tell. No one knew anything. It was annoying. And hot as fuck again. Even though it was cooler temperature wise, the sun was beating and seemed hotter to the feel.


We were let in and I ran past the slow pokes to secure our front row spot.


All was going fine. It was hot. I was complaining about it. Parachute came onstage. I sang and was happy. And then these huge rain clouds rolled in. SHADE, yay. But then they started pouring. And it was cold. And I was sad and complaining about that as well.



Then it was gusty as all hell. So gusty that things were flying off the stage into the crowd. What the hell, Tucson?!



So security starts going CRAZY and pushing all back about 500 feet behind the sound booth until the mini storm rolled through. I was beyond done with everything at this point and basically told some little kid he needed to not stand in front of me and I was saying loudly I would physically move someone if they got in my spot when we were let back. These teens looked at me when I said that and I pointed at some things we had left at the barricade and I said, “You see those? That’s our spot. Don’t stand there.” #bitchmodeon

So finally we were let back to the barricade, and of course the whole crowd ran. So I ran too and was like I WILL MOVE YOU WITH MY BODY IF YOU’RE IN MY SPOT. I was done. Tired, cranky, and just over it.



Finally Rachel came out, and sadly her set was cut shorter because of the weather delay. SAD FACE. But she rocked it, and I love her so much.




Matt was next and at the end of his set much to everyone’s surprise, even Matt’s, Rachel popped into his set with maracas to sing Faster. Oh Em Gee, those two together are the cutest!


Then my cute happy mood wore off because this drunk girl started pushing her way onto the barricade and I was all UH NO, and shifted my weight so she couldn’t get in. “Oh honey, I’m not gonna take your spot. I’m just going to hug you from behind.” First off, honey?! Second, bitch if you hug me I will cut you. So then she starts singing off key and drunkenly into my ear, and her arm is over my shoulder and all up in my face so I push it off me. She puts it there again. Again I push it off. On. Off. She pushes me. I turn around and I fucking pushing her back. I was PISSED.

So finally her friend pulls her away and I’m like OH MY GOD FINALLY. I turn to Caroline who tells me, “Um…Aaron just saw that whole thing go down.” and I’m like, “I don’t care.” I look up and he’s looking at me and we just kinda give each other looks and I start shaking my head and start laughing. Done. So done.

After Matt there were three more bands playing but we didn’t want to stay any longer since we were driving the two hours up to Phoenix.

And of course to make my mood even better, there was this HUGE rain storm
along the drive that had me freaking out. It reminded me of the flash flood storm Yvonne and I drove through during the summer getting to Tahoe.

Since we had separate cars, when we got to the hotel Yvonne was like, “Oh my god, that rain reminded me of Tahoe. I thought ‘Joslyn must be hating this!'” and I was like, YEAH THANKS super hated!

We pretty much got in bed, and went to sleep around 10pm. Old ladies club, party of three!


The following morning Caroline took Yvonne to the airport for her flight and I got ready to hit the road. After the long three days I had, an 11 hour drive in a car equals going to Dunkin Donuts and doubling up on $.99 iced coffee. Which made me pit stop three additional times for pee breaks, but coffee is totally worth it.

So there you have it. The weekend I saw all my favorites, almost died from heat, and almost killed a bitch. JOSLYNAPALOOZA SUCCESS.

The One Where You Weren’t Surprised I Went To More Matt Nathanson Shows.

Matt Nathanson shows are always an adventure.

I had gone to the first four shows of the summer tour with Train, and even after claiming when tickets went on-sale that I wasn’t going to do more than the California shows and the last two of the tour (tickets were $$$) I ended up adding Lake Tahoe and Boise. (Kudos to the M.A.N. for making this tour happen, because he took good care of me and listed me for a few. The best.)


The morning of the Tahoe show I woke up in LA extra early and was out the door by 6am. I drove up to Los Banos to pick up Yvonne where she was leaving her car for the weekend at her parents’ place, then we continued the journey to Tahoe.

There had been a flash flood warning for Tahoe for the previous 24 hours, but the drive seemed totally fine. And then, about an hour outside of Tahoe…we found it. This huge ass storm that had me gripping the steering wheel deathly tight; I was on the verge of crying because I am a huge wimp when it comes to driving in the rain, and I hated every second of it. But seriously, driving through the windy mountains when you can barely see because it’s coming down so hard SUCKS ASS.

Eventually we made it out alive and arrived at the venue. It was a little drizzly, but luckily it cleared up by the time the show began.

Here’s our cold and drizzly sad asses.

We got our tickets from will call, and went to find our seats. It’s probably the furthest back I’ve ever sat for Matt, but our tickets were free, so I was happy just to be there.


I posted a video of Tahoe failing at the Faster clapping later and a certain someone DM’d me asking, “Why are your seats so far away?!” which we laughed about. Apparently Tahoe is just lame and has sucky guest list seating. Can’t complain if they were free though!

We stuck around until Matt came out to sing the cover song with Train, and then we peaced out to go pick up Jane from the airport in Reno. We arrived right as her plane was landing, so we timed it perfectly.

We stayed the night at a hotel right outside in Reno. The following morning we checked out and hit up the Starbucks in the lobby, because caffeine forever, then were Boise bound.



We began the drive to Boise, and it wasn’t until we passed a sign that said, “You are now entering Mountain Time” that I realized OH SHIT we just jumped ahead an hour. The speedlimit was 80, so I may have pushed that limit a little further…

Our plan was to go watch Scars do sound check before heading to see Matt play his show. But there was a ton of traffic from construction that put us back a bit, and then unexpectedly loosing an hour made it a really long and frustrating 7 hour drive. And we missed Scars, and only said hi to Aimee and Chris for all of 2 minutes. Sob.


It began raining as we headed to the venue Matt was playing, so we hung out in the car as we waited for doors to open. But not before I took a photo near these huge ass flowers. (The only good thing about the tour being seated was not having to wait in line all day!)

Nina and Caroline had flown in for the show, so we all hung out. I had bought my Boise ticket right after getting back from the California shows, and scored a second row center ticket. The other girls all got front row center a week before the show. So when Matt walked out and saw them all in the front row, and then me a row back, he had the best confused face ever. Luckily Jane is short so I just stood behind her and had a perfect view. Ha.




One of the best moments of the show was when Pat Monahan tried to approach Nina with the microphone and have her sing and she backed the fuck up away from him. He went closer, and she backed up more and I was standing in the second row DYING from laughing. She turned around and I just pointed and laughed and oh man. You probably had to be there, but she was so not having it. #TeamMatt

After the cover song, we left (sorry the front row just ditched you) and checked into our hotel. Since we were in the potato state, there was a chocolate spud in our room! I ate 75% of it. It was delicious.


The next day was a day off, so we slept in a bit, had breakfast (and nerded out watching Andy Grammer on the Today show in the lobby) then headed out to make our way to Portland. JC was flying in that evening, so we made sure to leave enough time to get to Portland and check in before heading to the airport.

DUDES. We got to Portland right around rush hour, and we seriously went the length of 4 cars in 30 minutes. So then I drove in a lane I wasn’t supposed to be in and made a very illegal turn because I was tired and wanted to be out of the car and I gave zero shits.

We checked into our hotel and had a few hours until JC got in, so Jane and I hit up the hotel gym because after driving for 7 hours we needed to run it out. There were bunnies outside of the gym window that totally sidetracked me for several minutes, but after I was all JANE JANE JANE BUNNIES! I did a Jillian Michaels workout I had on my iPod, then ran a few miles. (Oye that hurt the next day.)

We cleaned ourselves up after that, and then headed to the airport to get JC. I am just a little bit exciteable, so when I saw JC I jumped out of the car and ran to hug her and nearly knocked her over and killed her. WHOOPS. (I joke that if I fell over and killed her, isn’t in my arms a fantastic way to go at least?! ;))

After dodging being a murderer, we took JC to VooDoo Doughnuts. Because when in Portland, YOU NEED VOODOO. Fat kid forever!

We headed back to the hotel afterwards to eat doughnuts and to settle in for the evening. We were all tired from our travels from the day and just wanted to relax.

We had an early morning, because Matt was playing a noon radio gig that was open to the public. Thanks, Kink radio! They also had free Dutch Brother energy drinks, so I was highly caffeinated throughout the morning…

My friends Sara and Joann from California were also in Portland, and we arrived at the same time, so it was a fun morning sitting in line in a state that none of us lived in. Ha.




We also were treated to a meet and greet after the set, which we all were happy about.


Too much caffeine equals too much excitement equals too much hugging. Sorry, Matt.

As I walked up to Matt, he was all, “LOOK AT YOU.” I looked at myself. I’m wearing a dress? Is that it? Okay, dude. “We played the same place as your other favorites the other day.” he continued. (I knew he meant Scars in Boise instantly.)
I gave a sad face. “I know. I went to say hi before your show. I felt bad telling them I chose you.”

The meet and greets were super rushed because they had another band coming in and playing a show an hour or so later, so this lady in charge was all, “OK sweetie, we need you to take your photo now.” and Matt looks at me and chuckles and says, “SWEETIE!” like it was the best joke he heard all day.

Then I asked Matt a quick question about something regarding the guest list and he was all, “Talk to Paul.”
Paul overheard and was all, “What do you need?” which I told him. “Okay, you’re good.” he said typing something in his phone.
“Thanks…do you know my name?”

He looks up and gives me the biggest DUH look of life. “Yeeeeessss.”

You know you go to too many shows when….hahaha.

So then we headed out to find lunch. Portland has this whole block of food trucks, so we wandered in that area to go and find something good.



After shoving our faces we headed back to the car and then headed up to Ridgefield. A local had told us traffic sucks (it was a Friday) so we decided to just drive the hour up after eating, so we didn’t get stuck anywhere.

Ridgefield is in Washington, so we ended up seeing two Matt shows in two states in one day. I’ve done the double shows before, but the two state thing is a new one for my list.

Um. So. It was hot as balls in Ridgefield. And I had a row B ticket, which to my surprise ended up being a front row ticket. I’ll take it!



During Train’s set, Pat always takes selfies on people’s cell phones. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but when he grabbed my phone, instead of taking a photo he turned my phone off. This just makes me believe that he hates me, just a little bit (Matt disagrees.)

We did our thing of running away after the cover song to not get stuck in concert traffic, and then headed back down to Portland to our hotel.


We woke up, did the breakfast thing, and then headed out to the last show. They all go by too quickly. We stopped off halfway on the drive to our hotel in Yakima (which we fought over how to pronounce, haha) to drop off our stuff, and to have lunch, then continued the drive to the Gorge in George.


The Gorge. HOLY CRAP GUYS, this is seriously the most beautiful venue I have ever been to, and we all know how many shows I’ve been to in my lifetime. Just set me up a tent and let me watch sunsets and bands play here for the rest of my life.

Our plan for the Gorge was to sit on the lawn for the view. I wasn’t 100% on board with this idea, or super thrilled with sitting far back, so I had been sporadically checking Ticketmaster. The day of the Tahoe show I had asked Yvonne to check while we were driving and WHY WERE THERE FRONT ROW CENTER TICKETS AVAILABLE.

So…you know we bought them. I grabbed my credit card and threw it at Yvonne while driving screaming BUY THEM! and then we told Jane and JC to go and buy the other ones left. I totally YOLO’d the shit out of summer 2015. The best $98 splurge ever.

I don’t even know what my face is doing. We are nerds.

Since it was the last night of tour, you know there would be end of tour pranks. Since Matt was the opener, he had this joke that no one knew who he was, and referred to himself as “Mike Nickerson”. So during Matt’s set…out came Train’s crew people with this sign. Not a huge prank, but enjoyable.



Front row photo spam, for you. After Matt’s set, my friend Cheri who I hadn’t seen in YEARS found me to say hi. HI CHERI!!!



Nothing exciting happened during The Fray.

And then there was Train’s set…

Things were going totally normal…

And then it was time for the cover song, and that was doing fine…

20150725_222332But then.


I didn’t know I had bought tickets to go see Magic Mike 3. (Magic Mike Nickerson?! Hahahaha.)


Also, some things can never been unseen…and this is one of them.


After 8 shows, we finally stayed for all of Train. You are welcome, Pat Monahan.

After the show, we headed back down to Yakima and Jane and I slept for 3 hours before waking up at 6am and driving 14 HOURS. Holy moly, that’s a world record for driving in one day for me. And in one week I am some sort of beast.


I can’t imagine not having gone to the last four shows, so I’m glad I gave in to the crazy and added more shows. Matt is always worth it.

I might be getting on a plane tomorrow and going to 1 or 2 or 10 or 15 Matt shows next month, so expect lots and lots and lots of blog posts to follow soon…

The One Where Matt Nathanson Continued To Be My Favorite.

Matt Nathanson will be one of my favorite people on the planet forever.

Let’s talk about about another round of shows.

Matt is currently on tour with Train. Opening. No one likes when their favorite musicians open, because the set is just never long enough. But I’ll take what I can get.

The first show of the tour started in Wheatland. (Yes, at the same venue that Adam Levine gave me a guitar.) But because the universe always spoils me, Yvonne won passes to a pre-show in studio Matt performance.

The radio gig began at noon, and since it was a 3.5 hour drive and I didn’t know how traffic was going to be, I got up before the sun was even out to get ready and pack a bag and go.

Yvonne met me at a Starbucks (caffeeeeeine) and we headed over to the studio. It was a billion degrees outside, and felt just as warm inside. But they gave us free “people” waters (What is that? Why are you taking my photo with it, radio man?) and we settled in to watch the show.


Before the performance, Matt came out to do a little interview. Um. You should watch this because he references me. Stairwell performance for the win!


Matt and Aaron then played a short little set. INCLUDING A BRAND NEW SONG. %^^#$^%#%^

I just happened to start recording it, not knowing that it was a new song. Matt asked Yvonne and I from onstage if we liked it. I think I barely nodded and Yvonne was still processing and gave him a “huh?” face so he yelled, “I’m never asking you again!” HAHAHA.

As he walked past our seats after they finished playing he says to me, “You didn’t like it, did you?!” and I was all, “I’M PEEING MYSELF!” (Which meant I LOVE IT SO MUCH, but I don’t know if he got that.)

So we let all the people go before us because Matt gets chatty when we’re around, and once it was our turn, we walked up. Yvonne was in front of me and Matt just says, “I SAW YOU AT U2 ON MONDAY.” (They both went to the same show and saw each other in the crowd and stared at one another apparently, but only when the other wasn’t looking. HA.)

They went on and on about u2 and Matt had turned his back pretty much right when he saw Yvonne. Paul, Matt’s tour manager, gave me a look at this point and I kinda just shrugged and went, “The only cool thing I did Monday night was work…”

I think Matt hadn’t realized I walked up right behind her because he whips around and goes, “OH, HI.” and gave me a giant hug. I am invisible at times, I guess.

“Hi. I love the new song.” I say.
“YOU DO? OKAY GOOD.” he says a little too excited.
“Yeah. I can totally hear it on the radio. It’s a good summer song. Unlike the new Maroon 5 song…”
“Oh man, don’t even get me started on that song…”

He began to tell us more about the new album, and how he was glad he has a happy upbeat song like this one, because the rest of the album is “dark” (I love dark and depressing! Call me emo.)

We started talking about the tour and I told him I wasn’t happy with it. “I know. But Aaron and I are going to have FUN TIMES this fall. It’s gonna be small.”
“Like on the stairs?”
“Did you like how I snuck that in there?” he says, grinning.

I pressed him for more info on the fall fun, but he wouldn’t cave. Damnit.

Somehow the conversation lead to me mentioning Andy Grammer. “Can you tour with Andy? He is my new obsession right now.”
“I LOVE that kid. Did you know that when he was younger he wrote me a fan letter?”
“Seriously? What’d it say?”

“Something like ‘play my town!'”

We were talking FOREVER (this is why we went last.) The conversation somehow lead me talking about the next few nights and I had mentioned that we hadn’t bought tickets to the two SoCal shows, and we were just going to buy crap seats and enjoy it from the back.

“No. Send me a tweet. A DM on Twitter to remind me.”
“Okay, but I can’t send you a DM. You don’t follow me. That’s why you haven’t gotten any HEEEEY messages from me.” I joked around.
“OH. I’ll follow you! I’ll follow you.”

I decided to give him shit, because the dude knows you can’t send DMs without being followed. (A few years back he followed me for a very short period of time to ask me something via DM. Don’t play dumb, Nathanson.)
“Oh, like that last time you followed me for 12 hours?” I said laughing.
Matt just gave me a look. “Maybe I got jealous that you talk about other bands.” HAHAHAHA. I love him. Favorite forever.


Eventually the radio people wanted Matt back, so we took a photo, and then had a rushed goodbye. One of the DJ’s after came up to us and he said, “WOW. You guys were talking to Matt forever. And HE was the one that initiated the conversation. Are you like BFF or something?” and I gave him a you have no idea who I am look and laughed.

The station fed us so we ate lunch, and then we headed over to where the show was that evening, because the venue was about 45 minutes away. But that was after we sat in my car for 2 hours listening to Gold In The Summertime on repeat. I had told Matt as we were saying goodbye that I would know all the lyrics by 5pm, and hey…I kept my word. 😉

20150521_180418 (2)

When we got to the venue, we met up with Tara and her step daughter Bridget. Yvonne gave them the tickets that she had won from the station since we already had front row, and they had lawn tickets.

We headed into the venue and waited for Matt to start. He looked happy to see us up front.

20150521_192625 (2)
20150521_190330 (2)
The second song that they played was Car Crash. Matt usually samples a cover song in the middle of it, and this night…I’m still rolling my eyes and laughing because he started singing and it was ANDY GRAMMER. He gave me the goofiest grin and he just knows how to keep himself as my favorite, doesn’t he? I love you, dork.

After Matt was The Fray. I had seen them before, once when Scars on 45 opened and once again when they opened for Kelly Clarkson. I wasn’t super into them that night, but since we had really decent seats we stayed.


Train was headlining, and man, Train fans are crazy. Especially when Pat says, “It’s the selfie song!” Holy seated show turning into general admission…


I was starting to get tired and a little bored in the middle of their set, and I almost asked Yvonne if she wanted to leave when all of a sudden Matt and Isaac popped out to sing a song with Train! Um. This was all sorts of amazing. (And the look Matt gives me in the middle. Stop.)


We didn’t want to get stuck in concert parking traffic, so once the encore started we peaced the eff out.

We headed back to Yvonne’s place in SF and crashed. We had to wake up before 7am though, because SF has lame street cleaning at 7am and I wasn’t about to get a huge parking ticket for not moving my car. Ugh. Sleeeep. I miss you.

Jane was arriving at SFO around 9am anyway, so we sleepily drove to the airport to get her, and headed directly to get coffee. From there went to find food, because no one likes the hanger.

IMG_20150522_123731We then headed out to find donuts (omg…donut bread pudding?!) and wandered around SF a bit. Hey, mural that was in the Modern Love video…and a CAT.


We headed back to Yvonne’s place to get ready for the rest of the day. Andy Grammer was having a Q & A on twitter this afternoon, and I took this opportunity to ask him a question regarding what Matt told me the day before. BEST. HASHTAG. EVER. GRAMMER.

2015-07-13 19.44.38

Soon after, we headed down to Mountain View (while I kept saying DIIIICK) for show number two. But first, more coffee.

You know you are an addict when your coffee is twice the size of your friends’….

When we arrived to Shoreline, we hopped into line after picking up our tickets from will call. As we were waiting, I saw someone I knew from years past. JONAH. Long story short, but Jonah basically used to be my Matt. I went to so many shows, everywhere. We go way back. Him and Matt were actually best friends back in college, so it’s kinda funny making a full circle between those two. (Jonah sings back up vocals on one of Matt’s super early albums.)

I yelled his name and we chatted for a bit. I hadn’t seen him in years! He was even sweet enough to run all the way back to his car to grab me one of his new CDs. Jonah Matranga, you are still so lovely in my eyes. I missed you.

We settled into our seats once doors opened, and waited for Matt to begin. Jane had gotten the day off super last minute so she just bought a cheap lawn seat so she was far away from us, waaah.


I laughed during Car Crash, because where Andy Grammer was thrown in the night before, Matt sang u2 and gave Yvonne the same goofy look he had given me. Such a nerd.

20150522_193706 (2)
Speaking of nerd, here we are taking a selfie during Matt’s set.

The same deal as the night before. We sat through The Fray, then waited through Train until after Matt and Isaac came out to sing “A Little Help From My Friends” and then we ran to our cars to not get stuck in concert traffic.

We made the short drive to my place, and then slept for 5 hours before waking up and hitting the road.

The next show was all the way down in Chula Vista (past San Diego, and about 7 miles North from the Mexico border.) plus it was Memorial Day Weekend, so we gave ourselves plenty of time to get down there.

And it’s a good thing we did! The drive from Monterey to LA was effortless, and we made fantastic timing. We stopped to drop off our stuff at Jane’s and to switch cars before heading to Chula Vista.

THE DRIVE WAS HORRENDOUS. We were stuck in traffic for HOURS. There was a moment where I thought we’d miss Matt’s set completely, it got so bad.

But, after 11 hours (when it should have taken 8) we arrived to the venue, right before doors. I headed to will call to pick up the tickets. And I had to laugh because I think I might have been the only one on his list for the night? It took a few minutes for the lady to find them, and when she asked under what artists name it was again, she said “Nathanson?” in a confused tone.

Eventually she found my lonely tickets sandwiched between Train and The Fray’s. Kudos to the M.A.N.


12th row for free is better than a shit seat for not free.

After Matt’s set, we wandered around the venue because Jane wasn’t sitting with us again. I feel like Mean Girls. “You can’t sit with us!” Hahaha.


IMG_2273 (2)

We once again stayed until after the cover song fun, then peaced out. It had started raining too, so bye Chula Vista.

The following day was the last of round one for the tour. Luckily it was in LA, so we didn’t have to go far since Jane lives there, and we had drove back to her place after the Chula Vista show.


We all wanted Veggie Grill, so we waited until 11am when it opened to get food. And we didn’t mess around. Also not pictures, huge ass Dunkin Donuts coffees. #fatkidsontour

We headed back to Jane’s for a bit to get ready and then headed to the venue. We are cheap so we parked almost a mile away and hiked up to the venue.

I had never been to the Hollywood Bowl, but I had a feeling I wouldn’t be a fan of it. Yeah, I was correct.

When we first got there, we went to find the box office to pick up our tickets. And since we were guest listed, we were told to pick up our tickets at the “artist entrance”. Um. The artist entrance was behind the Bowl and we had to literally walk through the line of tour buses to get there. I felt like a major creep and just held my breath that no one opened the door of the bus as I was walking past.

Once inside we hung out again, because we were sitting separately from Jane. I swear we’re friends. Ha. We were chatting and all of a sudden I see Jane and Yvonne waving and I turned around and Matt was walking up a set of stairs behind us. He gave me a thumbs up and a look, and I gave him one back to let him know we were good.

IMG_20150524_174230  IMG_20150524_182013

We had ended up with these weird box seats that I’m pretty sure were charity seats around $500 on Ticketmaster. Kudos to the M.A.N. part two! We also were sharing the box with Aaron’s wife and kept getting side eyed when singing. I didn’t realize it was her until she was leaving and I was all, “Your dress is cute!” and then I was thinking “Oh, why does she looks familiar. Oh shiiiit.” I am not a quiet singer so, uh, sorry.

In the box next to us was Andrew McMahon’s keyboardist, Zach. He also looked at us during Matt, but smiled. I thought he was just smiling because we knew all of Matt’s stuff, but when Matt’s set was finished he was all, “I KNOW YOU GUYS!” and we chatted for awhile about the Andrew shows he had seen us at. Super nice and rad guy.

We sat through The Fray and Train, and once again left early after the cover song to beat the rush. Four shows, and I never made it to an encore. Sorry, T. I’m here for M.

We headed back to Jane’s and went to bed not long after. Jane had to be at work at 5am the next morning, and Yvonne and I made the trek back home. We fully caffeinated ourselves to the point where I had her Google what the recommended amount of daily mg of caffeine is. We’re both alive so I guess we were okay.

To round out by going to the first four shows of the tour, I am going to the last four of the tour in just a few days from now (yeah this blog post is two months overdue.) So, report back on those in September? HA. 😉

The One Where I Saw Scars And Matt Again.

SURPRISE! Another blog about Scars on 45 and Matt Nathanson. I am a creature of habit.

This could also be titled, “The One Where I Was Going to Be Responsible, But Then Wasn’t”…because being responsible is BORING.

A few months ago a new music festival called Yountville Live was announced. (Yountville, California is a few miles north of Napa, for reference.)

I was super stoked because Scars on 45 was playing the first day, and Matt Nathanson was playing the closing night.

And then the website for the festival went live. Um, $1,200 for a 3 day package?! Um, I may be crazy but NO WAY JOSE.

Single day tickets were released for the Matt portion, but they were still $100, and the best available was 17th row. Homie don’t play that…I’m spoiled.

I pouted about it for months. I kept occasionally checking back just in case better seats were released, and 10 days before the show, my hard work paid off. There were a few front row tickets with my name all over it.

They were a little pricer, but I didn’t even think twice. I bought one then mass messaged all the girls. Yvonne and Jane caved, and bought the seats next to me.

Then the week of the festival, there was an email about individual day tickets for events, including the ones Scars were playing at and they were 40% off. Well NOW you’re talking!

Three days before the Matt show, I got a phone call from the venue. They apparently overbooked seats (seriously, wtf?!) so they were moving us to the second row. But for the “inconvenience”, they were refunding us 50%. Oh, okay. I’m cool with it.

Scars was playing on a Friday night, and I had a coworker cover my last three hours so I could leave and not deal with traffic driving up to the Bay. I drove up to Walnut Creek and waited for Dawn L and Tracy to get off work, and then we headed up to Yountville.


This place was SWANKY. Luckily we know how to clean up. And it was a bunch of old people dancing like a bunch of…well drunk old people Hahaha. I wish I recorded this, because it was priceless. I’ve never laughed so much during a Scars set.


We hung out with Steve for a long while before the show started, and tried some of the cocktails that were free. Meh. I’m a vodka girl. Tequila does nothing for me (but effs me up…)

The drinks did help me not strangle the old people during the set though. Afterwards we said a quick hi to the band who had to leave because Aimee had flown in the day before from the UK and jetlag was killing her. I get you girl. I’ve been there.

So then we ate all the desserts. And it was delicious. We soon headed back home because it was already midnight.

Dawn L and I both woke up extremely early the following morning because our bodies hate us, so we sat around and drank an entire pot of coffee. I had started feeling stuffed up the night before, and as the morning progressed, it just got worse. I couldn’t tell if it was allergies or not. (As far as I know I don’t have those?)

Dawn L had to leave to work for a few hours, and I spent the rest of the day with Tracy. We ran a few errands and I bought cold medicine to try to kick whatever to the curb. Nothing. Blah. Snot-faced weekend it was.

Jane was driving up and staying nearby, so I went off to have dinner with her, and we hung out wandering random stores for a bit after, making plans for Sunday.

Sunday was the Matt show, and I drove back up to Yountville to meet up with Yvonne and Jane.
We met up at the venue, and then decided on where to go for lunch. Which ended up being Whole Foods. We’re so fancy. Ha.There was this bakery that Yvonne also wanted to go to before the show, so we hopped into her car and tagged along. OMG best decision ever, because I had the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted. Birthday Cake and Sea Salt Caramel.20150322_152334

We headed back towards the theater and were sitting across the street in the sun on these benches. There’s really only one way to go in and out to the theater, so every car headed in passed by us.


I was in the middle of taking a photo of a macaroon when all of a sudden this car slows down and stops in the fire lane near where we were sitting. I looked up and I saw that the window was rolling down. My first thought was “Please don’t ask me for directions, because I am not from here.”

UM…it was just Matt. As soon as the window rolled all the way down I saw the jewfro and then I just started laughing because he’s just grinning like a crazy dude from behind the wheel.

“What are you doing?”
“Um. Taking a picture of this macaroon I’m about to shove in my face.”
“Why does it look like a hamburger?”
“Because it’s birthday cake flavor and delicious?”

We have weird conversations.

“How are things? Is everything good?”
“Yeah. We’re good. Are you good?”
“I am NOW. Will I see you guys inside?” Does he think we’re just sitting here for nothing?
“OKAY. I’ll see you!”

And then he was gone. We couldn’t stop laughing for a good few minutes because Nathanson…you so random.


I enjoyed the shit out of my macaroon (seriously, look at how GINORMOUS that thing was) and then we headed into the venue for the show a bit later.

I went to pick up my ticket, and they “couldn’t find it.” They mentioned that the night before they had accidentally handed out some of this night’s tickets by mistake. WHAT THE EFF YOUNTVILLE. You are the most disorganized event of life.

We ended up being in seats that weren’t the one the guy on the phone told me they’d be (um, the opposite side and 5 chairs in when we had aisle? Fuck you.)


I tried not to complain too much because we paid half the price. And then halfway through Matt’s set we ended up just walking to the front of the stage and standing there. BAM. I gave myself back front row. Deal with it.


Matt was freaking HILARIOUS this night, (“Do you like cinnamon? My momma made a bundt cake. Can someone move this fucking pillow?”) and it was definitely worth dealing with the unprofessional unorganization.

We decided not to stay for Colbie because yawn fest, and then headed to the parking lot huddled under my small umbrella because it had started to rain. Then we decided to be freaks and stood there taking photos in the parking lot because it reminded me of being in a tent and telling spooky stories. I blame the cold medicine…



I see Matt again in a week, and Scars on my birthday a short two weekends after that, so expect more stories soon. 🙂

The One Where I Saw Matt Nathanson Play A Bunch Of Radio Christmas Shows.

The year wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t end it seeing Matt Nathanson play a few Christmas radio gigs.

And by a few, I mean five. Ha.


The first stop was in Modesto. California decided it had enough of the drought that week, and it poured for DAYS before the show. On my way to Modesto, I have to drive through farms. Like, middle of nowhere, my GPS is lost signal, farms. Which also had puddles probably as high as my waist. There was no way I was driving through those, so I did a ton of off roading. Modesto. Ugh.

I made it to Modesto in one piece though, and my first stop was DUNKIN DONUTS. Still obsessed. Reunited feels so good.


I then headed back to the venue and of course was the first one there. Because I get everywhere way too early. It was still raining, and I found a parking spot right in front of the venue, so I just sat in the car and waited in case a line formed.

Caroline showed up not long after I, and we sat in my car and just talked about all the things. We placed an umbrella as a line holder. Haha.

2 hours later people finally arrived (yeah, I could have totally worked a half day at work instead of taking the whole day off…) and we basically were like, oh hey, this is our umbrella, and stood in front of them and set up chairs. Teenagers let you do whatever when you’re an adult. Cool.


It was cold, and I had hand warmers to keep me from freezing to death. I can’t handle cold. I am also just a wimp. Let us in, already.

A zillion hours later, we are let in and were disappointed to see that the front row was all reserved. NOT COOL.

It comes with the radio show territory though, so we sucked it up and sat in the second row (I’m spoiled, shut up) and waited for the show to begin.


Andy Grammer opened and OH MY GOD I fell in love. He won me over probably not even two full songs in. I’ve known about him for years, but never paid much attention. But all of a sudden my attention was on full alert.


Next was the cool kids, Echosmith. I wasn’t feeling them much. Either it’s because Matt was next or what, but eh. Pass.

Matt was next and do I even have to say anything other than favorite forever?

American Authors was playing last, and I sat there for awhile contemplating whether I wanted to stay or not. I chose to leave, since I had a 2.5 hour drive and it was already getting late, and I had a full day at work the next morning.

IMG_20141202_224728I sent Matt a tweet just because, and got an instant reply back which pretty much made my whole entire night and drive home. I adore that dude.


 I worked a full day at work the following day. So tired. The following day, I only worked a half day, and then headed to San Jose for round two!
I had walked around downtown San Jose for a bit, because of course I had arrived too early again. Chirstmas in the park was happening around the corner, complete with a carnival, and it was adorable.

This show was a win you way in kinda show. I had won tickets by listening to the radio non stop for a week. Yvonne had won as well, and for some reason it was hard finding people to come be our plus ones. WHAT. People are crazy they didn’t want to go. Last minute my friend Kelly decided to come to see Matt, because she fell in love with him at last year’s Merry Mixxer, and ended up having the day off from work.

Here’s kind of a crazy story? Randomly in October a girl named Mallory started following me on instagram, after she had seen one of photos I had hash tagged of a show we had both attended. She then browsed through my account and realized we go to a lot of the same shows. We were commenting back and forth, joking around that she was stalking my account, and we quickly realized that we live in the same city! Which is just crazy! She wasn’t really trying to stalk me, but we even worked 2 blocks away from one another, and oh man crazy small world!

After Modesto, she had commented that she was jealous on one of the photos I had posted. We still didn’t have a second plus one at that point so I asked her if she wanted to go. I emailed her the details and ensured her that 80% of my friends I met on the internet or at a concert, and that I wasn’t a crazy internet person. Haha.

So. She came! (I can 110% confirm you that neither she or I are crazy, because we just carpooled and went to another show together two weeks ago and had a ton of fun.)

Before she had arrived, I had met up with Kelly and Yvonne. My other friends Joann and Sara were there as well. (They were the ones that Yvonne and I gave our extra 3rd row Matt tickets to back in July.)

Sara had won a Matt meet and greet, so they got to go in early. I joked around that they owed us and should save us seats. And they are awesome and did. They also told Matt I said hello, and his response was, “Well where is she?!” (Mentally hugging that guy…)

Once inside, we settled into our third row seats (give third row, get third row!) and waited for the show to begin. The lineup was once again another show with Andy Grammer, Matt, and American Authors.



You guys. Andy came out and if I thought I loved him after Modesto, holy moly, I loved him 20 times more after San Jose. THE KEYTAR.

WATCH THIS VIDEO AND NOT LOVE HIM. SIGH. (thanks Carrie for recording this.)

Matt played next and of course that makes me happy.



Before Matt was about to begin playing “Suspended” he introed it with, “This is a song about sunshine.”

My friend Carrie, who was sitting two rows in front of us, and myself both went, “WOO!”

“Only two people like sunshine.” was Matt’s response.

Carrie turned around and we both laughed. We are the sunshine lovers. Yes.
I guess that is only funny if you were there. And are Carrie and I….

He ended up playing it unplugged and in the crowd. He is so good I can’t even handle it sometimes.


During “Headphones”, Matt jumped into the crowd again and sang on chairs right in front of us. If you can’t be front row, he will come to you. 😉

After his set, I then fought with myself on if I should skip American Authors and drive home. I decided to go home, because I had to wake up at 5am the following morning and I hadn’t even packed yet, for yet another show. And then it turned into 5 of us leaving all together, leaving the third row practically empty. Whoops. Sorry AA for bailing twice in a row.


5am is a ridiculous hour to wake up. Jumping on the road at 6am, and driving 500 miles is even more ridiculous. The things I do for Matt Nathanson…

The 8 hour drive to Vegas was not a fun one. I woke up feeling kinda cruddy. Plus there isn’t much to look at. Or to stop at. So you have to strategically plan your pit stops.

Once I finally got to Hard Rock where the show was at, I was a classy lady like always and changed my clothes in the parking lot. I also did my makeup in the car, so I didn’t look as crap-o as I felt. Pro-roadtripper. I can get ready anywhere.
I was meeting up with a couple of my girls in Vegas. Nina had arrived earlier, and Caroline was on a flight on the way there. They were staying the night at Hard Rock, so I texted Nina when I arrived.

Nina met me in the lobby, and as we were standing around chatting, I felt someone walk up and stand to my left. I looked up and, oh hey, it’s just Matt. Ha. I had been in the middle of a story, and I kinda just stopped and said, “Oh woah, HI.” and went in for a hug.

He asked me how my drive was and I just went, “Ugh. Long. Boring.” and then we were just chatted about flying vs. driving, and Nina shared her horrible flight story getting there (it was really horrible.) Then Erin, Dahl, and Beth arrived and I think Matt got a little overwhelmed because he basically left. Ha. Actually he went to go nerd over the Led Zeppelin display they had, but all of us being loud and saying hi was probably overwhelming.

We hung out in Nina and Caroline’s hotel room for a little bit, and then Erin, Dahl, Beth & I went out in search of dinner.

We ate at this FABULOUS place named Culinary Dropout. SO SO SO GOOD. We took advantage of the happy hour specials, and ordered way too much food (grilled cheese sliders and pretzel balls with fondue and french fries, omg) and were fat kids and ate it all.

We then still had a few hours to kill, so we waddled around Hard Rock looking at all of the displays they had.


Finally, we went to pick up our tickets (I probably paid way too much for a front row ticket) and they handed me a set list time.


UM. EXCUSE ME. Why does Andy get a 15 MINUTE SET? And Matt 25?! I knew it was going to be short, but damn, the set changes were longer!

I pouted a bit, but was still excited for the show. I had bought Andy’s album on itunes and listened to nothing but him the entire 8 hour drive. Mark this as when the obsession began…

Jane was also at the show, and she was sitting next to us, so we talked until the show began.


So, Andy comes out. Plays 4 songs and I pout all over again.

Matt comes out and plays his 5 songs. I pout.


Better Than Ezra was next. I knew I wouldn’t really enjoy their set since I didn’t really enjoy them when Scars on 45 had opened for them. I was bored.

Train played last. We only stuck around because we were staying at Erin and Dahl’s house that night and only had a 20 minute drive home.


Once again, we were the girls in the front row not singing the words to their songs because we don’t know them. But we still got a selfie! Haha.


After the show, we said goodbye to the girls. Then we couldn’t find the parking lot for 20 minutes. This is the second time I got lost in a casino hotel in Vegas. And I didn’t even drink!

Finally my car was found (hooray!) and we headed to Casa de Hansens.

We sat around eating pumpkin ice cream that Dahl and Erin had been saving for us for months (so nice!) and chatted for awhile. I started feeling really stuffed up at this point, so I headed off to bed.

When we woke up the following morning, I felt a little stuffy still, but was doing okay. The Hansens made us breakfast, and we had donuts from Pink Box (OMGG) and we sat around talking for awhile more before Beth and I had to start getting ready and making our way to California.

2015-03-11 19.13.16

D & E packed us a lunch (they are seriously the best) and then we started making out trek back to my home state.


This drive sucked more than the drive to Vegas, even though it was significantly shorter. I was starting to feel all sorts of horrible. Halfway through the drive I had to stop at a Wal-Mart and buy tissues and cold medicine, because my nose was producing as much snot as Niagara Falls. I seriously just shoved tissue up there to stop the flow. TMI, whatevs.

We stopped at a Dunkin Donuts halfway on the drive because YES COFFEE. Jane was also driving from Vegas, and had ended up being right behind us on the drive, so we planned the stop accordingly. She gave me a gift of a 1 POUND REESE’S that she had bought for me when in Vegas. I was scared and excited about that sucker. After being all OMG PB and caffeine in hand, we jumped back into our cars and headed to check into our hotel for the night.

We made a quick change and I tried to cover my rudolphed red snot nose before we headed out the door to the show. The cold medicine wasn’t doing much, so I just threw all the tissues in my bag and hoped for the best.

We met back up with Jane at the venue. Doors were opened at this point so we headed right in. Beth and I needed to use the restroom, and I had remembered there were ones from the previous year (Matt had played the same show the year before) that were down and underneath a half flight of steps that there were never a line for. Secret bathrooms, what up.

So. I walk out of the bathroom and Jane says, “You just missed Matt.” and I’m like, DAMN YOU BLADDER COULDN’T YOU HAVE BEEN EMPTY. Haha. But then a second later Ayappa walks by and says, “Miss Joslyn! Are you ready to rock tonight?” He is always so nice even though he sees me everywhere.

The venue wasn’t actually letting us sit in our seats yet anyway, so we were standing by the stairs just talking and waiting. There were elevators down the hall a bit, which I had my back to. I heard the elevators ding and then a very distinct voice exclaim, “I JUST LOVE THAT YOU ARE EVERYWHERE.” I turn around and there is Matt, once again!

He was with the OAR guys and totally stopped and to talk to us for several minutes. He asked how we liked Vegas.

There had been these girls next to us who WOULD NOT STOP TALKING during his set, so I started saying, “It was good. Even though it was short, and those fucking bitches…”

“WOAH WOAH WOAH.” Matt said stopping me. Come on Nathanson. You curse more than I.

“These girls next to us wouldn’t shut up! I was going to punch them!” Seriously. Learn concert etiquette, please.

Then I poked him in the shoulder angrily. “YOU. What are these rumours about this summer tour with BTE and Sugar Ray?” (BTE had done an interview online saying they were going on tour together that summer. Total lies.)

“I love those guys, but that’s not happening. I am going on tour this summer though. I’d sneak you guys what it is, but it’s not mine.”

“So you’re OPENING?!” I say giving him a ‘I do not approve’ look. Man I can be sassy with him sometimes. Ha. (Turns out he’s being opening for The Fray and Train, so this summer is still going to be as horrible, just different bands than what we were expecting.)

“I know. I know.” he then told us the new album should be out by April (I thought to myself, “‘l’ll believe it when I see it.” It’s now March and yeah, no way is that sucker anywhere near complete. Nathanson time is always longer than real time. If an album does come out next month, you can tell me to eat my words. Ha.) and we talked about it being stripped down and more intimate and then he looked at his watch and said, “Oh, we go on in less than 30 minutes! We should go!”

We figured they must have opened the doors to the floor for us to find our seats by then, so we all headed along our ways as well. Love little run ins though. Makes my day.

Um. This was the most expensive Matt show I’ve ever been to. I’m not even going to name the price because it is RIDICULOUS. 2014 was the year of spending all the money.

We didn’t realize it was going to be full band acoustic until Shiben and Lovejoy walked out onstage with Aaron and Matt. Full band acoustic is the BEST.

Chris sits down on his cajon and spots Beth and I immediately. His jaw drops open and he just looks back and forth between the two of us for a few seconds. I love that guy. And no one should be surprised to see us anywhere at this point.

After we had ran into Matt, my nose magically stopped running. The healing powers of the Nathanson hug, I joked around. So during his set I could breathe and it was fantastic.

They played an hour long set and I was super happy about it. The half sets the last few days had been killing me.

OAR played after Matt, and unfortunately I began to slowly deteriorate again. I almost went and laid down on the couches in the lobby of the venue, because I was beginning to suffer.

I don’t know how I was standing after the show. At least this photo you can’t tell show horrendous I felt.


We went to go find dinner afterwards since it was still relatively early. And then I decided I was dying too much to even want food, so I was the lame girl with water and tissues trying not to fall asleep on the restaurant table.
Luckily we had two beds at the hotel so I didn’t contaminate Beth with my plague.

The next morning, it was time for phase two of the trip: THE ZOO, then Scars on 45!
I had totally thought that that was the last of the Matt shows for 2014, and was good with it being the end. But surprise, surprise (or not so surprise?) the universe had other plans.


Two weeks later…

Palm Springs was not planned. At all. At the time of the San Diego show, I didn’t even know it existed. I think it was only announced 2 weeks before the actual show date, which was a day or so after I got home from the Scars shows. It was another one of those call and win your way in radio shows, and since I live a good 7 hours away I knew there was no way that I had a chance at it.

But, somehow the concert gods out there were looking out for me. I had tweeted the radio station, a “Can I come please?!” reply and that’s it.

Two days before the show I was at my friend’s house for a Christmas party. We had been drinking and I’m pretty sure I was a little tipsy. I had grabbed my phone to Google a movie title I was trying to remember, and got totally side tracked because I had a DM on Twitter from the radio station.

“Are you over 21? If so, can we have your full name, we would like to put you on the list.”

Enter me freaking out. “OMG WHAAAAT!” I scream out loud. My friends all look up and ask whats going on. “How far is Palm Springs?!” I ask them.

So, I replied back that I was over 21 and told them my full name. Asked what time it started, and if I could bring a guest, etc. I replied with many thanks, and that I was super stoked for the show because Matt is my favorite.

“I know you love him, enjoy the show!” WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT IT?

As weird as it was, I didn’t care. I texted Jane and asked, “What are you doing Saturday?!”

So, 36 hours later I hopped in my car and drove down to her apartment. Ate a salad on the floor of her bedroom, then we were off to Palm Springs.

There was a fro-yo place next door to the bar in the casino the show was at. And I never say no to fro-yo. Sup, dinner.


This show goes into the books of one of those weird ones.

First, the opening girl was SO HORRIBLE. It sounded like bad karaoke. So bad that I was laughing. I don’t understand how she was on the line-up.

Then, Ryan Cabrera played next. He was really funny and I actually really enjoyed his set. I forgot how much I liked his music in the early 00’s.


Next was Matt. At this point everyone was drunk and being rude and loud. There was this table sitting to the left of us totally ignoring Matt’s set and just staring at their cell phones. Matt actually called them out on it, and most of them put them away.


Another song in, this one kid was STILL on his phone. Matt actually walked over to him and said, “What is happening on your phone that’s more important than being present in the moment right now? Give me your phone. Let me see.” OHHH DISS. He took the phone from the kid’s hand, which was locked so he couldn’t see what he was up to, but he then walked back onstage and put the phone in his back pocket. “I’m just going to hold onto this for the rest of the show. Your battery is down to 10% anyway. But my left ass cheek is so powerful that when I return your phone to you it’s going to be at least half charged.” Way to take a negative and make it a comedic moment. But also can I punch that kid?

You could tell that the mood was not a good one after that. When Aaron and Matt went into “Faster” they didn’t even have the crowd do a synchronized clap, which ALWAYS happens. Jane and I attempted it on our own, and were failing. Aaron saw us and attempted to help but we were a lost cause by that point.

I wish I could have talked to Matt after the show. And hugged him. I hate rude people.

We did talk to Aaron after the show though. At this point we had heard rumors about the summer tour with Train, and I was all, “So these rumors about THE FRAY AND TRAIN?!”

Aaron just gave me a look and said, “I can neither deny or confirm this.” Which meant…yes.

We chatted for several more minutes until Aaron said, “I’m going to talk to these other people so I can pack up and go home.” I’m a talker. And a time monopolizer. Whoops.

We said our goodbyes, and then Jane and I headed back to LA ourselves.

The next morning we went to my favorite restaurant in the world, Swinger’s Diner, and then we walked a mile and a half to burn it off and to feed my need of Dunkin Donuts. I stocked up on the K-Cups. Yes, I am one of those people helping pollute the world with plastic cups.


Then we made a trip to California Donuts to indulge in my fat kid needs. OMG SO GOOD AND I DON’T DO DONUTS BESIDES WHEN IN PORTLAND.



Look how festive my fat kid feast was, though!

We headed back to Jane’s place and I loaded up my things and my donuts into my car and headed home from the last show in 2014. You were a good one, 2014. Thanks for all of them.